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  1. Damn! This is weird... updating the packaging with new shots as well... I have to check which version I have
  2. Got the First Order Star Destroyer (75190) for 70€ on clearance. Couldn't resist again . The set/minifigs/pieces are great and very useful for MOCs as well.
  3. I think this link will give you a good approximation of the dimensions: Slave I display case
  4. Let's see if the 20th anniversary sets have similar quality as the Death Star Escape set. I like the gift of a classic minifig idea, as someone who started with the 125 set.
  5. Congrats! I was lucky as well this time with the UCS MF. With the saved money I would have no doubt about getting the Slave I for a perfect companion.
  6. Let's hope it will complement the UCS? Assault on Hoth set as well, like the Medical Chamber. If it has a snow speeder, having part of the the hangar bay somehow would be great (but that's only a desire, sorry for that).
  7. Yes, the interior of the new Imperial Landing Craft is just lame. I prefer much more the previous version. I still have to figure it out. But I'll keep it posted. And I got the UCS MF (75192) 30% off to complement my UCS Slave I during the last Cyber Monday. I guess the MF has a lot of tech inside hence the offer during just that day . Now I need to find a place or some kind of table to put it on without taking too much space in my not so big house... to calm down my wife .
  8. I have the same feelings. The set is quite decent, but minifig selection is low for that price, €129,99 in many EU countries. Director Krennic, the servant or both should have been there for the price. I like the small TIE for playability, but it's arguable to use those pieces to improve the castle itself, like adding the scene of Krennic's aspirations.
  9. A Kamino set? That would be an interesting shift for the set. But with 20 bucks worth of pieces I don't know what they could decently do there... A 29,99 set would give TLG a better choice to introduce a place that I think they haven't explored yet.
  10. I have the same impression. 6-7 is a perfect age to let they see the films. Jurassic Park even later, as the behaviour of the dinosaurs is quite scary for small children. As it has to be a market driver, I think the target audience are parents/family gifts instead o children themselves asking for the specific toys. And here it's where I don't specially like the SW 4+ sets, the models aren't that good. I see the Jurassic World ones better bang for the buck, although they aren't cheap neither. Micro fighters are a different story. They are targeted for 6+ children, which need quite some time to build them. They used to have seen the films before, so they ask more for those toys. They are small enough for their hands to play with and good accuracy just doesn't matter at all. They need at least one or two years to learn how to build new ones with imagination with several construction angles, which gives plenty of fun time for playing and experimenting ideas. This is something it doesn't happen with 4+ sets, which have very big pieces and very small ones which (i) limit the options for new builds and (ii) the small pieces cannot be handled that well. But maybe it's just me...
  11. The 4+ TIE has good figs, a Death Star printed piece and a TIE window printed piece. The rest is forgettable. The 4+ X-Wing has a nice Luke and the new Stormtrooper I still need to see in real life to have an opinion. The rest is not that great given the X-Wing microfighters did play more or less a similar role for small children. I'm not a fan of the brick-built Dewback "microfighter" nor the escape pod. I like the main droid characters in a cheap set. The battle packs, although not perfect, are great. The Death Star escape to me is close to perfect given its size, couldn't ask for more. The two microfighters with Darth Maul and Anakin are also great with two main characters. I think at these three price points TLG is doing a fantastic job. Very good quality and very good figures at an affordable price.
  12. Got the Imperial Landing Craft (75221) to complete my Tatooine setup and the Star Wars Advent Calendar (75213), both with a 25% off with Black Friday's offer at TRU. This year the Advent Calendar isn't that good neither, but it's always a great distraction for my children during December.
  13. Thanks for all! Viel Glück!
  14. Yes, the Death Star Escape has good details of a small moc with enough play features with that retractable bridge. This one is going to be one of the better sets of the wave with the Praetorian Guards BP. The Droid Escape micro fighters seems meh with that brick built Dewback. The A-Wing feels really small. But there is also a set that seems to be a Sith Infiltrator micro fighter. Am I looking too much into that small set? Only half of it can be seen in the photo. But it would make sense to fit with the Naboo Starfighter microfighter
  15. Sorry for coming back to this topic again, but does it mean that it's more likely that 75236 is going to be a Rey vs. Kylo set? On the rebel/stormtrooper helmets, I still see the new rebel helmet too big. The new stormtrooper helmet at least has better proportions even if that close-to-90 degree angle is a quite strange.