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  1. Legofunbuild

    [MOC]Future Space Vehicle

    I restarted my logo moc creation XD. Recently I am so into build something small but interesting, therefore my kids or other kids who see my video could simply make a similar one. Soooo much fun! Check out my other videos in the signature if you like. [media] [/media]
  2. Legofunbuild

    [MOC]Daily mini building ideas, see how far I can go

    day 4 thanks! but sometimes the daily build can be a pain in the megablocks...
  3. I try to start a new idea, building mini lego stuff daily. See how far I can go... Here is day one:
  4. Legofunbuild

    [MOC]Escaped Dragon

    Since LEGO has so many types of gears and connectors I started to think about making a automata toy. Instead of a still scene, the motion may create a lot of fun. This one can be categoried to the castel series, it depicting a scene that one guy is draged by the flying dragon, and the othe two are trying to rescue him. For the dragon, there are several parts can be rotate or adjusted, including: head, both wings, hands and feets, tail. I will update the instruction of the dragon soon.
  5. Legofunbuild

    General Colour Discussion

    Sometime this is not about using green instead of red, it is a matching and harmony of the color together. Your signature says a lot!
  6. Legofunbuild

    [MOC] Crow

    Very cool, I don't have those lego pieces that you use for the wing, they look good to present a wing.
  7. Legofunbuild

    [MOC]Dali's Elephant

    Thanks! Haha, maybe! Sometime artist is hard to understand.
  8. Legofunbuild

    [MOC]Dali's Elephant

    This is a idea from Dali's famous painting-the temptation of saint anthony. I think lots of people like paintings, and Dali is a very impressive one. Everyone who knows him will recognize the elephant right away from the long legs. In the painting, there is also a palace on the back of the elephant, I made one for the elephant to carry, but I didn't make the same as the original painting since it is a little bit hard to depict. Lots of parts can be adjusted, so the elephant can present different pose, the nose, ears, legs, head and tail all can be moved smoothly. The most hard part is the leg, I tried to make it as thin as the painting, and moreover, they should also carry the weight of the elephant and the catsle, I am glad I made it! Thanks for click in and see my moc, here is a more detaild video: