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Found 14 results

  1. PRbrickbuilder

    [MOC] TMNT Kraangdroids

    Hello, everybody! TMNT Lego sets were great, but unfortunately the license was canceled. Kraangdroids were a good army builder, a robot that accommodates the kraang creature, a despicable brain alien. So, I built a kraangdroid in two sizes. A small one, almost the size of a minifigure, and a large one, a mech, which encapsulates the kraang creature of the 79100 set. Here they are: The tiny kraandroid next to the turtles. The head is from the Ultron's minions: As well as the big mech. Mr Freeze armor from 70901 was used as a starting point for the design: A closer look, of the head, with a deadly/goofy smile, and some Frankestein vibes: You can see more MOCs at my Rebrickable page: Thank you all, I hope you enjoy!
  2. Hey Eurobricks! Finally finished the TMNT Sewer Lair-Subway-New York City Moc... Few stats: 6-7 month build time, 2x6 large baseplate layout (48x48), 3 modular sections for transport, motorized weapons for training, LED lights, and cell phone for there TV. Will display at my local Children's Museum then Brickworld Chicago in June. Full Size Photos on Flickr: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: Thanks for viewing! Feel free to critique... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Lair-Subway-NYC by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer-Subway-NYC by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer-Subway-NYC by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Lair-Subway-NYC by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr TMNT "NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR LATE PIZZA" -Michelangelo by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr TCRI Building Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Auto Repair Shop by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Lair-Subway-NYC by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Sewer-Subway-NYC by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Sewer-Subway-NYC by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Lair by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Training with Master Splinter in Sewer Lair Again... by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Lair by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Lair by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr TIMELAPSE VIDEO: VIDEO WALKTHROUGH:
  3. Hey Eurobricks! I'm finishing the TMNT Sewer Lair, Subway, NYC MOC and thought I'd give a sneak peek. More pics and videos shortly. Thanks for viewing and feel free to critique. TCRI Building Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr TCRI Building Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr
  4. Hello Turtle fans! This is Oky coming at ya with a radical new review! But first let me give you a little introduction. Earlier this year, TLG released a line based on the new Nickelodeon hit series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is the third cartoon series based on the comic books about the heroes in a half-shell. It is quite remarkable that the turtles have sustained their success since their creation in 1984. I have never been a big TMNT fan until now due to its rather odd concept (I mean who would have thought that something called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be such a huge hit? ) and because the '90's cartoon always seemed too cheesy for my taste (no pizza pun intended). However, the Lego sets and the new TV show have sparked my interest in this franchise, and now I can't get enough of the turtles! After watching the first few episodes, I just had to get all of the turtles and their iconic lair in the sewers. Does it do the ninja team justice? Is it worth getting, even if you're not a TMNT fan? Read on to find out! Set Number: 79103 Name: Turtle Lair Attack Theme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Year of Release: 2013 Pieces: 488 Minifigs: 5 Price: $49.99 USD S@H description: S@H Bricklink Brickset Brickshelf The Box The box is mostly purple with lime green contours, two colors which go great together in my opinion and fit the TMNT theme quite nicely. The art on the front shows something we have never really seen on a Lego box: a cutaway which shows part of a street that has a huge hole in it to reveal the Turtle Lair underneath. It's a clever way of integrating the above-street-level part of the set and makes for an interesting image. One thing I find odd is that in the picture, Raphael seems to be kicking the Foot soldier into the manhole that leads to their lair. Why in the world would he do that? Shouldn't he be trying to keep him out of their lair? Oh well, it still looks pretty cool, and I guess that's all that matters. Since this box is fairly large, there is enough room at the