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  1. tohan

    [Review] #75273 Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter

    Did we really need yet another X-Wing ? I like them but come on...
  2. tohan

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    You definitely got me there!! 🤣
  3. tohan

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    It's funny that although everybody hates it, most will actually get the set - or we assume they will. Anyhow, I'm having mixed feelings. I like cranes, I like that it's not power function (I like to turn knobs), I like that it has nice knobs, I like the scale - all the mid-scale trucks that share the same wheels are really good in my opinion. But I can;t get past the no B-Model. It's a worrying trend that has been building for a few years now (I was willing to forgive the Ultimates but I almost boycotted 42096) and I am baffled a non-ultimate, non-licenced set isn't a 2-in-1. Worst of all, I usually don't have time to build B-models... Also, the new sets are now showing on the French Lego site (42101 to 42108 but the Catamaran isn't there)
  4. tohan

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The only limit is your imagination budget! I know I want them all...
  5. tohan

    Mindstorms One Kit Builds

    Wow!! This is some Mickey Mouse logo!! Amazing!
  6. tohan

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    42089, 42090, 42091 and 42092 are showing on the French Lego website but individual pages aren't working yet.
  7. I was afraid you'd say something like that... Thanks for this discussion, I had been looking for this on Eurobricks but was unable to find any related topic! However, that may be a temporary fix for the "new" rubber bands (i.e. not black) but I'm pretty sure time will catch up at some point. In my experience, it's also and mainly age that kill them. Old rubber bands loose their elasticity even if you don't use them. As an example, I recently acquired a MISB 8441 (that means the rubber band inside was kept away from UV). I built it in this pas August and everything was perfectly fine, the rubber band was doing alright. 2 months later, time has caught up: the rubber band is a total wreck, cracked and completely useless as if it was out there in my room all the time. I have been purchasing quite a few ("new") replacement rubber bands on Bricklink recently and as soon as I take them out, they age within 2 months, sometimes less. In other words, even if you don't use them, they still age. There is no way around it. The only solution I see is to procure actual replacements with similar properties (size and elasticity), not old Lego rubber bands. I have yet to find suitable replacements for each part no (a daunting thought)
  8. @Blakbird would you mind sharing some tips about how to maintain the older models with regards to rubber bands especially ? Have you found good replacements for those ? Old bands age extremely quickly so they are useless.
  9. @Blakbird, I feel your pain. I recently came out of my dark age only to discover that a guy in the US had all Technic sets and even put a (great) website detailing each and every one (well, most anyway) of them and found myself thinking "why don't I have them all too?". Next thing I knew, I was going "full Blakbird" on Bricklink... I'm hardly half way there (Rebrickable says I'm not even at 200,000 parts yet) and the most daunting problem I'm facing already is the lack of space. My wife has gone through several stages from amusement to slight annoyance to fear of living surrounded by Lego to acceptance that a dedicated room is needed (my collection is currently spanned over two houses with probably a third of still boxed). Anyhow, I'll say it one more time: it's sad to hear you're parting with your collection but you know better what you need or not need to do. Silly question: that time has probably passed by now but have you talked to TLG about any interest they may have into preserving your collection ? I also find it sad that Technicopedia is probably getting stalled indefinitely. I find it an invaluable source of information - the best for all things Technic. Your articles are well written and I truly enjoy reading about how you found interest in models that may not look like much but had some intricate mechanism worth of note. I never understood how TLG didn't sponsor you as they do for some reviewers (well, maybe if you had done some boring speed building videos on youtube instead of taking the time to write witty descriptions of every single function with humor and some fun facts thrown around...). I must however point out a huge flaw in Technicopedia: you state in 8480 description that "This is the only Technic set to have minifigure seats". Well, no sir. At the time, maybe, but what do you make of the mighty 8217 ? I'm heading to your Bricklink store now (well, I'll be heading there when it reopens). Thanks again for the infecting way you shared your passion with!
  10. tohan

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I'm hoping the "42094 Tracked Loader" will be a nod to the 856 Bulldozer from 1979 which actually was a Tracked Loader. This was my second Technic set and was a marvel.
  11. tohan

    [REVIEW] 42077: Rally Car

    Or maybe it's the size that makes it impossible to enter the car? 🤣🤣🤣
  12. tohan

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I certainly hope they profit. I see no problem there, I'd especially like the Technic line to be profitable and live on for many more years.
  13. We're very good a speculating endlessly on half baked rumors and super blurry pictures, allowing decent pictures to be posted will switch us to endless ranting about what the sets are not doing and how many new parts they don't have in the wrong color...
  14. That is very true indeed. I've been tempted to remove myself entirely from this thread just to avoid spoilers but I haven't succeeded so far... well, I'll have to try that for the 2019 line-up... (talking of which, I wonder what new parts we'll get then... )
  15. It's funny how new parts are so eagerly expected. I see nothing wrong simply getting new sets with possibly new ways to use existing parts. IMHO, new parts are the least creative way to solve a problem and that's not what Lego is about... On a personal note, I used to resent the move to studless and the plethora of specialized parts that it brought. I've come to peace with it but I would much much rather see new creative solutions using existing parts than new parts... where's the fun in that ?