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  1. Oh, thats too bad, but thx anyway. I normally would get those custom projects instructions, then i would hunt for the parts, it's much better (and affordable) for me to buy specific list of parts than to have to buy many sets and in case of missing parts i need to import them and takes a lot of time to get to my country. I really don't have all this creativiy of yours on visualizing and building stuff (all your work is great, congrats!). I would keep following your work and il'l consider making some donations. Regards!
  2. HI, i would love to try and build this one, do you have Instructions and parts list for selling?
  3. Hi all, i've just arrived at the forum, very nice place. I'm mainly into building and customizing lego tecnic, got 42008, 42009, 42035, 42043, also i've build some parts to build 42009 ultimate (haven't arrived yet, looking forward to this) and planing on getting a 42006 and some parts to fully motorize and rc it. I'm also looking for some custom builds using those sets and to motorize and rc them, will dig around the site, to get a nice idea on customizing, and them i'm planning on starting trying my own (looks pretty difficult at the start, hope to get the hang of it). Goog luck all, plz don't hesitate to contact me if i can be of any help, or if you have anything to share related do rc and motorizing these and other related models, i'm looking for some free manuals and tips to have some fun, but i'm also willing to pay for some good instructions that will help tune those babes, as well as help get experienced in modding. Regards, cya all.