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  1. Port Wilks, June, 621 It has been some time since we've seen our young first mate - now captain of the Fog-Breaker - Myles Bowditch, but in the last few years he managed to build up a little fortune in trading both for himself and for the ETWC, and now with a part of that - inspired, possibly, by the activity around the new ETWC agent just arrived in the area - he had just built and outfitted a new flour mill on the river that skirts the Port Wilks settlement. It was bright and early one morning soon after the mill had been fitted out and begun to run that Myles stood awaiting the arrival of a certain well-known and eccentric Eslandolan captain, and as the sound of a coach's wheels rattling along the path met his ears he looked up to see Captain Whiffo rolling up in a carriage that probably belonged to the mayor (if you know why then kudos for following the storyline and having a crazy good memory! ). "Well, Captain Bowditch - so things have been sailing fairly with you, mate?" inquired Captain Whiffo after the first cordialities were dispensed with. "Excellently indeed, captain," reply our hero, "but I'm afraid the sinking of our one company's ship seems to have been a bit of a damper on the general spirits." "Oh right - the WSWHPTOE. 'Twas a most unfortunate turn for it to go down on its first expedition," Captain Whiffo stroked his chin thoughtfully. "I think it was the WDTPTOE?" "Right," replied Captain Whiffo, shaking his head - "the WDTSTOP. At any rate, whatever they named it we really ought to sistership it promptly, and the Henri as well. Arr, but have I been out of a ship for too long!" "Indeed," replied Myles pensively (thinking, perhaps, about how difficult it would be to spell the WDTPTOE II - of was it the WDTSTOE II?) "I heard you bought some tulips recently, Capt'n?" "Oh yes, quite the rage," replied Captain Whiffo contentedly, quite happy to hear that the news had got about. "Now there is a notion for the cargo of the WDTPTOS II!" "Not a bad idea at all," Myles answered, beginning to pace up and down, "I might have to buy a cargo hold of it for the Fog-Breaker's next voyage as well." "A capital idea," and Captain Whiffo began to clang his saber in his hook, as he always did when excited upon the subject of capital, "just the thing once we get the ETWC once more to its rightful place plying the trading seas!" "Have you heard of the new currency in Corrington?" asked Captain Bowditch after some more details had been satisfactorily settled. "No." "You wouldn't like to," laughed Myles, his mind running on schillings and six-pnence. The clanging stopped and Captain Whiffo's face grew serious, for the topic of money always was extraordinarily important to him - but ask as he would he could get no more out of Myles about it, for the young captain had decided he'd rather not be around when that explosion took place. A few more details later the two parted ways amiably, the one to prepare his vessel for its next voyage and the other to ask everyone he met about the new currency until he had gotten to the bottom of it. But unbeknownst to them, a small, unseen pair of ears had been listening carefully all this while. "Pieces of eight!" ejaculated Captain Nordau's parrot softly in surprise, with a low whistle... Hey y'all! Another build from me - I really wanted to use this waterwheel for BoBS after building it for the Summer Joust and am really happy with how the scene came together! So fun to use a bunch of Kai's yellow leaves as well! Otherwise just a medium mill for Port Wilks and a list of all the stuff I need to build for my convenience (and to help me remember)! - and a sistership build for the Henri (now the Whiffo's Riposte). Haven't forgot about Captain Whiffo's duel storyline either, but it's about time that one way or another we finally get our captain back on the seas! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  2. Settlement Name: Port Wilks Ownership: ETWC Location: Isla Phillipe Mayor: Governor J. Guyiere Wilkinson de Chauncourtois (@Garmadon) Who can own property in Port Wilks: Anyone, from any faction (subject to any Eslandolan laws or ETWC decisions which may apply). Who can freebuild in Port Wilks: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: Currently, none. Troops: There are currently no troops stationed in Port Wilks. Please post any free-builds that take place in Port Wilks in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Port Wilks, post in this thread and fill out the web form. Island description: Name: Isla Phillipe Nickname: The PigGeographical Features: Named after the King of Oleon (for obvious reasons), this island is about thirty-five miles across, with good soft shore beaches. The elevation is high enough for farming. It has no natural cove or bay, and waters are shallow surrounding the island for a few miles.Rumors: As its nickname suggests, Isla Phillipe is practically haunted by wild boars. It is unknown if there are natives on the island. The soil is a bit rocky, but likely can produce common foodstuffs like wheat. Silver flakes were found in one of the streams. Map of Isla Phillipe: Builds in Port Wilks Please help us out by posting your a link to your Port Wilks builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the size of licence. Properties: 7/11 Size for EGS purposes - Level 1 'Hamlet' Commerce: 4 Customs sentry post, small, ETWC via Ayrlego Temporary Pier and ETWC Warehouse, large, ETWC via Ayrlego Artisan: 3 Dark Green Inn, large, Garmadon
