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  1. First of all. I hope that all are safe where ever you are located. Wondering what people are doing in theese days. Need to be Lego Pirate related. I use my time for more mocs and photoshoots of the mocs Will not have enough bricks in the long run. Can work from home and my office is also my lego-room.
  2. Piraten

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Cant remember exactly what set i got first. Think it was the Shipwreck Island or Sabre Island.. Its 30 year since... Should have ask my parents to take a picture of me playing with the sets back then. I have a trading post in box :) Love it :) Its funny. I also got the clipper at christmas :) Some of my friends got the 6285. They where twins so had to share. But they had every set in the pirate-seris. Their mom worked for Lego at that time :)
  3. They should redo the whole seriese.. Pirates. Bluecoats. Redcoats, Islanders.. (By the way i Love them) Armada/Buccaners.. Just do it.
  4. Piraten


    LOVE IT... CANT WAIT TO GET ONE.. WAIT::... will buy two.. And then the ship can attack my fortess :)
  5. Piraten


    I'm glad that the soldiers not are included because of two things.. My own set on Lego Ideas and the hope for a new line of piratesset.. A prober line
  6. Piraten

    [MOC] Classic Castaways Raft Reimagined

    Looks good. Where is the pistol from ? A friend of mine made a similar verison to the display we had in Skærbæk.
  7. Piraten

    [LEGO IDEAS] Ohoy

    6263 6257 6266 6254 is for sale at the moment. Consider to give one away in the contest.
  8. Piraten

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    A small update :) https://ideas.lego.com/projects/a6cb2316-b10e-4674-9512-33e0ad4f2401/updates#content_nav_tabs
  9. Piraten

    [LEGO IDEAS] Ohoy

    I have some old sealed pirate set. One of the will possible to win. Have not thought i trough yet :) Just a small idea. I love the pirates and want to share that :) I have huge private collection but after i started on the moc i dont need all the sets more. Some will be sold, some will i keep because i have special bond to some of the sets.. y
  10. Piraten

    [LEGO IDEAS] Ohoy

    That a contest is a old trick for votes.. nothing else :)
  11. Piraten

    [LEGO IDEAS] Ohoy

    That is so awesome.. I dont have the abilities.. i just build with lego... thats my thing :) And then i hope that everyone in here will support :) I will make a contest later for some old sealed sets for the supports.. yeah a old trick.. :) but there are no rules in the caribbean.
  12. Piraten

    [LEGO IDEAS] Volcano Island - classic pirate

    Leafan. Can you send me a message. have tried to send you one. :)
  13. Piraten

    [LEGO IDEAS] Volcano Island - classic pirate

    Its a big shame. I'm on 250 now on two days. But al my sparetime goes with sharing and campaign.. Think its harder than a presidental campaign in the USA... :)
  14. Piraten

    [LEGO IDEAS] Volcano Island - classic pirate

    think the musket should be brown og darkgrey i agree,, but its hard work... im doing it right now.... think i will hire some one to do it :)