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    I remade the WV Cottage into a pub

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  1. Loslyn

    [MOC] Strip Club

    I am a woman and no fan of misogyny, I was amused by this because it is absurd. If you think about it Lego Group are extremely guilty of objectifying, women, men & just about everything!! I would be a lot happier if I thought all men who are online were just looking at Lego rendered strip joints!
  2. Loslyn

    [MOC] Café, Fashion, and more

    Love your repurposing of the Winter FS, the roof design lends itself particularly well to a modular build. Thanks this is inspiring, I am going to work on a Dutch Canal House.
  3. Loslyn

    [MOC] Strip Club

    The rear view of a minifigure is quite something!!! Thank you, I needed a giggle!
  4. Loslyn

    10278 Police Station

    Lego have given themselves a problem because they now seem to be in competition with their own fans! If I was shown this set and asked if it was a very good fan MOC or a Pro design, I would honestly say MOC. A MOD is clearly never going on win on Ideas, but there are far more innovative MODs on there & these pages than this set. I think they need to up their game!
  5. Loslyn

    (MOC/IDEAS) Galleria Barca

    Thank you. Casa Batllo is gorgeous, with stunning interiors which I will make an attempt at interpreting when I move the model to a bigger plate.
  6. Loslyn

    (MOC/IDEAS) Galleria Barca

    GalleriaBarca01 by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flickr GalleriaBarca02 by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flickr https://ideas.lego.com/s/p:8f2904fdc2fc439bb500b7b7b4ad8928?s=m This is my Modular Building based on Gaudi's Casa Batllo. It's on IDEAS (please support it if you like it). Once it has had its time on IDEAS I will move the model to a 32 by 32 plate. I will then hopefully have space for a lift that mostly works rather than mostly being jammed! Does anyone have suggestions/recommendations for elevator mechanisms? Thanks
  7. Loslyn

    [MOC] Fiesta Balloon

    Great structure, and beautifully shot photos!
  8. Loslyn

    Christmas living room

    Love this, especially sofa and lamp. Merry Xmas
  9. Loslyn

    [MOC] Winter Village Police Station

    Very charming, I love the cheeky Santa on roof!
  10. Loslyn

    [MOC] Corner Terrace

    Love the drinking fountain!
  11. Lego WV Funicular 01 by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flickr Lego WV Funicular 02 by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flickr Lego WV Funicular 03 by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flickr Lego WV Funicular 04 by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flickr Seasons Greetings! Here is my Wintry Funicular Railway. I have re-purposed the Winter Village Train Station as an upper and lower station. The winch and winch housing 'level' of my modular mountain is built mainly from the Friends ski lift. I would most welcome advice on how to improve the funicular carriage, which uses some of the school bus pieces. I have not built a vehicle before, and found the different level axles very challenging, it works ok but is not robust or elegant! Lego WV Funicular 05 by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flickr I am pleased with the open platform in the lower station. The east face of my mountain is a WIP and will include ski runs. Obviously the mountain is vertically challenged! I have rebricked the fire station to make it shorter, and converted Santa's Workshop into a train station.
  12. Hello, I have been getting inspiration from EB for a while, thanks. Now seems a good time share. I love Modular Buildings, but am especially keen on the Winter Village. Are out of season posts welcome? Loslyn
  13. Loslyn

    The Bakery

    Love the colour scheme and display windows. I especially love the roof, really captures that Mediterranean feel. It's the grey window detailing (as well as the grey tiles) on the side elevation that stands proud and would stop other modulars adjoining the Bakery.
  14. Chicken Suit Guy relaxes in a modified version of set 40292. Happy Easter everyone! Chicken Suit Guy takes a break! by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flickr
  15. Loslyn

    [MOC] Modular Toy Store

    Lovely building. I have crammed more toys into my Winter Village Toy Store. The City Advent Calendars are great for ideas. I look forward to seeing the photos of your build. Toy Store Interior 1 by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flick https://flic.kr/s/aHsmMxZFta Please let me know if I have shared the link to my Flickr album properly, I am new to this!