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  1. Finally.. We made tese cut me and my buddy Michael. Short introduction. I’m Brian 40 years old. (on the left) Michael is 38. We got know each other in 2016/17 trough Facebook groups. Our favorite themes is Pirates. In 2019 we had a huge pirate layout at the Skærbæk FanWeekend and was contacted by the production behind LM here in Denmark and asked to go to a casting. But then Covid was the thing and everything was postponed. Then we casted for the first season and almost made the cut. They asked us to be ready to be backup if they had problem with corona. Never happened. I went home and made the crown just to make something new instead of the familiar pirate theme. Michael had already started on some LOTR projects as his new thing. The production reached out again when season 2 was announced. We went to casting and then made the cut. What a thrill ! ! It was like 2 be 7 again. :) Episode 1 And then it happened. First day in the studio. First challenge was a 3 hour build where we had just had to impress the judge Søren Dyrhøj, (Lego Senior Designer) He was not introduced to us before the build so he had no clue on what the teams had builded. So after 3 hours we could present af wonderful build called Overflødighedshornet / Cornucopia. A great build with a lot of colors and plenty of small stories. The winner of the challenge won the key to the brickpit, so the could lock it for one hour. Peter and Ida made a funny Flamingo. Next challenge was a part of af city called City of Dreams. We made Sky Hotel with 8 stars. All the luxury that you could ever dream of. Small skyways to jump on and take a ride. Floating Limo Other parts of the city was a treehouse, a farmertown, flamingo/birdhotel, kids paradise, and a artist-neighborhood. And then it was decided who the winner of the first episode and the golden brick was . TADA Lena and Christina with their beautiful artist-neighborhood. Episode 2 Back in the studio again and ready for the next challenge. We was presented with a huge map of Denmark.. Nothing on it. It was our job to make it alive. Michael and me got Nordjylland/ Northern Jutland. And really not a problem. We both like geography (pirates need to know where to sail). So after a good brainstorm we decided to go with Rubjerg Knude Fyr, Læsø Salt, Ferry to Sweden, Skagen, Aalborg Zoo, Bangsbo Fortress in Frederikshavn, Faarup Sommerland. All known landsmarks and attractions. Rubjerg Knude Fyr is a famous lighthouse that was moved away from the costal line to secure it. And we made it move also. Læsø Salt is famous for their fine salt. And we showed how they made the salt back in the old days. And still do. This was our 2 centerpieces and we had them motorized. The whole map was awesome to see. Do you know some of the landmarks ? Winner was Rasmus and Jakob with their take on Eastern Jutland With Aros Museum. The Frigate Jutland, Citygate of Horsens and Himmelbjerget. Hope you like this and please feel free to ask anything :) Photocredit Henrik Osten TV2 Denmark.
  2. Piraten

    [MOC] Return to Spanish Armada Fort

    Amazing work. Love the colours and level of details !! GREAT !!
  3. Piraten

    [MOC ] Pirates strictly come dancing ... (Let's dance)

    Secret... Well.. I know a certain captain that start with a S... Either he dance or drinks that much that it looks like he dance all the time :) But great work :) Love the floor
  4. Piraten

    [MOC] Lego Stratego.

    Thanks. Yes the cowboy look a like is the scout. Had a real hard time to figure out the scout. The other ranks was easier
  5. Piraten

    [MOC] Lego Stratego.

    They play strateg0 ;) Thanks. I had some in different colours in my stock at home so tried to put them together and It works. :)
  6. Piraten

    [MOC] Lego Stratego.

    Nope tried to get the look as close to the ranks in the boardgames :) So no names. Just ranks :)
  7. Piraten

    [LEGO Ideas] Eldorado: El Castillo Real

    Will go and support. Hope you will check out my projects.
  8. Piraten

    [MOC] The Pirateboi.

    Nope. Family member made these for me.
  9. Piraten

    [MOC] Lego Stratego.

    I made these small scenes and designed the bricks for Stratego in Stud.io Think they would fit well into the napoleonic era.
  10. Piraten

    [MOC] The Pirateboi.

    Yes its 3D print, check this out. Where you can see some of the other stuff I have in 3D print.
  11. Piraten

    Lego Ideas becoming bland and dull

    They should make lego ideas and then they should make Lego Ideas Movie/Series theme contest... And.... GO AVS !!!!
  12. Piraten

    [MOC] Majisto's advanced portal magic class

    This is so funny and well made. Love the portals and brickwork on the wall ! Lovely :)
  13. Piraten

    [MOC] The Pirateboi.

    He is living the life !!!
  14. Piraten

    [MOC] The Pirateboi.

    No I just told them that is was a legoman... Everybody thought it was a minifig. its 110 cm tall. Approx 6000 bricks used and 99 percent of the bricks is like the bricks avalible in 1989.
  15. Piraten

    [MOC] The Pirateboi.

    No clue on the weight. Heavy... Had an accident with the soldiers head last. He was beheaded and I got a bloody nose and a scar... And had to go to a wedding later that day.... So many questions... The Pirateboi is from 1989. So I did not made him. :)