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  1. Nice build! The Givin's head is an excellent selection for this character (and a fun one). I like those red trees, very simple but quite effective.
  2. I've seen the reviews of the new Kylo Ren Shuttle and the new MF. The first one is a big improvement with a good selection of minifigs. The mechanism to move the wings is so well hidden! The MF improvement aren't that big and the minifigs selection is just ok, but the proportions are way better. I don't have that triangle piece to give better proportions, but it's very handy for MOCs. It must be a new one or it was way out of my radar...
  3. dvogon

    Imperial Death Star Conference Room MOC

    Very nice looking room. Quite clean MOC design.
  4. dvogon

    Hoth Echo Base Medical Bay with Corridor MOC

    Nice MOC. I specially like the corridor with lot of detail.
  5. @Professor Thaum Thanks! The Old Republic game has some very interesting designs. The Fury-class Sith Interceptor is one of the best ones. @MKJoshA Thanks too! Found those trans-orange bricks in one visit to a Lego store. I thought they would be interesting for my children's Fallen Kingdom sets. That gave me the idea of the lava river for this MOC.
  6. dvogon

    Building Episode IV in LEGO

    Keep going! I like this serie a lot
  7. Finally got the 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City for 280€. Here at the domestic S@H it's 399€, 50€ more than in Germany, something I'll never understand. Thought this price would be roughly ok, given that I'll have to modify it a lot to my taste, to be more like the Death Star with at least two floors. Minifigs are good but I don't know what to do with the mid-scale Slave I given that there is a System scale one that matches the ever-present-in-the-shelf MF and it has better playing features for my children.
  8. Back in the Old Republic times, the Ancient Sith Temple of Aylayl had some relevant secrets that must be protected. The research data stored were crucial to the Sith Empire. There was a Jedi scout close to the Temple and logic dictates that more could be in transit. Some Sith Lords are discussing the evacuation plans with Darth Malgus. Darth Malgus: <Zsszhhs> Those Jedis are an inconvenience... nothing about our research should be discovered <Zsszhhs> Darth Navean: The communication is distorted... May not hear you well, Milord... We might deal with them if you wish. Darth Malgus: No, if we protect this place too much it might be suspicious <Zsszhhs> Darth Shoug: All shall be as you wish Milord, we are uploading the data to our ship. Nothing shall be discovered here. Meanwhile one of the Jedis was able to reach the interior of the Temple. Gleygicks: Now I understand why it's so extremely hot here! The path through the mine tunnels has been exhausting... There is no bridge over the lava river anymore. It appears to be melted down with the recent activity of this area volcanos. But wait, those are the Sith Lords we found at the entrance of the Temple! Gleygicks: I think you are in a big trouble! Darth Navean: What? Foolish beings tend to persist in their mistakes. Gleygicks: Really? Don't know to whom are you talking. I'm here to stop you! Don't know what are you doing, but nothing good for sure! Darth Navean: Damn Jedi! You took us by surprise in here, but be aware of us, poor unfortunate! Darth Shoug: You should be proud of your ten seconds luck. But now that is just something forgotten in the past. You shall not survive another ten. Gleygicks: Your lack of confidence is disgusting! Darth Navean: Wait! There are more of those awkward Jedis! How have they found this place? We must focus on our main task! Darth Shoug: What? I just need five seconds more to crush this insolent. Niavan: No way you will survive to four of us! Darth Shoug: So be it... You save those five seconds, lucky knight. Jamkin: Hey Niavan, that jump is fantastic! Nevekdam: You bastards! Fight with us if you can... Darth Navean: Unfortunately not this time... But we never forget for sure! Now we have more important things to do than slicing Jedis for dinner. The Sith Interceptor takes off in a matter of seconds. Nevekdam: We couldn't do more... the ship is taking off. Niavan: They didn't want to fight this time. Jamkin: For sure they could. Gleygicks: This is strange... something else must be happening...
  9. dvogon

    [M10 - Sarapin - TCR] Traitor’s End

    The lava effect is awesome! Very clean and and balanced build!
  10. The build is nice. Not sure about the feets of the character, they are so difficult to recreate...
  11. dvogon

    [N10 - Foundry - TCR] Loading Time

    The 360 degrees viewpoint of this build is very nice! I specially like the vents, the stuff in the lab and the Skakoan character.
  12. Good perspective effect. Bigger brick built figures aren't that easy to recreate. I like the arms usage.
  13. Wow! The character is difficult to recreate. Good job! The build is simple but very effective. I have to learn from that.
  14. Nice build! The tree shape is quite unique and very well executed. The studs visible on the left of the build help a lot to increase the feeling of ancient ruins. The character is difficult to recreate. You did a very good job