  3. Abe Gray's Universal Store was one of the most popular shops in Pontelli. His oldest daughter usually watched the shop and his younger daughter usually watched her little baby brother and ate cookies while she thought her sister wasn't looking. But how well it went with the business was testified by the fact that both his girls were always dressed in the lattest elegant fashion, frills and puffed sleeves and all. Sadie saw to that, although some detractors said sometimes that her sister looked like she was dressed in a sack - but that was ridiculous. Pirates do not window-shop. That's just not a pirate thing. But it must be admitted that when Captain Nordau saw some tulips in the window of Gray's Universal Store he did a very un-pirate-like thing and walked in. He had heard just a little bit ago that Captain Cookie had bought some of Pontelli's new tulips. And he was not one to be behind other pirate captains for long - it would never do. "Arr, did I see some tulips in the winder of this 'ere 'stablishment, miss?" "Yes you did, sir," replied Sadie. "Those are Mondials - they are one of the rarest kinds around. Here you see." "Ay, indeed. I hear that Captain Cookie has bought some Pontelli tulips." "Oh yes, sir, indeed he did. Everybody heard of that. But he bought some of the Orange Emperor tulips. These are Mondials." "Aha, much better, I shall outdo him yet," exclaimed Captain Nordau triumphantly. "Now how much are these? They're better than his, of course, right? I wouldn't pay less than Captain Cookie did for some." "No fear of that," said Sadie to herself. But all she did was smile up at Captain Nordau and think that he was clearly not an Eslandolan. "Yes, of course. These are three-quarters of a doubloon. Captain Cookie's was only a half-doubloon." "Oh yes, excellent. Here you are. And these are one of the rarest kinds you say?" "Certainly, thank you." "No problem miss, anyday," said Captain Nordau as he walked out with his new purchase. He had only just left and Sadie was just pulling out another bunch of the "rare" tulips when Captain Whiffo entered Gray's store. He was a regular costumer there and didn't care if everybody knew it. Abe Gray was a member of the ETWC after all too. Captain Whiffo considered Sadie Gray to be a very Eslandian girl - and that was about the highest compliment anybody could want from him. "Hello, Captain!" said Sadie as he came in. "Captain Nordau was just here and he bought some of these Mondial tulips." "What?! Captain Nordau here?? And what did he want with the tulips?" "Well, he heard that Captain Cookie had just bought some too." "What, him too? Well, I guess it won't do to be left out. How much do they cost? Half a doubloon?" "What, no. Of course not - that's what Captain Cookie paid for them. They're going for four-fifths of a doubloon now." "What? What extravegance!" "Captain Nordau paid three-quarters of a doubloon for them," Sadie smiled. "You wouldn't want to do worse than him. And it's my last one. Extra proceeds for the ETWC, you know, Captain," and she held up the flowers in front of her pretty face. Captain Whiffo sighed. "Okay, give me them for four-fifths then." "A pleasure to see you again, Captain," said Sadie, taking the gold coins, which as Captain Whiffo thought - like a good Eslandolan - looked even better against an Eslandolan girl's pretty face. "Jackie, come show Captain Whiffo your little brother," said Sadie, calling over her little sister - "and stop snitching cookies or I really will take the next one out of your allowance." And Captain Whiffo left saying to himself, "why, how does she manage it? She always does me like this, I don't know how she does it." And he concluded as he had often concluded before, "someday I'm going to marry that girl." And as soon as he walked out the door Sadie said, "Jackie dear, bring out the Royal Blue now, will you please? And I'll pardon you that cookie." ---------------------------------------------- The story so far: Something for a Lady Buying Some Flowers Captain Cookies next move
  4. Welcome to the East Trade Wind Company's Discussion Topic! Here’s where members sign up, organize transactions, vote on expenditures, and more. There will be certain strategic discussions that are kept private, but if you have any questions about the ETWC or the relative parts of the EGS, feel free to ask below! What is the ETWC? Almost since the beginning of its charter, the ETWC has been the most powerful trading company of Eslandola. It controls almost all the major Eslandolan Old World ports and Sir E.T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois, the head of the company, saw to it that most of the High Council seats were filled with board members. Only recently has the company begun to make a more vigorous move toward strengthening colonization and trading in the New World, but once it has started there isn't much that would want to stand in its way! Why should I join the ETWC? You should join the East Trade Wind Company because it is the richest, biggest, and best company around! Plus, E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois who leads it is just the right person to lead a company, and not some hot-headed young Guy. We also already ply the seas of the world's oceans and own most of Eslandola's old world. Lastly, we're simply the best! Furthermore, the ETWC has monopolies of wheat and oat plantations and on copper mines These monopolies translate into in-game economic benefits. The ETWC can provide protection to your property and open the way if you want to land a position as mayor or civil servant, or even a member of Eslandola’s High Council, if you show that kind of commitment! Plus, the ETWC provides a great setting for you to engage in the Monthly Commerce and Raiding Action along with like-minded Eslandian traders. ETWC Role Call: Leader: Garmadon - Myles Bowditch Captain Braunsfeld - Colonel William Oswald Brickinson ETWC Settlements: Name: Pontelli Ownership: ETWC Location: Nellisa Mayor: Alberto de Pontelli (@Captain Braunsfeld) Who can own property in Pontelli: Anyone Who can freebuild in Pontelli: Anyone Pontelli Thread Name: Port Wilks Ownership: ETWC Location: Isla Phillipe Mayor: TBD (@Garmadon) Who can own property in Port Wilks: Anyone Who can freebuild in Port Wilks: Anyone Port Wilks Thread ETWC Monopolies: Wheat Plantations – If an ETWC member licenses a wheat plantation, he/she will receive a 150% return. Oat Plantations – If an ETWC member licenses an oat plantation, he/she will receive a 150% return. Copper Mines – If an ETWC member discovers and licenses a copper mine, he/she will receive a 175% return. ETWC Assets: –0– ETWC Finances: Monthly Income Qty $$ Settlements 1 10 Licenses 2 51 Properties 2 51 Ships 0 0 Expenses Frequency $$ Forts As Necessary 50 Builder Pay As Necessary 10+ Mayor Salaries Monthly 15 Charter Fee Monthly 0 Bank Account Balance = 366DBs (as of Sept. 617) Current ETWC Activities: Right now, the ETWC is not running any open forum special activities or discounts.
