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  1. 25000 parts is huge! I don't even own that many!
  2. This is just incredible! Do you have a piece count so far?
  3. Mercury

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    That's one pricey minifig head!
  4. Mercury

    Some Rude Moderators?

    Ditto. I think this was handled wonderfully. The clarification provided helps a lot, and admitting publicly that a *tiny* miscommunication had happened is a great sign of sincerity. Way to turn this one around gents.
  5. Mercury

    Some Rude Moderators?

    Just gonna place this here... I don't see much in the way of acknowledgement in this thread, it seems to be geared towards pointing out that how the staff performs their duties is correct and we should all accept it. Being a member of several forums and having several thousand posts under my belt on multiple forums(and being an admin myself on one forum) I can honestly say this is the first instance I've ever seen of a thread dedicated to "Rude Mods". Fact is, this site is indeed much more strict than most I've posted on, and that fact alone is why I don't post much here. I never know when I'll be reprimanded for a grammar mistake(seriously?!) or told to stay on topic. Some friendly banter is harmless in my opinion, and most everyone would agree. But, your numbers look great and you have a massive population of active members so why should you put any stock in a thread like this? I would personally be embarrassed that it even exists.
  6. Mercury

    A small rant

    That is frustrating, I agree. That's when the Mods step in and kick it back. I personally haven't seen any significant thread derailment that the Mods haven't hopped right on here, but I'm not on every board every day; I spend most of my time in the Historic themes and Superhero threads.
  7. Mercury

    A small rant

    I'm going to comment, which is rare for me here. I've been here for nearly a year, but I've been on other forums as long as 6 years. I'm on the admin team on another forum. I have nearly 10,000 posts on that one. One of the things I've noticed over the years is that quite a few internet forums are far too heavy handed with moderating and rules. This is where we all come as part of our recreation. I, for one, spend enough time being told what to do at work. I don't need to be told how to act when I'm enjoying my hobby. I'm all for staying on topic, but sometimes some real good commentary happens when people are allowed to stray a bit. It also builds a family environment if members are allowed to joke with one another. I've left a couple forums because of keyboard ninjas feeling all powerful because they have a moderator badge and feel like they have to tell everyone what's what all the time. So far I haven't seen too much here that would put me off, but if your rant is any indication of the way the members of this site feel then I might be wrong. I think you need to relax and remember we are all here because we are TOY ENTHUSIASTS. I got into this partly to be closer to my 8 year old son, and between him and his 4 year old sister we can't stay on topic for more than 60 seconds, so it's not a huge deal for me if a thread is derailed. Take a chill pill dude.
  8. Mercury

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Still no clue about the polybag? I'm kinda hoping it's another iron man variant, but I can't imagine there's much they could do that would be relevant. Ant Man would be the best surprise.
  9. Very interesting build, I can't wait to see it completed!
  10. Mercury

    [MOC] Baker Street 221 B (Holmes & Watson)

    Excellent! I love the wall hangings, very Holmes. It's got a cozy feel to it. The furniture is really well done and I love the throw rug under the armchairs. Great!
  11. Mercury

    Millennium Falcon

    At this point, I would let him build it. It's opened and that takes away the ridiculously high value for a NEW set. Enjoy building something with your son that few will ever get to experience.
  12. Mercury

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    My boy loves any Superhero minifig I get. He's really good about leaving the collection alone, but if I have an extra he wants it. Even if he already has it! I got an extra batman the other day that he has two of, and he still asked me for it. I assume it's because he loses his all the time.
  13. Mercury

    An Excellent Treasure-Route

    Wow, fantastic build. I love following the builds in Brethren, they are always so entertaining!
  14. Mercury

    The Shameful Confessions Thread

    I'm pretty sure I've bought my son a few sets simply to justify the fact that I was coming out of my dark ages last year. I've since dropped all pretense of being into it "because my kids are". To be honest the only reason they like Lego is I'm into it, and they spend more time playing with my stuff than their own. Which brings me to my next shameful confession: I have over twice as much Lego as both of my children combined! My son has 54 minifigs, I just hit 195. But about 97% of mine are in my "collection" which is off limits to touching in any way by little sticky hands. I sold my son a duplicate flash minifig the other day. In my defense, I had just given him an extra Batzarro I had along with a few others that I had meant to sell on Bricklink or eBay. I bought the set with the extra flash knowing I was going to sell it to offset costs, and he was relentlessly asking me for it, so I taught him to save his allowance for something he wanted by having him do chores that day to boost what he had so he could buy it. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I think I'm just not going to let him know I have extras for a while. The bad thing is he'll forget he has it in a week, just like all the others.
  15. Mercury

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    My 7 year old gets more figs just because he's so damn adorable when he asks for my extras. I'll order a set that has one or two in it I already have, fully planning to sell the spares to offset the cost, and he will find out Daddy has an extra and beg me for it.