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    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    A box of 80101 contains 3 sets. A box of 80102 contains 4 sets.
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    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    I am surprised, there is no confirmation of stock in the Philippines. I bought one set for my friend and I already sent one to Italy. I don't think there will be more sets coming into Malaysia, where I am based now, because those people who had been in the waiting list that I know, are still in the waiting list. I will ask my friendly retailer to notify me in the interest of knowing if new stocks are coming. So far, no one called yet.
  3. I have a confession to make. I am not a Bricktober guy and by that I mean I have never patronised any Bricktober sets. So, believe it or not, I got my very first Bricktober set today. Now that my confession is over, here’s my 12th RA review - set # 5004938 NINJAGO Minifigures (Bricktober 2017). Overview Name: 5004938 - NINJAGO Minifigures Theme: Promotional \ Toys R Us (Bricktober) Year: 2017 (2H) Pieces: 29 pcs Minifigures: 4 Price: free with purchase USA: Free with purchase worth 50 USD or more Canada: Free with purchase worth 75 CAD or more Europe (i.e.Germany): available at 14.99 EUR initially then became free with purchase worth 40 EUR or more Singapore: Free with purchase worth 60 SGD or more Malaysia: Free with purchase 199 MYR or more Hong Kong: Free with purchase 450 HKD or more Offers vary per country. Introduction Some people are apprehensive that this could be the last Bricktober due to the recent TRU financial restructuring. I'm not here to address that. Whether it will be the last batch of Bricktober or not, only time will tell. As for now, let me focus your attention on this little set that you can get free with purchase in most TRU around the world. Now let's begin with the front panel of the packaging. Front view The little box is protected with a slide-in plastic cover that is secured with seals at both ends. The seal goes around on top and bottom of the box. There is a potential that something inside could slip outside in case they got loose. Speaking of getting loose, you can see that the 3rd minifigure in my copy is already loosened up. Even the accessory/weapon is not attached to the minifigure hand. Fortunately, there is no missing piece in my copy. Back view The packaging seal / batch number at the back of my set is 24GH7. It's my first time seeing 2 letters in the middle. Usually it's just single letter. If someone knows what it means or if you want to know more what this is all about, there's a topic to know which plant your LEGO sets came from. I think most of the components came from Hungary and China though. Side view There are 4 Bricktober sets for 2017 and this is the first one of them all so "minifigure #1" is highlighted in white to make sure you understand there are 3 more. I think in Europe the order is different so this packaging detail could vary from region to region. On top of that, TRU and TLG really wants to make sure we understand that this set is limited edition. So much so that the top panel has the words "Limited edition, Exclusively at" in English while the side panels has the translated phrase in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian and Mandarin. There's more space on the right panel. It would have been nice to see 1 more Asian language there like Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia. Seriously, what else can I comment about the box.It's just a box and this is such a small set. Ok, moving on! The item below is a "Pop-up Card". It comes with the bricktober set from my local TRU. I'm just throwing this in the review because it's just display backdrop made out of laminated paper. Again, this has the words LIMITED EDITION in all caps, underline (overline?) and bold. I think this message is very clear already. The back of the card shows the schedule of the next Bricktober set. Like other Bricktober promotions, there will be new set each week. When you open it, the card has a pop-up elements, hence the name. I think it's only good for one minifigure though. I did not even try taking picture of the minifigures using this display background because it is too small. Anyway, it's free so it's fine. Minifigures I used a hobby knife to cut the seals from both ends and then freed the minifigures out of the box. As the minifigures come pre-built, this set involves no building whatsoever. It's really just a minifigure pack. We have White Nindroid, Neuro, Krux and a new Golden Ninja. One thing that I noticed immediately is the weaker clutch power of the torso and legs assembly. Let me know if your Bricktober minifigures also has a weak clutch power. It's very concerning but other than that, the quality of the minifigures are great. Front view with all accessories and head gears / hair piece White Nindroid is way overdue. Here we get the White Nindroid General. If you can't remember what they are -- the White Nindroids are part of the Nindroid Forces who protect the Realm Crystal in Ninjago Universe. I'll go in more detail about the prints later on because there are several variants of nindroids and I want to show them side by side. The next minifigure is Neuro who is the elemental master of mind. His face print is spot on from the TV show and I cannot complain about his torso print either. The hairpiece is not new. It is just an old white hairpiece with black printed on top. It's always good to get another elemental master. We may see all elemental masters released one day. Keep them coming TLG! The 3rd minifigure is called Acronix on LEGO sets but his name is Krux on the TV show. TLG messed up the names of the time twins big that from time to time I need to check if I am citing the correct name of the twins. I'll just go with Krux because I