  5. Captain Whiffo stood on the docks outside Port Wilkes while one of the ETWC soldiers finished loading the skiff, finalizing the papers for his new ship, built for the East Trade-Wind Company by the fine Braunsfeld shipmasters in Pontelli. It had been way too long since he had last been to sea, and he was hankering for adventure on the Brick Seas. The dock official was working away busily at his ledger, noting down the Captain's specifications. "And that should be it!" exclaimed Captain Whiffo, with a clank of his hook. "Here ye have the licencing costs, sir." The official finished scrawling down the last line and looked up. "But Captain, you have forgotten that the ship will need a name. It has yet to be christened, you know, sir." "Oh right," exclaimed Captain Whiffo - "that'll be the WDTPTOE." --- --- "Short for, the Why Didn't They Put This Out Earlier," put in the Captain, helpfully. The official finally broke out of his astonished stare and started to jot the name down, but had to have Captain Whiffo repeat it at least twice before he actually got it right and closed up his ledger and took the payment for the new vessel. He shook his head as he turned away to leave, his face still a picture - muttering under his breath, "The WDTPOTE, the WTOEPD, the..." "Hey, t'wasn't my idea," Captain Whiffo laughed after him - "that's the name the builder himself put on it!" --- Just at that moment, Alberto and George Da Pontelli (in his newest hat) came around to bid the Captain adieu and congratulate him on his new command. They'd come over to visit the settlement and deliver the ship. "Ah, hello!" Captain Whiffo exclaimed, "I have but just finished off with all the last details and will be rowing off to the ship in a moment. Thank you again for bringing over the vessel, my friends, and be sure to relay my and the Company's thanks to its builder!" "Certainly, certainly," replied Alberto da Pontelli - "Best wishes to you and smooth sailing as well! What have you named her, sir?" "Why, the WDTPTOE, of course. That's the very name it came under from the shipyards, you know." Alberto da Pontelli stared at the Captain for a moment, and George had to suppress a coughing fit. "It stands for the Why Didn't They Put This Out Earlier, you know," added the Captain with a smile. "The W.D.T.P.T.O.E." "I- I think that was a bit of a joke," faltered Alberto at last. "What?" exclaimed the Captain blankly. But then, quickly recovering himself, he laughed, "Well, the joke's on you now, I'm afraid, 'cause that's what it's named!" --- But Alberto looked down at George and whispered to him, "The joke's on us, humph? Well, I'm not the one who has to write it every month on the trMRCA forms!" Captain Whiffo looked over at the monkey to see why he was laughing so hard... Yes, I did it I couldn't help it - and yes, this was all a bit of practice so hopefully I can get it right on all the forms It's been waay too long since I last posted a build here! This was built as a little thank-you to @Captain Braunsfeld for putting the WDTPTOE up for the ETWC to licence - thanks again, mate! And honestly the name fits very well considering that this is actually the first ship licenced by the ETWC itself... I know, right, Hopefully I'll have more builds up for the Brick Seas in a few months though! My building time is pretty packed full right now, but once I've got that cleared off I hope to return to BOBS seriously here! Plus I've got that Class 10 that needs to be finished here I've missed y'all! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  6. Settlement Name: Pontelli Ownership: ETWC Location: Nellisa Mayor: Lady Asma April (@Captain Braunsfeld) Who can own property in Pontelli: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Pontelli: Anyone, from any faction. Fortifications: One large fort and one small fort. Pontelli is also within the protection radius of the Royal Fortress of Nova Terreli. Troops: One platoon (locally raised). See the Pontelli Index. Please post any free-builds that take place in Pontelli in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Pontelli, you must be someone (in some faction)! Post in this thread and fill out the web form. The Settlement of Pontelli is encompassed in the defense radius of Nova Terreli's Royal Fortress. Map of Nellisa:
  7. Shortly before heading off to the docks of Pontelli to check out a new small armed sloop while waiting for his first mate to return from Eslandola's Old World capital of Terelli... Captain Whiffo strode up and down the porch in ecstacy, gazing out across the large, verdant plantation now covered with ready-to-harvest oats. The workers scurrying hither and yon (under the watchful eyes of their monkey supervisors which Mayor da Pontelli had provided, of course) were an absolute pleasure to behold. The East Trade Wind Company had finally taken the large step he had meditated so long, and in no time it would assuredly be as large, powerful, and rich in the new world as it ever was in the old! (One of the monkey supervisors on his courier:) Wheels rattled along the road and the Captain looked up intelligently, if not mysteriously (mostly, you see, because he loved mystery, not because there was any real mystery in the whole affair). For once he was not carrying his beloved cutlass, as he was not sure but that it would get in the way while showing de Chauncourtois' niece about the house and new plantation which she had come out to see (though he was sorely inclined to regret leaving it behind as its clanking was the only thing missing - he thought - to perfect the sensation of mysteriousness) - but he might as well as have spared his pains, for he could have known from previous experience that