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  1. I very much like the 8860 remake. I'm way too young to remember the original (I'm more of the 8880 generation), but I'd love to have a remake built and displayed for some time. But --- do I understand correctly that the remake can't have a diff because it's not there on the parts list of the three sets? That's a shame :( It's one thing to have an unsynchronized gearbox (retro-Technicky), and another to have no diff. Maybe some modding will be in order. A better steering wheel could also help the looks. By the way, I think TLG could have planned the combo remake all along. When I built Ultralight Helicopter, I noticed it has two gears which are unnecessary, strictly speaking: one of the two 20t double-bevels and a 12t bevel. They are not used in the B model either. Could it be they are actually needed for the gearbox or something in the 8860 remake?
  2. Looks amazing! And I'm intrigued to see studded Technic bricks in the chassis around the rear axle. Would love to know what design decisions were behind this.
  3. Just a little more speculation from a native Russian speaker POV. 42060 "Автомобиль для уборки улиц" for me usually refers to the larger truck-mounted things (like MrTekneex's Street Sweeper MOC — http://mrtekneex.altervista.org/streetsweeper.html). But the 20 price point doesn't warrant a large truck. I hope the Russian name is misleading and we get a compact street sweeper like this: http://binacitra.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/CityCat-1000.jpg (and yes I love these little things ;), but I'm a bit afraid TLC will give us something micro-scale like 42031 Cherry Picker, which would be very sad for me. :( Also, 42064 Поисковый корабль is most likely a rescue ship (and definitely not a research ship). Finally, 42065 Гусеничный внедорожник, from the Russian language point of view, is something like this: http://sdelanounas.ru/images/img/d/3/d3d3Lm5rai5ydS91cGxvYWQvaWJsb2NrLzFjMS8xYzE3MjY5YjhkOTgxZDQ5Y2M5ZGYyMGM5ZDUyNzIxNy5qcGc_X19pZD0xMzk5OQ==.jpg http://www.3dnews.ru/assets/external/illustrations/2014/01/21/796949/trackngo1.jpg All based on an assumption that the Russian names were themselves correctly translated (not always the case with the Technic sets of the past).
  4. Looks like my attempt to, um, cover my 1994 origins failed :D I still don't get panels. In fact, I wanted to use the large white panels for the tippper and couldn't think of any parts to use as covers. Any ideas appreciated :)
  5. Here's my first MOC after a 17-year dark age. During that period, all that crazy studless thing happened, so I had to re-learn everything. (Also, I miss Technic figures.) The MOC was built from a limited assortment of parts that I have now, mainly 42035 Mining Truck and 42045 Hydroplane Racer. I added some of my pre-dark age parts like the wheels and the gears used as brushes. Because of the part assortment limit, the color coordination in the model isn't very good. I'm somewhat unhappy about this. The MOC is loosely based on Bucher Citycat 1000 series compact sweepers, which I often see in the streets of my city. It's not a scale model: I wanted to capture the general impression from compact sweepers. Building a true scale model in such a small scale is a task for which my building skills are too poor. More photos: Functions (no PF, obviously): - The brushes rotate while driving (non-Lego rubbers are used, but suitable Lego rubbers exist) - A fake 2-cylinder engine connected to the front axle (the prototype has a 3-cylinder engine) - Rear axle steering (the prototype can be either front-steered or all wheel steered, so for this scale I think this is acceptable) - Tipper The build is dirty for my taste (no way for an official set to be built like this), but the resulting model is quite sturdy (which I guess isn't hard anyway for models of this size). The scale is quite close for the Technic figure to fit, but I couldn't manage: there is not enough space in the cabin. The steering module was borrowed from laix's excellent Mini Mobile Crane MOC. I can highly recommend this steering, it is much less wobbly than from 8067 Mini Mobile Crane, and the steering lock is generous. The only improvement I made was adding a 1L beam on the arm connected to the HOG to reduce backlash. Partially disassembled:
  6. Does anybody mind having very simple and compact designs in this thread as well? I think this thread is missing the very nice 5-width (or 7-width if you include the wheels) steering design by @laix that was originally used in the Mini Mobile Crane MOC from 2012: That's a very useful design for mini/micro scale, and I was happy to discover it. See laix's folder on Brickshelf for details.
  7. Targi


    I've been re-reading Technicopedia after the update, and I've noticed 9392 was not included into any of the categories. With my dark ages ending, I recently purchased a copy of 9392. It's a great small set in my opinion, and feature-wise, it looks like a scaled-down version of the old great 8858's B-model. I'd put 9392 and its quad analogs 8262, 8282 and 8826 into a separate "quad bike" category, as they are closer to bikes in terms of riding position. Anyway, Blakbird, maybe you'd consider to place 9392 into the current "Dune Buggies" category with the other quads at some point when you update the site again?