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  1. Maybe the links have too much play. What about "fixing" them on the axles (e.g. with axle through pin hole) and only use towball connections on the other ends (e.g. with the new flip-flop-beams)? For the springs I could think of something like that: ...but maybe this is to wobbly.
  2. You have that many pins? Just checked Rebrickable, I have just under 9000 and wonder if that could be enough to fill it up. I never saw them on one pile though.
  3. Can't you make something out of the chassis of the original? From watching the video (from here): ...I'd say you could achieve that by "connecting" front and rear axle with two extra-long axles or a concatenation of long axles.
  4. Wonder how many pieces of "LEGO-Kies" (maybe from 42121) or better how much weight you can put into the bucket. You will test that, right?
  5. Quite fast actually! Are all wheels driven? And what motor output and gearing did you use?
  6. Impressive and quite packed, like the original!
  7. Nice shaping and I finally know for what these tapered panels were made for. How many LAs will you use? BTW, it looks like one doesn't get a notification for edits and this also doesn't put the thread on top of the thread list. So your riddle from yesterday didn't reach me in time. And I only know "Pampersbomber(s)".
  8. Using three gears instead might indeed be the better solution, but maybe they would rub on the tracks.
  9. Very interesting, already for its parts usage. I didn't even know these parts (TECHNIC bricks at the top of the boom and the boom itself) existed. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Maybe you can put some weight bricks in the base and/or the superstructure in addition to outriggers. Not sure though if this will make a big difference.
  11. I like the blue-yellow one and the Friderici one most actually.
  12. Didn't notice this until now. Very cool evolution of your earlier car model. I especially like(d) the front axle construction. For the steering knob, my proposal would have been what 8436 used, but you came to a similar and even better integrated solution on your own. I needed a while to figure out, how the towball "secures" the side wheel arches in place, because I thought its pin side would stick in the wheel arches but it does not - cool solution!
  13. Good to know, thanks for clarification.
  14. Ok, but you can use it with more than three steps (i.e. -90°, 0° and 90°), right? That's what I actually meant to ask. Just from using it in there? How long did they last then? And what behaviour do they show now?
  15. Already commented on Rebrickable: This model looks so hot! Gorgeous shape and there are so many nice details.
  16. Adding picture series about the two additional models one should be able to build together with the mining excavator shown together with the 42121 A model during an operation on a mine site:
  17. As I just recognized you seem to use a CaDA steering motor. Does it work proportionally with the (MouldKing?) battery box? Other thing, do I see camber angle on the front wheels or am I fantasising?
  18. I think this also looks nice. I also thought about something blue and maybe white for highlights only, but can't say if everything needed is available in blue. But two-tone livery is always nice. E.g. what about making everything under the cabin white and the cabin red, or adding stripes where possible. Also two-tone with DBG below and LBG above could look cool. I saw a Friderici truck which had its lower part in the shadows, creating that effect.
  19. Looks nice, too. Maybe preferrable over the white version because it will keep its look better over the years. One could say, white looks good on paper, but in real it's not that cool, at least this was the case for my Artémis intense édition tricolore. I only wish, the renderer of Studio could produce a more realistic red (same for lime). It's just too dark in my eyes.
  20. Looks like 3 pieces per step on average is a good standard then.
  21. I like the tracks, those look really fine! But indeed, if you want to implement the shovel raise/lower movement with linkages, it might be easier to go for a cab forward dozer.
  22. Yeah, it's a lot of air basically. But hey, 3 shovels need more counterweight than 1 shovel.
  23. Ok, then, when I fold the arm of my mining excavator down, the measurments change to 16W x 18H x 34L = 9792, so in the limits then. @Jim: Are the other mentioned things a problem for TC22 then? Already presented to a single person (I don't count the presentation on Eurobricks just now, as I would have to present it here anyways). Reusing assemblies of 42121 (base with tracks and cabin, but can be changed if making it a non-alternate model)
  24. Even four pieces per step doesn't sound like much, right? But I imagine your instructions are dense compared to LEGO ones. And how about your other trucks?