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  1. dvogon

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Bright: Security

    I like the floor detail and overall setup of the scene, but I feel the window and door don't fit well in SW universe. Tiling the roof would also help to be more in line with the floor design.
  2. dvogon

    [K21-Delrakkin-TT] Bright: Smuggling

    Interesting little scene. I think the gong droid is the most creative part of the build.
  3. dvogon

    [P6 - Yavin IV - CFS] Markets on the Jungle Moon

    Nice work there! The turret and the ancient wall are really good. Those ball join pieces are excellent for texturing the wall. The floor/terrain work somehow feels a bit busy, though.
  4. dvogon

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Bounty Hunter Bright

    I'd love to make those quick little mocs!This time you managed to add corrosion/damage to the walls. Great work!
  5. dvogon

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Bright Eyes

    Great build! The red-green color scheme works really well here. I specially like the details of the plants on the wall and the stone floor, which ends up being quite realistic.
  6. dvogon

    [O10 - Gorse - TT] Bright Red Demon

    Very nice pod! I specially like the details of the big motors. The second scene is also very effective with tons of small details.
  7. Awesome work! Didn't know some parts exist in those colors. The setup of the scene and color selection is very creative. They work great.
  8. dvogon

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Ring of Bright Water

    Interesting build and creative idea for an all blue build.
  9. dvogon

    [P9 - Trandosha - CE] Bright Young Things

    Very nice build. The color scheme works very well and it's quite clean. The frogs are a nice funny detail, also the hands and the heads.
  10. The main inspiration comes from this, then there is the thing to build something with limited parts count...
  11. dvogon

    [L10 - Tython - BS] Bright search

    Thanks a lot! I've added a closer look to the bike. And yes, it's based on the Imperial patrol speeder bike. I have no wedge pieces in red, so I started it from black and red on the top.
  12. Thanks! I used almost all my non-translucent blue bricks there. I used the idea of the lake to add additional blue to the scene and having blue as the dominant color.
  13. Previously in this storyline... Shlovak, a former Pyerce’s forces member recently hired by the Black Sun, and 8-LOM are waiting for a special contact in the Red Constellation Cantina, a well known place for making business while having a drink and some tapas. Shlovak: I have to admit that you were right. Nobody noticed the bike here. 8-LOM: I told you, you have to have faith. 8-LOM: There are many people here, we’ll pass unnoticed. Shlovak: Nice drink by the way... Do you ever drink anything? 8-LOM: I’ll consider that question already answered.
  14. Previously in this storyline... The Black Sun is investigating an ongoing operation for acquiring new weaponry for their activities, maybe to settle a new base in the sector. After the ambush in Coruscant, the Black Sun has convinced Shlovak, a former member of Pyerce’s forces, to join the Syndicate. He is specially valuable for his knowledge of Pyerce’s activities. Back in Tython, Shlovak and 8-LOM continue the search. Shlovak: What are supposed to do us with that? We are supposed to avoid any attention from people here. 8-LOM: That’s the best thing I was able to grab. I actually like the color. Shlovak: I’m not sure... 8-LOM: It will, at least this time it’ll be enough. We have to go to the cantina.
  15. Previously... Fahne and Gruntar are following a Pyerce’s pilot who has escaped. After investigating an old destroyed AT-AT, they got some coordinates to follow. Now they are going down the mountains where there is a large lake. Suddenly, they see something strange in some old ruins in the distance. The ruins are part of an ancient temple. Its entry has a strange blue light coming from the interior... The bright light coming from inside is almost white at the center but with big bluish glow hiding everything inside... Fahne: Do you still think it’s a good idea to enter in? Gruntar: Not sure, I must say, but it’s the best hint we have now. This is the place we found in the AT-AT logs.