his cutlass and his habit of rapping it on his hook and smashing it into everything was a constant source of amusement to de Chauncourtois' good-humored niece. The carriage rolled to a stop just before the door - and Captain Whiffo, throwing the cutlass with an effort out of his mind (for the present), bowed slightly and offered her his hand. "Good day, miss, shall I show you inside?" ...Speaking of which! - Let's go inside, shall we? Originally I had only been planning on the hinging wall, but in the end, the roof was detachable as well, so thankfully the interior was very easy to take pictures of! It is furnished with a large kitchen, Some furniture... An instrument - And a good-sized (if not over-sized ) fireplace: A few closeups: The pig-pen (the colors of which were inspired especially by Ayrlego's recent challenge entry, along with the rest of that collab)... And a final overview: And, I've finally finished! Just about ever since the launch of the Brethren of the Brick Seas I've been meaning to build a large plantation for the ETWC, but only recently have I been able to actually get around to planning and building it. Here's my section of the collab with Captain Braunsfeld (be sure to check out his excellent section here) for Eslandola's East Trade Wind Company. It took a great deal longer than I was hoping for (mostly due to RL), but I'm rather happy with how it turned out, and it was definitely fun (and somewhat challenging at times) to attempt to make it clearly part of the same plantation and yet give it my own touch (well, I suppose that last part came pretty naturally! ) Special thanks to Captain B for working on this collab and waiting very patiently for my side here to be complete! Credit goes to Gideon for the door design and to Legopard for the chair (slightly altered here), and the carriage is a modification of the one found in LEGO's excellent POTC London Chase. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  8. Well, as everyone knows, the King of Eslandola, Fernando Augusto VIII, has recently decided that it might be a good idea to sign away his power in the Eslandolan Magna Charta - but for all those who were curious as to how exactly he was convinced, this would be for you! The candlelight glimmered on the shaded canopy, and the bright and roaring fire added its own charm to the scene inside the King's royal bedchamber. King Fernando Augusto VIII lay back on his pillow and sighed contentedly. As it so happened, he was thinking of that glorious, magnificent trick of his in taking those fortresses from the sleepy Oleanders, and planning his own trip to Granoleon in the near future - but then again, you know, that should hardly be surprising, for it is certainly under a great deal of doubt whether he had thought of anything else at all since that brilliant morning! Be that as it may, as he lay there - having strictly instructed his servants not to disturb him, by the way - he happened to hear a strange sound as of something falling softly in the room. Leaping out of his bed and drawing back the curtains, he dashed out armed and, as all his servants would be sure to say, certainly highly dangerous. * * * De Chauncourtois leapt through the partly open but curtained window with a satisfied grin upon his face. This, decidedly, was great fun. Ever since he had been to the meeting with some of the leading figures of New Eslandola a few days previously he had known exactly what he was going to do, and planning it all out had been extraordinarily exciting. But there's nothing like the execution itself! Drawing and cocking his pistol, he dropped into his good friend, the King's, bed-chamber, along with half a company of ETWC soldiers, all apparently as enthusiastic about the idea as their energetic leader himself. The second he had emerged from the voluminous folds of his magnificent bed, however, the King caught sight of de Chauncourtois and his soldiers, and the nightcap dropped from his hand in utter surprise. But the King wasn't king for nothing, you know! Coming up with the next thing to do when in a pinch was his expertise, and with a quick glance around and a reflection on the great bravery and prudence he had inherited from his illustrious ancestors, he collected his scattered wits and dashed from the room. But unfortunately for him, of course, his good friend de Chauncourtois had foreseen that, and King Fernando Augusto found that, all down the hall, a host of ETWC soldiers were pouring in, doubtless to show him back into his bed-chamber for a good night's rest. * * * But, you know, when Guy K. Wyndzon dropped in to the palace latter that morning, to his surprise he found the King and de Chauncourtois seated at the whist table, sipping their champagne and laughing and chatting like the oldest of friends. And, after all, he found that the King had turned the matter over in his head, and decided that signing the Magna Charta was rather a good idea all things considered. A closeup shot: The bed: And another final picture of about the whole thing (as much as could be got into one photo, at any rate! ) As to the build, it was certainly a lot of fun, and I had some great chances to experiment with inventing new techniques and reusing old ones. An interesting thing about it is that I used every last one of my own headlight bricks here and quite a few of Kai's as well! - in fact, the build was about chock full of half-plate offsets. The candles are a previous design of mine, the bed under the canopy is Kai's design, and the canopy itself is another attempt of mine at such things, and I think it turned out far better than my first! Thank for viewing, C&C are welcome! And don't forget to enter the Eslandolan minichallenge!
