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  1. Maybe you can fill the gap with some diff and white clutch
  2. Bluehose

    Lego 42110 - LMP Racer

    Impressive !
  3. Bluehose

    [TC18] LMP C Turbo

    I would like to see a building vidéo of this wonderful motor
  4. Bluehose

    [TC18] 9398 Baby Car

    Wow. Very nice idea, and nice gif too
  5. Are the rear whell arch one unique piece ? I don't know well system bricks
  6. Bluehose

    Torsen Differential

    Indeed the last configuration don't work, I did try to understand what Zerobricks would mean ; I don't know what is the configuration he is talking about
  7. Bluehose

    Torsen Differential

    Do you mean like this ?
  8. Bluehose

    Torsen Differential

    Without diff it will no longer be a torsen
  9. Bluehose

    Torsen Differential

    Another way. Still stiff yet more compact.
  10. Bluehose

    Torsen Differential

    @Szymon Pobiega Here is a proper bracing of the previous solution. It handle the torque of a XL,
  11. Hello, I'm a french who do lego technic since 2012 but I never completed and presented a MOC on Internet. This contest is for me the occasion to work with a deadline and I hope to finally present something. In the universe of Mad Max my project is a vehicule made by monting a bulldozer on a 4x4. The model will have 4x4 driving for fast driving and removable tracks for crossing. Such vehicule existe but I can't find a picture. The model will have 4 PF motors including a servomotor. The front side will have a bucket operated by two LA, and the back side will feature an removable bridge simplified from this MOC : This is the first time I use a gearbox, so feel free to post recommendations. In the previous picture, I need to engage : in the first gear the two blue left driving rings in the same time, in the second gear the two grey left driving rings in the same time, in the 3th gear the two blue right driving rings in the same time, and in the 4th gear the two grey right driving rings in the same time. But I can't find a simple mechanism operated by a motor, for exemple in Sheepo's gearboxes the mechanism seem too complicate because its specifics specifications.
  12. Bluehose

    [TC17] WIP 4x4 Bulldoder Bridge

    So there is some progress : I strungled a bit with the drive of the tracks which must bet foldable and powerfull, but now it's reliable even if it seem out of equilibre because the bridge is not here yet. I've just got an XL so the folding will be faster by the removing of a worm gear.
  13. I'm a french adult who do lego technic since 2012. I had many project but they are always to complicate, so I never post a finished moc. But today I choose to participate to the tc17 contest in order to motivate me to finish one and post it
  14. Bluehose

    [TC17] WIP 4x4 Bulldoder Bridge

    Happy new year everyone ! Today I made it drive with a proper front drive, direction and suspension : The drive is done by two PFL motor geared 1:1, so it's fast but it have not plenty of torque. If with the final weight I have to gear it down because of the puissance lose in the gearboxe, it will be an important modification. I uncountered many issues with my V1 receptor, and with all motors of my 9398 from 2012 which have the inside of wires exposed which cause electrical hazard, so the test drive was not easy with each movement making the wires touch itself.
  15. Impressive !
  16. Bluehose

    [TC17] WIP 4x4 Bulldoder Bridge

    Result of the evening, an half-axle which is not as weak as it seems :
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    [TC17] Mad Nomad - Finished

    Whoa ! It's cool ! It is similar to the leanwheel by tango zoulou :
  18. Bluehose

    [TC17] WIP 4x4 Bulldoder Bridge

    Yesterday I found a way to make a stepper with a servo : Unfortunaly I thunk that if I want to make it work properly, I will be late for the contest so I looked for and made the Sariel's stepper : apart from the LegoTechnicMastery's one, I don't know another.
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    Planetary hub internals

    IMO there is a point which plainly justify this usage of lego outdoor : when you want a crawler, a RC car,... ok you have better and sometimes cheaper alternatives. But if you want your crawler to have operated bucket, or adjustable clearance or such kind of stuff... you have to make it. And there you have a choice : or you go extrem and buy metallic LA, robotic, etc which is VERY expensive and you will not can make a lot of project ; AND you need room and money for machines which cut aluminium, do scrap etc... or you use lego which is simple and cheap in comparaison. Ok, it will not jump to one meter or go to 50 km/h and you will need to replace pieces used by the dust.. but IMO it's the better compromise.
  20. Bluehose

    [TC17] WIP 4x4 Bulldoder Bridge

    So I thank about a way to make a simple mechanism in the night, and I realised the orange selector can mesh 2 driving ring in the same time since I wanted power the gearbox with two motors. Happily I did order some of them on Bricklink in the past, and this morning I found a solution to make a gearbox with 8 functions with only 2 orange selectors, if you power it with two motors : I needed only 7 functions, but I planned to deploy the tracks and select the gears with the same motor which would be difficult, so I will use the 8th function to deploy the tracks. I am a bit focused on the rigidity of the gearboxes, so after some building and rebuilding and some try with trianguled beams I included this frame into it : Finaly there is the gearboxe, with 6 outputs in the way of the motor and two on the side.