top to show all five minifigures at actual size. Looking at the back of the box, all I can think is: Holy shell there is a lot going on! Seriously, this must be the busiest back-of-the-box picture I have ever seen! And looking at how simple and boring most of the other Lego boxes currently are, especially the Super Heroes ones, this is actually quite refreshing to see. It showcases all the crazy colors and play features of the set which makes it look quite fun and interesting. At the bottom there is a comic strip that briefly tells the story of the set. The Dark Ninja and his minion break into the lair, but are quickly defeated by Master Splinter who seems to be using Spinjitzu. And if that wasn't odd enough, the two villains escape with the blueprints for the Shellraiser of all things. Was this their plan all along? Why would they possibly be interested in that? The Dark Ninja and his accomplice did follow the turtles into the sewer in the episode New Friend, Old Enemy, but they never entered the turtles' lair, and they were after the turtles, not the Shellraiser. Oh well, I'm sure this is not meant to be show-accurate, but merely present one possible scenario that can be played out with the set. Content Inside the box you will find four numbered bags, a sticker sheet, and surprisingly, one very small instruction booklet and one rather large one. The small booklet describes how to build all the small interior and extra bits while the large one covers the lair itself. Here's a random instructions page. The background is a solid bright green color, presumably representing ooze, and gives a nice contrast to the mostly gray builds. The part call-outs don't usually exceed three different types of pieces, so it's pretty easy to follow. There is a fair number of parts in rare colors in this set, including slopes and plates in olive green and dark orange, arches in dark gray and dark brown, round plates in purple, orange, and pearl gold, a trans-clear minifig head, a hook in dark red, and those spiral stairs pieces in dark tan. There's also one of the new lamp post pieces with only four grooves in black which only appears in one other set, Spider-Man's Daily Bugle Showdown, which ironically is also supposed to represent a street in New York City. There are other new/rare elements too, such as the 4x4 round plate with a hole, that ring with four clips that Venom has on his back, and the brick with a brick profile. There's also an impressive number of weapons in this set, especially if you count the spares. There are 8 katanas in total (5 pearl gray ones and 3 black ones), 3 sai, 2 shuriken, a bladed bo-staff, and a regular bo-staff. And while not technically a weapon, there is also a pack of dynamite which is just as deadly. That's 16 weapons! These ninjas mean business! There is a load of spare parts too. As you can see, one sai, one shuriken, and three of the katanas shown above are spares. The rest of the extra parts include the usual studs, tiles, cheese slopes, and Technic bits, along with two neon green antennas strands of ooze. Minifigs Most of the minifigs are exclusive to this set. Let's start with the good guys. This set includes what the show calls the "A-team", Leonardo (the leader in blue) and Raphael (who has got the most attitude on the team), along with their rat sensei, Master Splinter. Leo has a less angry looking face than in the other set he is in, the Shellraiser, although he still looks quite grumpy. Raphael on the other hand has an angry face, unlike in the other two sets he is included in, and considering his temper, it suits him quite well. They are both a regular shade of green and they both look great. I'd rather not talk about their rather female looking crotch areas though. Master Splinter is a pretty neat minifig too. The printing on his head is superb and I like the printing on his robes as well. Usually when TLG uses a slope as a dress for a minifig, it makes the minifig look too tall, but in this case it actually makes sense since Splinter is indeed a lot taller than the turtles in the show. Here are some reference images for comparison. Except maybe for their missing elbow pads, the minifigs couldn't have been more spot-on in my opinion! Looking at them from the side, you can see that the turtles' shells are attached to them like backpacks. Also, Splinter's profile looks especially good from this angle. All three of them have back printing. Leo's shell has two straps whereas Raph's only has one. Great dedication to accuracy here. Unfortunately Splinter doesn't have a rat tail, but I guess you can just imagine that it is hidden under his robe. And then we have the bad guys: A generic Foot soldier, the Dark Ninja, and short Shredder dummy. Okay, the last one is not really a bad guy. He isn't even listed as a minifig, but he's neat and has all the features of a