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  1. dvogon

    SFS TIE/x1 Advanced

    Excellent MOC! This is the best TIE Advanced I've ever seen in Lego. Is it too heavy/not sturdy for children to play with?
  2. dvogon

    1:125 scale lego falcon

    Not too much space to build a Falcon. The shape is much better with the new diagonal plates. And it has an interior! That's very difficult to capture at this scale, so to me it's a very good job, congrats!.
  3. Got a 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City for 230€ at clearance. That gives me the option to build a better one for my children as the basis. Minifigs are great, so that's better than purchasing the pieces alone. The set has some interesting designs in it, but it cannot compare to the Death Star overall, not at all neither in playability nor in displayability. But as a foundation, for the price brand new, I think it's ok.
  4. dvogon

    "The Empire Strikes Back" in LEGO

    Fantastic start of Episode V! The opening scenes are great. The Echo Base interior is quite nice as well. Looking forward the next episodes of this season!
  5. dvogon

    [MOC] Blade Wing Starfighter

    Great model! The overall shape is excellent. like both color schemes: red/white and orange/gray. Is it sturdy enough for children to play with?
  6. Thanks for all the comments! The idea of the rain came after a strong summer storm one evening this July: how could a rainy day be built with Lego and what could be the color contrasts in such a day.
  7. The New Republic forces had an unexpected inconvenience in Grizmallt on their near term plans. A secret cargo with supplies for their fleet was lost after an ambush of an unknown group of contrabandists. Bernek Kobin, an aged and bulletproof soldier, has been hired by the new Republic for a while. He worked before for the Rebellion as well, where he got the rank of Colonel, but he had some very disgusting experiences with the Empire at the time and he wasn't too convinced to join the New Republic. He was very well known for its valour, effectiveness and efficient resolution. But not this time... Republic agent: Hello Bernek, glad to hear from you again! It's been a long time since the last time we met. But no so glad to see you in these conditions. What's even worse... it's raining cats and dogs! But seriously, we are exposing ourselves too much, even here. Bernek: Hello Robett. Glad to see you again as well and sorry for all of this. I didn’t know to whom contact. This is really urgent. I need to report to the Secret Republic Council in Coruscant. Robett: Mmmm... This is a bit harsh. It isn’t a typical request, I would say. Bernek: Come on! You know me very well. And my credentials for this kind of access rights are intact. I cannot make this request by the usual channels. We have fallen in an ambush, so I trust almost nobody. Meanwhile... Wookie: Agggh, goouflggh, gghaaaahg! [Oh... You would never understand how much I hate the rain. And not only because I had too much in Kashyyyk!] Mando: Hehehe... We had a lot of luck this time with the weather. Just five minutes! This is something we have to live with. I think the climate change fight was already lost several centuries ago on this planet. Let's concentrate on our business topics now that we have excellent food and drink to survive today. Great stuff by the way, Agbonod! Agbonod: Sure! Cannot do less. You are always specially welcomed here! Mando: Thanks! But before starting let's that Ugnaught to walk a bit away... Maintenance operations takes longer, specially when the weather is so bad. Robett: Ok, let’s go inside this corridor, it's raining too much, even for my taste. I guess I did the right thing selecting this place. Bernek: Mmm... I don't really like that Mando with the wookie... Are you sure? Robett: Yes, of course! Those seem to be in good conversation. I don't think they would even notice us. I like that small place actually, great food and superb drinks... maybe in another occasion. But, anyway, there are plenty of other good bars and cantinas in there, we can choose almost anyone without fearing selecting a bad one. With more people around we'll go unnoticed and I'll let you tell me with greater peace what has happened.
  8. dvogon

    [Q10 - Yitabo - CFS] Meeting on the Bridge

    Great bridge! An inspiring background for episode VI.
  9. Now that it was highlighted in the portal main page, I was able to see all the sets. Thanks to EU admins to highlight it! I fully agree, even if I'm not that interested in some sets, as I have many of the minifigs, but this wave has a lot of good minifigs overall. But there are many collectors out there and many cannot get most sets. For me Ahsoka is one of the remaining minifigs I didn't have, and this set at 29,99€ has a good price, before I thought it was around 40€. The remake of ROTJ throne room is excellent, so I will take it again mainly to upgrade Palpatine, get some additional guards and save the pieces of the last one for MOCs, as it a good improvement overall. I share the feel with others of updating Luke hair, now it seems a bit outdated, given the good job they have done with Luke Ep 4 and with Han.
  10. dvogon

    [S12 - Rorak - BS] Mando terrible last jail

    Thanks! I thought that the compacting function would be interesting for this build. Makes it more realistic, my children love it while playing and allows me to recreate the original Ep 4 scene that, if I have time, I will do soon in the main SW forum just for fun. The walls can be split in two parts to be inserted and removed from the technic rails that sustain the whole set. This was very handy for adjusting details and to store it unmounted. The upper back wall can be removed as well.
  11. Just found these new set images from AAT and General Grievous. The AAT is ok, the Ahsoka minifig is nice and it is in a cheaper set, which is a good thing. I don't like that much the clone trooper though. A bit expensive I would say, given that it has only two minifigs + two droids. The General Grievous star fighter is just waaay overpriced for what you get. I still see the old 2010 8085 set in very good shape, comparing it to this one.
  12. dvogon

    [MOC] A-83 Exploration Base (Neo-Classic Space)

    This is a fantastic build, with tons of wonderful details. The classic space theme was my favourite one when I was a child. The lunar shape is excellent and very convincing. I like specially the LL-999 ship and the base interior.
  13. dvogon

    [Economy] - Clone PIlots

    Nice build! The shape is very smooth and it has many building angles. It looks like a large build with actual pieces. Looking forward some time in the future
  14. dvogon

    [Economy] - Agrocite mining on Khorm

    Very interesting build. Lots of angles and side building. I always find side building difficult and specially not over detail. Well done!
  15. dvogon

    [S12 - Rorak - BS] Mando terrible last jail

    Thanks! I have added some photos with details.