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  1. I probably won't make a real car, I might build something invented for once.
  2. Time to jump in this contest. I want to do a 4 wheel drive and steered car. I already have a chassis prototype : view from under. For now, that's it, it was really challenging to get a driven and steered setup that is 15L large I plan to add a V10 engine parallel to the wheels in front.
  3. The blue car is 36X15 studs (37 long if we count the hand of god.) And 11 stud high.
  4. Do you want the size of the car from 42098 ? And just a question, are we allowed to make a real car ?
  5. Yeah it's a bit thin, but the shape is really odd, and the technic panels are too big, so I will left it like that. ;) Anyway, thanks for the idea, it was a great one.
  6. After 9 month of work, I present the completed version of my latest Moc, a 2019 Subaru WRX STI It features : AWD, with lockable central differential 6+R Sequential gearbox Fornt McPherson Suspension Rear double wishbone suspension, with anti-roll bar Working fake boxer engine Opening doors (front one with handle) Opening hood (or bonnet) Opening trunk Interior with detailed dashboard Decorated engine bay Render of the gearbox : Full driveline The belly shot The interior, with some detail, such as aerations. Engine bay, made to look as close as possible to the real one : It can also be built in white, with some minor adjustments. I also created Instructions for it. The instructions are made for the black one, but can, with minor adjustment be used for the white one. The instructions are 1218 pages long, handmade with 2.0. You can download a sample here. Or look down here. You can Buy the instructions on Rebrickable. And of course a video : I Hope you like it. If you have any question, don't hesitate, I will try to answer quickly. After this line, starts the WIP thread. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Hi everyone, It's been a long time since I haven't posted on this forum, but today I would like to share a new project that I have started not so long ago. It's a Subaru Impreza WRX STI car that I will make. The list of what I will put in the car is the following : Awd Boxer 4 engine McPherson suspension for the front wheels Indépendant double whisbone for the rear wheels Lockable central differential 5 speed sequential gearbox I searched a bit for 5-speed sequential gearbox but I didn't found any. So I took a 4-speed gearbox design by @Rage_Hobbit (found there) and I added a 5th speed. Here is the result : You can download the .lfx. Note that you are supposed to place rubber band linking the orange pieces to the black one under the blue triangle. I have already made the boxer engine and most of the chassis. It will use these wheels : It's the one that are used in 42077 rally car. However I ran in a problem, it seems that the gearbox can not support the force involved in the transmission. The gears do a lot of skipping noises (doesn't sound healthy for the pieces). So I wanted to know if anyone knew a reliable 5-speed sequential gearbox / a 5+r sequential gearbox. That's it for today. More updates coming soon.
  7. Touc4nx

    The Handful of Buggy 4x 5292

    Wow, so fast, it's hard to believe that you used the new planetary gear and still achieved such a consequent speed.
  8. I found a quick solution that (imo) looks great. and with the whole car : The thing is that the c pillar is quite small on the real car
  9. @HorcikDesigns Here is the whit version with the Land Rover Rims. I'm not a fan of them for the rear wheels, but the front look quite decent. Just looked at what it is, and man that hood
  10. I have to try, I will do that today. I will try to tweak them a bit on the white version. (Because I have already unbuilt the black one.) Thanks a lot The devil (On a more serious note, both car have a similar look from outside, so yeah it might look evolved-ish)
  11. WoW Nothing to say it's so impressive. What amaze me the most is the stability of the boom.
  12. I modified the first post, because I have finish this Moc, instructions and the video. You can buy the instructions on rebrickable: Some pictures Underside render : Have a nice day
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    General Part Discussion

    I was wondering if there was any uses of this part alone ? Because I have two left unassembled...
  14. Touc4nx

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I just had an idea: A contest, without the usage of pins. As pins, I consider the Rebrickable category of "technic pins", composed of these :
  15. Touc4nx

    Generic Contest Discussion

    If Flex-Axle are allowed, I'm in ;)
  16. Touc4nx

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I would love to see such a thing. (I will have to try one moc like that )
  17. Touc4nx

    Generic Contest Discussion

    no, the opposite. that doesn't have to fit on the top deck.
  18. Touc4nx

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I would just go for fitting it in term of size, not like the corvette that can be used on the top deck. It would allow more flexibility in the build.
  19. Touc4nx

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I think that too, small scale is more accesible, and might be more challenging.
  20. Touc4nx

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I like this idea, it would change from the "classics" Mocs (not that they are bad)
  21. Finnaly, it's time to upload this MOC. Proudly presenting you my new Trueno. It's powered by BuWizz, and therefore it can drift on some surfaces. I also did a render of it : As I made some instructions using, I don't give them for free, so you can buy them on Rebrickable. Of course, a video : Hope you like it, feel free to ask any question about this moc, I will try to answer to them.
  22. Touc4nx

    Toyota Trueno Drift Edition

    Found them ! And the mandatory shot :
  23. Touc4nx

    Toyota Trueno Drift Edition

    I have more somewhere, I just need to found them... Well, that's one of the major flaws, but the main focus was a light boy, to be able to drift. So I scarified the headlights
  24. Touc4nx

    1956 Ford F100

    Impressive, how you manage to merge some round structures such as the wheel arches and some square ones, such as the back.