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    Starfleet voyager

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  1. Axelford

    Broken 4.5 volt battery box.

    Thanks, good idea. I will try not to mess up.
  2. Hello, I recently bought a bulk lot and to my surprise found a 4.5 battery box. I have a motor to go with it which is great, but inside the box it’s missing one metal contact. I am thinking of soldering but that might melt the plastic. Any ideas? btw the contact is circled in red in the photo.
  3. Wow, Amazing list, it’s a cool idea that all Legos themes etc are all connected.
  4. Axelford

    [MOC] Blacktron Harvester

    Epic. Also question: Can it fit any guys inside? Like pilots? Or is it a robot that harvests people like the tripods from war of the worlds?
  5. Cool! Like all the Snot stuff and the folding wings, though just a suggestion maybe lengthen the tail to make it not so stubby.