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  1. If I understand well it's genious because this continiouness of torque amazing lego trucktrial will be pleased ! Also it's the first time I see both gears of the differential being used Edit : damn it need friction
  2. 19 : 10 5 : 6 1: 4 9 : 3 24 : 2 26 : 1 I crave already the next contest
  3. @Anto Indeed there is no limiter in my column, I did as I could
  4. Hello, I replicate it (but with a different column of wheel because I couldn't see it) and the return to center had a little problem on mine : if you pull too far on the paddle, it doesn't return to the center. So I suggest a 1x1 beam limiter (at least on the replicate) which stop the moving 1x5 beam putted at this place :[/img] Big up for you two, it's a wonderful feature !
  5. Hello, the link to this page from the result tc19 topic doesn't work. Maybe you should specify it's a 2wd, your fork is so narrow that I didn't saw it, and like you see in the comments it's the function which should get you votes. By the way I don't understand how the front drive works.
  6. Hello, how do you think they would be against lithium AA accumulators ?
  7. Nevermind, I figured out by myself. I can use the auxiliaire output with the RC remote with short or long input, to a motor linked to a sensor of the nxt to send informations to the nxt by 2.4ghz.
  8. So, I don't want to make a new topic because my project is not so avanced, but I need some informations on NXT which I can't find. I would like control the lego racer batterie pack (2.4ghz), at least the main output with proportionnal control, with a NXT, and control in the same time this NXT with a bluetooth, wifi or 2.4ghz gamepad Does someone could point me on some ressource related ?
  9. 4 xl ! How does it trial truck ?
  10. Escuse me, does this count as a two wheeled bike ? (Regarding the contest's rules)
  11. It's beautiful. I don't understand which yellow piece it is on the front
  12. Bluehose

    [TC19] Foxbike

    String into a hose and a rubber band... I find that very interesting
  13. It's a good idea to combine the contest with c-model challenge ! Especially to who don't have a big bank of pieces !
  14. Awesome job ! Did you use glue or modified parts ? Can you put several cylinders with different dead point so you don't need the flywheel ?
  15. I got the white Porsche in a Carrefour in january 2020 for 80€ and 40€ refund on my other buy. I only took one.
  16. Hello, where are these front hub from ?
  17. I see 3x2 red L beam on the rear. Unfortunatly without cross hole
  18. Bluehose

    Torque in Practice

    Hello, what you bring and the way you bring it is very new and clever ! This video is perfect ! However, the content may be difficult to follow to whom is not very good with english, which should be improved by just a short list of the objectives of your video shown in the topic on eurobrick or as summary at the begin of the video.