minifig, so I'm counting it. The Foot soldier is the same as in the three smaller sets. Nothing special, but it's always good to add one more to your army. Also, the detailed foot print on his head is pretty cool (no pun intended). The Dark Ninja, however, is new and exclusive to this set. There is nothing extraordinary about him, though, except for his torso printing. For those who don't know, the Dark Ninja is Shredder's second in command in this show and, along with Xever, one of his top henchmen. The dummy is pretty cute and sports a dark brown version of Shredder's helmet. I don't remember the dummy in the show looking that much like Shredder, but I certainly welcome this color variation of that helmet. Its torso is a bit plain, though, and would have benefited from some printing, but oh well. Would have been nice to get Shredder's shoulder pads in brown too, but I'll take what I can get. Those of you who watch the show will know that (spoiler alert) the Dark Ninja is Chris Bradford the famous martial artist before he got mutated into Dogpound. He is a parody of both Chuck Norris and the real-life Chris Bradford. He only appeared in his full ninja gear in one episode and I don't think he was ever referred to as "the Dark Ninja", so I don't know where Lego got that name or why they chose to even include him in this set. I guess they just needed another named character they could throw in the set without having to make a new mold. I would have preferred Karai instead, but I digress. Looking at the reference image below, the ninja headwrap isn't very accurate for the minifig as it should be metal helmet, but I guess the shape is close enough. Also, the shoulder spikes probably should have been a new mold. The Foot Soldier on the other hand is spot-on. The evil ninjas have back-printing too, except for the dummy who, again, is very plain. In fact, he looks more like a pointy Ewok from the back. Under his mask, the Dark Ninja has Chris Bradford's face. It looks pretty good, but the hugh white pupils look odd. I know they were going for those glowing white Batman eyes that he has when he has the mask on, but they just don't work when you take the headgear off. He doesn't have an alternate face either, so you're stuck with this face for him. I think it would have been better if he had a double-sided head with one dark side with white eyes for when he is the Dark Ninja and one with a regular Chris Bradford face, or if he at least had an alternate expression. Also, here's a close-up of the dark brown Shredder helmet from the side. For comparison, here is what Chris Bradford looks like without his ninja disguise. The minifig version is mostly accurate, but sadly Lego failed to include his Chuck Norris mullet. We need a Lego mullet!! Now it's time for some ninja action! Here are all the minifigs with their respective weapons. Raph gets his sais and Leo his katanas of course, and Master Splinter gets a katana too. I wonder why they didn't include his jade staff which they could have easily represented with a trans-green lightsaber bar. The dummy gets a bo-staff, the Foot soldier a scythe and a shuriken, and the Dark Ninja two black katanas. Ready, set, fight! The Build The first bag contains all the parts to build all the small interior objects of the lair along with the Foot soldier, Dark Ninja, and the dummy. The entire first instructions booklet is dedicated to this part of the build. Here are all the pieces of furniture built: a TV corner, a training platform, a skate ramp, a crane, a workstation, a shelf with cans of spray paint and cans of ooze, a skateboard rack, and a catapult. They all look great on their own and already provide lots of playability (heck, this could have been a fine $15 set on its own), but we'll get into the play features later. Bag 2 contains the rest of the dojo and Master Splinter fittingly. Once built, this is how it looks. It has nice sewer look to it and features a weapons rack. There are enough clips to store Raph's sais, the dummy's staff, and Leo and Splinter's katanas, although I wish there were enough to store all of the four turtles' weapons. It also has ooze dripping down the walls and running on the floor, a technique which was already utilized in last year's Ninjago sets. It makes no sense why there would be ooze all over the dojo, but the green ooze is an iconic part of the TMNT franchise, so I guess it helps make this feel like a TMNT set. Then again, who else would have a dojo in the sewer? In case you're wondering, yes, the tree is actually accurate to the show since Splinter planted one in his dojo, although Lego's adaption seems like a very light version of the one from the show. The next bag contains the two turtles from this set and the parts to build the first floor of the main section of the lair. This part of the lair will become Donatello's workshop