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  1. dvogon

    Faction: Black Sun

    @Merc4Hire Welcome back to Black Sun!
  2. Finally got a 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina set 20% off during May 4th. With the saving got another 75299 mando+grogu set with 20% off as well.
  3. Great droid! A bit Transformers-biased but still SW enough. Great details and surface! I guess I need to grab an Avengers set to get those ball joins .
  4. Great build! Each wall is different but very SW-ish. The tree effect is a fantastic detail. The build is also quite clean overall and the minifigs are very nice, specially that tusken rider !
  5. Very nice build! I like the blue color selection for the roof to stand it out. But the star of the show is the droid. It's very nice, much in line with the gonk droid design!
  6. Thank you! To have the interior for minifigs the ship has to be at least 5 pieces tall in most places, which makes the ship a bit fat. Slopes help to reduce that effect in the borders. It should be much bigger otherwise. The ship technics structure is similar to the falcon I dismantled to get part of the pieces. It has to be more strong as the ship is bigger, it has many more pieces and weights more. But still can be moved easily with the handle. Many thanks! The interior was very fun to build, trying to pack as many typical places of a corellian ship: hidden cargo area (a key feature for contrabandists like us ), maintenance area, scape pod, kitchen, game area, control room, bathroom...(this idea is taken from the Razor Crest) Thanks a lot! Of all MF variants, these are my favourite as well. The asymmetry of the ship design makes it unique. Yep! the engine surface is smaller as I wanted to keep proportions while giving space to the rounded corridor, with 5 studs to have enough place for the minifigs and balance the rounded symmetry of that part of the ship. To compensate it, the engine is built vertical though, as most is under the floor of the engine room. Many thanks! The MF is really iconic and this ship, which has a better aesthetic design IMO had to have the same feeling. My children also feel at SW home playing there Thank you so much! This is a great ship I always wanted to build but never had the excuse to grab the time to do it . But now I have an issue: my children don't want me to dismantle the ship because they are playing with it, but I need the pieces for other builds... I've run out of many of them
  7. I love this probe droid design! Great!
  8. Great minifigs selection and details in this build! It appears very cluttered but at the same time it's simple and clean. I need to study this in more detail to learn how to get that balance . The color scheme works very well and I like those white arrows!
  9. Great work on the non-linear buildings, with lots of texture tiling details and different colors as well. The terrain and the transition to the platform is well executed, although that 8x8 dark bluish gray piece seems somehow misplaced
  10. Nice build! I like the different levels, the non-plain wall and the floor color contrast. Nice minifig selection as well.
  11. Nice setup here. The build with different levels and people seems busy but not so much, well done! I like a lot those cables out of the pipe and the minifigs.
  12. dvogon

    [O10-Gorse-TT] Re-group on Gorse

    I like this small vignette better. The floor details, the rounded black frame and the non-vertical wall helps to set up the scene. Minifigs do well their job also.
  13. dvogon

    [I18-Virgillia 7-TT] Lieutenant Dyre

    Nice little vignette. As a suggestion, adding a bigger tree behind or a wall would make it more visually attractive.
  14. dvogon

    [I18-Virgillia 7-TT] Order 66 over Virgillia 7

    A very interesting setup here with three levels. I like the ramp, the door section and specially the minifigs posing. The walls feels a bit plain somehow...
  15. dvogon

    [Factions Ep. 8 - Cat A] [K12-Kalist VI-TT] Departure to Exegol

    Interesting wall details and nice floor. Well done!