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  1. [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Instructions have just arrived and I must say it was well worth the wait! This is a work of art! I now appreciate why it took so long to finish the manual. Lego can a learn a lot from this! If Lego had any plans to release a UCS version of the U-Wing then I'm pretty sure that that they will have to think long and hard about how they will top the SB00101. My bricks should arrive in the next week and looking forward to building this work of art. Thank you Mirko. Blue Squadron #24!
  2. [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Got my email with payment details on Wednesday and got sent the parts list yesterday via email. Had about 40% of the parts already (using some different colour bricks for those that aren't part of the exterior). Have made 4 orders via bricklink for the remaining parts which comes to about £200 (mixture of new and old). Manual is due to be delivered today despite order only being made Wednesday evening (that's what I call service). Can't wait to build this amazing ship! Thanks Mirko.
  3. [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    You must have had a lot of orders. I replied on day 1 and still to receive an email requesting payment. Hope to get my email soon, since want to get this built before the Falcon comes out! :-)
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Don't worry I got the same treatment back in February when I posted (i think i had also only made a few posts previously) and i said that a falcon was coming based on pics of the interior that someone had showed me taken by a Lego insider. As you said not long to go to the reveal.
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Well the manager of my local store confirmed to me it's coming and the biggest issue they have is where to put the blooming thing. This person has never let me down with info. A pic, official or unofficial can't be far off if stores have already been informed. Also expect there to be supply issues since if people do go nuts expect it to sell out quickly since stores will be getting a limited supply given cost and he size of the thing. Will be in the queue for this on day 1. The bad news is that I've been told by a Lego insider that it's a remake of 10179 whereas previously I was told by a different insider that there was an interior and even saw a pic on a phone of it. This pic was back in Jan. Given that the news of no interior was most recent, then this may take precedent over the earlier news and thus maybe original plans were may have been shelved.
  6. What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    What moc's have you previously done? No disrespect, but a lot will be driven by how creative and experienced you are. If this is your first MOC, then best start out with simple simpler as opposed to going straight into the deep end and try and do a 6,000+ MOC that has lots of detail and is very fragile.
  7. What UCS has not been done? (MOC or SET)

    Palpatine's Shuttle would be cool
  8. First of all an immense design. I think this rivals Mortsev's Nebulon! Now there would be an interesting debate! I now have a dilemma that no doubt others have as well. I have a 10030 ISD. The collector in me wants to keep that on display but practically it doesn't make sense given that the two are similar in size and thus would take up a lot of space. With all of my UCS sets and the growing number of MOCs that I have already planned, space Is now a serious issue. Im leaning towards packing up my 10030 and replacing it with this although that would mean that my official UCS collection on display would be missing one of the Crown Jewels! Also I must say from a pricing perspective this is great value given the number of pieces.
  9. [MOC] Project: Endor

    Fantastic! Amazing!
  10. There's an option in LDD which allows you to create instructions. Although LDD is not the most logical, and you may need to break down the model into separate sections and build these separately before piecing it together. Read through the thread which provides some guidance on how to best do this.
  11. [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Request for instructions submitted! Can't wait to get this! Mirko - Looking forward to your next project. According to your website, it is Empire related. Can't wait!
  12. Next UCS star Star Wars set?

    assume you are majorly p*ssed off with those cloners ripping off your venator?