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  1. That's a bit unfortunate. SW Rebels has some interesting designs, but its interpretation of an OT TIE Fighter isn't one of them.
  2. [MOC] Minifig Scale AT-M6

    Wow! I would say that's just insane... Great job!
  3. Although I have the same expectation, to be honest I don't understand the dynamics of printing with Lego. For instance, the 5004406-1 polybag with the FO general had arm printing, but it wasn't even shown in the polybag photo. That was a good surprise for me when I got one. Batman minifigs, Ninjago minifigs and general minifig bags, for instance, get much better lateral printing (not only arms) and double molding, something unseen in Star Wars sets. I doubt licensing has something to do with printing differences, as minifig bags are cheap. Given the price they charge for sets with too few minifigs, adding additional printing to them would not make a noticeable cost difference.
  4. I live in Spain and toys r us continue trading as usual. They have the Cantina set, albeit not cheap at €59,99. Now they have a 15% off in Lego purchases, which is more or less usual at this time every year. At €51 it's more palatable... We got Poe's X-Wing at €99,99 at launch, then it moved to €89.99 after the Resistance X-Wing went out, which was a €99,99 set as well at launch, despite being a CC of the original design.
  5. I have the same feeling as well. Not only there are too many themes, but also the planned obsolescence is too short. The amount of time of some sets on the shelves is about one year in practical terms for the average buyer. Many RO sets weren't available last Christmas in hypermarkets for instance, they were about one year old or even less. Prices are also getting higher, which means a lot of money to afford them. What children were able to get the FO star destroyer and the resistance bomber? That was about the price of a PS4 with one or two games during Christmas time. Of course, this pace of new sets is good for a thread like this one, but the obsolescence pressure is too big... and false. When I was a child SW movies were shot about every three years, that gave us time to enjoy all of them, buying some toys and so on. Now everything is too fast. In one and a half year we will have three SW movies! Almost no new RO toys any more, it's just over a year but from the merchandising point of view is just plain old...
  6. Good choice! Aside of having a very good design, this set is also perfect for mod as a FO AT-ST walker, way better and cheaper than the unbelievable awful 76201 set. So pick up another one if you can.
  7. Good to know! I have one from the advent calendar but I miss another one for my children to abuse and specially for our Echo Base. It fits there very well. The book seems to be a good gift as well.
  8. Ok, they did it anyway. So fine with me . MF interior has a better look overall, like with the FO star destroyer. I have to update mine... Some new interesting pieces as well in the top of the ship that can be seen better from this angle. Although it's a bit weird to have only one light speed engine, the second one would be below the bed . And I prefer last version of the seats in the TFA MF, they are more accurate.
  9. To me this is one of the most balanced SW sets of TLG to date. Many non-intrusive play features, nice design to catch the atmosphere, lots of details, good new characters versions, good as a display model and with a reasonable price. A step further from Ach-To set, which is also a great set. Yes, torso print as shown in the video link of this page is different from Yoda's starfighter (75168) and Duel on Geonosis (75017), which I believe had the same minifig, in the middle in the following image. This one is an updated version closer to the original 4502 set, with the X-Wing and the hut, at the right side. Now we will get an updated X-Wing in a separate set, which is nice... No comments on the left side CW poor minifig.
  10. They could use the R2-D2 head mold of 30611 poly bag from last May the 4th. Maybe it's accurate enough. Don't really know, though.
  11. Unless there is a scene with that pot in the cockpit worth to be remembered, I'd rather put the coffee machine in any other part of the ship, maybe in the main room with the playing table. The back of the cockpit should have some sort of emulated door and lights, given that the way it's built doesn't give many other options.
  12. Got another bounty hunter battle pack for my custom Jabba Palace. First one is devoted to a 75055 Star Destroyer. Indeed! I didn't like too much the Rebels' helmet design, but I saw them as a different squadrom to peace my mind. I got some before the new battle packs with classic storm troopers, which I like more. That set was much better than average and it had 155 pieces, which is still quite uncommon for a battle pack and, as the stormies held their value, the pieces alone were very cheap. I took several of those.
  13. [MOC] Modular Jedha Collaborative Build

    Excelent MOCs! I like a lot the mix of colors to give a Jedha feeling and the different build techniques to obtain textures. I'll have to study the photos with great detail to learn for my MOCs...
  14. That's surprising. Never thought that this Freemaker thing would give us anything relevant, and it gave us the Bounty Hunter battle pack, one of the best battle packs ever! We all know that Dengar was in another Freemaker set, the eclipse fighter 75145, although it was way overpriced even with Dengar. But I won't have more prejudice with Freemakers, just in case .
  15. The Journey back to Echo Base

    Yes, that X-Wing closer to the main door appears in the plans I posted earlier in this page. However, the small hangar bays in the plans contradict what appears in the film, which are big X-Wing sized bays. The scene gives the impression that there are more snowspeeders than those that actually fit in the studios, so in that extent the plans are more accurate to the desired base.