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  1. Axelford

    MOC: The Mata Nui Robot

    Thank for sharing your thoughts, I'm glad to hear it brings back memories. Yes it is interesting thinking that already TLG was developing a less story intensive range to be a successor. I hope to that it can reach 10,000 votes...although the odds are not in it's favour considering 2 out of 50 seem to get picked. Still, making it to the finish line would still be a win.
  2. Axelford

    MOC: The Mata Nui Robot

    Yeah I was hoping to advertise to a slightly different group, I have a feeling those in actions figures will have already seen it elsewhere.
  3. Axelford

    MOC: The Mata Nui Robot

    Updated the head and I think it looks a lot better now. For some reason I can only import super compressed pictures which is a shame. Anyways surely head on down to Lego Ideas to support!
  4. Axelford

    MOC: The Mata Nui Robot

    Hello denizens of Eurobricks! This MOC was started about February 2019 but I got stuck on the head and lost my files, I started again last October and finished it around the last day of the year. I figured although this creation is from the Bionicle universe (well it kind of is the universe) it is a sci-fi creation and a system build so it goes here I'm quite proud of it as it's my first build using Bricklink Studio and I definitely am going to do most of my building (or at least planning and part budgeting) in Studio from now on. Edit: added the scale comparison photo. Here's the link to the ideas page that has views of the other sides: One area I definitely need to fix is the spine-which has numerous collisions due to how difficult flex hoses are to work with in Studio. After the last update it numbers 1984 parts, happy to hear any advice from those experienced with mechs etc or who have ideas for additions
  5. Hi Eurobricks-man I've been inactive a long time Anyways, I definitely am conflicted about this vote. I am a fan of Bionicle-I collect it's sets and build constraction Mocs and I love the story but I agree that it feels wrong to celebrate Lego's 90th with a theme that although influential really needs its own separate celebration, I also collect vintage Lego and own plenty of classic space and castle and therefore sympathize with both sides. I emphasise what @MuscoviteSandwich said, Lego Ideas is the route Bionicle fans should go to get a set made-many have been put off by the dismal of Sokodas project but I believe second time round Lego will realise there is a market and even if they don't approve a project it still shows the Bionicle fandom is alive and kicking. *cough *cough vote for my Ideas project pls It's really a shame that adventurers and train didn't make it in-train especially as it's a theme that can always do with another train seeing as how one Loco can differ from the next.
  6. Axelford

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

    The refinery looks awesome. I love the idea of using only old pieces, reminds me of the idea books pictures of big space bases with lots of technic visible.
  7. Axelford

    Minions 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’m only interested if Lego later releases sets from the 1st movie. I need Minifigure Vector Perkins in my life.
  8. Axelford

    [MOC] Shrek's swamp

    Looks great. I will definitely support this when it goes to Lego ideas. A suggestion, the outhouse could be improved, maybe change the colour to a mix of tan and gray and put the roof on a slant.
  9. Axelford

    [MOC] LEGO Tintin - Rocket from Explorers on the Moon

    Amazing project! Shame it can’t be to scale. Supported on LEGO ideas. hhmm that thunderbirds project looks good also...
  10. Axelford

    [Star Trek] Uhura's Console

  11. Axelford

    Just had a "Duh" moment.

    Also about the spaceships with LL... with their set number. LL stands for LEGO land and is also used in airport sets as a registration.
  12. Axelford

    LEGO history, to the Moon... and back

    Cool set, the base plate must take up a big part of the piece count. Also the second panel from the right with the white background shows a smaller set not this large model.
  13. Axelford

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Wow, only just heard the news, man this makes me nervous combined with legos weird licences and sets for 2020 etc. Although I reckon nothing will change in brick link for a good year or so.
  14. Hello, does anyone know if a model made in could be used for a LEGO idea project?