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  1. Very nice build and very good use of shadow troopers as Mimban troopers. Rocks texture is excelent.
  2. Wow! This is just amazing!!! I have no words... I have to see with great detail (and time) each photo. There are so many interesting build techniques there to learn of!
  3. I live in Spain but I travel to Germany often. Both are Euro countries. Prices here and there have VAT applied only, nothing else. It's 21% in Spain and 19% in Germany. However, SW Lego prices have some pattern in Lego stores, not quite related to VAT, but somehow arbitrary or most probably related with targeted population in the country, I would say. For instance, battle packs and €29,99 sets are all priced the same. But the next price step is €39,99 in Germany but €44,99 in Spain. And the next one: €49,99 is €55,99. The pattern follows: €59,99 is €64,99 or €66,99; €69,99 is €76,99 or €79,99 and €79,99 is €85,99 or €89,99. From €89,99 we get €10 more always though. That happens with €89,99; €99,99; €109,99; €119,99; €129,99; €139,99 and €149,99. But not with the KR MF at €169,99, which is €174,99. And UCS sets are always priced the same. In hypermarkets like Alcampo, Carrefour and some others, prices are consistently about €20 or even €40 lower for the range above €79,99, because pricey sets don't sell well at Lego store prices. Smaller sets have either the same price or sometimes €5 to €10 less. This is during normal days without any discount. That may be related to the kind of population that go to those hypermarkets and never go to a Lego store (it must be the online one or the physical one in Madrid). However, this population slice is quite big in Spain and more representative of the average population. TRU prices start overpriced from €2 to €10 for small to medium sets. They have about the same prices at about €79,99. But it's easy to get 10% to 15% discounts on normal days without any store discount, so the same rules apply. The population slice is about the same but they earn a bit more on casual gifts with low to medium budgets. So here we have for lower budget people or gifts the same prices, for medium budget/gifts bigger prices hence they expect to have more sales in Spain, even if the country is less rich . For bigger budget/gifts they still expect to have more sales hence the bigger prices, but those sets get more aggressive discounts regularly in almost all non-Lego specific stores, which means they don't sell that well. This is why I think they are usually quite overpriced, even without taking into account the quality of the set or the price/piece ratio. UCS sets are a niche market, so it doesn't apply the same rules.
  4. Thanks to @MKJoshA for the organisation and congrats to the winners! It was very fun and a pleasure to participate. Quite nice and imaginative builds in this contest!
  5. I would have nothing ever to complain neither . I usually get discounts in the range of 10% to 50%, with an average of 1/3, albeit I get better discounts on bigger sets. Exceptionally something more, like Kylo Ren's shuttle for around €45, Krennic's one for €40 and TFA MF for €60, but nothing compared to a Tie Striker for $17!! I was able to get two of them "just" for about €45 each. But the prices of some sets are just getting insane, the Defense of Crait set, the upcoming Snoke's Throne Room or the Imperial Covenyex Transport are some of them. Other sets just hit the spot, specially some of the €29,99 or less ones, like the Ahch-To set, Yoda's Hut, the Cloud Riders bikes or the new Anakin Jedi Starfighter. The X-Wing is also €10 more, which isn't good, because the recent X-Wings were already expensive, even if I would select it before the AT-Hauler, which is of course too expensive as well. And the price comparison between the UCS Slave 1 and the new Kessel Run MF has no words...
  6. The Conveyex seems to be the most solid set, although having only one wagon is a bit disappointing. Range troopers are very good and they have white blasters. Two wagons would hit the spot. The wagons seem to be easy to replicate though so a good excuse to mod the set. The design is difficult and interesting. It would need four of them to have a minimal Conveyex complete set, with just four wagons and no rail. The cloud raiders speeders complement this set very well. The train is a bit small for the speeders, though, and also for the hauler, which seems to be huge compared to the train. Not particularly convinced about the hauler, although it has three good alien figures, which is the strongest point IMO. Don't know why Qi'ra is there... maybe a Solo's dream? Would the hauler carry an AT-ST from RO? That would be a good plus.
  7. Strange (but somehow interesting) way to keep the perceptible shape of the ship using white plates and black plates for the actual base of the cockpit. It's a bit disappointing the interior of the ship and the gaps outside. The old one was way better, in addition to have 4 stormtroopers, which is something I cannot understand why it isn't the case now. In any case, the design is better than the old one in other ways, and it's great for children to get an Imperial landing craft now that we have got so many sets focused on Tatooine in the past years. So, even with its drawbacks, I would say it's a must buy for me, at least for my children to play with and as another (always good) excuse to modify it to make it more accurate .
  8. Took Han's speeder 30% off from TRU. This build has very good playability and it's a cheap way to get main characters. I'm actually liking these spin off films, they have room to dig deeper into the SW universe.
  9. dvogon

