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  1. Tazmancrash

    RC Buggy Motor

    Thanks for that. I'll get 2 in.
  2. Tazmancrash

    RC Buggy Motor

    How did you get the receivers to work? I have 2 of the 2.4 ghz & they dont seem to work with the Lego controller. But I haven't tried very hard though
  3. Tazmancrash

    RC Buggy Motor

    Hey there all. These moters are all over ebay now aswell. I'm looking at buying 1 but if only had a 50% success rate with cloned power functions on ebay. Can any one recommend a store? Thanks
  4. Tazmancrash

    Creating a 2 to 1 Gear Ratio

    Any one have a good 4:1 set up?
  5. Tazmancrash

    Bricklink and Chinese Parts

    Out of curiosity, what was the stories name & were are they based?
  6. Tazmancrash

    Tips for an 8480 rebuild?

    Yes this works a treat. I've used it on yellow as well when I rebuilt 8862 back hoe. I regerlery rebuild old sets. I usually replace the old 1/2 bushes with new ones & swap out the 14 teeth gears for the better 12 teeth ones. There's a theard on replacing old wiring with new. You will need to do this as the cables will have their insulation falling off. I never put the stickers on mine, but was able to buy all the parts with stickers on them from bricklink. (Still have the sticker sheet in my desk) There is a Ebay seller who sells repro stickers for lego sets. Check the fiber optics still work. Replacements are available on bricklink. Good luck.
  7. Hey there all. I have just recieved 8285 tow truck & am currently building it. I have noted in the instructions & on the bricklink inventory that there are 29 axle jointers. Part number 6538b but my set has 6538c in its place. Yes they both do the same job. Is this a normal change? Are there others out there with the same? Also my set has most of the metallic parts but the wheels are blueish gray. I know there were a few versions of this set. Are all 10 wheels meant to be the same? My instructions have the glint on all the wheels & tank parts.
  8. Tazmancrash

    Questions about 8285 tow truck

    Are you at the Auckland brick show this weekend?
  9. Tazmancrash

    Questions about 8285 tow truck

    Oh that's just showing off. What store did you get the chrome bricks from? I've seen them but always wondered if the layer of chrome screws up the clutch grip of the bricks
  10. Tazmancrash

    Questions about 8285 tow truck

    Thanks for clarifying that. I have ordered the corect jointers & am looking at the right wheels on bricklink now. Upshot is I'll have some spare wheels to put on the back of my 8258 crane truck when that arrives.
  11. Hi Hath Do you still have any 8455 left & would you ship it international?