where he builds all the cool Turtle vehicles and gadgets, which makes it unfortunate that Donnie isn't included in the set. If you look closely at the blackboard in the back, you'll see that it features blueprints (or greenprints) of the Shellraiser, the T-Phone, and surprisingly the Turtle Blimp. So far there hasn't been a Turtle Blimp in the current show, so either this is just a neat little Easter egg for fans of the original cartoon or a hint at a future set. We'll have to wait and see. Also, there is more of that inexplicable ooze. The fourth bag contains the pieces for the second storey and the street level of the lair. Lots of browns and grays here. Here is the completed main section of the lair. The second and third stories are a lot more bare looking than the first. The second floor only has a few pipes serving as the walls and the street level only has part of a wall. There are also a fire hydrant and a lamp post to indicate that this is supposed to represent a street. It's very minimalistic, but you get the idea. Still, I wish they would have put more effort into making this look like an actual street scene. The "Mutants Rule" graffiti is a nice touch though. There is also a pizza oven on the second floor. I don't think the turtles have one in the current show, but I think they had one in the 90's cartoon, so perhaps this is another reference to that show. In the last step, you place all the small interior items from the first bag into the lair and combine the two sections by connecting the clips on the dojo to the little bars on the tower. This step is easy to do and also to undo if you wish. And yes, as you can see, it is possible to attach the ramp the top of the main section like on the box art, although it is not very stable as it is only attached by two studs. I wish they would have provided more space to attach it properly there, but oh well. The Complete Set Here is the finished lair, complete with minifigures, weapons, and all the extra objects. The clip hinges allow it to stand at a slight angle. Not sure what the purpose of this is, but it does make it look more interesting. One thing to note here is how high the steps of the stairs are. One step goes up to Spinter's hip! Oh well, they're ninjas, so they probably don't have any problem jumping up the stairs. The steps also tend to flail around a lot rather than stay in place whenever you touch them, so you have to be careful when playing with them. When compared to the Sewer Lair Playset from Playmates, it actually holds up pretty well since they both have strikingly similar designs and play features. In fact, I'd say that Lego's version is better as it is a lot better furnished (aside from the fact that it is Lego of course, which is always better). Although the street level is designed a lot better in the Playmates version, I give them that. Play Features Let's look at the play features of this playset. At the top of the main tower, there is a trap door underneath the manhole cover which can be flipped open by turning the large valve on the side. Not the most authentic way of creating an opening manhole cover, but it works quite well. The only nitpick I have here is that the ladder that is supposed to lead to the lair is off to the side. How are the turtles supposed to climb down there? Behind the wall with the graffiti there is a crank which allows you to make a minifigure swing on the pole on the other side. Underneath it there is a red peg which, when pushed, shoots the pizza out of the oven. The harder you hit it, the farther the pizza shoots. If you have read my other reviews, you will know that this is not the first set to feature a pizza shooter, and as strange as a pizza-shooting oven may seem, it actually makes a bit more sense than a pizza-shooting delivery truck. At the bottom of the tower, there is a crank which serves as a dynamite exploding feature. When you attach the dynamite to the wall and turn the crank clockwise, the middle part of the wall breaks open. If you turn it the other way or when the dynamite is not there, it wont work, as the green arrow indicates (Did we really need a sticker for that? ). This feature doesn't work great as the wall just plops open rather than being blasted open like from an explosion, but well enough. Although if the dynamite is attached to this side of the wall, shouldn't the wall fall towards the inside of the lair? Oh well, this is a world where some green ooze can turn turtles into human-sized crime fighters. Realism be damned! The training platform from the dojo section can easily be taken out for easier play. You can place the minifigs on one of the dark red studs and have them fight the dummy (or rather have the dummy fight them) by turning the gear at the front which spins the dummy around. This is a neat play feature, and I know I already made a comparison to