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  1. You know, surgery doesn't change your nationality . I think you should remember that this is the confirmation and discussion thread, and you shouldn't be playing the game here.
  2. Gregorovich

    MOC: Fashion Shop

    Thanks. I'm glad you like the clothes racks, but IMO they're not great. They're not all that sturdy, and you can't fit a lot on them.
  3. I'd like to try this out. Is there anything I need to do, or can I just post my character in the appropriate thread?
  4. I can't deny it, I am quite disappointed that I didn't get to play. Good for all of you who did get to play, though. I'll try and watch this, because it looks really good. I just hope another game comes soon... Good luck!
  5. is very happy to see his name in blue!

  6. Gregorovich

    MOC: Fashion Shop

    For my 1000th post, I thought I'd post something interesting. MOC: Fashion Shop by Gregorovich9, on Flickr It's a very small clothes shop for my minifigures. As you can see, there's a big window (I know I use that piece for everything, but I find it's quite useful ), a door and a colourful sign with happy classic faces. Fashion Shop by Gregorovich9, on Flickr The interior. There's racks with various items of clothing, a hat stand, and a counter with a till and accessory bucket. Fashion Shop by Gregorovich9, on Flickr Aerial view. You can see the details a bit better. For lots more detailed photos, look at my Flickr. Comments and criticisms are as always very welcome. Thanks for looking!
  7. Gregorovich

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    How much will this cost in the UK do you think? It's a nice set, but I'm not willing to pay over £80 for it. There's some nice figures and parts, but it's not spectacular. I think it's an ice lolly that Leia's holding. Thanks for the picture, Lord Of The Fries!
  8. Nice review, pikafunk! I like this set, but not enough to buy it. I wish Jay came in a spinner set so I could get him cheaply, though.
  9. Gregorovich

    General Discussion and Announcements

    I noticed that Quarryman has changed his avatar to a creepy looking Belville doll. Does this mean that the PM's saying that you've been chosen have been sent out ?
  10. Darn, there's no Essos near me! I wanted that jet ski as well. I'm going to a town near Fort William next week, but I'm not quite sure of the exact name. Maybe there'll be one there? Thanks for the news!
  11. Gregorovich

    4736 or 4865 - Which is best for multiples?

    I agree with Sok117, just split your money and buy similar amounts of each. By the way, there's a tread for this in the General Discussion forum - it's called "Which set should I buy?". If you don't agree with us, you might get better feedback in there . Good luck with your castle, and be sure to show us it here!
  12. Gregorovich

    More exclusive set info

    Thanks very much, Astra . I don't care much about the Camper van, and I've already seen the prelim of the Pearl, but the Post Office is new to me. It looks like a great set, with a lot of nice touches, like the patchy snow and the van. I can't make out all the smaller details, but I can tell it's a great set. Thanks again!
  13. Gregorovich

    More exclusive set info

    Oh, could you please post a picture of the winter post office, or at least give us a description! I'm quite excited about this new set. Thanks in advance.
  14. Gregorovich

    Vignette: The Final Escape

    Thanks, icy brick! The mortuary idea is good, but remember she can't wake up because she is dead. Maybe it could be her funeral or something and no one turns up because she was a criminal?
  15. Gregorovich

    2012 Friends Discussion Thread

    Out if curiosity, have you actually seen these, or have you just got a description? I have a few questions: do these figures come apart (like minifigures), or are they stuck together (like Duplo)? And when you say their heads are bigger, how big do you mean? As much as I'm disappointed, I'd just like to thank you for this info.