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  1. Hey everybody, I have finally managed to achieve the final version of my 1:10 F40. Here are some pictures to begin. For this model, I mainly focused on the design. You can find all the important elements and shapes of the F40 as The pop up headlights, the red seats, the Ferrari logos, the rear wing or the four rear red and orange headlights. For the proportions, my MOC is not 100% accurate, I prefered to take some minor liberties to have a better look in Lego. The best example is the air intakes on the sides of the car. The biggest should be more on the back but it would have result in a way more complex build and would have break the fluid lines of the car. Now let's talk about the functions : The first one is the opening of the doors an the engine cover. With this, you can see the detailing of the fake V8 engine, it was very important to me because it is a major part of the F40. I managed to reproduce the main shape of this beautiful engine. I took only one liberty with the cooling fan, I added this cause it was a real plus to the movement of the engine To make this engine work I had to get a gearbox. It is a 6 speed manual from Dgustaffson13. I put you the link to the video : Then we have the steering, operated by the steering wheel or by a removable HOG on the front. The pop up headlights follow the same system as my modernized 8880 but with a different shape of headlight. The last function is the suspensions. It is all independent and strong enough to maintain the whole car. To finish, let's look at the modularity and the details of the build it self. The whole build can be easily taken apart. First we take of the seats, the doors, the sides panels and the rear engine cover. Then we get the front hood, the engine, the rear axle and the rear bumper. We can have a better look on the front axle the gearbox and the engine. That's it for my F40, thank you for reading me and let me finish with a last picture of the car. .
  2. So sad I did not win the contest despite the number of good comments you all gave me. However, I plan to work on building instructions but I have never done that. I know how to use, is it good to do instructions ? Moreover, what about the price of those future instructions ? I would like some opinions and advice. Thanks.
  3. From my point of view, i did not want to do too much so i kept the 4 speeds of the original car and juste changed the way of switching between the gears. Moreover, an 8 speed sequential gearbox would be very tricky here considering that you have to pass the steering axle in the midle of the gearbox. To sum up I prefered to keep a simple but efficient mecanic.
  4. I will modify my post then
  5. I don't know the rule are not clear about this. Maybe an admin could clarify.
  6. Thank you all for your comments I am happy that everybody understood my vision of a modernisation of the set !
  7. 18. 2020's 8880 supercar Original set: 8880 Features: HOG steering on 4 wheels 4x4 transmission 4 speed sequential gearbox with fake engine Opening doors Opening back hood Working suspensions Pop up headlights Discussion topic: Pictures :
  8. Hey ! Today I present you my entry for the TC20 contest. This is a 2020's version of the 90's 8880 supercar. Here are some pictures to begin with : About the design, I tried to keep the original proportions, angles and shapes as much as possible. I think I managed to keep the main look of the car. I of course reproduced the classic details of the car like the yellow lines, the white interior, the rear spoiler. My idea with this model was to use in the best way all the new elements that the studless era has brought. Those new elements of course include the panels, that I used to create a plainer bodywork. It also allowed to include new elements that missed to the original model, the best example is the opening doors. On the side of the functions, I created a whole new chassis and managed to keep all the original functions. I struggled to make the 4x4x4 configurations. But I made some changes in the original organization of the chassis. I move the HOG to the front. This allowed me to move the fake engine just before the rear axle, which make a rear central configuration, more realistic. The gearbox still has 4 speed but is no longer manual, it is now sequential with flapping paddles under the steering wheel. The sequential system has a limiter that stop the paddles if you want to move between 4th an 1st or between 1st and 4th. On the top of that, the pop up headlights use a worm to keep position, followed by a few connecting rods. The fold in perfectly. All the functions work well, the 4 speeds don't crack, the wheels don't touch the mudguards and everything folds in and out perfectly. On the following pictures you can see the rear axle and the fake engine : Here is the front axle with the headlight folded in and out : Here are the two sides of the interior where you can see the paddles and the limiter : Here you can see a part the underside of the car, precisely under the fake engine. There is the central differential, a part of the gear box, and the rear of the steering system : To finish here are some more pictures of the exterior : To conclude I really enjoyed making this MOC and I hope it will please you !
  9. sebulba56

    [MOC] 10277 Crocodile Locomotive Alternative Build

    I love how the tender is done. However, all the details on the track are a bit to much to me.
  10. I love how all the pieces comes together, you are truly good at handling the joints, Especially on the zone of the pop up headlights.
  11. I think your pop up headlights are in the wrong way.
  12. The idea of a helicopter is both original and clever. The inventory and the colors of the original set match well with this idea. Otherwise the functions seem well executed, I like the landing gear's geometry.
  13. A brilliant design here. I love how you recreated the very rounded shapes of the car.
  14. A fantastic concept which now deserves a nice bodywork. How about something that looks like a tuned BMW or a Supra ?
  15. I am not a fan of the design, it is a bit messy to me. But the quantity of functions makes me love your model. It is almost as functional as the new 42128.