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  1. Piraten

    [MOC] Forbidden Island 2020.

    Thanks :) I tried to only use parts from the bay. I think it could be done. But would be different. Thank you. One of the best classics
  2. Piraten

    [MOC] Forbidden Island 2020.

    Made this. 98 percent is parts from the Barracuda Bay. 123440794_189914126004391_8079115300225407876_n by Brian Vestergaard, on Flickr Chekout other photos here.
  3. Piraten

    [MOC] LEGO Eldorado Fortress, redesigned

    I have my fingres crossed that they will make something. They removed ships with a lot of votes and that make no sense
  4. Piraten

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Its really not bringing any new customers... They never sell out like Barracuda Bay did. People that played with Castle, Pirate and space 30 will buy piratesets again. and they will play with their own kids now. Just check out facebook with all the posts that are made with Barracuda Bay and how they build it with kids. I have never seen a post like that with the Friends og Flintstone set.. Cool sets. I have them both. But you will never get the same nostaglic feeling with that kind of sets.. and that is what is about when they release that kind of sets. Love and childhood memories. I hope that they will make on specific fort :)
  5. Sounds good man :) Great to hear that you are back in Lego.
  6. Skærbæk is not cancelled. But there is many restrictions. Layout size is limited. So waiting to se what happens.
  7. Piraten

    Suggest a new LEGO Idea to get behind

    I'm also in to this project
  8. I was reading your post before i checked my mail and logged on to Lego Ideas... I was nervous...
  9. @Stoertebricker Sad news to read. Something with POTC is coming i guess.. Make sense why Caswell was turned down then...(Potc soldiers.) At this point i'm not worried. I think if I hit the 10K it have a fair chanceIt would be great for Lego to make an Imperial set to match the Pirates. And the Piratestheme with the Castle and space are still some of the most popular themes so it will make sense.
  10. Piraten

    Suggest a new LEGO Idea to get behind

    https://ideas.lego.com/projects/a6cb2316-b10e-4674-9512-33e0ad4f2401 by Piraten - Brian Vestergaard untitled-0219 by Brian Vestergaard, on Flickr LOVE all the pirates/imperial projects on Ideas. So its hard to make it 3.. And 2 of other favorites is mentionend Hope that the guys in Billund soon will release some more !
  11. Piraten

    The Islanders....

    Thanks. It’s almost 2 hours off work for 4 photos like this. Have to work in the angles, and the story.... and when it’s in progress i always change something.
  12. Piraten

    [LEGO IDEAS] THANK YOU !!! - The Fortress

    I have shared on facebook also :) But this place have become a special place so important to have a post also.
  13. This is so crazy. Have been so busy and really no time these days. But froma cold pirate-heart. THANK YOU for all the support from the community. The 5000 support mark came 5 days ago. And now there is already more than 6000. Can't descripe the feeling of this. I really want this to hit the 10.000 and then I will kindly ask the fans of the piratetheme : Let LEGO understand that we want more. I got this chest the other day and decided to put all my suppors in there. But still room for more. Again.. Thank you. IMG_4493 by Brian Vestergaard, on Flickr
  14. Piraten

    About the Islanders

    I think you are wrong. The islanders are related to an era long before slavery and other racial "conflicts" I dont think that you will see western set again with a indian. But pirates are a more "free" theme in my opnion.
  15. Piraten

    New story to The fortress :)

    Its actually the diamond/rock , plates and tile mixed.