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  1. yeah, when I saw the release hawk email saying it had just dropped on the lego store, my first thought was "hadn't seen or heard about that on instagram - there's a change!"
  2. it just dropped in AU: https://www.lego.com/en-au/product/the-batman-batmobile-42127
  3. I've been tracking prices on parts lately, and there have been some increases in AU: 6335666 (Hips and Legs with Blue Coat, Red Belt print, Black Falcon) $1.00 -> $1.11 6335192 (Torso Armor, Black and Silver Falcon Symbol, Dark Bluish Grey Cloak print, Pearl Dark Grey Arms, Black Hands, Black Falcon) $1.27 -> $1.40
  4. yes - see my post above for email alert example, and my signature for details.
  5. Only 11 though, at least here.
  6. No problems, glad you got the horses! You just got them in time - brickhawk sent out the alerts around 3.26am GMT to say they were back in stock, and then they were sold out by 5.11 GMT.
  7. This issue on brickhawk.com has just been resolved - future email alerts for parts should have the correct currency sign and also show the currency abbreviation, e.g. USD, GBP, EUR, etc. Thanks again for picking this up and letting me know :)
  8. Only the time - seems to be around 3.30AM UTC when the horses and torsos come back in stock.
  9. As did black falcon torso and the horses. Right on cue, too.
  10. Timezone is UTC, so essentially GMT, UK time.
  11. no, seems random. at least we know the time of day to expect to see alert emails, if it is the lucky day :)
  12. Here's the data I've got of when it has been available recently. I've had to make an assumption that each record is just it flipping in and out of stock, but I think it's right. brickhawk is getting some changes to parthawks now which will mean it keeps record of whether it was an in stock/out of stock change, or price change. All timestamps UTC, and this is for the AU region - but surely if it's available to us down here, it's available to all regions! "6343565", "2021-03-09T06:16:00Z", Out of Stock "6343565", "2021-03-09T03:21:21Z", In Stock "6343565", "2021-02-27T04:06:08Z", Out of Stock "6343565", "2021-02-27T03:31:06Z", In Stock "6343565", "2021-02-25T05:26:24Z", Out of Stock "6343565", "2021-02-25T03:41:32Z", In Stock "6343565", "2021-02-16T05:50:32Z", Out of Stock "6343565", "2021-02-16T03:30:35Z", In Stock "6343565", "2021-02-09T04:01:47Z", Out of Stock "6343565", "2021-02-09T03:26:56Z", In Stock "6343565", "2021-02-08T03:55:03Z", Out of Stock "6343565", "2021-02-08T03:20:02Z", In Stock "6343565", "2021-02-06T04:40:04Z", Out of Stock "6343565", "2021-02-06T03:30:03Z", In Stock "6343565", "2021-02-05T05:55:02Z", Out of Stock "6343565", "2021-02-05T03:35:03Z", In Stock "6343565", "2021-02-04T08:11:01Z", Out of Stock Should be able to set your alarm, roughly :)
  13. Ah - thank you! You are correct, the Parts component of the site is not applying regions properly (same is also happening for dates/times in Parts as well - it's out by 11 hrs). I will sort this out on the weekend, and hope to roll out some additional features to Parts to make it easier to use, including part images in alerts and the ability to compare prices/availability across regions. I really appreciate your feedback :) This kind of happened to me in January - on a whim I asked an agent if they had parts that have been OOS for years (and not seen in sets for years) and they said "sure, you can order those". I ordered 2 of them and the order was "in warehouse" until mid February, then it suddenly changed to "Cancelled". I received no email/explanation to say it was cancelled or why it was. Overnight I received alerts for several parts that I am tracking showing they had gone UP in price! Perhaps AU customers are covering the price decreases in your region? :)
  14. Sorry for not following this up sooner, have been busy. Can you confirm on https://brickhawk.com/account that your region is set to "United Kingdom (en-GB)" please? I can't see how you could be getting USD prices if it is, however before I dig deeper, if you could just confirm your region is set correctly, please?
  15. It's meant to follow your region only, so something isn't right there! I'll follow it up.
  16. https://brickhawk.com/parts - put the element ID in the text box and click the "+Add" button.
  17. Thanks! Details for alerts in my signature below :)
  18. What's the horse element ID, please? I'll add a check for that one too!
  19. Just saw the alert that these were back in stock and came to say the same. You beat me to it though!
  20. a few of the printed pieces from the Ideas NASA rocket came back in stock yesterday - haven't seen them on B&P since 21309 was still in production! The "UNITED" (6342705) and "STATES" (6342711) 1x6 white tile and also the 2x2 round bottom plate hatch door (6342719). still very hard to get the re-released version (92176) in AU. And 92177 has not arrived at all in AU.
  21. 4bee

    LEGO IDEAS 21326 - Winnie the Pooh

    Great, thanks. Hopefully that looks like no more than AU$149.99. A welcome relief after Blacksmith/Piano/Pirates!
  22. 4bee

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm predicting that AS will hang around while later modulars retire first. DD has retired already, and I think CG will before AS too.
  23. Awesome work, well done! Your MOC caused me to buy another Corner Garage when it was on sale last month. Now I can display both builds :)
  24. 4bee

    LEGO IDEAS 21326 - Winnie the Pooh

    has there been any info on the piece count for this set? I will get it, but hoping for a piece count lower than the Blacksmith. Otherwise collecting all Ideas sets gets too expensive!
  25. Must need to reach a quota of posts to be able to add a signature as I can't seem to. I added info to my profile's "About me" section.