Ninjago earlier, but I'm surprised that such a feature was never included in any of the sets from that theme, considering it is subtitled "Masters of Spinjitzu." I guess there was already too much spinning going on in that theme. Next, we have the TV corner. This is not as much a play feature as it is just an additional set piece, although the TV can be tilted back and forth and the antanna adjusted. There are seats for all four of the turtles to sit in front of it. What bugs me, though, is the TV screen. It shows a deserted alleyway with a manhole cover and some dumpsters. What is this? What are they watching? The set description states that it is a "video game station", but if that's the case, where is the game console and the controllers, or the game characters for that matter? It would have made a lot more sense if the TV was playing Leonardo's favorite show, Space Heroes, but maybe TLG was afraid to get sued by the owners of Star Trek (which Space Heroes is parodying). Or it could show an image of news reporter Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe, or of a Kraang, or anything other than an empty alley! Sorry, this just seems like a missed opportunity to me. I guess it's better than something completely non-TMNT related, like a tropical beach or something. We also get a catapult in this set for some ninja flipping action. Unfortunately it doesn't work too well, especially with some of the more top-heavy minifigs like the turtles. It just makes them jump up a bit and land on their face. This is actually my least favorite part of the set. It resembles nothing from the "real" turtle lair and seems like a useless addition. The skate ramp is a bit better. You can have the turtles roll down the ramp or make some cool poses on the bar at the top. The only problem is that they have trouble rolling up the ramp when it's not connected to a plate as it has a two-plate high step. Note that Raph and Leo's skateboards have different designs on them: Raph's has a torn look whereas Leo's has an apple on it for some reason. Ratings Design: 4/5 - This playset, like many Lego playsets, is an amalgam of scenes from the Turtles' lair rather than an accurate depiction of it. As such, it does a good job at conveying the look of the Turtle Lair in a limited amount of space. Also, this makes it appealing to TMNT fans of all ages as it doesn't represent any specific incarnation of the Turtle Lair. All the colors and details really make it feel like a TMNT set and are consistent with the rest of the sets. However, some parts of it look a bit bare and remind me of the old Harry Potter sets in that sense, so you can't help but feel like there is something missing. Especially the street level could have been fleshed out a lot more in my opinion. Build: 4/5 - The build is long and diverse enough to keep you satisfied. It starts small and simple with the little interior items and becomes progressively more complicated as it moves on to the tallest section of the lair making for an increasingly challenging build. However, there is no part in the build that is truly challenging for experienced builders. Minifigs: 4.5/5 - There are 5-6 minifigs in this set and most of them are exclusive. What more could you want? The turtles are great as usual, and while it would have been nice to get all four turtles in this set, I can understand why TLG didn't include them. Master Splinter is a very detailed and accurate fig and probably one of the main reasons to get this set. The Dark Ninja, while nice to have, is a bit disappointing though. Playability: 5/5 - This set is full of play features, making it a true play-set. Some work better than others, but either way, I'm sure this set will keep kids entertained for quite a while! Parts: 5/5 - There are lots of useful parts in this set, including many parts in rare colors and a plethora of accessories! Price: 5/5 - 488 pieces for $50 bucks is quite fair, especially considering it's a licensed set and includes several large pieces. Overall: 4.5/5 - This set is great for any TMNT fan, especially young ones! Even if you're not a fan of the turtles, it still has a lot of great parts and figs to offer at a fair price. Some aspects of it could have been executed better and the cobbled-together look will not appeal to everyone, but those are mostly just nitpicks as the set works the way it is. It has so many play features that it can compete with Turtle Lair playsets from other leading brands and that's what really matters in a playset. It also makes a nice center piece for your TMNT collection, so I can really recommend it. Well, that's all, dudes! I hope you enjoyed this 5th Anniversary review. If you want to learn how to make reviews like this, join us at the Eurobricks Reviewers Academy! Booyakasha! Oh, and remember what the set description said about "shredding the ramp"?
