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  1. @Digger of Bricks there is a paid mod for this functionality somewhere... and I don't know if it is actually compatible with the forum software. I haven't been working on forums & PHP for a long while but I know that mod exists. Can't speak for the mods and admins here for sure, but it's a double-edge sword. If you have a favourite admin or moderator, I think it's easier to just tag them to get their attention. @Jim or someone with a short username probably
  2. makoy

    The train station: Studgate

    Those transparent pieces looks fantastic..
  3. makoy

    "New and Improved" Parts

    I thought about that too. The indent is still there but there's merit into believing that it really improved the flexibility of that part of the bike. I tried to pull out the wheels once in the newer mould and it seems that it is less risky to break the back fork or chainstays. However, I have not read any accounts that someone broke a bicycle frame just by pulling out the bike wheels at the back before, have you?
  4. This is in my Flickr album along with the other pictures used in my review.
  5. @Toastie if I type continuously without selecting the username prompted in the floating list, the post editor will ignore the @ symbol and so there will be no mention or highlight as I demonstrate here. However if I type @Toastie and select your ID or touch the screen on my phone, you will get the highlighted @mention -- and this is very important because only when you get the highlight that it will notify the other party. If you don't see the highlight, it won't notify them. This is my recommendation because I encountered this issue as well. If you don't get the floating list prompt, it is possible that the website failed to load properly. If that happens the @mention function may not work. Reloading the website (F5 or CTRL+R) may help.
  6. makoy

    "New and Improved" Parts

    The ultimate inventory authority is still TLG - but they don't make it easy to extract the parts inventory for sets that's why websites like Bricklink and Rebrickable exist. You're right... the system is ripe for a major overhaul. The clam pieces have their own distinct listing in BL so we can say that the community knows the differences between these 2 types exist. From afar, I can't really tell the differences though. Same with the baby head, they are 2 distinct listings in BL so I believe it is already addressed. I think there is a fine line between obscure revision that won't change functionality and minor change that slightly update the geometry. You gave a very good example with that mysterious slope. Fortunately I didn't have to suffer the consequences made by mixing up these 2 different parts that are so similar but aren't actually the same. That would be so frustrating in MOCs. The bike and clam examples are the kind of changes that you can "ignore" for the most parts because it won't break any build just because their functionality didn't change and their geometry (how they fit with other pieces) stays the same. It's very easy for TLG to differentiate the revisions. All the parts numbers also have an element ID and I believe the inventory is distinct per element ID (part + colour) so they know exactly about the differences and they know if the revisions is distinct enough that it should not be mixed with certain sets down the product pipeline. The problem is when the mere mortals like us try to sort the parts and cannot quickly distinguish them, then fail at figuring out what's the difference. It's very problematic with the case of those mysterious slopes mentioned above and quite benign for the bicycle and clam examples. I think someone had done the stress test on the bike frame and figured out that shaving some plastic in that area will save TLG money and the quality/strength of the frame will still be relatively the same. I think that has to be the business case why they even bothered updating the mould. As for the jumper plates... I had the same frustrating experience trying to buy those different types.
  7. makoy

    "New and Improved" Parts

    I think in most cases, BL relies on the community of sellers and buyers to distinguish the differences specially if the variation impacts the build if the variants have measurement differences. The variation of the newer bike frame will certainly not impact any build but as someone who stumbled upon it, I am surprised how little information there is about these changes. This is the confusing part in BL. There are even "unidentified" version of parts when the variants are supposed to be "indistinguishable", or people just can't be bothered about the differences.
  8. In the recently released Stranger Things set, 75810 - The Upside Down. I noticed a small variation in the bicycle frame that most people really didn't pay much attention. The truth is, a retooled mould has been used for part no. 4719 for quite some time now. We just didn't know TLG is slowly phasing out the old one from warehouse inventories while the "new and improved" mould for the bikes takeover new batches of products. Case in point -- XTRA 40313 has been around for more than 6 months now. I looked up some videos in Youtube and I noticed some polybags contain the older variant with smaller chainstays gap. And then, majority of the times, the newer variant is included that has more space in the chainstays. Usually in Bricklink the part will be appended with "A" and "B" next to part number to differentiate the variations, e.g. 4719a and 4719b. However, for the last 6 months I don't believe anyone has noticed this with the bike frame. Maybe someone didn't know how to report/update database and Bricklink is just oblivious to these changes. I didn't even realise until I scrutinised the part over and over. So, do you think there are more undocumented parts that are "improved" or their moulds retooled that we just don't know about?
  9. makoy

    [REVIEW] 75810 - The Upside Down

    Well, speaking of moral stance -- I seriously have no idea who approves what theme or minifigures gets produced. I have trouble accepting that March Harriet in The LEGO Batman Movie made it into CMF series whereas Moe from Simpsons didn't. From there onwards, I always have trouble understanding what is deemed "unsuitable". I hope you're right. More unusual themes could be good! Cheers! I like Steve, Nancy and Jonathan to be included as well but if you are counting only season 1, that's likely not the way the designer think about the house. There are season 2 references in the set, even season 3 -- so, considering that, the kids were around the Byers House just as much as anyone else. The set caters for both season 1 and season 2. Unfortunately, I didn't collect Hobbits and Ghostbusters. The only fleshies I have are mostly Star Wars.
  10. makoy

    [REVIEW] 75810 - The Upside Down

    Glad you like the review. What really bothered me about the bad press this set got before official release is that most people who think it doesn't fit the LEGO brand probably has not watched the show at all. The horror aspect of this show is actually very shallow. It is heavier in science fiction and period drama. The horror stuff is just the cherry on top of a rather good cake and icing.
  11. makoy

    Ideas for CMFs

    It feels weird to have a "normal" series when apparently what's more "normal" (typical?) now are licensed CMF series.
  12. makoy

    [REVIEW] 75810 - The Upside Down

    Here you go...just for you. I do hope TLG is listening. When people complained about the regional exclusive, they listened... so suggestion to have more sets like this should be heard as well. Really shooting for the moon here, but it's not bad to try. I had thought about it... but I feel like you'll have a lot of tree elements that will not be useful for the build. If you're comfortable selling the minifigures to offset the cost, then why not?
  13. makoy

    [REVIEW] 75810 - The Upside Down

    Thanks to your inputs I saved myself some time correcting referential errors earlier on. I can relate to this dilemma since I collect Star Wars. I cannot be collecting both Star Wars and HP in full capacity. However, in my case, I had to stick with what I have been collecting much longer -- Star Wars. I think it makes sense you stick with HP as well if that is what you have been collecting. Sounds logical to me! Yeah, I don't think there is a better alternative either. I think can stick with this for both season 1 and season 2 Elle and Lucas. However, looking at season 3 Elle... we need to replace her hairpiece with a more common one. I think we'll be surprised with the agility of Netflix to look at the market reaction to this product and follow through accordingly. They are basically a data analytics company behind a video streaming platform. I am hoping TLG can tag along too. In my Instagram, a lot of non-LEGO folks had shown interest as well, so I think TLG and Netflix marketing had already consulted the crystal ball. I like this kind of thinking! Btw, Stranger Things 3 will come out in July. The "teen love-triangle" subplot is totally missing in this set and I can see that as the main reason why these figures were not included. I think we'll have to wait for someone who collects modulars to make that comparison as I don't collect modulars (at the moment...)