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  1. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Just when I thought the leaking season was over... You don't see me complaining though I really like this Proxima Midnight minifig, hopefully the rest of the minifigs will be just as impressive I'm especially interested in seeing Cull Obsidian and Thanos who hopefully will both be realized as bigfigs, can't have enough of those
  2. Minecraft 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Wow, so much new stuff I haven't even noticed in the catalogue pics My favourites are: - Baby Zombie and Baby Pigman (is that a new downsized headpiece?) - polar bears - seeds (I think that's what the piece in Alex' hand is representing, looks like seeds printed on a clear 1x1 round tile) - enchanted axe (however, does anyone in their right mind waste enchantments on axes in the game? )
  3. Yeah, final pics of the Yoda set also haven't been released yet, that one might turn out to be interesting as well (especially since that particular version of Luke interestingly hasn't been leaked yet). However, the set I'm now actually most curious about is the Clone Battlepack since we have no idea how many of the minifigs were placeholders in the prelim pic Coleman Trebor's inclusion for instance doesn't make a lick of sense, so we might be in for a surprise (at least that's what I hope). I'm still excited for the Supremacy/AT-ST set, but my expectations in terms of minifigs have been adjusted by a certain description. I highly doubt there's space for more than four minifigs in a SW set of that size...
  4. I suggest keeping an eye on you-know-which-site since they've just added 20+ more sets (mainly Creator, Ninjago and Nexo Knights), no additional SW sets though If we're lucky, we might get to see the remainder this week
  5. Looks like the pictures can be found elsewhere too, enjoy Thanks to everyone for keeping the site itself secret The last time they released pictures too early they got burned pretty bad from what I can recall (and I felt quite guilty since it was also yours truly who discovered them) and that was in the pre-Disney era
  6. In Switzerland, it's quarter to midnight, so I'm off to bed now (riveting, I know ), so I'll answer any incoming messages tomorrow
  7. My concern is not that the pictures might get removed (they WILL once the link goes viral, trust me) but that we may not get to see the remaining two sets for now I could share the link via private messages but in that case, I'd prefer you not to share it any further in order to keep a low profile and not to get the site into trouble
  8. That one isn't listed yet (the same goes for the Yoda set), which is the reason I haven't posted the links yet: once they're revealed, everyone will storm the site, leading to TLG asking them to remove the pics, and we can kiss the chances of seeing it soon goodbye If you're willing to take the risk, I'll post the link
  9. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    I have further evidence to corroborate the set descriptions from (removed) their Star Wars descriptions are all correct
  10. I have to correct myself, the Porg doesn't have the same colour scheme. The ones from the Falcon have black wings and a light bluish gray belly while this one has dark bluish gray wings and a white belly. The head at least is the same
  11. 75534: Vader's head beneath the mask is white and sports thick eyebrows, so it combines both the pre-DVD and the DVD versions?
  12. These descriptions are nonsense since I've just come across final pictures (except for the Supremacy set, unfortunately), I'll post some real descriptions very soon 75200: Contains Luke, Rey with both her staff and the lightsaber and a single Porg (looks like the ones from the Falcon). The main build is one of those stone huts with a cloth piece covering the entrance. The main play function is a rock Rey can smash with a Chima crystal inside. The cooking place is one of those black inverted dome pieces. Accessories include a pan, a torch, a cherry, a twig, a fish and a cup 75197: Contains two Executioner Stormies, a FO shuttle pilot (the one from the SD) and a FO Crew member *groan*. The main build looks like the one from the Senate Commando BP with a different colour scheme (dark gray, trans-red and black) 75202: Includes Poe, Ematt, a Resistance Trooper and two FO Snowtroopers. The main builds are the ski speeder (with dark red accents in contrast to the microfighters variant, that has blue accents), a turret and a small tower, both with light bluish gray and orange colour schemes. The plates beneath both the turret section and the tower are dark red, very appropriate 75195 contains a ski speeder with that leaked headphoned pilot and a AT-M6 with a walker pilot. 75196 includes a blue A-Wing and Kylo's TIE Silencer. The minifigs are Tallie Lintra (who's just called "A-Wing pilot") and Kylo, complete with lightsaber and all
  13. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    The descriptions don't necessarily list all of the characters as evidenced by the same site's Star Wars set descriptions where a majority of the minifigs aren't mentioned, the Ach-To set description for instance even omits Luke I thus expect the rest of the missing characters to appear in these sets as well, they probably simply aren't involved in any major play functions and are therefore not acknowledged by name
  14. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    As far as I know, Cull Obsidian wasn't a character in the comics, but rather an alternative name for the Black Order I don't mind that change at all, Cull Obsidian sounds much cooler anyway
  15. Minecraft 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Exactly I haven't found a new picture, I was talking about the catalogue picture that has surfaced in August The website I linked to made me realise that one of the small sets contains at least one watermelon, which I haven't noticed before. If you've missed the leak, I'm afraid you're a bit too late now, it has been removed pretty much everywhere But don't worry, official pictures should be released rather soon given this wave is a January release