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  1. Hello, I've been following this fantastic forum for a long time, learned so much from everyone. This is my first Post. Since I couldn't find a MOD that simply modify 42070 into FULL RC. I decided to do it myself. here is a very brief video showing it in action. 42070 full rc mod and I've also made a LDD file. Please go to http://ldd.us.lego.com/en-us/gallery, search "42070". "FULL RC MOD FOR 42070" is the one to download. Simply import the file into the original 42070 LDD file which you can also download off that website. you will see the overlapping parts and/or additional parts. I mainly focus on making the set more stable, more firm. and making it FULL RC with minimum replacements. Looks like Jim is working on something that would totally buff up 42070, cant wait to see it :-D 42070 would be an solid set if it was made Full RC out of box, for its price. I got mine for only $250 CAD. which is a fair price for what it is.