  5. Need for Mutagen: Hot Pursuit. At night is when the Foot Clan is on the prowl, usually following after some sinister plot. Tonight, though, the turtles are without a mission to thwart, joining the city in a rare period of rest. Meanwhile, Karai decides to use this window for some scouting, unhampered by tailing ninjas or meddlesome turtles. Can Karai accomplish on her own what Shredder's goons fail to in a group? She seems to think so. At the other end of the city, Leonardo prepares to make use of his secret card: a hidden camera situated at the top of a skyscraper overlooking the docks. With the element of surprise on his side, he heads to the surface in stealth, careful not to tip off his brothers. Traveling on higher ground, he makes his way to a residential district where, just beyond the homes, he hears a familiar noise coming from a nearby alley. A quick look from a bumpy rooftop and... It's Karai — and she has a Mutagen canister with her! Before he can even plan an attack, Leonardo loses his footing and stumbles into the dark alley with a loud crash. "You!" Karai boards her motorbike in haste and dashes out into the street. She's getting away! Name: Karai Bike Escape Set No.: 79118 Theme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Year: 2014 Pieces: 88 Minifigs: 2 Price: $12.99 US / $15.99 CDN / €14.99 EUR Listings: S&H US / S&H CA / Brickset -- Packaging Front Appropriately, Karai takes center stage on the front of the box, seen riding her bike with a Mutagen canister in hand. Leonardo is shown in close pursuit, airborne and giving chase on a skateboard. No particular feature is accentuated (leave that for the back of the box to take care of), but there is good integration with the individual elements — including the construction sign, which could otherwise have been left off to the side. Back Running along the footer of the back is a fun little comic strip, which showcases the premise of the set from a less static perspective. Here, Leonardo is shown sneaking up behind Karai and attaching rope to the street corner, causing the bike to be completely dismantled and allowing him to make off with the canister. The main image shows Karai off her bike and doing battle in the streets with Leonardo, both equipped with weapons of their choosing. It's a fitting scene, considering the dynamic these two characters share on the show (but for realism sake, Leonardo really should have two blades). The smaller image off to the left shows the main play feature with the newspaper stand, albeit it shows both Leonardo and a human hand triggering the device — in reality, it's not so sensitive that ramming it with Leonardo would set it off. Instructions Note: Stand not included. Front Parts Index Identifying pieces in a pile shouldn't require much thought from what the instructions indicate. A majority of the included parts are distinct enough to tell them apart from others, including the elements that make up the bike. This partly is what makes this set a fairly quick build (i.e., around 15 minutes, maybe less depending on your experience with building). Promo Sample Page A preview of how the newspaper stand trick works. Minifigures Leonardo (Front) Leonardo looks like he's just recovered from an accident, with a rugged look brought on by scratches. Although the pursuit has already left him bruised, he's determined and ready to face whatever battles lay ahead. Leonardo (Back) His torso printing has been seen before in Wave 1 sets such as the Turtle Lair Attack (79103), but his facial printing is different here, as are his legs (though by only a few extra markings). He comes with one silver sword to do battle with. Karai (Front) This is Karai's first appearance in the LEGO TMNT line, and I must say they did a great job in representing her. What really contributes to the accuracy is the exclusive hairpiece designed for her minifigure. Karai (Front with Helmet) When she's boarding her bike, you can switch it out for a black helmet seen in other recent City sets. You even get a spare helmet screen in case you lose the first. In the way of printing, she has two faces: angry and passive. When using the latter with the hairpiece, a sliver of the angry face peeks out at the back, which doesn't happen in the reverse scenario. Karai (Back) Her torso consists of her metallic body armour, with a purple cloth held together by two silver pins. Unfortunately, her bike suit — seen in 'Karai's Vendetta' from Season 1 — is absent here. Like Leonardo, Karai gets her own sword but in black. Also meant for Karai is a Mutagen canister, built from a small grey cap and a round light-green brick. At a Mutagen restaurant, this would be of the 'Small' variety while 'Medium' would be those seen in the Kraang Lab Escape (79100) set. Build Commencing with the bike as the first build, you're given the body as a single