  9. Having seen things satisfactorily settled for the present in Terreli, much to his delight and the amusement of all others, Captain Whiffo had sent Myles off with the Second Mate to the shipwrights of the Capital to commission the preparation of a new ETWC sloop at the shortest notice possible... and, finding that "the shortest notice possible" exceeded his own ideas of propriety (which were quite unique, by the way), he sailed off instantly to return to the New World, leaving a letter behind him at the hotel to let his mates know what was up. But, as the reader has probably guessed, it wasn't very elucidating - yet notwithstanding, our ingenious First Mate got as much out of it as practicable, and proceeded to take temporary command of the Fog-Breaker, to go and attempt to find his eccentric Captain somewhere to the east of Terraversa... Fair skies and fair winds soon saw them off in the direction of Pontelli... Our randomly promoted (at least for now) First Mate: And, the Second Mate by the wheel: The newest addition to the ETWC Eslandolan fleet, the Fog-Breaker is a fast trading sloop, built strong enough to weather the toughest gale, and yet sleek enough to cut through the water far faster than most of its possible enemies. Notwithstanding, it is armed with an 18 pounder in the bow, and the crew have weapons enough to be armed to the teeth. Like my other ship, as well, it has a full interior, accessible by the removable deck - which, unlike last time, note, is actually easily removable! Instead of studs-up I went for an entirely SNOTted deck that sits inside the hull connected by the stud on the bottom half of the mast, and the rigging was designed with the removable deck in view (also unlike last time! ) The ship's-cook (those guys always seem to have a difficult life, for some reason ) And the cabin. Given the raised quarterdeck, the two parts came off separately - and thankfully the quarterdeck didn't have any rigging in the way! The bow and cannon: And a few random rigging shots which I thought were too cool to do away with! The fighting-top: And a top-down view: And, wrapping up with a couple of overviews: And the crew - left to right, the ship's cook, a nondescript sailor, the Second Mate, the First Mate (previously Second Mate of the Henri), and Myles Bowditch, temporary Captain: And lastly the classic shot (just leaving Terreli - at least, that's my excuse for my photo-setup being surrounded by trees, ) Well, well, about this ship - This was supposed to be an experiment to find out how quickly I could build a ship, but as I got distracted about the middle of the building process and took a break to build my large-ish Weyworth Keep which swallowed up about two months, I'm afraid it ended up taking even longer than my last! Nevertheless, it's been sitting around (the pictures, that is - the rest didn't last very long! ) for about a month or so waiting for me to get around to editing them. But that said, here it is, so enjoy! On another note, I'm rather wondering what I ought to licence this as, so suggestions are quite welcome! I was planning on building a 2F for my free licence, but it ended up getting a bit out of hand, and Kai says she'd probably make it a 4 (Note that the full-scale sails do seem to dwarf it, so you'll have to scale it by the minifigs on deck ). I'm thinking a 3F would probably be the best fit... And, as I mentioned for the next time I used it, I've got a tutorial for the cannon design ready (though I don't think it's all that complicated or too original ), but I'm not quite sure if I should dedicate an entire new topic to it or if that (probably) is a bit much... Regardless, anyhow, thanks for viewing, C&C are always more than welcome!
