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  1. Hi friends I have given myself a little project that I want to start 1. to update a well loved older set for modern times 2. to give myself a chance to Experiment with ideas and learn how to build digitally before dropping the money on the bricks I need The question is, is there a resource somewhere with existing well known sets already built as .io So that I can dig in and make changes or would I have to digitally build the entire set from the ground up but in digital form and then go about making changes? i think I need to find some resources on setting everything up and building quickly in these environments.
  2. Good luck. Due to the tucking under you should find the studs of the angled plates run right up and along the rail edge of the centre section. Everything is right as a nut when it’s all sorted
  3. The bottom is the hardest part of the build and where I had to contact Christian to get it right myself. the images you posted are not great so I can’t tell the current situation fully but the row of plates that are at an angle Need to tuck underneath the Rail edge of the plates that are in the Middle. You might need to force it more than you would with an official set and mine got quite squeaky but once it’s in everything locks in. I’m out at the moment but might be able to get you a pic or two later if you still struggle
  4. I saw an overhead pic of the gunship and the ucs falcon, star destroyer. In terms of space taken it is right up there. I love the model but I can’t go for it at that size. My trusty 2013 will suffice and is minifig scale
  5. I watched the unboxing and there are quite a lot of stickers unfortunately
  6. Wow, that front preview pic didnt look all that to me, but seeing this leaked image on the box its god-damned beautiful I wasnt really keen on the scale but seeing this thing, i am pretty blown away. I cant see how I can pass on this beast
  7. LDigital

    LEGO 75192 Stands

    I built the efferman stand and it is rock solid. Absolutely no regrets. If you haven’t built your falcon yet, install it just after you finish bag 4 and you can continue the rest of the build mounted
  8. LDigital

    Jango Fett's Starship (v 75222)

    I was thinking why more people don’t do a conversion of the ucs set and assumed it might be availability of the green parts in Dark blue or something. id love to see some pics. btw in cannon I’ve never been clear it is the same ship with a paint-job right?
  9. As a brit who went to live in Oz briefly in 2012. I felt like I was getting ripped off constantly on everything and never ever acclimatised to it. it was around $2 to £1 at the time so in my head I'm thinking, this can of drink would cost me £1 back home, so it must be around $2 right?? WRONG, $4 idiot now cough up. It was like this all the time. I suppose its not so bad if you grow up there but knowing what things should cost back home to what I was being charged honestly made me annoyed every single day, probably way more than it should have
  10. LDigital

    10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle Mod

    I am quite happy with 80% of this model but I am thinking of how to rebuild the head module to be more accurate and incorporate more modern building techniques. I like the brickvault.toys one and wonder if that could be modded to be compatible. the only problem is you lose visibility of the crew inside and the instructions would be expensive just for a curiosity that might not lead to anything workable
  11. I hope you get it. I had a delivery from Lego today, I was excited that they sent my shuttle early but it’s turned out to be my free gift and Vip gift for ordering the shuttle sent early. I could have waited on them
  12. LDigital

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    It is finished What an amazing model and an amazing build. It pains me to say it but it looks so good that it actually makes some of my other sets look really dated in comparison. Its sat next to the UCS shuttle and that thing really needs a facelift now. I need to rebuild the cockpit completely to be happy with it. I made 2 little mods to mine. The rear tail in which I did not like the large gap so did some filling and I added working stud shooters to the guns due to heavy complaints from my Son "Dad, how is this an upgrade to the old Razor crest if it does not even shoot! I cant believe you took the old one apart for this" :( SACRILEGE! I hear you say.... Normally shooters have no place on my models but I think I was able to integrate them into the guns in a way that I am happy with I never was able to get the canopy lines perfect even with hours of fiddling
  13. LDigital

    The Tribute to The Razor Crest - Released!

    im nearly there now, its starting to look really good. I am still super impressed with the genius of it all but I have found getting all the alignments sorted at the front end is incredibly difficult. I dont know if I am expecting it to be too perfect but this is definitely the weakest point of the model. the entire front can pop off quite easily and has done so quite a lot while I have been fiddling with that area. I have gotten things about as good as I am going to get them now unless anyone has some tips. The ones that are annoying me the most are getting the lines that run alongside the cockpit through to the middle exactly perfect. It feels impossible to keep it tight near the front as there are too many parts all competing for space and its quite a weak area. in my second pic you can see the sloped grills getting more and more exposed. I am not sure if it should be like this as everyone elses pictures look flush but I cant get it like that
  14. This week saw a stunning new ship that I can’t wait to see a set of.
  15. LDigital

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    That reply had everything I was not expecting. Black-Market Bricks, backroom deals, government involvement. I feel like I am peering through the looking glass at a world I don't recognise or understand. This thread has completely blown my mind this morning. Wild