piece to work with, along with a small sticker sheet for basic applications on the sides with the '44' logo. This joins with the mechanical frame, which houses the front and back wheels, as well as faucet-shaped pieces to keep the vehicle leveled. Added to the front of the vehicle are two transparent light fixtures and a (display-only) missile launcher. Feast your eyes on the getaway vehicle for this operation. Towards the back you'll find a gun-shaped exhaust positioned at an angle, and a holder piece for the helmet that's held together by small bricks on top and underneath. It is by no means complicated to put it together, but as a finished piece, the bike looks stylish and can certainly hold its own. Karai fits well in the driver's seat standing up and you don't have to worry about it being too loose; the bike itself is similarly stable in a neutral stance. Karai from the back — the view you'll see most. Leonardo's mode of transportation takes the form of a skateboard, and for that you only have to insert the two dumbbell-shaped pieces at the bottom to get it moving. There is a sticker for the top, with its most identifying feature being a small red apple in the back corner — an odd choice, as I don't seem to recall this being the case on the show (but I could be wrong). At the risk of inviting further chastisement from Karai, you'd best keep one foot on the decal. Once you have Leonardo on-board, you can attach the stud ends of the rope to the bottom of (a) one of Leonardo's hands and (B) a 1x2 rectangular brick that reaches just over the back of the bike. Karai must be stopped — and I'm the one to do it. The setting build takes the form of a street corner, complete with a two-street sign post (signs have stickers), a simplistic yet recognizable fire hydrant, newsstand, and an NYC-engraved manhole cover (sticker, not printed). These elements sit closely together on a relatively small 4x8 plate. The 'before' shot. There is a fun gimmick at play here with the build of the newsstand, which is built on top of a small axle that attaches to the sign post with a connector piece. By pulling the sign to the left in a quick motion, the hidden rod will quickly shoot up, knocking the top part of the newsstand off and freeing the printed newspaper piece trapped inside the transparent casing. Today's wreckage, tomorrow's news story. The pole is light as it is, so it will take but a little weight for the trick to unfold. The way the signs are attached up at the top with a yellow ring holding them in place, it makes for a very loose device, and you may frequently have to adjust the ring to tighten the fit. One final extra is the construction sign (extra in that it's not directly integrated into the street corner), designed as a ramp for the skateboard. Being that it consists of very few pieces, it shouldn't take more than a minute to create, albeit you do have a striped sticker pattern to place on the white tile. They may need to borrow this for the street corner once this over. It's measly, yes, and the set could have benefited more from an actual stunt ramp (perhaps a small wooden cart, since a ramp at the back of a truck would have been an unlikely inclusion), but it the overall street atmosphere. Conclusion Despite having less than 100 pieces, the Karai Bike Escape set is a relatively satisfying buy for all that you get. Considering that the bike body and frame are single pieces and the whole vehicle is deceptively easy to build, I imagine this partly accounts for the lower piece count. At this time, Karai is exclusive to this set, and it most definitely pays to get her and her well-adapted hairpiece if you're in any way following this line. The street corner does have its share of minor quirks, but for the most part, the trick entertains and the elements integrate nicely for a small scene in conjunction with the main focus of an ongoing chase. Overall, a balanced selection, with pros that overshadow the non-ideal price-for-content evaluation. I'm not leaving without that Mutagen! Design: 7 Bike steals the show; some minor annoyances with the scene build; construction sign as a ramp fits the scene but could have been a more thoughtful inclusion; attention to accuracy seen in multiple areas; cohesive on the whole Playability: 7 Dragging Leonardo along can be entertaining with some imagination; the newsstand gimmick doesn't take much to pull off and can be fun on its own; definitely a mission to pair with other TMNT sets to create a turf war of sorts Value: 7 Stylish bike model carries its weight in this set; exclusive Karai hairpiece; Karai herself is currently an exclusive minifigure and worth owning; few surprises, you get what you see; low piece count may give reason to pause (particularly with the Canadian price in mind) Overall: 70% So long as Leonardo's face doesn't make the front page...