follow the TV show and I consider the names wrong on the Iron Doom set. For starter, the face print is unique for this minifigure because it is the young version of Krux. It also has a slightly different armour. The hourglass is hidden away, almost unrecognisable as hourglass unless you know it is an hourglass in the other version of this minifigure. The leg prints do not have the chains which makes this entire minifigure unique despite looking seemingly similar. Then of course we have a new Golden Ninja which I will go in detail soon. Back view with all accessories and head gears / hair piece Let's view the back of these minifigures first with accessories. Not much to say except the back of Krux's torso shows the chain, (also present in his old version). However, there is no battle damage/scratch on his right shoulder armour plate yet, since this minifigure is his young version. Front view without the accessories and head gears / hair piece. Remove all the headgears/ head wrap -- and there's a PLOT TWIST! The Golden Ninja is Kai!? I did not notice this when the images came out online. The emblem in the middle of the torso is Kai's emblem. I have written some information about these emblems just in case you're not familiar with these Ninjago emblems and symbols. I don't know if this is an alternate universe where Kai became the Golden Ninja or this version of Golden Ninja only lives within Kai's imagination. Look at the forced smile on Kai's face. No matter what the backstory is, this Kai Golden Ninja version was totally unexpected. If you don't believe it's Kai then the back printing as seen below will remove all doubt. It shows Kai's original "fire" animal symbol at the back of the minifigure. Back view without the accessories and head gears / hair piece. Only the White Nindroid has dual head printing. The rest of the head pieces don't have dual face prints. Nonetheless, excellent torso back printing for all minifigures. Golden Ninja (Kai) vs Golden Ninja (Lloyd) Don't get confused with these other minifigures below. They are not included in the set. I am just doing a comparison of other Kai and Lloyd minifigures againts Kai Golden Ninja minifigure (3rd from the left). The Lloyd Golden Ninja is 4th from the left. Kai Golden Ninja design closely resemble the Techno Robe (2nd from the left) with a mix of similar leg assembly design from Elemental Kimono Robe (1st from the left) Now let's put on Kai's hair just for the sake of comparison again. Old hair on the new face Probably the most Kai-looking face similar to the TV show. Just heads Without the torso and legs, we can focus on the minifigure heads as seen below. The most common Kai face is in the middle. On the left is the face used in Stone Armour Kai (Target exclusive) while the right one is the new head used in the new Kai Golden Ninja version. I really wish they could have removed that scar permanently already. However, without the scar, Kai's face will be very close to Lloyd's face -- and that's probably why I was confused from the beginning that it was Lloyd. With the scar covered by the head wrap, it's hard to see whether it is Lloyd or Kai. The Ninjago Movie movie had addressed this issue easily by changing Lloyd's eye colour to green which I don't mind having in future version of Lloyd so that it's easier to distinguish Lloyd from Kai. White Nindroid General vs General Cryptor Surprise surprise. It's the same old mould but the printing is not just a lazy re-colour. The details are quite different if you look closely. Starting on the armour, the print details are different. The printing on the head gear is slightly different also with different sizes of purple dots. Not much difference at the back of the head gear except the silver paint covers more area. Good vs. Bad There are many variations of nindroids torso. None of them are identical to the new white version. Even the two variants not shown here, which appears in Titanium Ninja Tumbler and Samurai X Cave Chaos sets, have different print designs. Even at the back, it's all different. Parts Here is a quick recap on what those 29 pieces are. You should could the head, torso and legs assembly separately (counted as 3 pieces per minifigure). I'm actually surprised that all the torso has unique printing and only 1 legs assembly don't have prints. It is not obvious from the picture but the swords were bent inside the packaging because they were already fully built with accessories. It's not a serious problem but just be aware they are slightly bent. Conclusion As a minifigure collector, I see this as a great way to get unique minifigures that are relevant to the story and universe of Ninjago. I was pleasantly surprised that the prints are not lazy rehash or just simple recolour. I probably wrote too much for such a small set but I am happy that I got my first Bricktober set and I hope that you will enjoy these minifigures when you decide to get this set. Review summary Playability: 7/10 - Yes, you can play with minifigures. That’s fun too. This is aimed at minifigure collectors so if you want bricks, don't look here. Design / Building Experience: N/A - Everything comes pre-assembled. Besides there's no building blocks in this set so I’ll just leave it there. Minifigures: 8.5/10 - Getting 4 minifigures is great but the weak clutch power between torso and legs bother me a bit. Could have been higher or perfect if Neuro got a new hair mould and/or Krux got a hairpiece instead of the head gear. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - I got this for free so I don’t see any reason why I should not give a perfect score for value. Overall: 8.5/10 - I’m very happy there’s already a White Nindroid. Neuro is a great addition to the list of elemental masters. New Golden Ninja is a big surprise for me. Even the young Krux got all new prints. Overall, it’s a great set that any Ninjago fan should not miss. Thanks for reading.
