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  1. Markurius

    [WIP] Technic Lady figures

    Of course we need ladyfigures, males can´t reproduce themselves and that was the reason technic figures died out...or?
  2. Recently (2 years back) got into LEGO again. Holy grail set is 41999. Have been for sale for 350euro, but it was an auction and I didn´t completely trust the seller so no buy... I like tractors and the Unimog and I wish there was a proper trailer (not as bleak as that in 8063), but with pneumatic or LA:s. Regrets? No one so far, have bought every new technic-set since i started again and have over 100 000 parts.
  3. Markurius

    [MOC] Mack Magma

    What, not green? Awesome as always. Really like your MOCs. Hoarding green technic-parts
  4. Markurius

    9398 into 41999?

    Got no 41999 neither. Made mine black instead, and with wheels from 8466.