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  1. Lego-Freak

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Reinhardt minifig in the teaser had a hairpiece, didn’t he? So maybe we’re getting two heads for him, which wouldn‘t be entirely unprecedented (unless the one that leaked recently has a face print on the other side) Or perhaps that minifig in the teaser was a different character to begin with, but the consensus definitely was it being Reinhardt, haven‘t heard any other ideas...
  2. Lego-Freak

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    How could I forget about Benny Hm, we haven‘t seen Benny and Rex in the same room together, maybe you‘re onto something Seriously though, on top of the lack of pupils, Emmet and Rex share two additional traits: both have strands of hair sticking out in the same spot and they’re both voiced by Chris Pratt. They have to be related somehow
  3. Lego-Freak

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    Hm, I guess he's related to Emmet, given they're the only minifigs in the TLM theme without pupils. Siblings perhaps?
  4. I forgot that the Disney Princess theme was rebranded to just ”Disney“, so you‘re right, it would fit in
  5. That‘s certainly an improvement over what we‘ve seen at SDCC, but of course still nowhere near as good as the TLBM version. I wonder why they decided not to continue using the more elaborate hairpiece May it‘s due to licensing issues, but that would be really silly considering that all parties are involved either way (WB and TLG)
  6. Hm, that would make sense for Brickheadz that belong to existing themes, but what about some of the others (like Jack & Sally)?
  7. A new minifig has leaked, and it‘s a new Player skin It‘s a female character with a hoodie (azur blue I think?) and a printed Creeper backpack
  8. Some great ideas you‘ve got there However, I hope the output stays the same as it was this year since I expect imminent doom for the Funko Pops business model. People have been joking about future landfills filled to the brim with pop vinyls for quite some time now, but I feel like they really are oversaturating the market. That‘s never a good thing in the long run
  9. Or a helicopter Hm, interesting list. I'm wondering what this War Machine specific set is supposed to be, is he known to have vehicles in the comics? Doesn't really make much sense if you have a Stark suit though
  10. Yeah, it's about time we get new creature moulds for SW The Corellian Hounds were a welcomed addition, but some other recent creatures would have benefitted greatly from specific moulds *cough* Rathtars *cough*. The contents of the upcoming "great vehicle escape" (?) set are still unconfirmed, but if it is based on the Canto Bight scene as some claim, we might get a new moulded creature rather soon Back to the topic at hand: This "new" Dewback is of course brick-built, it's a m€g@blocking Microfighter
  11. The Dewback being moulded would defeat the purpose of a Microfighter, wouldn‘t it Besides, it wouldn‘t even fit in the box
  12. Apparently, it’s a Microfighters set
  13. I think the set number referred to the Death Star 4+ set The 4+ Slave One wasn't mentioned in SvL's post
  14. Oh, and he specified that Anakin and Padmé had flesh-toned heads, which implies there's a third, yellow-headed minifig included