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  1. That is my build. Couldn't find my 1x2 panels so had to sub white for now and make one of the robots a cyclops. Seems pretty reliable. I am working now to finish building 3 more before the NC Brickfair, in Lime, Red and Yellow frames. My goal with 4 is to run them for a while as a loop. -Brian
  2. My wife and daughter are currently working on a playable (which turned into a much larger) moc of the Ninjago Royal Palace and the Temple of Resurrection. The palace is mostly done, but alot of work is needed for the inside throne room area (hasn't stopped daughter from playing with it). Right now the main palace area is completed, gate house to come shortly.
  3. Had a great time at Brickfair AL, the MOC got a lot of attention from kids and adults alike. My wife also one 'Staff Favorite' award! Additions include the front wall sections and a ninjago city style 'tuk tuk' taxi dropping off Emmet who is late for the master builder party in the garden. We might go to Brickfair VA or NC, we don't know if we will take this out again as it's quite large to drive around.
  4. We made some updates with some walls on both sides of the gatehouse to close off the courtyard. We are bringing this out to Brickfair Alabama and will take some new pics once it's put all together.
  5. Below are the four statues for the courtyards... they are suppose to be a turtle, tiger, dragon and phoenix/crane. We will be brining this MOC to Brick Fair Alabama in January
  6. Some updates complete, side courtyards with trees and statues have been added and work continues on the interior of the main palace. During work we have to take off the roof corners as they have become super prone to falling off. Harumi's Room Emperor & Empress's Room Throne Area Main Palace interior Courtyards
  7. Ended up knocking out a gatehouse and courtyard for our local show.
  8. Thanks for all the kudos, we hauled the moc over to a fundraiser at a local library this past weekend and decked it out with lots of minifigs. Roof battles and Dareth leading a tour group on the side. We will be bring it to Atlanta Brick Con this upcoming weekend and possible Alabama Brick Fair in January.
  9. Mostly complete for now with the update to the first post, will work in the next few months on a gate house and link up with the city and docks sets
  10. More progress, smaller side palace build, mini-unikitty guardian statues and some more water and cobblestone. We will pull out the statues a bit more when we have a larger front courtyard area so they don't disappear in the gray wall. Photos should be sized correctly now.
  11. More updates, added another garden/water section to the center and raised up the platform for the main palace by two studs.
  12. Some progress has been made... the temple turned out a bit larger so we are going to add another 32 studs in the center of the garden to set it back futher... which means we need way more 1x2 trans light blue tiles.... And Mistake is hosting a master builder tea party in the garden
  13. They got some work done on the back and sides with the rock facing and pathway. Voldermort is currently borrowing the temple.
  14. I started my build last week, after sitting on the parts since last September. I took the extra time to break the parts up by book, and has made it more manageable so far. Rockpig posted this to the rebrickable comments page, and I believe this thread, with the spreadsheet being very helpful if you have extra parts to reference where they might go. I wish that there was a way to break up the BrickVault Ghost build this way... Thanks to Raskolnikov for an awesome build,
  15. BrianGT

    [MOC] WIP - Sandcrawler

    Awesome, thanks for your efforts on this!
  16. BrianGT

    Did you bricklink 10179? Are you in the US?

    They have been in and out of stock, so keep checking if you need them. I bought mine back on February 6th and the parts shipped yesterday. The only main part that I am missing on my 10179 bricklinked set is the dish, but I just put a TFA dish on it from 75192. Also, the 32555 yellow 90 degree technic pieces are back with the re-issue of the taj mahal, so you should be able to get them again as well if you are patient and keep checking.
  17. BrianGT

    Did you bricklink 10179? Are you in the US?

    They were $1.53 each in the US.
  18. BrianGT

    Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    Looks like it was a pretty arbitrary decision to use 2x10 bricks. I was looking to redo the section with 2x8 and 2x6 bricks. Also, no need to buy the expensive 7L axles in black, when you don't see them. LBG ones should suffice.
  19. BrianGT

    Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    I am just going by the updated BOM that was mailed out the other day. It shows 5, but agree and I didn't see the need for all 5, based on looking over the manual.
  20. BrianGT

    Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    Just downloaded the updated instructions, looking forward to the build. 1,120 pages will be quite a task. I am about 75% complete obtaining the parts. Thanks for posting the build. BTW: I noticed that the rebrickable doesn't match the updated BOM, missing 10 x Light Bluish Gray 18677 plate with pinholes and 5 x Black 18677 32mm rigid hose EDIT: Also would recommend changing the Bright Green pieces to Lime, and the 1x3 Dark Red 3622 to a 1x2 Dark Red 3004 and 1x1 3006. -Brian
  21. Awesome monorails, appreciate the update. I built some track a while back but never built any cars. Thanks for the motivation to resume it. Saw another monorail design the other day, video is a bit old, but another take on the monorail:
  22. BrianGT

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Are there going be any restocks of the boxcar instructions in the near future? Thanks,
  23. NSX looks awesome. Any BOM available yet?