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Found 19 results

  1. Otto Films

    Otto Films Presents

    Hey everyone, Otto here!! Just wanted to say hi. I'm an AFOL. I make lego stop-motion videos for my Youtube Channel. You can check out my work from the link down below, I'd really like to have some feedback from you guys. Lets inspire and get inspired by each other. [media] [/media]
  2. loluwotm8

    Hi guys.

    Hi all :) When I was much younger I spent hours playing with Lego Technic. When I hit university age I kind of dropped everything Lego related due to work for about 3 years... but the other week I was browsing YouTube and came across some fantastic Lego Technic MOCs and decided to get back into it, this time for real with proper thought put into model design. Signed up here to hopefully get some tips and ask some questions about Lego ;) Cheers all!
  3. LittleM

    Hi from Denmark :D

    Hi :) My name is Mathieu and I'm arround 20 years old. I really like legos, had a lot when I was young, I'm in a pause (student, not a lot of money, other interests) but I'm planning to buy legos and play with legos again when I will have a work :) When I was young I made some brickfilms. I really liked lego creator and I had the lego Mindstorms which were fantastic! I'm curently in Erasmus in Denmark, living near Legoland and the Lego House (already visited, the lego house is soooo great!!!, and containes exclusive lego sets such as the Lego Architecture house 21037, if you know other exclusive let me know) Have a great day :D Mathieu
  4. gerardolh

    Hello My Name is Gerardo

    I'm from México and I like to much the Lego World. Also I have a question. Some one else know what piece is the blue one that apear in the next image? I need to buy one of this piece...
  5. Hello, everybody! We are Nikita and Polina from Moscow. We present our project at LEGO IDEAS! KIOSK NO 2 Britain's first red Telephone Box Although we live in Russia, we are big fans of England. We have all LEGO sets associated with the country, the Beatles' one as well. The only thing that we were always in need of was one of the prominent symbols of England – the Red Phone Booth. We do hope that you will enjoy our rendering of this amazing and legendary art-object and it will become a new set and a successful part of the history of Lego. Please support our project! Thank you all!
  6. Bostons Brick Closet

    Hello my name is boston

    Hi I am boston... and I run the boston's brick closet youtube channel ( and the website (
  7. TechnicRCRacer


    Hi! I'm TechnicRCRacer and I love Technic! I have all the big sets and am creating MOCs as fast as I can to manage time. I also like the Creator Expert series because of the nicely built cars. If you want to know, my favorite set is the Porsche GT3 RS because of the cool orange panels and the very cool gearshift system. I attached a picture of my favorite MOC I built. -TechnicRCRacer
  8. Hello, all ye humans! (well I hope ya'll are humans.. though I'm not sure what else you would be..) My Name is George, and I am a humanoid, human living in the US. So yeah, that's all.
  9. BringHimSoup

    Hi there

    Well... Hi then? I've been watching as a guest, but I guess it's time to introduce myself. I like Soup.
  10. CompleteMadness

    Hello My Name Is CompleteMadness

    Hi I'm CompleteMadness! I'm a big fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit movies. I also really like the LEGO themes based on these. I like building in Sci-Fi and Castle and other. But i love building anything LOTR related.
  11. TechPriest

    hello to all

    hi to all im a lego builder from the Philippines
  12. Illegalsecondaccount

    Not Illegal

    Hello! Despite my name, I am not an illegal second account! I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the USA. I've been a Lego fan since I was a little kid, and recently I found this site. Aside from Lego I enjoy hunting, cooking and the outdoors, of which there are plenty in my state.
  13. Hey. I'm John. I'm a 17 year old aspiring metal1 musician (though I only started learning bass last month, I come up with riffs and lyrics near constantly). I'm trying to get back into Lego (well, to get into customising for the first time actually), though I played with Legos when I was younger, I was, I hate to admit it, a biter. I always used my teeth to pull apart tightly stuck bricks, so I'm gonna have to buy a lot of new ones. Yay for me, boo for my wallet, I guess. I'm also seriously into classic gaming, (NES mostly,) so you'll probably see me on threads dedicated to that, and music of course. And anime/manga. And old cartoons. Welp, this is getting to tl;dr length, so... Up the Irons, from your new friendly neighborhood metalhead, -John, aka ProtoChaud. 1NWOBHM/Early Metal styled, not Death, Black, or -core.
  14. ShadowWolfHount

