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    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Well, that's interesting, I guess I won't speculate too much, and wait for the final product. But by looking at the video, some things surprised me : The panel used as seats are not blue. This might be the first set that uses these panel as seat that uses them in an other color than blue. What is the point of the blue gear in the axle ? To make a differential lock with the new differential, it only needs one selector. So IMO, the blue gear might have an other usage… And considering the scale, the price seems high… (But that seems to be the case with every PU set.)
  2. Touc4nx

    Paid instructions

    Having myself made some instructions for original Mocs as well as one C model, I feel that selling the instructions is legitimate, in the cas your MOC is quite complex and the instruction creating process takes time. As an example, I've made instruction for my Subaru WRX in, by doing each step by hand. In that cas, I sell them for 10 €, as I've spent many hours designing the instructions. Whereas in an other case, I've made a C model of the set 30754 (not technic, but it's just to show my point). In this case, the instructions took me around 30 minutes, and there is around 15 steps. In this case, I don't sell the model, as I feel that it would'nt be right to do so. The global rule that I apply when I fix the price for my Mocs is something like : the price is proportional to the number of parts and steps. (Keep in mind that it's just an estimate) And concerning the succeed of the sales, I really depends on the model… From what I've seen on my own MOCs, when it's representative of a real counterpart, it sells better. And looking on rebrickable at user sent picture, it seems that a non negligible part of them are from C-Models, so I think they must sell well…
  3. And that for only one, and there is no other to sale…
  4. Touc4nx


    That's a pretty cool model I like the fact that you can easily move it using the trailer (which is to my knowledge quite realistic) However, I wouldn't go on it either, because the structure base seems to wobble quite a lot. (And I'm not a fan of these attraction :) )
  5. Touc4nx

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    Wow, that's an impressive creation. Do you have any idea on the number of parts ? And the mechanism used to transfer some of the cabin weight to the front is just genius !
  6. Touc4nx

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    This seems too good to be true, which tells me it's probably not true…
  7. I haven't yet had the time to download the instructions, but just from the render, I have one advice. Rater that using black for the tires color, use "Rubber Black" it will remove the shiny look on the tires And overall, good looking MOC, I might try to build it
  8. Touc4nx

    Effe's MOC Corner

    I had a similar problem on a project, under high load, the differential split in two parts, just enough to allow the bevels gear to skip. As the differential splits, it's a bit wider, and therefore, it disconnect the axles. Sadly I haven't found a workaround…
  9. Touc4nx

    Effe's MOC Corner

    What I found absolutely scary is that more than half of the "sets" are just Mocs. Some of them are even just ldr files on rebrickable… (image of the one I talk in the spoiler) And yeah, the speed of their copy is just frightening
  10. this looks pretty cool. and quite compact for the amount of functions ! Just one thing I don't understand, why using a 36 tooth gear on the steering system in the front ?
  11. looks good, I'm just not convinced by the angle in the front… it seems really high. But otherwise the bodywork is super smooth. Congrats on making it without any holes !
  12. Touc4nx

    General Part Discussion

    It looks like 57515 has a new mould. (The lower one)
  13. I was talking about the upper one, the blue and white half beam
  14. It seems that the bottom part of the door is an orange beam with sticker on it, not two half beams…
  15. There is also the raisable second axle, that will likely be controlled by a knob And it seems that 7L half beam is back in blue. (On the hood)
  16. why is the part count 1XXX ? If it's real, looks like a good set, pneumatics (various cylinders) and raisable rear axle at least.
  17. this looks promising. I'm just concerned about one thing, if you compress the suspension, I'm pretty sure the chassis will touch the ground…
  18. Touc4nx

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I just got 42050, with motor upgrade and 42005 almost complete for 30 CHF (~27€) And 8419 and the truck of 8433 for 15 CHF (13.45 €) Pretty solid parts selections for these ones
  19. I used this design that I modified :
  20. I'm in the same case, I don't really feel the point to buy other ball, as I have some "Zamor Sphere"
  21. I would be interested by the mechanical side of it. However, I don't have GBC ball, I only have these one : So the question of joining would be determined (for me) by the ball we can use.
  22. Nice thank you, I didn't kew this technique. It seems to work well
  23. Very nice model. I like the technique you used for the front light. However, if you built the main model, you are screwed…
  24. Touc4nx

    Rotating Paddles

    Nice ! It's quite bulky, but I guess you can't really make it smaller…
  25. 5: 10 10: 6 2: 4 17: 3 19: 2 24: 1 I wished I could vote for more models ; ) Good luck everyone.