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  1. Wow, impressive build! It has a very good looking at every angle. I like a lot the technics used for the smaller horizontal details within the angled surfaces.
  2. Great MOC! I specially like the surrounding terrain. It’s well balanced as well.
  3. dvogon

    [MOC] Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian

    This is nice. Great!
  4. dvogon

    [Review] #75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack

    Nice review! To me this battle pack is better than the scores suggest, because the main selling point of battle packs are the minifigs and they are excellent. It’s going to be difficult to find them in other sets, so for the price it’s a fair value. They can also be well mixed, so you could easily end buying three of them and having all minifigs different. It’s a shame we never get standard weapons with battle packs, though.
  5. dvogon

    Starting SW collection

    Just my two cents... For small children I would start with simpler sets like the micro fighters and up to 29,99 sets. Build complexity is good for them and they have fairly good minifigs. Then, for you, I would pick up the last Death Star. You will be able to show your children what could be built with Lego, they could help you at times to build or just to play, and it has a lot of updated minifigs and places for them to play with. In addition, micro fighters fit well with the Death Star.
  6. Thanks for the comments! I’ve updated the storyline and added more photos. That’s right. I thought those dark red pieces would fit well in Sith builds. Good idea! Done. Thanks!
  7. *Your entry has earned 6 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* In Aylayl, back in the Old Republic times, in the middle of the jungle a Jedi scout found an ancient Sith Temple. After some back and forth with Sith Lords protecting the Temple, some of them have escaped. Now the Jedis are investigating in the surroundings of the volcano where the Sith Temple sits. Nevekdam: The volcano is still quite active. This side is very steep. Nevekdam: There is a platform up there close to the top of the jungle. It appears that there is a Temple side door at this side of the volcano as well. The Temple is much bigger than what we thought. Let’s call the rest of the team, just in case. Nevekdam: Wait! There are two Siths up there. They are discussing something. Cannot hear them. Darth Deron: We need to protect the kyber crystals from the Jedis. They should not be aware of how many we have in the Temple. Sith trooper: Yes, my Lord. Darth Deron: I need to secure this side of the Temple. Those Jedis should not enter here. Take this crystal and keep it safe. Sith trooper: As you wish. I take the speeder. Nevekdam: I’ve found you guys! What are you doing there? Nevekdam: I think you have to tell us several things about this place. Darth Deron: Oh, those Jedis are really disgusting! Darth Deron: It is time to test my lightsaber. Do not expect to live too much. Nevekdam: Don’t be that fast proclaiming victory... Darth Deron: Do not be that fast to negate the evidence neither. You have no way to survive poor Jedi! Nevekdam: Not sure about that... You underestimate us long way. Darth Deron: Opposing the Dark Side is never a good idea. Why is this that hard to understand? Nevekdam: That might be just your point of view, I guess. Nevekdam: Ough! Damn! Darth Deron: Be prepared to join your ascendency. Sith trooper: There are more Jedis just coming, we should go my Lord. Darth Deron: It is always dissatisfying not being able to finish a work. Darth Deron: You had again a bit of luck this time. That shall not be always the case. Darth Deron: I shall secure this side of the Temple. Cover me! Sith trooper: Yes, my Lord. Nevekdam: Watch out those lava rivers down there Gleygicks! They are all over the place... Gleygicks: Damn! yes... That Sith trooper is trying to escape from the platform. Nevekdam: The Sith Lord has disappeared. I´ll try to block the trooper... Sith trooper: Frankly, I really doubt it! Nevekdam: They have gone... we cannot let them escape. Gleygicks: This place is getting more and more interesting. Nevekdam: Indeed. Follow the speeder. We need to interrogate that trooper. I have to see how could I enter into the Temple. (to be continued)
  8. This model has an impressive interior. I like a lot the corridor in the back. As a playing model it's very well done!
  9. dvogon

    [MOC] TIE cockpit ball

    Nice photos! To me the printed hatch fits a bit better in your design because it's symmetric with the bottom, but the dark bluish gray doesn't fit as well in practice as the light bluish gray of the Solo TIE. The brick built hatch has to me a better look from the front now due to the light bluish gray pieces. I think the back of the TIE is more accurate now. Maybe you could try with 2x1light bluish gray tiles instead of those 1x1 slopes to suggest the roundness a bit more. In any case, I think your TIE Interceptor is great!
  10. dvogon

    [MOC] mid-scale Millennium Falcon (WIP)

    Yes, I meant that one. It looks very good, just different. It's a shame that that ship look-out piece isn't bigger. It would be perfect. Another option you might try some day would be to use a brick-built one, which would give the opportunity to add some detail to the front of those escape pods. In any case, the model is excellent!
  11. dvogon

    Hoth Echo Base Command Center with Corridor MOC

    This MOC is also very good! It fits perfectly with your other designs. Maybe you could post bigger pictures to let people appreciate better the design details. I have to zoom a lot the browser to see them better.
  12. I guess the complaint is related to the fact they haven't changed anything of R2 in years. Adding back printing or a third leg would be good improvements for such an iconic SW character minifig.
  13. dvogon

    [MOC] TIE cockpit ball

    I believe both are the same part. The back looks promising! You could post the photos editing your original post in this topic. The hexagon in the back has good proportions, however it gets a bit hidden by the rounded 4x4 donut piece. I cannot figure out how to expose it more, the donut piece should be somehow behind, but the way it's built the cockpit makes it difficult to do so, as the hexagon cannot be built inside the donut piece. The way you did it is a good balance: it keeps the overall rounded shape of the cockpit and has a hint of the hexagon.
  14. dvogon

    Hoth Echo Base Hangar Bay MOC

    Very interesting MOC series. I'm really enjoying it. The Echo base hangar bay captures a lot of the atmosphere of this iconic place. I have a question and a suggestion: does it fit an X-Wing? In the movie there were bays for snow speeders and for X-Wings as well. Being able to use either models would add to the completeness of the MOC.
  15. dvogon

    [MOC] mid-scale Millennium Falcon (WIP)

    Congrats! This is a small piece of art. It's so impressive to have this level of detail on a system-scale model that I guess some fragility is part of the price. The interior structure is worth analyzing, very compact but at the same time with high rounded resolution. The rounded slopes at the edges are a bit too big, but surprisingly the overall model feel is much better and the sense of roundness of the main disks of the ship too. The additional bits of colors add to the overall color scheme. Specially from some distance. If something to improve, I would say that the big radar dishes without holes would fit better than the ones with holes, as those holes are visible at the sides of the builds. For sure, I'll take some notes for future MOCs Great work!