  10. A couple of days ago on the Eslandolan island of Nelissa: It was a calm, peaceful day at the ETWC headquarters in Pontelli... Without, the citizens of Pontelli strolled leisurely about - a 'prentice boy chased after his run-away chicken, and a now well-to-do printer of our acquaintance carried off the latest news to his press in subdued excitement. Inside, Myles and Alberto da Pontelli, the mayor of the town, talked energetically of math and scientific experiments, as well as of the best ways to navigate the seas, and how well the ETWC was doing on its trading. The monkey seemed to be discussing the benefits of having four hands when it came to food with the second mate... In short, it was a normal day in the ETWC headquarters, when suddenly a commotion was heard outside, and the door - which had thankfully been unlocked - burst in with a crash. "Pshaw!" exclaimed Captain Whiffo with a breathless gasp. "What ever are you all doing! Haven't you heard the news?!" "What news, sir?" replied the first mate with a grin. "I'm afraid the news has been flying about recently in such quantities that it is really a bit hard to keep track of it all! Nevertheless, the outcome of all the news is the same - Eslandola is the great faction and most intriguingly wonderful nation upon earth- but that is hardly news, you know." "Ha, sirrah!" broke in the Captain with a gesture of his hook hand - "If you don't know what news I'm talking of your less of an Eslandolan than I thought you! What do you think it is?! The King has gone off and rocked himself mad!" "In short, sirs," he continued, shaking his hook hand at the mayor, not for any particular reason, "allow me to give you a quick Eslandolan lesson on profit, and how to make it! - a neighboring nation of happy, contented Oleanders will trade much better than a heap of mopes - for whatever else I might think, I doubt those Oleander fellows have enough sense to appreciate the benefits of living under the Eslandolan flag - and our King would do much better to sit in Terelli ruling over all of us, than bothering to rule over those mad fellows as well (for you know, if they weren't mad, they'd be Eslandolan, obviously). Whatever is to become of our excellent trade with Granoleon if all the Oleander princes flee at the sight of a green coat?!" "Sir," interjected the first mate with a wink, "I hear the demand for nightcaps in Granoleon is about to skyrocket." "Pshaw!" exclaimed Captain Whiffo, "bring a nightcap along with you than, Mr. Bowditch, sir, for we sail for Terelli at a moment's notice!" "Aye, aye, sir!" replied the latter. "And I just gave you that moment's notice, by the way," concluded the Captain - "we sail out with the tide!" "And that is," he added, sticking his head back in the door for a second, "in five minutes!" Out he dashed as quickly as he had come in, leaving the rest to gather the crew in the time allotted as best as possible. But of course, there was no problem with that - Eslandolans never need two quick Eslandolan lessons on profit! (In fact, they don't even need one - they just like talking about it... ) A couple more shots: A little reaction build from me to show what the ETWC thinks of King Fernando Augusto VIII's little excursion, and it will be licenced by said trade company as a small commerce in Pontelli. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  11. It is on this day, September the tirteenth of the year 616, that we, Román Esteban Fontonajo and Elysabeth of Drondil, mayors of respectively Nova Terelli and Elysabethtown, declare the following: -From now, the ties between our two cities will be tighted using a variety of deals and mutual agreements, as explained below -To encourage the Eslandolan fleet, a certain number of ship-builders from each city will teach a certain number of shipwrighters from the other -Considering the trading rights on the island... ... -... To further encourage shipbuilding, and thus trade and wealth, a bonus will be offered to all ships build for the Eslandolan fleet -As part of the previous agreement, we will offer a bonus of 120DBs to any ship build before October the First, 616, that is offered to the Eslandolan Crown. (Up to a maximum of three, and a minimum of class 4.) For King and Country!
  12. While in the New World all was hurry and commotion, it was in the Old, that plans were now being decided which would guide the fate of nations - and that of a great deal of treasure, which, naturally, was more important. In the East Trade-Wind Company's headquarters in Terreli "Excellent, de Chauncourtois, excellent. If we cannot with that outmaneuver and outwit any pirates daring or foolish enough, it will be a wonder indeed." "I'll say, Sire," replied Wilkinson with a mischievous smile, "if anything goes wrong it shall undoubtedly be only the fault of that cousin of yours in Granoleon." King Fernando looked around for a nightcap to throw - he still hadn't gotten over that whole thing - but finding nothing, he only responded with a half-amused grimace, and looked back at the map. Guy K. Wyndzon had been rather quiet up until this point (the idea of treasure had clearly suggested its opposite of debt, which naturally brought his uncle to mind, which obviously made him half wonder who was hanging from a palm tree now and made him hope that worthy wasn't planning on dropping in until this talk was over, at least). "We ought to loop over here though on the way back though," he interjected, pointing at the map, "as the MCTC has a thriving business going on there as well." de Chauncourtois and the King leaned over the map. "True, true," remarked the latter, with a laugh, "but I hope you see to it that we don't pick up your uncle there as well, or every man of the crew will be hanging by their toes from the yard-arms by the time they drop anchor in Terreli!" Guy looked up at the swinging chandelier with a little silent whistle. "I'm afraid that if you want to be certain of that the only way is to make sure he's busy hanging somebody else in some other place," he rejoined. "Well, then, he may be busy hanging you for your pains!" returned Fernando with another laugh. "But as to the route, that will do very well. And in anything to do with treasure, you know," he winked, "Eslandolans may be sure to get it all right!" The Room: And a closeup with E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois: More to come soon! I've went with kabel's cutaway style for his build in Terreli as this is situated in the same place, and am quite happy with how it turned out. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  13. Previous part: A gift from MAESTRO for the new King After gifting the gifts to the officials of Breshaun and providing the Cider Shop with new provision, the "Prince of Stedor" sailed a bit further. After a few hours sailing from Breshaun, the "Prince of Stedor" entered a small bay and joined some other vessels laying for anchor. All of them Eslandolan... Once anchored, some small rowboats were heading of the ship. Lord Maximilian Damaximus was overwatching the arriving rowboats. He clearly heard two voices mocking eachother. Sir Edward Thomas Wilkinson de Chauncourtois was laughing with the new haircut of the young Guy K. Wyndzon. In the third rowboat, Viceroy Renato Filamento was listening to the two others, while his eyes were focused on Lord Maximilian. They will never be best friends since he had a crush on princess Margot for such a long time. But he had to put his pride away, politics was much more important than a lovestory.... Inside the "Prince of Stedor", the guests and Maximilian started drinking applecider. Even they all were rivals, there was a good atmosphere. After some good laughs, Renato bounced his hand on the table. R: "Let's start the discussion" M: "indeed, so we all agree I may assume, as you all made the effort to come to here" All: "aye" G: "Perfect, so how are we doing it? We can't ask if he steps down..." E: "No, indeed, I fear it will be throug military actions" R: "We can't attack those bloody royalists on the old continent, they are too strong there. If we want to make a chance, we will have to take control over the New World settlements." M: "last time I saw the New World capital, it was filled with guards" G: "I can take care of that. Money does a lot... But we still need other soldiers as well..." M: "You see "Margot"? 80 Elite MAESTRO Soldiers are in it, as well with 40 reserve soldiers" R: "120 men? Where in Hades Realm found you them?" M smiled E: "So no actions in the Old World?" M: "Considering your power in the old world, I would propose ot keep you army stand-by. You never know if we need them. Guy, you have to take care of the diplomatic consequences of our actions. If I am right, you are going to Mardier soon. I hope your visit will be fruitfull and you will find allies there..." R: "So then we all know what to do..." All: "Long live Eslandola!" After the two Tradelords and the Viceroy disembarked, Maximilian went to his Cabin and looked to the maps of the New World. Soon he will give orders to his army. If everything goes as planned, Eslandola will become a true powerfull nation again. Provision: Elysabeth and Tomvaximus MAESTRO Explorer Jan Zwartbaard Bow Middle ------------------- C&C welcome! She will be licenced as a Class 5 T2. With some minor modifications, she can easily be a Class 5HA as well. Maybe when the class 5+ classification is known, she will be classified as a class 6... Licence chart: MAESTRO ESL: 0 (2 shares) MAESTRO COR: 50 (1 share) Maxim: 150 (3 shares) Legostone: 100 (2 shares) TitusV: 50 (1 share) Tomsche: 50 (1 share)
  14. Garmadon

    Off to Pontelli!

    The next morning Captain Whiffo and his first and second mate strode into the ship builders office again. "Sir," exclaimed the director, still elated by the events of the preceding evening, "there she be, ratlines and rigging tight, and all in all quite seaworthy!" "Haha!" replied the Captain, and, turning to the mates, he exclaimed, "prepare the crew by high tide, and we shall be off at once!" "Uh, Cap'in," replied the second mate, "you do know you've given us exactly five minutes?" "Pshaw!" responded the captain, "well, then make it five and a half. We're off to Pontelli, me hearties!" Five and a half minutes later the anchor was up, and the Henri sailed out into the uncharted waters of adventure. A few hours later, as the first watch went below, Captain Whiffo sent for his first mate in his cabin. "Mr. Bowditch, sir," he began, "as you can see, we be hear, and need to get somewhere over there to Pontelli." That was now taken care of. "Before we left, by the by," went on the Captain, "I went over to see Wilkinson, and he informed me that he had settled the whole mayor thing, and I have his letter to Alberto de Pontelli right here. Let's see," he cleared his throat. To Alberto de Pontelli Terreli, 23rd of April, 616 As mentioned earlier, your experiments in the area of using the phlogiston extracted from Oleonish wine to lift pieces of cloth with other various oddities of a round and brownish hue - in short, with coconuts - into the air, convinced me that your worthy self would make a most excellent mayor for the settlement of Pontelli - though, also, as mentioned previously, either Colonel Brickinson or some other person willing (or not) would be the one who would have to do all the work involved in the post. I give you, sir, my congratulations, and hope that you may have a long and prosperous life (at least as long as may be reasonably expected, given one with your own occupation), and that you will avoid blowing up (or down) more houses in the settlement than necessary for the pursuit of science. I sincerely hope that this letter reaches you in good health - in short, in a pre-poisoned, exploded, burst, or other uncomfortable condition, and that you will enjoy and make the most of your new and honorable position. Yours, E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois "Well, well," continued the Captain, "there is a fine end to that business. That is all!" The second mate soon after came down and called on the Captain. "Compliments, sir," he declared, saluting, "the weather looks fine, sir, and Terreli has just faded astern." "Very well then sir," replied Captain Whiffo, "I shall go topside then and see what's up with that Oleon passenger guy." Meanwhile Myles had checked that all