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  1. I have been making the 42112 mixer, and I have found that if you attach the mixer halves flipped one ball rolls well inside as you turn it, coming out the other side. In this way it becomes interesting to use it in GBC modules.
  2. dvm

    DVM tests and WIPs

    Hello, A little progress with this version of forks module: I have made the input with panels, a small wheel (not like akiyuki's which is much bigger) and surrounded it with wheel arch panels. I think it would work well as an independent module, just by changing the outlet that retains the balls to be caught by the fork. Next step - play with the inclination and height to join it later to the rest. Also, here's a picture of my version of the 9V control, so often used in GBC. I like that it has a panic button 😁 . By the way, what font size do you use in your posts? I have selected default on my smartphone, and when I post I see that it's bigger than the other users... Regards
  3. A contest to make any lego studless set (not just technic) would have very diverse entries such as Nerdsforprez U-wing or Jeroen Ottens X-wing: but maybe it should be separated from the studless technic set contest. Another interesting possibility would be to focus on technic sets but not only to make studless, but to be able to change styles that technic has evolved since its beginnings, for example, the sian type flex axles like the 8448, the mack athem like the 8462, or like the Le Mans racer with silver green panels by Erik Leppen like the sets from 2001 Anyway I still want a GBC contest :P
  4. Hello everybody, In this topic I'll put the different things I have in progress, (if any of them becomes consistent I'll open its own topic), and this way I won't put unfinished things in the general gbc thread. At the moment I'm experimenting with GBC, with the parts I have (mostly technic). As a sample, a test of Akiyuki's fork to fork mechanism, The truth is that I'm surprised that it manages to move balls. The conclusion for the moment : - recording with the mobile phone, turning the crank at the same time and catching the falling balls is difficult. -I need to register on youtube or instagram or something where I can post videos and not abuse gif files. I will continue with the trial and error to see what comes out. Regards
  5. Hi, I have done a version of Sawyer conveyor belt: I have enjoyed with the module , and the mechanism is great. As mi collection is Technic sets from 2016 onward, I have replaced the 40 teeth gears and give the module a full technic style. I have also used the PF IR speed control instead the 9v train control system. This is the first GBC that I do, and as noob, has been difficult for me to do the input ramp without system parts, but I'm happy with the result. Thanks @Sawyer for share the module. Regards
  6. Hello, Sometime ago I bougth a 2nd hand basketball set 3432, but without balls. I tested it with balls from the "hungry hyppos" board game, (popular in Spain) , and fit well in the minifig hands. Have 14mm diameter. I'm not sure, but may be an option as 3rd party ball or to test modules until the lego ball arrives may be if some someone in the forum that have both kind of balls , may compare them. Anyway is a good contest idea. Regards