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    Betrayal at Cloud City

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  1. LegoCalrissian


    Really nice MOC... I hope you do add on. Where's the cantina?!?! Lot's of thirsty peeps in that spaceport! lol
  2. Love this!!! Agent Amus reminds me of Major Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Love the retractable bench and the droid's size makes it so much more menacing.
  3. LegoCalrissian

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I just compared both the Arealight and CAC jetpacks to the LEGO one and they all look like the same thickness. All three figs stood at the same height.
  4. LegoCalrissian

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Yes, Arealight's jetpack is better, in my opinion. I haven't ordered anything from him since 12/18. Check out nashvegasbricks on ebay. He resells a lot of the top custom makers.
  5. LegoCalrissian

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I recently just grabbed a couple of LEGO rubber bands to try and use as a bandoleer. It worked really well on Mando with the cape. So happy I tried it. I wish I had a pic posted... I really need to start posting pics of my figs. I have so many customs (I'm a huge EU fan).{"color":"11","iconly":0} You need to upgrade Boba's jetpack. I've ordered from both Arealight and CAC and they look fantastic. Thank you for introducing me to that TIE Fighter anime. I was a huge fan of the game 25 years ago, and your customs are spot on. And, please keep posting in this topic as much as possible. This is by far my favorite topic... I always have a tab open with it. I love seeing who and what people are doing with coming up with custom figs.
  6. LegoCalrissian

    Cloud City Arrival and Betrayal Diorama MOC

    WOW!!! You outdid yourself. This is exactly what I've been envisioning for Cloud City. I recently bought your instructions for the Star Destroyer bridge. I definitely need to start saving up for these MOCs. Great job!
  7. LegoCalrissian

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Yes, same here. Over the past year, I've outfitted 40 stormtroopers, 20 snowtroopers, 4 Death troopers, 2 patrol troopers, 24 phase-1 clones, 4 ARF troopers (using the red clone captain arms; they look great), 15 Rebel pilots, a RotJ Boba Fett, 3 Sabine Wren's, plus several Imperial techs and pilots. Hopefully they'll make arms for the Geonosian and Kashyyyk troops, plus Death Watch and Maul Mandos, as well as the newer Shadow troopers (although I may just get some Death trooper arms for them).
  8. LegoCalrissian

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Damn you!!! I just shelled out $100 last week to Firestar for their 212th and 501st arms and now you go and post this?!?! I just made a $59 order for Shoretrooper and Scout Trooper arms... AND I HAVEN'T WORKED IN 53 DAYS!!! lol Thanks for the heads up. They add so much to the look of the minifigs.
  9. LegoCalrissian

    Instructions - The Ghost & Phantom

    I figured at this size that you couldn't fit all of the crewmembers' quarters inside, but I was hoping you had a common area similar to the Millennium Falcon with a couch and dejarik board like you see in the show.
  10. LegoCalrissian

    Instructions - The Ghost & Phantom

    Is there an interior? Do you have any other pics?
  11. LegoCalrissian

    Tantive IV Diorama MOC

    Awesome to hear. Yes, I've never seen a good meditation chamber. If anyone could do it, my money is on you.
  12. LegoCalrissian

    Tantive IV Diorama MOC

    Your MOCs keep getting better and better. Would love to see you take a stab at Vader's meditation chamber from The Empire Strikes Back. Would go great with your star destroyer bridge.
  13. LegoCalrissian

    Updating Your Minifigs

    These arms look so good. I just put in a big order. Hopefully we'll see Scout Troopers and Shadow Troopers next.
  14. LegoCalrissian

    [MOC] Detention Block AA-23 - Star Wars Episode4

    This looks fantastic. Miss seeing Star Wars MOCs from you.
  15. LegoCalrissian

    Updating Your Minifigs

    For anyone interested, the Garven Dreis and Zal Dinnes pilot helmets are back in stock over at Firestar.