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  1. My LEGO Town Layout

    Great layout. I love your custom buildings and mods.
  2. Shell modular service station

    Great little station. I love that classic VW.
  3. [MOC] Fish Riff Beach

    Awesome little scene. I love the use of what I believe are watches, and the SheRIFF sticker.
  4. MOC: Barnes & Noble / Starbucks Store

    This is a very beautiful building. The architecture to the the colors go so well together. I can't wait to the update of the whole district.
  5. Navy air base

    Great work. I love the detail on the fighter jets.
  6. [MOC]: Skyfall, Train Sequence

    I love this, maybe because it involves Skyfall.
  7. [MOC] Jurassic Park vehicles - Jeep & Tour vehicle

    I love the grey and red jeep.
  8. News LEGO CREATOR 2013 News & Discussion

    Did they have the Family home at he lego store? That is the one I'm most interested in.
  9. MOC Turtle Lair

    I love it. Especially the cute little pizza shop.
  10. Thanks for the translation. I wish I would have scrolled down before I started watching the video.
  11. News LEGO CREATOR 2013 News & Discussion

    I really like the look of the Family House. The others seem quite bland. I still wish they would go away with the white and red color scheme.
  12. 2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes, a new CG helicopter. I've been wanting a new one. And Town Square. I hope its what I think it is.
  13. PhotoReview: 60007 High Speed Chase

    Excellent review indeed. I will definitely buy it when I can find it in stores. Do you have a picture with what the red sports car would look like with a red roof?
  14. PhotoReview: 60017 Flatbed Truck

    Great review. This is actually my favorite set from the new great vehicles line.
  15. Modular Building 10232 Palace Cinema

    I'm glad their are finally images of this. The funny thing is the day I come back, this is frontpage. I guess that is a sign I will be buying two of them. I love it though. The car or limousine I could do with out. Those wheels.