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  1. stacker9000

    [MOC] Sapphire Eagle, my first steam loco

    Beautiful build! Very elegant & well thought out design. Excellent work!
  2. stacker9000

    [MOC] Coos Bay Lumber Co #10 & #11

    Stellar construction there! They are FANTASTIC looking! Would you happen to plan on making instructions for them?
  3. stacker9000

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    Yep....Have to say unimpressed...I just don't feel it lives up to the name "Heavy Haul". This WILL be the first set I will pass on since becoming an AFOL in 2007. I'll probably just buy another 60052 set instead.
  4. stacker9000

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Totally agree with you L.T. This years sets have awesome concepts,but, I also feel they fell short on design & detail aspects.(hardly modded any 2014 sets, whereas, I'll be modding these to bring them up to the detail I feel they should have had. Also, I feel there is a slight difference in plastic quality(inferior)with this years sets, subtle color difference when mixed with like color bricks, & also seem to be glossier/shinier. Overall, I love these sets, very playable. Now, if LEGO would just offer some small sets of city buildings to park all these vehicles at!
  5. stacker9000

    Stacker9000's trade thread

  6. stacker9000

    Stacker9000's trade thread

  7. stacker9000

    Stacker9000's trade thread

  8. stacker9000

    Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    +1 to dgherko for a great trade! + 1 to jFox for a great trade!
  9. stacker9000

    The Servo Showdown!

    With voting being open to all members, I did. I considered it a fun, friendly contest that LegoCityMan graciously created, and that it spurred a lot of good interaction between members. Also, being very limited on computer access the past couple weeks, I haven't been able to comment on everyones builds. So, I thought the least I could do was vote for the ones I liked the most. So, win, lose, or draw...I had fun and wish all the other entrants the best of luck!
  10. My votes...(based on what I would buy as a set and what would fit into my town plan).... #1 Salvobrick = 1pt #3 Riggs = 2pts #7 Zed 43 = 2pts Creative builds by all participants, Great contest idea, hopefully LEGO may be prompted to release a gas station next year. Many thanks to all who commented and/or voted for my entry. And EXCELLENT job to all my fellow contestants!
  11. stacker9000

    The Servo Showdown!

    My entry....
  12. My humble entry for the Showdown..... untitled3 by stacker9000, on Flickr untitled2 by stacker9000, on Flickr untitled by stacker9000, on Flickr untitled1 by stacker9000, on Flickr
  13. stacker9000

    The Servo Showdown!

    Great looking MOC, LT. I'm in!! Still digging through pieces to get mine finished...should be done soon though. I'm extremely disappointed the display MOC is not an actual set, I thought it looked great. I think we're long overdue for a gas station set. Anyway, Great contest idea!
  14. stacker9000

    79111 Constitution Train Chase Discussion

    Totally agree! Thats what I have thought since seeing the first pics of it posted. I'll probably try and mod it over to an Emerald Night front bogie, other than that its a fantastic set. I'm thrilled LEGO put more design into than they did the Toy Story train!