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  1. Recently (2 years back) got into LEGO again. Holy grail set is 41999. Have been for sale for 350euro, but it was an auction and I didnĀ“t completely trust the seller so no buy... I like tractors and the Unimog and I wish there was a proper trailer (not as bleak as that in 8063), but with pneumatic or LA:s. Regrets? No one so far, have bought every new technic-set since i started again and have over 100 000 parts.
  2. [MOC] Mack Magma

    What, not green? Awesome as always. Really like your MOCs. Hoarding green technic-parts
  3. 9398 into 41999?

    Got no 41999 neither. Made mine black instead, and with wheels from 8466.