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  1. This new thread hasn’t had its customary regular 2 page moan about MandR and his content yet, but it won’t be long and then we will know the cycle is complete and it’s truly up and running.
  2. What an absolute legend if true. I can’t wait to see that. Cuill: “Your forbears rode the ancient Mythosaur” Boba: ”Hold my Beer”
  3. LDigital

    PSA: UCS Millennium Falcon looks to be retiring soon

    Dont sleep on it . outside of mocs, its the best and most satisfying offical build I have ever done
  4. LDigital

    [MOC] Nebulon B Frigate by Anders67

    Immense. What was the part count? What does it translate to in cm length. Amazing
  5. LDigital

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    Interesting fix. It definitely evens out that slope of that part. I got mine into a fairly settled position now but it’s the trickiest part of the build to get right. I’m still blown away by this one. Definitely the best thing I have made out of Lego
  6. I finally picked up this set today and really, really enjoyed building it. The figures are fantastic too. It’s a really good set. I thought now that I have built the original that I would be able to look at your images and definitely understand what I needed to do to copy this design and I’m still not sure I could actually do it. If you had the fully built original, in what order would you tackle it? Should it be started from scratch or handled like a mod?
  7. can someone please clarify what an accessory set is and why it is exciting? are we talking a pack of blasters, binoculars, thermal detonators, lightsaber bits etc?
  8. Someone somewhere will be crying about no Commander Cody
  9. Its funny how stirred up this UCS news is making some people, just vote with your wallet guys. I can’t wait to see the UCS landspeeder just to see the approach they take. I think some people with be surprised just how nice it ends up being. I am glad they are aiming at something new (for UCS). A lot of the grumbling I am seeing is that the landspeeder is displacing their imaginary Venator, Slave 1 or Tie Advanced Remake that was never promised.
  10. I feel like this should be standard everywhere now.
  11. Re: Poe's X-Wing, i was in my dark age, what was the deal with this? just curious! about the video, I am baffled that this didnt get picked up somewhere. There is no way a video goes out like this without some level of signoff internally. In corporate, This is the sort of thing that multiple people and Subject Matter Experts would need to view and give approval on before it gets uploaded anywhere external. I appreciate that the designer mis-spoke but I find it baffling that nobody reviewing it before it was posted picked up on that error and suggested a re-shoot or dub, considering what the purpose of the video was. These are the telltale signs of people either not being given the time or space to handle everything that comes across their desk with the care it needs (overloaded) or its being signed off by people who don't know enough or care enough about the subject matter themselves. Neither are great thoughts
  12. LDigital

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Every time this thread bumps to top of the front page with no official update, A Porg dies. listen..... there goes another one
  13. Are instructions and parts lists available for this? Been keeping an eye on this one a while and not sure if i missed it
  14. LDigital

    Recommendations for Docking Bay 327

    Does anyone know where I can get a table like that in the UK for a reasonable price?