    Riaso Say Hi

    Hi everyone I don't like puting me real name out so let just call me by my SelfMOC name Riaso and I have joined this site along with one of my friend, he had a problem with registering so i tryed signing up as well and can someone tell me why the message to validate your account is on spam, anyway both me and my friend got ower account (don't know how often he going to use his). Well let talk more about me, this is the 2nd forum i joined and i am a Bionicle Fan so you may going to find me more on the LEGO Action Figures and that all, no joke that's all so now let go eat some nachos
  15. I am from Durban, South Africa I am a singer and my videos are posted on Youtube just type in Patrick Sean Bradley.
  16. RelicRaider


    Hi, I'm RelicRaider, I didn't see these boards, so that's why I didn't exactly put my first post here. I don't usually MOC, I used to for Tiny Turbos to make cars from the video game series: Burnout, but I don't anymore, especially since the line has been discontinued. I plan to do reviews here, like proper in depth ones, hopefully. Whenever you see a TV show, the Pilot or series opener is usually a huge explosive extravaganza, so I hope when I do my first review it ends up like that, as the best one, worthy of a first review. XD I think I'll mainly be looking at Batman sets, but I've delved into the depths of Indiana Jones and other such things before. Actually, considering, I've never had a LEGO batman set, but I'm planning to get quite a few, as I've developed quite an interest in the series. I also think I'd be interested if they made a Walking dead LEGO set, or a Robot wars one (if any British people here remember that show, then that's awesome :D) Anyway, sorry about my ramble there, I got a bit too carried away :P hope to see ya round
  17. homemade sciencefiction

    hi guys

    hello guys and gals I am a lego and science fiction nut,I use brickarms and I have been lurking on brickset and eurobricks for years. I am not a super good mocer,in fact I am good but not that legos are mostiy 2006-2013(I have a few 2001 set and 1999 sets that I got off ebay) the life on mars aero tube hangar and the loader dovier(sorry guys I can"t sell that all) and I am 17 years old fiy
  18. Batgirl78

    Hi ya'll!

    Hi ya'll! My name is Kellie and I just recently joined Eurobricks. I can't wait to get to know everywhere and I look forward to talking to you soon. =)
  19. Right....well...It's been nearly 15 years since I have lifted a 'Lego' brick in anger and now that I have almost completed my Part 3 Studies to become an Architect, I now have time to rediscover the passion I had for those beautiful pieces of moulded joy . It was during the building and rebuilding and improving of 'Classic' Town sets that I realised that I wanted to do this for real...with actual buildings! So thank you 'Lego' for starting my architectural career! I stumbled across Eurobricks after looking for a list of sets that I have and what was going on currently in the world of 'Lego'. I love the Modular series of buildings and the way Lego is getting away from that period of having too many large parts in their sets. After a few wee eBay purchases...some CITY vehicles and an X-Wing that I never had as a kid, I felt it was time to get out the 'Old School' classic sets. I noticed in the EB Review Index, a lot of the sets I have, have not been I reckon I'll enroll in the Reviewers Academy and get on with gaining that qualification . Plus I also want to attempt to 'MOD' (I think this is the correct terminology) these older sets and make them fit into the new Modular style, while maintaining the elegant architecture of their 1980s-90s form. BTW...if some kindly soul could point me in the direction of the meanings of MOD MOC and WIP...I might feel less like a numpty when posting on this forum Another thing I hope to contribute, is to build minifig scale iconic 'Architecture' buildings, and try and stay faithful to what the original real-world architect was trying to achieve in his work, replicating it as close to, and as elegantly as possible in lego. I think this will be the most challenging and most rewarding of what I want to do with my 'Lego'. Plus I want to have something for my future (a few years to go yet) kids to take away and hopefully inspire them! Hope to chat with you guys soon....especially the EB legends that i always love to read about (Brickster, Rufus, LightingTiger, mention only a few). BRICK ON