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  1. Works for me. You need to add the LEGO30 promo code once it is in your cart.
  2. Rainbow Wave GBC

    I ended up trying to replicate your design as closely as possible, with the plate setup: I ended up having to redo it a couple of times to resolve friction issues with the quad plates. I had issues with misalignment of the plates vertically and laterally. I shifted the plate stack 2 studs from where it appears to be in the original to allow for more 1x1 round bricks between the pairs, and added 1x1 round plates and tiles to the parts elsewhere to keep it more contiguous, which seemed to fix the vertical issues. For the lateral movement, I found that when I first assembled it, the stack ended up with a bit of a curve in it, causing a lot of friction for the axles in a few spots. I had to take it apart and straighten it out on a flat table. Also had issues initially with some axles not being 100% straight. It spins easily now by hand. I received the wrong parts from my bricklink order for the 1x2x1 panels, without rounded edge, so need to reorder. Still trying to decide what to do before and after the wave, might figure out a way to integrate more closely with my ball factory moc. Thanks again for sharing, -Brian
  3. Rainbow Wave GBC

    Started this tonight after finding enough gears for 6 pistons. Had a few questions: - What is your reasoning for having two sets of technic plate guides between the cam shaft section and piston. The single double plates seems to keep the crankshafts aligned well vertically. Any possibility for a close-up of how these are supported from below? - Are all 8t gears on the bottom linked together? I was wondering if the gear lash differences doing this would cause more friction, rather than having 5 groups of 7/8/8/8/7 driven off the main shaft. - Any close-up of the mechanism that you used to induce the balls onto the lift? This is the first time trying to build someone else's MOC without instructions, and my second GBC after Akiyuki's ball factory. Thanks again for sharing this mesmerizing creation, -Brian
  4. Rainbow Wave GBC

    Appreciate you posting this up. Placed a bricklink order today to see if I can build something similar.
  5. I had issues with the 14mm beads. They were too small for working with the Akiyuki ball factory. I picked up some 9/16" Inch Delrin Plastic Ball Bearings, which are a little bigger than 14mm, and closer to the lego balls. The 14mm beads would jam in my Ball Factory, while the 9/16" bearing would not, and had much better tolerances. I picked them up from for $11 shipped for 100. I first tried Rigid HDPE Polyethylene Ball 9/16" Diameter as well from McMaster Carr, and they worked as well. They were $13.31 shipped for 25. I went with the Delrin ones as they were cheaper with similar specifications.
  6. 1x6 worked perfect. Thank you for sharing this!
  7. I thought about a diode, but wasn't sure if the diode loss would cause issues with lower speeds.
  8. Anyone figure out a way to easily disable reverse on the 9V train controller module? I have been using it for my Ball Factory V2, but my daughter threw it in reverse yesterday, breaking the chains and messing up timing in a few other areas. I was thinking of putting nail polish over the reversing contacts on the PCB, but wondering what others have possibly done. -Brian
  9. There are detailed videos of the pump and comparisons of the arms with and without Springs. Pretty solid builds.
  10. Saw this on Youtube today: More details on his youtube channel: Interesting interpretation of a ball factory. -Brian
  11. I live near this seller, and asked him about this a while back. From my understanding, the goal of this auction is to draw traffic into his other auctions. Notice that there is a ~7-week lead time for delivery on this, for which he logistically has a plan to follow through and still profit off the $100 a lb price. I imagine the chance of someone pulling the trigger on this is as close to zero as you can get, but it seems to pull traffic to his other auctions. I am not sponsored by this seller, but have bought quite a bit from him, and appreciate his business.
  12. Saw this review earlier.. quite strange:
  13. Tumbler wheels are also the same diameter, but the offset is too high, leading them to stick out an extra half inch. Size comparison: Not sure why you wouldn't want to use the original wheels, which should be awesome for MOCs. EDIT: added picture for size comparison I think the black axle pins are going to go up more, as they are not nearly as common.
  14. Finishing building mine today (early father's day present), and found that my 8448 wheels fit on it with no issues. Not that they are that good looking on the car: Porsche wheels fit on 8448 with a simple hub swaps as well Swapped most of the blue parts to black, and the 3 and 5 axles to black. Had a good bit of parts left. Liking the idea of locking out the gears from going from 4->1 or 1->4 Excited to see how this build can be improved
  15. Pictures were posted to instragram by RM8 EDIT: grammar correction