the cannon, powder, and balls were prepared for any time at which they might be needed. Pirates and other enemies (well, for all practical purposes they were pirates too...) swarmed the seas, and though the Henri could easily outrun most of the other ships east of Terraversa, it were always best to be prepared. Off they were to sea, at last, and to the Pontelli - the first mate smiled a bit as he thought of de Chauncourtois' letter, and though he likewise did hope that they would arrive to find the new mayor (well, soon to be, that is) in a pre-exploded state, it was undoubtedly just a tad eccentric to actually declare as much. The second mate: The interior: I was quite surprised to find how little interior room (comparatively speaking) there was in such a large-ish ship, but I tried to make the most of what I had! The cook: And a couple of unedited overview shots: The crew (well, most of the crew was actually below deck when I took the first pictures, and above when I took the interior shots, so they don't show up here - at least, that was the excuse they gave! ): It's finally ready! The Henri took a little over one month to build, and a little less than that to edit (I did have a lot of other things to do, btw!) A fast trading ship (I'm think Class 7 or 8F, but I won't be licencing it for a while yet), the Henri has a complete interior, an armament broadside of three 18 pounders, and a very exhausting amount of rigging! She is owned and commanded by Captain Whiffo, a high ranking member of the ETWC. Myles Bowditch (my sig-fig) is the first mate and navigator, and the second mate is the guy behind the wheel (if the story didn't make that clear!). The Henri was greatly inspired by the Putnam and Koen's awesome De Ruyer Frigate, which was a lot of help, especially with the rigging - which, by the way, I believe I only had to redo completely once, due to the wind (it was blowing a hurricane when I went out to take pictures!) blowing the white posterboard down on it from above (when I discovered the 17-18th century ships were apparently not rigged with such a possibilty in mind!) Thanks for viewing, C&C are always welcome!
  15. Yawn! The director of one of Terreli's best shipyards leaned back in his armchair and was drowsily fighting off an overwhelming sensation that sleep would, just then, be a highly desirable thing. However, just as he had really decided that there was no point fighting it any longer, the door burst open and another customer strode in. Siting up with an effort, the director observed an ETWC captain with a huge hat and quite a uniform standing before him. Humph. "Sir," exclaimed the Captain, "I must say that this is becoming absolutely ridiculous! Simply because I ordered the fastest ship yet to sail to the opposite side of the Sea of Storms is no reason whatsoever that it should take such an incredibly lengthy time to build it! Two months, I'll say! One to build the thing, and the other to go through whatever rest of the process you people do. I said on the double, sir! Absolutely ridiculous!" "I am quite sorry for the delay sir," replied the ship builder with affected meekness, "but I am afraid that, even on the double, there is no conceivable way such a vessel could be prepared in less than one month more. You know the saying," he looked up an grinned, "the tide and the ship builder hurry for no man." "I know nothing of the sort!" replied the Captain, "you made that saying up yourself but five seconds ago!" And with that he emptied a pile of gold coins onto the table. "Why in that case," replied the other, "In that case there shall be no problem whatever! Your ship shall be ready tomorrow!" "Eslandolan ship builders!" laughed the Captain on his way out, "Humph!" The clock and desk: Seems like I've finally got this started, phew! This was a quick and fun little build, but I hope to get that ship which I worked on for a lot longer up soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  16. It is time to show the East Trade Wind Company sailing! And here she is: The Stubborn Stern. She is sailing under the command of Captain Enrico Sombrero Verde. There she is sailing away .. and back again I am very happy about the new lantern design: Builder's note: While searching for the harbour I wanted to work on I found a very old and very black ship of mine (with no name). It was built in a style that I wouldn't do anymore so I was about to disassemble the model, when I thought I should give it a chance. Because that ship had been build with the simple goal to give the captain his "walkway" (I had not done this on another ship). So the goal was to leave the basics as they were but to add details and refinements to make the ship look better. Consequently a lot of yellow was added and many a curved slope. Then the old red-white colour scheme was modified to green-white. I've added cannons and the small boat at the stern. And the custom flag. C&C welcome
  17. Myles Bowditch strode down the crowded street of Eslandola's capital, Terreli, the world's largest port as well as its wealthiest city. Eslandola had grown rapidly during the last few years, and its merchants sailed around the far and wide - and the East Trade Wind Company, headquartered in the capital, had grown along with it. Strolling along he spotted the city's traders, merchants, sailors, and nobles, along with a visitor or two from Oleon and Corrington. There was that rascally Guy Wyndzon as well, the young leader of the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company. Myles had nothing personally against him, and in fact was rather glad that he had showed up, prompting Sir E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois, the head of the ETWC, to more drastic measures about trading in the newly discovered islands. Yes, it was undoubtedly a good thing that Wyndzon had stepped up when he did, for thanks to him Myles Bowditch was setting out as first mate of an ETWC ship to the new islands even sooner than he had hoped for. He was headed out for adventure and discovery, for gold and country! - and the East Trade Wind Company. A build for Eslandola's introduction thread, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!