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  1. Lacdaran

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really do not understand what Lego is thinking with this year's sets. I spent $700 on Harry Potter Lego in 2020 and from everything out and leaked so far it looks like I'll be spending $0 in 2021. The Hogwarts moments books looked okay, but were different enough from the running theme to be an easy pass for me. They could have released ten terrible sets continuing the existing Hogwarts expansions with tiny pieces of the castle and massive side builds and I would still buy all ten for completeness. This anniversary stuff does nothing for me. Why would I want to start over with worse quality?
  2. Lacdaran

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I am all in for those suggestions. I think Harry Potter doesn't have enough background minifigs in sets. One of my disappointments with DA was how few Wizarding world background players were there. I didn't need another Hagrid, a random witch or wizard would have been better. I also wish the castle sets had more 2nd tier students. I know it's a hopeless dream but I'd love more sets without Harry, Hermione and Ron. I don't need 15 harrys.
  3. Lacdaran

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Love Arachne and the time traveller. Great work.
  4. Lacdaran

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm completely on board with this. I used the bonsai set instructions to price out the cost of the tree alone. Unfortunately its still around $30 USD in parts. A while back I submitted an ideas set that was basically nature parts, tree builds, bushes, etc. Didn't go anywhere but I still personally love the idea of reasonably priced landscaping.
  5. Lacdaran

    LEGO Creator 2021 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Do we think the castle 3 in 1 set will be three distinct builds like Castle,/Village Square/Windmill or something that can be combined if you buy three like castle gatehouse/castle rampart/castle tower?
  6. Lacdaran

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    People seem to be keying in on the fact that original had a more muted pallette. Darker brown wood trim, darker blue roof, more olives and browns in the tree and grass. The switch isn't bothering me much, but it is interesting that we've seen that a few times now on ideas projects. Barracuda Bay in particular comes to mind. Is there a reason for that? Brighter colors are cheaper resin? Focus groups prefer those colors? Better aligns with the old pirates and kingdoms theme sets?
  7. Lacdaran

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I like the build and am on the side of those that prefer the scaled down size. I don't want the town blacksmith to be as large as the castle. Minifigs and animals definitely can impact my love for this set. IG says 4 figs plus a horse. If they include a goat as shown in original submission this gets much cooler.
  8. Lacdaran

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I've said before and I'll say again that Robert8's designs consistently outclass anything lego manages to come up with. The Snowflake Costume is inspired. Both creatively unique and beautiful.
  9. I'm obviously in the minority, but I'm happy to pay $5 if the quality is there. If lego is having any issue with the unlicensed CMF I think its driven by making boring generic figures. Just look at Harry Potter series 2 versus Series 20, the quality and creativity difference is astounding. (Although, don't get me wrong, HP S2 has some duds as well). The rumored cost of the new Harry Potter wave is scary though. Hoping for some duds there to protect my pocket book.
  10. Lacdaran

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Dear financial advisor, Is it a good idea to take me a 2nd mortgage out on my house to buy Harry Potter lego? Sincerely, Mr. Lacdaran
  11. Lacdaran

    Ideas for a CMFs

    This is depressing. These are always so much better than what the lego group ends up actually making it bums me out. In every real CMF series maybe 1 or 2 of the figs stands up against Robert8's consistent quality.
  12. Lacdaran

    CMF Series 21 Guessing game.

    1. Golfer 2. Tennis Player (Female) 3. Renaissance Inventor (Leonardo Da Vinci type) 4. Pioneer Girl (think little house on the prairie) 5. Super Warrior (following on series 20, but yellow color, female face) 6. Farmer with Sheep (Female) 7. Fashion Designer 8. Postal Worker 9. Centaur 10. Underworld God (Similar to Greek Hades) 11. Cow Costume Guy 12. Hamburger Costume Girl Additions if 16 figures: 13. Dentist 14. Reporter 15. Sorceress (female spin on series 12 wizard) 16. Carrot Costume
  13. I know, I wasn't serious. In an attempt to be amusing I was just saying if we are going to be talking about our hopes and dreams we might as well dream big.
  14. I'm hoping 2021 will look like this: Jan: Series 21 (20 figures) March: Star Wars - Series 1 (20 figures) May: Series 22 (20 figures) July: Series 23 (20 figures) Sept: Harry Potter - Series 3 (20 figures) Nov: Series 24 (20 figures) Might be a bit optimistic though.
  15. Lacdaran

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Full Halloween series or just a figure or two? I'm excited about either.