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  1. height (with stand) 26 cm / 10.2 inches width: 38 cm / 14.96 inches
  2. correct, you`ll need a little force to push everything into the right place - especially the outside beams need a little "help" this is what I ended up with I first tried to do it as instructed, but as I wrote earlier, the front will bend down only problem with this solution: there is no solid connection to the center, but its actually sturdy enough and the bottom panels will do the rest ;)
  3. I assume he is referring to the pages 90 & 97 - step 13 the main problem for me was the connection of the large beams to the centerline with the dbg hinges - page 178 once I connected the beams I noticed that the front section of the model would actually bend down - the technic bricks wouldn`t line up perfectly on my build, so I moved the hinges little up front and shifted the parts around