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  1. No man, I'm still a subscriber. You don't see it maybe because my sub info is private.
  2. Otto Films

    [MOC] Lego Ghost Train ride

    @stebaiWow! All that bones ? Great MOC, just amazing nothing more to add. I just subscribed to your channel, keep it coming.
  3. @bricksboy Hey just subscribed to your channel. Nice work??
  4. Otto Films

    Otto Films Presents

    Hey everyone, Otto here!! Just wanted to say hi. I'm an AFOL. I make lego stop-motion videos for my Youtube Channel. You can check out my work from the link down below, I'd really like to have some feedback from you guys. Lets inspire and get inspired by each other. [media] [/media]
  5. Otto Films

    Hello! I'm SAZ :)

    Hey @SAZ Toys I just subscribed to your channel. I enjoy watching brick building videos and your channel is awesome. If you get a chance check out my youtube channel too. See you around!
  6. Otto Films

    Hello eurobricks

    Hey @Moguntia Otto here, I'm a new member too. Nice to meet you!
  7. @Bloktopus I just subscribed to your channel. Nice video!
  8. Hey everyone! New here, apparently