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  1. *This entry has earned 9 XP* At a Bastion headquarters, a group of Pentastar Alignment forces are looking for new protection options of the place. The headquarters are in a Bastion luxury palace close to the Capital. Some building notes:
  2. *This entry has earned 7 XP* The right technical expertise is usually difficult to find. Sometimes the best people live in the most extravagant remote planets, either by preference or just forced by. This is the case of Tahnes, a freelance contrabandist currently based on Tatooine that, from time to time, works for the Black Sun. Groodun: Never liked this place, Tahnes, it’s too hot for my taste. Tahnes: Glad to see you again, Groodun! What are you doing here? Groodun: It’s quite convenient that you are still living in these latitudes. We need some assistance with a broken engine. Tahnes: This planet isn’t exactly what I would call a retirement place. Do you need an engine? Here I’m getting some... Groodun: Well, I’m talking about a hyperspace one. Tahnes: Ah, that’s another story. Wait a bit, I have to finish this deal... Tahnes: No, no, that’s too much. I’ll have to spend a lot of time to make that garbage work again. Alien: Shff shfs kfsbj hj Dwbk bjsf mfss [Those ones are fully functional, I don’t load my Dewback with useless stuff] Tahnes: Ok, let’s my colleague to inspect them. Maybe your Dewback would like to refresh itself. Jah! Look at those engines! Jawa: Utinni!! Some building comments:
  3. *This entry has earned 7 XP* Previously in this storyline... A cargo ship has landed at an old remote Gamorrean fortress, in the middle of an inmense tropical jungle. The cargo has an important supply of coaxium. These days it isn’t that easy to secure enough amount of it and un-fuelled fleets are completely unusable and close to garbage. This makes coaxium a great good to invest on and to trade, although having too much may be counterproductive as it increases the risk of an assault of other contrabandists or factions to steal it. The deal happens in an ancient Gamorrean temple in a mountain close to the landing zone. Gamorrean: Nice to know about you again. We were starting to worry about this transaction. Black Sun agent: We always honor our agreements. But moving these things has to be done with extremely care. I hope you understand. Gamorrean: I see. Once my droid confirms the cargo, payments will be done the usual way. Umm... those containers are huge! Black Sun agent: Yes, depending on your needs it would require some additional equipment to transfer it to smaller containers. This thing is very unstable, as you probably know. Gamorrean: Umm... I see. Black Sun agent: Anything you need we are able to supply... at a reasonable fee, of course. Some comments below:
  4. *Your entry has earned 12 XP (x2 LTC Bonus Applied)* Close to one of the immenses wild jungles of Gamorr, where the jungle blends with the beaches at the coast, a special cargo is expected in a distant Gamorrean fortress. The ship flights close to the sea to avoid being detected. It carefully slows down and maneuvers preparing for the landing operation. Gamorreans are well known for being discrete and effective. This lost place in the Outer Rim is the perfect place to be unnoticed.
  5. *Your entry has earned 12 XP (x2 LTC Bonus Applied)* In Eadu, a remote planet in the Outer Rim, some of the old Imperial facilities are still operative. The difficult Eadu orography helps to protect them from attacks. A shuttle is approaching to a landing ramp... These days, those Imperial facilities are controlled by contrabandists or by groups of unknown factions.
  6. Great build! The ship is quite big, almost minifig scale. The engines are fantastic!
  7. Great parts usage for the damaged wings and accurate shot with the reference material. Those hairpieces look excellent in the build. Nice touch with the grey Jawas.
  8. I vote for #7 and #8.
  9. Finally got on my hands the 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina set 20% off during May, 4th deals. Great set overall. Now I have to repurpose my old cantinas as side buildings
  10. *Your entry has earned 12xp* After the Clone Wars, Harnaidan, the devastated capital of Muunilinst, was in a process of being rebuilt. The Banking Clan had still enough power to finance new mining operations in the planet. Special forces hired by the Muuns, the Red Operational Team, was controlling some sensible reconstructed places. A group of clones was sent to investigate what was happening there and sabotage ROT activities if possible.
  11. *Your entry has earned 12xp* Gamorr was, and still is, an overall wide jungle planet, plenty of resources and life beings. Sometimes the jungle was just to wild for the buildings shapes... But wait! Something was happening here... Reading some backlogs, after the clone wars times, the gamorreans had some important relics in their possession that should be recovered. A small clone team was set up to take them by surprise. However, it was unknown if those clones did know how hard gamorreans were at protecting their precious treasures...
  12. dvogon

    [H10-Jedha-FF] Bad Soldiers Follow Orders

    Great work on that Y-Wing fuselage with so many details! The white technic piece helps a lot to the shape of the ship. Nice clones as well!
  13. dvogon

    Faction: Black Sun

    @Merc4Hire Welcome back to Black Sun!
  14. Finally got a 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina set 20% off during May 4th. With the saving got another 75299 mando+grogu set with 20% off as well.
  15. Great droid! A bit Transformers-biased but still SW enough. Great details and surface! I guess I need to grab an Avengers set to get those ball joins .