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  1. I tend to just not put batteries in my battery boxes and then put an extension cable from a 9v train controller to the battery box output terminal to power the model.
  2. Thanks, I built most of Tom Atkinson's large ferris wheel, but it is so cumbersome to move around, I likely won't ever bring it to a show. Picture next to this module's prototype: This one is surprisingly reliable. I am going to build another small wheel and see if I can get the piece count down and reduce the complexity of assembly.
  3. Wasn't able to get a brickshelf account setup, hope this works.
  4. Here if my first attempt at making instructions: Let me know if you guys have any feedback. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. I have the updated model in Will try to find time to make instructions soon.
  6. Here is a lift MOC that I made for the Great Ball Pit - Spring into GBC challenge from Discord: Seems fairly reliable. I modelled it in parallel in, and am in the process of making instructions if anyone is interested.
  7. I built my first GBC MOC this weekend, with the target to make a lift module from the new 2x4 brick with axle holes from the Spike Prime set: Added some motor bracing and side guards to keep balls from rolling under, since I made the video, but seems decent reliable. If I put a large amount of balls in the infeed (~50+), the agitator can tend to sling them around a bit, and have seen a couple fall out the back. I wish I had a lower height to the stepper, but I maxed it out with the using double 5x7 frames as guides. As a result, the infeed pitch is a bit less than I would like. Built it for the "Spring Into GBC" challenge, spawned from the Great Ball Pit discord.
  8. I would detension the yellow one. For mine, I would start at a low setting and tension them until I noticed that they would drop slowly, then back off a bit. -Brian
  9. Awesome job on the S2000, great job capturing the curves of the car!
  10. @Berthil Awesome re-engineering! Is it reliable enough to put in a GBC loop and leave mostly unattended?
  11. The original units supplied 10vac through a stepdown transformer, which feeds into the full bridge rectifier in the speed regulator unit to convert to DC and then through a voltage regulator to provide 0-9v. Many people now that I have spoke to at GBC events seem to be using 12vdc supplies, which are cheaper and more efficient with the switching power supplies, and readily available due to their use in security camera applications. The speed regulator bridge rectifier doesn't care if we are running 12vdc through it, and the voltage drop from the diodes isn't enough for the voltage regulator to care either.
  12. I use these: Some would argue with this from a purist standpoint, as it isn't supplied by lego, or supply 10vac, but it works well and is cheap.
  13. You can order direct from Lego Bricks & Pieces for $0.88 a piece for 1x16 DBG beams, up to 200 per order. -Brian
  14. +1 on this! I built the Ball Factory V2 as my first GBC 2 yrs ago or so, and lost interest in GBC soon after building it, only to get back into it this year. After building several other designs, most workshop modules, I am starting to see the difference between a cool GBC for a shelf display, and a fun GBC that can be setup for a show and run for 8 hours or more reliably. Would love to take mine apart and rebuild it in a more refined manner. -Brian