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Found 14 results

  1. AmperZand

    Do you buy toys other than LEGO?

    Obviously everyone here buys LEGO and some of us even buy LEGO-compatible brands, but I was wondering if anyone buys toys that are neither. I came back to LEGO in 1993 through my hobby of collecting fantasy action figures (or 'dolls' as my fiancée calls them!). While I now have much more LEGO in my display collection than non-LEGO, I do still pick up the odd non-LEGO fantasy or super hero action figure now and again. In case you're wondering, I don't mix the two: my LEGO and non-LEGO collections are physically separate. I know that Jang, a prominent AFOL, buys other toy brands as he has reviewed some on his YouTube channel. So what non-LEGO and non-LEGO-compatible toys do you collect? Do you sometimes have to make tough choices between getting more LEGO and getting something else? How do you decide what to get/what not to get?
  2. I noticed that there was a review needed for Knights' Kingdom set 8774 Vladek so I thought I'd like my video review I just made. If a text and photo based review is preferred, I still have the set so I will be willing to do a proper review if that is required or video reviews are not allowed on this forum (sorry I'm a little new here)
  3. legostarwars1425

    Whats your opinion?

    Ok I have some lego themes that I would like your opinion on and which do you think I should get? Just to see if they are that bad. I will get back to you guys on which you ALL choose. Ok the themes are: Galidor Scala Belville Galidor McDs polybag Znap Dora (yes that is an actual licensed theme) Jack Stone Ben 10 These are the theme choices and I will get back to you on them. EDIT: No longer able to get ahold of the other themes, so... That's all folks!
  4. zeta team 1.0 leaders file:///C:/Users/JonahB/Pictures/blaze%201.0%20bio.jpg file:///C:/Users/JonahB/Pictures/tazer%201.0%20bio.jpg file:///C:/Users/JonahB/Pictures/oxy%201.0%20bio.jpg
  5. I noticed this didn't have a topic, so I made one. Mind blowing, I know.
  6. I'll leave you all this Tumblr post to dwell on. Feel free to come up with any crazy connections you can find.
  7. Another MOC, errr... Replica... emmm... Revamp... whatever made by me. It shows my interpretation of Lord of Skull Spiders (huh, name such like from HF >.<). I made it about month ago, but I'm lazy and I publish it here now. For more photos click this link to the gallery on Flickr. Thanks for attention. Comments and criticism are welcome. -H.unter
  8. Hunter1

    Chi Sir Fangar Revamp

    This time I want to show you my revamp of set 70212 Chi Sir Fangar. For more photos click this link to the gallery on Flickr. I hope, that you like it. All comments are welcome. -H.unter
  9. Here is my revamp os set 44021 Splitter Beast vs Furno & Evo. For more photos click this link to the gallery on Flickr. Thanks for attention. Comments and criticism are welcome. -H.unter
  10. Hunter1

    [MOC] Skranoz

    Here's my Skrall warrior named Skranoz. Just a simple, quickly built MOC. For more photos click this link to the gallery on Flickr. That's all; thanks for attention. Comments are welcome. -H.unter
  11. Hunter1

    [Revamp] Speeda Demon

    Here's my revamp of madness on wheels - Speda Demon! Whole construction (with the exception of the collar on the neck, which is an idea taken from MOCs by Fenrek) is my own. I don't know, what more can I tell... Photos would be better than words, links to photos on Flickr below: Speeda Demon with Nitro Rocket Motorbike Revamp Speeda Demon Revamp 1 Speeda Demon Revamp 2 Nitro Rocket Motorbike Revamp 1 Nitro Rocket Motorbike Revamp 2 Comments are welcome. -H.unter
  12. Hunter1

    [MOC] Dark Creator

    Hello everyone! It's my first post on this forum, but I'm ambitious man and I'm starting from showing you my latest Hero Factory MOC It shows this bady guy from the 10th episode of Hero Factory Series: Brain Attack. Build him took me some time, but I did him as best as I could. More information about him will appear on LEGO Ideas site of project Hero Factory: Dark Creator, when I'll publish it on LEGO Ideas (I want to motiwate LEGO to do something with Hero Factory story and characters like our Brains creator... I think that we must to know more about him (and or another characters in HF storyline), so why don't do him as a set? ). Here are links to photos of Dark Creator on Flickr. For now, that's all. Thanks for attention. -H.unter
  13. Diamond_Sun

    (MOC) Medical Robot

    So... this is a MOC I made in spare time. I was inspired by real-life machinery. In one of his hands is a laser and saws. In the other is a claw with two digits. The figure is about 9.5 inches tall. Thanks for looking! http://www.brickshel...robot_front.jpg
  14. DraikNova

    WIP: Dragon Bolt

    Well, while the Dragon Bolt set seems like one of the best LEGO has produced, I was a little underwhelmed by it's size. So, I've decided to make something...larger. I've just finished the legs, which should be a good indicator of scale. Oh, and here's some backstory I've made for the species. Comments and criticism welcome.