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  1. Nice review! Couldn't agree more. Now it may be found at stores with something like 20%-30% off, which put the set in the right price range, specially taking into account the minifigs, which are great. I've made some adjustments for my children to put the droid in the right place, adding a better shape to the cockpit and lowering the overall height of the model, removing its tendency to tilt. I feel it's still too big and the angles of the wings are too big, but fixing those requires to redesign it from scratch. Maybe one day... I had to put some white 3x2 wedge plates because I don't have those in dark red.
  2. Yep, it would be great to have more Andor sets, if only to get some Death Troopers along side her or the Luthen's ship.
  3. dvogon

    [M4-22 - Purist Minifigs] Galactic Senators

    Those are great figures! The Chagrian is top noch!
  4. Thank you very much! I guess I'll keep it built for a while. My daughter thought it was an actual set, when she saw it built somewhere in the dinning room. She wants me to put it in the Death Star, I still need to figure out how...
  5. dvogon

    M4-22 The Winners!

    Congrats to everyone! Great builds with so much creativity. And many thanks to @MKJoshA for hosting the contest, it was really fun to participate.
  6. I fully agree. The UCS MF has hold its price, so it's just a marketing thing. It appears that the AT-AT is selling well, as Hogwarts Castle... the increase of the Chambers of secrets 20$ is insane as it's probably already overpriced, and the same thing happens to the Republic Gunship with the same increase amount of the AT-AT with less than half the price!! It would be better to split the price increase on the whole Lego offerings as a small increase, but man, no... it really seems they're looking for better profits. I would love to come up with a plausible explanation for those prices, but cannot find one, sigh! ...
  7. This is just a great and creative build on such a small footprint... Impressive!
  8. I have a special feeling for this syndicate... Great advisor and agent figures. Prince Xizor is very convincing as well.
  9. I love that your O-Wing could also be an O-Wing in italics
  10. dvogon

    [M4-22 - Alphabet Fighter] G-Wing

    Many thanks! The G wing has an internal technic structure to hold the weight through the wings. Having visible studs for shifting the color scheme at both sides increased the weight substantially, specially because the G has only one joint point with the cockpit. The rotating nature of the cockpit obviously required to have visible studs on both sides, this is something I miss from the last mandalorian starfighter (75316) where I got the idea. I guess Lego should came up over time with a brick(s) to ease these setups. The internal back of the ship is full of technic structure to hold the weight of the whole wing there, which can be seen holding the 4 engines as well. The teeth in the cockpit front are reminiscent of X-Wing decorations in the Rogue Squadron books. Most parts and color scheme are a mix from the Episode IV X-Wing set and from the Episode IX X-Wing set. I also have some additional interior shots in flickr:
  11. Thanks! I selected the dino head due to its peak and eyes nice fit for this special creature. I felt it would give it an unique feel. I had to build part of the long neck and the belly upside down due to lacking the right color pieces in my collection. The technic pin inter-piece space within 2x2 opposed pieces is visible there, to move to standard building. It might be seen as a neck wrinkle... didn't come up with a better solution though. The studs on the head try to give some additional skin texture, along with pieces from Clayface from 76122 set.
  12. Thanks! The actual room is quite bigger, I have to squeeze the panels to fit in 12 studs. Based on that iconic moment of Star Wars IV:
  13. dvogon

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    Hello all, These are my entries for the contest: Hope you like them!
  14. Hello, I also selected a Ronto for the brick built creature: A Ronto Creature: https://starwars.fandom.com/es/wiki/Ronto
  15. Hello, This is my take on the SW vignette in the Death Star: