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  1. Very robust build. I was able to spear a wild boar with the frame before continuing on the panels.
  2. It is THE BEST Star Destroyer out there. I've made all of the other large SSD's. His bridge is the only one that seems to be stable and solid.
  3. BTW- On larger MOCS, like this one, the spreadsheet can be used to make bags per book or bags per pages. Right now, I'm starting to work on CaveGod's AT-M6 and making bags for every 50 pages of the 3200+ pages of instructions. That's about 65 bags worth of parts to sort out. Much better than trying to pick pieces out of tubs with 25,000 parts. Not sure if it saves time in the long run, but it saves time during the build.
  4. Glad I could help. Thanks for the update. I'll apply it to my master spreadsheet. Enjoy the build!
  5. rockpig

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Way back when, i purchased the original Cdj223 instructions from Rebrickable . I'll wait until his V2.0 instructions are finished and repurchase them if necessary. I figure it's the only way to stay true to the original CaveGod design and Christian's effort on the new instructions.
  6. Hi Sandtrooper, I made a spreadsheet with parts per book for V1.0. Link is below. The last tab has upload instructions. PM me with any questions. Good luck, rockpig
  7. rockpig

    Imperial Star Destroyer Intimidator MOC-77525

    This one is the best of the best.
  8. rockpig


    Contact the MOC designer or go to Rebrickable and the instructions should be available to you if you purchased them there.
  9. rockpig

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    I know that this is 48" long. Does anyone have the height and width? Thanks in advance.
  10. rockpig

    COMCON024, COMCON039, FAXEXPO001 Instructions

    Fanexpo and Celebration are both there now. Enjoy!
  11. Bricksmarlin shows some missing steps on page 3 of this thread. There may be more, it's been a while since I built this.
  12. One additional question. What book and page(s) do the 4 Flat Silver Tile, Round 1 x 1 go? Thanks again.
  13. Does anyone have a list of the required parts from these pages? Thanks in advance.
  14. rockpig

    COMCON024, COMCON039, FAXEXPO001 Instructions

    Hi Again, Sorry, try this. I set the access to anyone with the link. Hope I did it correctly. Pete