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  1. Hi, I would like to reveal the secret cave under the guards tower. The old sailor is a sneaky bastard. So he have been stacking up gold and diamonds for years. The guards a have no clue.
  2. Piraten

    LEGO Commercial 1989 HELP

    Was he nice or :) 1993.. How old where you back then ?
  3. Piraten

    LEGO Commercial 1989 HELP

    Amazing !! thanks !!
  4. Piraten

    LEGO Commercial 1989 HELP

    Just look at the pictures of Jimbo... Makes no sense. Hair colour, shorts vs long pants,. boots.. eyepatch :) But hey if they was told that in 1989 i will go with that :)
  5. Piraten

    LEGO Commercial 1989 HELP

    I will post photos along the way. :)
  6. Piraten

    LEGO Commercial 1989 HELP

    Thanks. I will follow that lead :)
  7. Piraten

    LEGO Commercial 1989 HELP

    I will see the video repeatly while building. So its just getting started :)
  8. Piraten

    LEGO Commercial 1989 HELP

    Yes i know it is not the best quality.. But Thanks!! I will start working on the soldier soon :)
  9. Piraten

    [MOC] The treasure..

    Someone i know 3dprinted the goblet, the coins and rocks, pistol and cutlass.
  10. Piraten

    LEGO Commercial 1989 HELP

    Hi maties. Im looking for photos of the soldier from this commercial. I have the pirate boi at home and have decided to make a soldier in same size. I have look all over. Maybe someone have photos somewhere. ? Or someone with the skills to make the video into photos ? Hope someone can help ?
  11. Piraten

    [MOC] The treasure..

    Thanks :) You mean the lightblue globe on the top of the crown ? On the real crown its a full globe and not a half like I made it. But i had problems with finding more of the lightblue pieces. Had to look at the cost of the parts :) And on the real crown its not that big. So decided to go half also to tone it down. Yes there is a picture....... :) When It hits the 5.000 supports on Ideas i will maybe make a new photo :) A drunk king with a lot of wine
  12. Piraten

    [MOC] Medieval Tavern

    I love it !!
  13. Piraten

    [MOC] The treasure..

    No they dont allow photos of people on Lego Ideas. And have not tried with the photo of all the regalias... Don't think they will allow the 3d printed items.. But will try :)
  14. Piraten

    [MOC] The treasure..

    Thank you. And let me know if you need more info for the post you are preparing :)
  15. Piraten

    LEGO Ideas. Caswell Point Turned down.

    I uploaded them to flicker also