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  1. Henk61

    [MOC] Downtown Diner 10260 - Mini Modular

    Thanks for the update!
  2. Henk61

    [MOC] Downtown Diner 10260 - Mini Modular

    Hi Shellshock, Thanks for giving me the correct link to buy these white macaroni tiles. I have order them directly, so soon I can start building these great mini modular you. PS.. forgive my bad english...
  3. Henk61

    [MOC] Downtown Diner 10260 - Mini Modular

    Great building.. Love it! I have only 1 question: you used the 27925 white color, but that color isn't for sale!!! (At least not on Bricklink) And as far I can see Lego hasn't used the white color of this item in any set. How did you get these white color if I may ask you?
  4. Henk61

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I only checked the lego.com site in the Netherlands. Sorry for the late reply!
  5. Henk61

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Hi, Does anybody know the release date of the Ninjago City Docks? On the internet I read begin june and then I read begin august... a little bit confusion PS.. I found it! The release of the Ninjago City Docks is on the first of june. It's on the lego.com site. (sorry!)
  6. Henk61

    10255 Assembly Square

    Ordered as well on the dutch lego site.
  7. Henk61

    10255 Assembly Square

    Hoi LegoSjaak, I don't mind waiting to the 1st of january... I only thing i am worried about is the price... I do not hope they did this action (removing the new sets from the site) to raise the prises....!!! That would not be fair... besides over the past years new sets have always on the site long time before you could buy them... PS... I love your lego village... it is always great to look at... Fijne jaarwisseling en een gezond 2017! (Have a happy and a healthy new year 2017!)
  8. Henk61

    10255 Assembly Square

    I just called Lego and she said to me that on the first of january the new sets will be visible on the website. The reason they took the new sets offline is that a lot of people where asking about these news sets and I they could buy them earlier then normal. It's a strange answer but I think we have to wait for the 1st of january. (forgive my bad english)
  9. Henk61

    [MOC] Bikes Shop Modular

    It is a very wonderful modular Lookl !! And like someone else has mentioned already... I would buy it straight away if it was a lego set. A very great MOC.. and it is your first modular... what can we expect in the future? Thanks very much... So.. if there is a change to get (or to buy) the PDF instructions from you to build this modular, I would do this also right away.
  10. Henk61

    [MOC] When Pigs Fly!

    Could be a scene from "PIGS ON THE WING" from Pink Floyd
  11. Henk61

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Hi FactorXa Thanks for the reply! I didn't realize that it could be used as a extra ice cream holder...
  12. Henk61

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Hi Talos, I was wondering the same thing. I did check the manual three times to be sure that I wasn't forgetting something on the second 1x1 clip part on the ice cream stand... but I think two of the 453372 were 'easier' to 'produce' then 1x 453372 and1x 4211389.
  13. Henk61

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    I just received a mail from the lego store that my order was shipped!
  14. Henk61

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    I have just orderd the Ferris Wheel at the lego.com shop... I hope they will delivered it soon..but on the payment page they said it will be shipped on june the 1st!
  15. Henk61

    LEGO Movie coffee shop logo stickers?

    Thanks L@go for the link... I didn't know that we have such a company in the Netherlands!