  6. The worlds most fearsome fighting team face of against Krang in his android body! This MOC is inspired by the 1987 animated series and the toys released in the late eighties and early nineties. It has been submitted to LEGO Ideas. LEGO Ideas submission: More pictures of the MOC on Flickr:
  7. In an alternate universe where TMNT and Avengers are the same thing, a new team of heroes has been assembled: The Teenage Mutant Avenger Turtles! Known as the Turtlevengers, they fight against crime, alien invaders, and all kinds of sci-fi threats. TMAT by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Here is the main team of superheroes in a half shell. Captain Leonardo is the leader in (red, white, and) blue and does anything to get his avengers through. Donnie Stark has a way with machines, so he created a high-tech, full-body "shell" for himself. The Incredible Raph tends to loose his temper and mutates into a big green(er) rage monster. Michel-Thorgelo is one of a kind. He loves the food and entertainment that the human world has to offer and he always goes into battle swinging his weapon around and shouting his catchphrase. Turtlevengers Assemble! by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr These are the friends of the Turtlevengers. Hamato Fury, aka. Splinter is the dark-skinned man who created the Turtlevengers. He is also the one who trained April Romanov, the red-haired friend of the Turtlevengers, and Casey Barton, who has a relationship with April and whose weapon of choice is sports equipment. TMAT Allies by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Oroku Loki, aka. the Shredder is the Turtlevengers' arch enemy and likes to wear a pointy helmet, a cape, and pointy weapons. He leads an army of Kraangtauri, an alien race of generic soldiers in shiny armor who entered this world through a portal, in a quest to conquer the world. TMAT Villains by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr I hope you enjoyed this little crossover.
  8. Hi All I'm working on my own LEGO TMNT Series. I have so far Episode 1 and 2 online. Working now on Episode 3 Play List with all episodes Episode 1 Episode 2
  9. LegoJalex

    [MOC] TMNT - Leo's Slimobile

    After having recreated several TMNT 80s toys in LEGO, I wanted to try and take the colorful and a bit wacky style of those toys and make up my own design. So here is Leos Slimobile! Its primary weapon is the orange canon that fires slime. But there are also other weapons, such as the yellow cannons. And Leonardo's katanas of course! Comments are welcomed! Cowabunga!
  10. Hobbestimus

    MOC Turtle Lair

    UPDATED WITH FINAL BUILD HERE I think TLG did a great job with the details on the Turtle Lair Attack, but I wanted to take those details and open the set up a bit. So, using the pieces and designs from that set as a base, I built little vignettes for different areas in the Turtle Lair, which could be set end-to-end to make a more complete playset. First is the entrance from the street: Now the ladder going down is directly beneath the manhole opening. I used some non-TLG parts here, but they were too thematically perfect to ignore. Next is the Turtle's Kitchen, with a minifridge, improvised plumbing, and lots of counter space: That leads into the living room, where Donatello doesn't want to give up his seat next to April, even though Leo is missing and episode of Space Heroes: From there we head into the gym, complete with punching bag and kinda-screen accurate hanging Shredder dummy. The Turtle's have spray painted the wall with an affirmation of mutant power to inspire them during their workouts: That leads into Splinter's Dojo: And finally, at the end of it all, Don's workshop: Here's the whole sewer set up:
  11. samxsteal


    These Are the Main Room. I call it the "living room" These Are Of the Dojo Portion of their Lair. I understand the trees are different from the show working on it hopefully but if i dont i still think it looks good And im still working on the kitchen/ Donnie's lab and of course their bed rooms(which i have to make from scratch seeing as you dont see them in the show Hope you all enjoy Any tips hint and helpful words of advise are welcome
  12. No introduction is needed. *Torsos and heads were printed by Penzora *Headbands by Minifigcat and colored by me with added eyes *Sais are BrickForge *Nunchucks are BrickArms Enjoy -Omi
  13. commodore_legolas

    Purist TMNT Figures

    Hello. Seeing how much we all like the SH one, I thought a TMNT one would be Liked as well. -- commodore_legolas