    Rogue One Chess Set MOC

    Very nice build. Congrats! I like the decorations behind to put the Chess game in context
  10. I had a similar feeling with the Hoth Medical Bay set. It really deserves to be in the UCS(?) Hoth set, instead of the Wampa cave, which could have been a very good separate add-on set with enough playability with Luke, a tauntaun and the Wampa. If there is some good logic behind the Hoth Medical Bay set I fail to grasp it. Its playability is close to zero. There is an injured Luke to put in the medical capsule and then resting on the bed with his sister hanging around. It isn't like Darth Vader Transformation set, even if this one is a very AFOL oriented set. In one hand there is an injured Anakin that gets transformed into a brand new Darth Vader with the Emperor supervision and both characters have plenty of usage in children games during all the OT time. On the other hand, we have Leia alone with a Hoth suit. The medical droid has more usage though. I see the Hoth Medical Bay set more as a patch of the UCS(?) Hoth set and a welcome after-thought addition. If that were the case I'll be more than happy, as it would be a form of recognising errors and a willing of fixing them, even after some time. But maybe this is too elaborated and your idea of delaying the medical bay set because of Leia minifig makes sense as well and it's simpler, which is always a good property of a theory.
  11. dvogon

    [Re-creation] Imperial fleet hangars

    Thanks! The lower wins are fixed with technic lift arms to the main body and I wanted them to be as slim as possible, but keeping the texture of the ship in the game. The upper wins move freely with the thumb using the lift arms in between the engines. By default the wings are down and the lift arms up. You can push down the thumb to move the lift arms down and the wings will move up simultaneously. For the photos accuracy I had to put two black pins to keep the wings open with the lift arms down. In theory, those ships down the wings when landed but this isn't the case in the game, at least in those hangars. The landing pad wasn't that easy neither as it has diagonal lines I had to replicate with lego pieces. However, I couldn't find any cockpit piece that fits with the Mark VI ship, so I had to use a compromise. I took a piece from the Final Duel set (75093). BTW, that T65 X-Wing is just great and more accurate than the upcoming X-Wing set!
  12. The three minifigs are really nice for a set of this size and the speeders have a lot of detail. Hope it will be in the ($/€) 30 range.
  13. Here is my entry:
  14. Hello all. My entry is from Star Wars - The Old Republic video game. I have spent endless hours with this game and I thought it would be a good choice for my scene. The scene shows a Sith Assassin player with his Companion in the Imperial Fleet hangars in front of a Mark VI Sith starfighter. I really like the design of this ship and now I got a good excuse to try to build one in Lego . It was a bit challenging as the wings have to be strong enough to hold the whole ship, albeit with a slim design, specially the connections from the main body to the wings. The upper wings may be opened or closed dynamically, controlled by a small technic mechanism behind. Additional pictures:
  15. Yep, that's weird. As you said, the mine worker would be a much better choice. It's a shame it doesn't have a helmet, although it may be grabbed from the rebel minifig of the U-Wing set.