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  1. Sorry for coming back to this topic again, but does it mean that it's more likely that 75236 is going to be a Rey vs. Kylo set? On the rebel/stormtrooper helmets, I still see the new rebel helmet too big. The new stormtrooper helmet at least has better proportions even if that close-to-90 degree angle is a quite strange.
  2. dvogon

    [MOC] U-Wing Midi Scale!

    Well, it gives also an extra detail level with the printed parts . @YodaSkate Nice small model!
  3. Those are good news! It's always welcomed to see sets at 29,99 price point with good value. I hope the small Slave I will be another of them. I think we still don't know about its figures, but I would like to stand corrected.
  4. dvogon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Nice variation. Definitely to be considered as the upgrade for the upcoming Praetorian Guards battle pack.
  5. Great! Thanks for the effort to make it. This one should be a separate set IMO, leaving more pieces for the Cloud City itself, but... it is what it is.
  6. Does it means that the Slave I Junior/4+ set won't be released? Or will it be a regular set?
  7. That's right. I forgot the UCS one. I have just checked and it's still on sale at Lego.com. That's correct as well, although in the Y-Wing case, the sets are way different in size hence serving completely different markets: micro, system and UCS. Based on the blurry leaked image of the X-Wing Junior set, I would say that the size of the Slave I Junior set would be bigger than a microfighter, if it's going to be made after all. I don't know if it would have the same size as the UCS one, which is mid-scale, but I doubt it given the suggested price point. So in that case we could end up with three sets with sizes from bigger than a micro fighter scale to mid-scale and to system scale. That's weird. And then we still have the UCS one, of course.
  8. Three Slave I at the same time with different sizes: junior, mid-scale and system scale? That's a bit weird I would say. Just curious about the large Hoth playset. I would like it to be another expansion to help fixing the UCS? Assault on Hoth, although another Snowspeeder is more likely.
  9. I have to see the new mold in person, but the comparison is less good as expected, sigh!
  10. That's great. I'm looking forward to see the final set, the direction is the right one. New characters at a good price point are always vey welcome
  11. I really like that Inferno Squad figure. But I think there should be female figures as well.
  12. Got Moloch's Landspeeder for €30. Moloch is a great figure and the Corellian hounds are always useful. The set build is quite interesting. A bit big, but overall a quite good set at this price point.
  13. With the quite expensive and somewhat meh Throne Room set Lego wasted the opportunity of having a great set like the Final Duel. But fixing errors afterwards is a welcomed option always, like the Hoth Chamber set, as an afterthought addition to the Assault on Hoth set. This time it's a battle pack, and having an inexpensive way to get all the Praetorian Guards types in it is a sound way to fix the overall scene recreation. Spare parts will do the rest. These are user-modifiable Lego sets, after all . I miss a purple servant instead of a new Stormtrooper to render the set perfect, but maybe that's just me. The Stormtrooper has objectively more usage for a battle and I'm fine to keep throwing them in battlepacks to increase their number in any collection, big or small.
  14. Great news to have the three helmets in the Praetorian Guards battlepack . This time they have thrown the rest. Looking at the fighting scene, for playing it's better to have legs for them. Although when standing the slope version is visually better. I guess it's a tradeoff. The new Rebel Trooper looks fine. It's good to have new versions to add some variations to the figures. Where is it supposed to come with?
  15. I have the same feeling. I don't have a Mimbam Stromtrooper, but I think it's one mold. But the Patrol Trooper, which is dual molded, is excellent and the depth of the eyes cannot be replicated with one mold. Seeing the second picture, I guess they are using the same proportions of the Stormtrooper helmet with dual molded eyes. In addition the black line on top of the eyes appears to be dual molded as well as in the Patrol Trooper. This is more accurate than the current version and less prone to printing errors. The black areas below the helmet seem to be part of the dual mold as well.