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    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    When I have seen the 2017 models I got disappointed. After thinking about it more I think the reason for this feeling is that I got spoiled as last year was absolutely amazing for me - 2 must have models 42054 Xerion and 42053 Volvo + 2 really cool models which are unfortunately bit too expensive (42056 Porsche) or too big (ofc 42055) ... And years before also: 42030, 42043, 42009 (!!!!), 42042..... every year at least one must have amazing model... This year looks to me as more targeted to younger audience (as 40+ lego geek I tend to enjoy complex gears etc) and this year looks more like Creator-Technic hybrid to me (both 42064 and 42066). Well will see after review of new Tow Truck if there will be something I really like.... otherwise it will be no Lego this year for me.
  2. If I remember correctly 42042 has 2x48 track links. BWE seems to be quite bigger... So lats say 2x70 for main tracks and 2x60 for transports? It will be around 250 together which is quite a lot, but still leaves tons of other parts :)
  3. Seems more like barrel distortion of lens to me.
  4. This would suggest something I was hoping for: BWE - huge 3000+ model without PF - great would be to have it with PF option model Car - much less parts but heavy with PF I would love this to be true - I am interested in big machines and because I have enough motors it does not make much sense to pay extra 100E for them - huge model with tons of parts and PF eotion has much higher value for me! Not interested in any kind of sport car though.
  5. IMHO this is exactly how the hype is built - one source states 300E without any real evidence ... several others repeat it .... now it is various sources and people take it as sure thing. As it is said - pic or didnt happen :) ie - I will wait till official word is out. Btw - what seems to be strange to me - ultimate car is then supposed to be flagship this year? Because I cannot see how would you build realistically looking BWE with less then 3000 pcs.... then ultimate car would be huge detailed model with even more parts?
  6. Hi I was in same position as you few days ago :) Few post back I wrote how I see it after building most of these sets: http://www.eurobrick...00#entry2442441 TLDR: 42009 for the model + 42030 for PF&spare parts seems to be a winner for me :)
  7. Thankyou guys for all the info! I will go for white eneloops 12x :) Still looking for charger though - it is tough to find a smart charger with more then 4 slots :/ And I wouldreally like to be ablr charge 6 together.
  8. Thanx for all the tips guys - I have build 3 out of the 4 sets I got during last says and have the blast :) Will probably build last one (Arocs) through next weekend. My thoughts for now: 42042 - first model I built - extremly well thought, gearbox is greatly designed and functionality is really amazing. IMHO if it is not same year as Arocs this could easily be flagship few years ago! 42030 - secnd one for me - and I have mixed feelings, model is OK, but does not feel special to me - it is like very big generic design. Do not regret buying it though as it has great value for parts and PF alone. Actually I am monitoring this one for sales as it is here probably cheapest way to get PF + tons of parts (I like yellow :) 42009 - third one - absolutely amazing model, I am still breathtaken about its desgn. Definetly most favorite one for me. Biggest minus is for me poor PF equipement - IMHO it would work much better with at least 2 motors. I plan heavy MODding of this one with full set of PF - my plan is to cannibalize 42030 for parts to MOD 42009 :) 42043 - looking forward to this one - will probably not like pneumatics much but model itself look great .... :)
  9. I am looking to get 12 rechargable AA batteries & charger. According to internet best is Panasonic Eneloop - do you have expirience with these? Isnt there problem with battery diameter in Lego battery box? As for the charger - I would like to have charger for 6 batteries to be able to charge whole batch together - which is bit limitng my possibilities - friend of mine suggested this: but I am open to suggestions :) TY
  10. Thanx for heads up guys :) Aaand - its xmas baby :)
  11. Hello everyone :) I have never thought I will get into Lego again... it was a long time ago I have build something. Too long actually - probably more then 25 years ago :) At that time, growing in communist Czechoslovakia it was almost impossible to get Lego... I still remember how my amazing dad spend days before x-mass trying to get a box of bricks for me... Then I got older and forgot Lego for a long time... till my sister gave me prank gift this x-mass - small box with 42033 so I can run race with my small cousin :) Well I opened the box, smelled fresh bricks, and before I even finished the tiny model I found myself hooked again :) So now living in (relatively) normal country without fckin communists planning me what I can buy, being adult and having good job I have decided to give myself a treat and spend up to 1000Euro on my old/new hobby - so the reason why I post my first post in this thread - what to get :D What I like/want: Obviously - Technic :) Heavy machinery - cranes mostly! Do not fancy planes/cars much. Motorized models preferable. Tracked models and/or models with complex suspension. Good bang for bucks - ie probably big sets with good price/piece ratio. Will for sure want to mod/customize - found "ultimate 42009" and am very impressed As for now I have chosen to order following sets: 42009 420030 420042 420043 This will set me back approx. 600E and seems to me to be reasonable starter set - but I am more then open to suggestions about different options, additional sets etc. Especially from the point of pieces variety! TY in advance.