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  1. dvogon

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Great design! Proportions are quite good for Lego pieces. Much much better than the official X-Wing set. I can learn a lot from this build.
  2. The set is wider than expected in rea life. The removing freezing chamber and landing pad is something strange, what's supposed to be the usage of this space without those elements? I've noticed as well that the bridge with Vader and Luke can be moved as well, probably to give better access to the freezing chamber.
  3. I have the RO AT-ST as well, modified to have two seats. I see the idea of the designer to have a solid walker for children to play with the head, which is great. Walker articulations are thought to "imagine" the articulations while moving. I've tried to modify it sometime ago, but didn't get a good design for it. It becomes unstable very easily. The head has a lot of weight, so it's difficult to have it stable. It should have more continuous articulations to fit the legs in the right place, but they are too soft for the weight. Maybe a mix of discrete and continuous articulations would work, but I haven't tried that.
  4. That's a better use for the pieces for sure . Got the set sometime ago but the speeder is waaaay too big, so I dismantled the speeder to use the pieces on something else.
  5. It's fair to say that I was able to get yesterday the Shoretrooper from a Lego Store at €4,99 so it's good to have still some options to get the polybags.
  6. Got the Hoth Medical Chamber from the Lego Store, and they were selling the Shoretrooper polybag for €4,99, so I picked up a pair
  7. I think this set will sell better than Assault on Hoth did at the beginning. Despite the errors of both sets, there are people to who those sets give them a lot of value, specially those who missed previous versions of the sets. As with CC there were few previous set versions, it will appeal to more people. However Assault on Hoth didn't sell very well overall, and I don't think this one will sell that well neither, not because of its own collection of design errors, but due to the high price point (€100 more than Assault on Hoth). If it were €100 less, I would think different. But for that price, I would expect a better polished set. So I guess a lot of potential buyers will wait until discounts, like with Assault on Hoth, although not for the same reasons, of course.
  8. That's nice. I'd like to have the option to get some of them with Lego purchases, as I do quite often... I missed the Shoretrooper, DJ, the mine worker and now maybe Mudtrooper Han. Maybe the only option will be to BL them. But this is a bit sad, IMO. I would prefer to have more options to get those figures first hand from Lego in more countries, otherwise they'll become too expensive in secondary markets, and I don't think this is a good thing neither for Lego nor for its fans no matter their ages.
  9. I haven't seen it neither in the EU, sigh. It wasn't available as a promotion in the online store as far as I can recall.
  10. dvogon

    REVIEW: 75210 Moloch's Landspeeder

    Nice review, I really like the inclusion of some bits of other sets to put this one more in context. Moloch is a very interesting figure and the Corellian Hound are printed and they are quite useful in any OT MOC, I would say. I agree that the price is the main drawback, though (€49,99-€54,99 depending on the country in the EU). To me the chase scene is a good classic chase. I like the designs of the speeders involved in the chase. Moloch and patrol troopers have also very good designs. What I like more is the fact that the scene could be built from less expensive sets (specially assuming a discounted Moloch's speeder), and the sets could be reused in many other situations in the OT time.
  11. Some order 66 sets. I think none of them has been done.
  12. That figure is quite good. Let's hope we'll have that promotion in EU as well. We hadn't any one for the shoretrooper (except in the UK)
  13. I showed the pics to my children as well. They love it. They just don't care about the exact rounded shape and the quality of the rooms, as far as there is some reasonable link with the actual scenes. They are quite interested in the minifigs, though. And more exigent on that side.
  14. Very good choices so far... This is my take: Darth Sidious' new apprentice first mission in Mustafar to take care of the separatists. That would be a great set full of relevant bad-guys minifigs from the prequels trilogy. It could have also a revised version of Anakin from Palpatine's Arrest (9526).
  15. This is a good starting point for a mod . The rounded shape is key. However, the big landing pad distracts the overall shape. I would have an upper deck where the landing pad fills a quarter of it, that would keep the important rounded shape. There are other smaller rooms could fit without too much redesign. This part is tricky. Separated sectors for the freezing chamber to the lightsaber duel room is the right option. Those are two very important scenes. Both the freezing chamber and the lightsaber room have a lot of depth. But having two decks it could be possible to fit them. The ceiling of the freezing chamber could hold the freezing device. The stairs go down to the bottom of the freezing device. From the upper part there should be access to the lightsaber duel room. And Luke falls down from the broken window to the sensor balcony (more or less).