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  1. Or maybe it's the size that makes it impossible to enter the car? 🤣🤣🤣
  2. I certainly hope they profit. I see no problem there, I'd especially like the Technic line to be profitable and live on for many more years.
  3. We're very good a speculating endlessly on half baked rumors and super blurry pictures, allowing decent pictures to be posted will switch us to endless ranting about what the sets are not doing and how many new parts they don't have in the wrong color...
  4. That is very true indeed. I've been tempted to remove myself entirely from this thread just to avoid spoilers but I haven't succeeded so far... well, I'll have to try that for the 2019 line-up... (talking of which, I wonder what new parts we'll get then... )
  5. It's funny how new parts are so eagerly expected. I see nothing wrong simply getting new sets with possibly new ways to use existing parts. IMHO, new parts are the least creative way to solve a problem and that's not what Lego is about... On a personal note, I used to resent the move to studless and the plethora of specialized parts that it brought. I've come to peace with it but I would much much rather see new creative solutions using existing parts than new parts... where's the fun in that ?
  6. 42080 looks very interesting indeed and even more so if it features a similar (or improved) steering system to that of 8443 which was a really good set.
  7. You are correct, thanks! I feel all the more stupid asking this question that I actually own the set... I just never got to build the B-Model...
  8. In the video about the 42078 ( the designer says at 00:18 that such an engine had already been done in Technic ("that we tried only once in LEGO Technic history"). Any idea what set he is referring to ?
  9. Looking at the recent lineups, I would suggest that TLG is making some efforts to deliver a large variety of sets topics, functions and even sizes. I'm quite excited about the 2018 sets (I haven't even yet built all the 2017 ones I acquired). 42078 looks like a flagship in its own right, even a 2 flagships in one I would say as the B Model looks really nice (and it's been so long since we've had a garbage truck anyway so it get points already for that alone) 42080 is also an unusual topic, 42081 seems nice also and 42082... well, who doesn't like a big crane ? I can't wait to see if 42083 brings a never seen before feature like the paddle shift of 42056... whatever the actual model will actually be, I'm willing to bet it will be great (but there is always room for a little rant here and there)
  10. 42075 should look nice along 42068, the scale seems reasonably similar
  11. It has arrived in France as well:
  12. I think I had the same thought!
  13. You are absolutely correct. Although it did feel kind of wrong (I was maybe 8 or 10 at the time) and frustrating to have a third gear ratio that couldn't be used. Even though, this set was (and still is) an absolute marvel despite it's flaws and it's what got me hooked on Technic for years to come...
  14. I guess it didn't meet the high expectations of the AFOL who got hyped up by TLG markerting... I bought this set last year and I think it's great. What I really enjoy is to build a set and this build was really enjoyable. I don't really care that the gearbox may be faulty. Is it really supposed to mirror the real thing ? I think not. The system is clever enough for me and although it isn't perfect, it was fun to build (and play with it for a while). Do you remember 8860 gear box ? It was awful really, you could use only two gears out of the three for there was so much friction that you would just break everything if you tried to use the last one anyway. It was a bit of a let down but I still thought the set was a marvel. 42056 isn't perfect but it is still great in it's own right. My biggest disappointments were the hidden internals (I like to see things moving, it would have been nice to have at least a way to open the body) and the absence of B model (like 41999, that was a big let down for me). On the bright side, it is hard to argue that it doesn't look good and it is one of the rare sets that my wife allows to be displayed... the Wife Acceptance Factor ought to count!
  15. They did indeed. I actually bought the 8676 at the time and although it was a fun RC toy, it was a clear rupture from the more 'regular' LEGO set. I wouldn't bet on an exception to dismiss the rule entirely. I'm pretty sure what I mentioned was heard in this video but I haven't had the time to review it entirely to quote the precise time it is said. Sorry about that.