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    Review: 70841 Benny's Space Squad

    This is an opinion of an adult ahaha! Apart from this, I totally agree with your review. This is a must set for any AFOL and kids alike.
  5. I hope to get this set in discount or whenever there is a promotion in my local shop. My kids will go nuts with this remote controlled set.
  6. If you're a big fan of tall structures and buildings, then this set is for you. Measuring 1 meter tall, this towering wind turbine used to be a limited-release set only available for Vestas employee. In November 2018, LEGO will re-issue set # 4999 to make it widely available to more collectors and LEGO enthusiasts. Thank you for the LEGO Group (TLG), LEGO CEE and our very own Eurobricks Ambassador, Jim, in making this review possible. Without further delay, here is my 17th RA review, LEGO Creator - Vestas Wind Turbine, set # 10268. Overview Name: 10268 - Vestas Wind Turbine Theme: Creator Year: 2018 (2H) Pieces: 826 pcs Minifigures: 3 (+1 dog) Price: USD 199.99 / EUR 179.99 / GBP 159.99 The set will be available in LEGO store and starting 23 November 2018. Introduction First thing first, I am traditionally taking pictures of smaller builds so taking a full-size photo of a 1-metre model is quite a challenge. Nevertheless, I am sticking to my traditional white-on-white background. You'll notice that even if most of the parts are white, they look "off white" due to shadows. That's just the nature of plastic white balance. Now that it's out of the way, enjoy the walkthrough of the building process and my thoughts about this set. Frankly, I have no interest in the original set 4999 because its price in the secondary market is very cost prohibitive. Now that it is available to a larger audience for the suggested retail price, or even cheaper, is this set worth all the hype and buzz generated around it? I'll answer that towards the end but first, let's start with the box art. Front Panel This set is branded under the Creator Expert line. Also included in the box art is the "seal" of plant-based plastic elements. These elements made from plants together with the renewable energy such as wind turbines are perfect fit for TLG's green agenda. It is not a secret that TLG has investments in wind power. Therefore, if there is any set worth releasing again to make that widely known, is the Vestas Wind Turbine. Power Functions are already included in the box as prominently shown at the right side of the front panel. Back Panel The back panel shows the power function features including the rotating turbines and porch lights of the house. Again, you will see the "This Element is Made from Plants" seal to remind us that TLG is really concerned about the planet. Not being sarcastic here -- but how many companies are pushing green and sustainable energy? I can't recall much. Perhaps the seal will help embed the idea to younger minds so TLG will be known as a company who cares about the environment. Side Panels Here are the side panels. You can spot the seal once more on one of the side panels. Top Panel Since this is a creator set, of course it will be criminal not to print the parts on the box. You can check out the parts here in bigger resolution. Speaking of parts, let's unbox the set already. Inside, we get a very high-quality manual. Several pages are dedicated for Wind Energy and plant-based plastic. A version of LEGO Planet Promise is also included in the booklet but the version in the booklet is far more interesting. Without giving away too much, one of the trivia included in the booklet is that 90% of the LEGO packaging sets is recyclable and 1 million plastic trays were already saved from replacing the plastic Advent Calendar trays with recyclable paper-pulp version since 2017. There are more snippets of information included in some pages. For example, in page 35, it says "A Vestas wind power plant can be up and running in less than 12 months, defying the longer lead times involved with conventional fuels." Other pages that include snippets of information are pages 69, 75, 114, 135, 136, and 142. Now, let's go straight to the parts! Parts "Ok. What is this? There are no numbered bags?" Hard mode activated! --- this is my initial reaction. For sure, this set is not the biggest set without numbered bags but it's probably in the top 10 -- Tower Bridge is one of the biggest as far as I know. Also, based on this review of the Medieval Market Village, and as confirmed by my dear friend WhiteFang, that set does not have numbered bags as well. I have also confirmed that the older set 4999 has the same plastic bags without numbers. So, who am I to complain? You can check bigger photos of the bags below if you wish -- they look quite randomly packed together, just like the old version of the set. Although, if you look closer, you'll see that most of the parts are related to the elements needed to complete a certain section of the build. Nevertheless, they look like a mess to the untrained eye. As suggested by the instruction booklet, the only solution is to prepare all of them in a manner that will not make you insane: Note: the clear plastic containers are not included in the set. Here are the notable parts included in the set. All the printed parts are notable specially the smaller panels: Did I not mention that there are no stickers in this set? Hurrraaay! There are 4 green BURPs included in the set. Some of the advanced builders don't like this part much. However, in this set I can tell you that using this part makes a lot of sense because the hollow part of the BURP helps conceal the wiring underneath. More about that soon. Speaking of wiring, there are 2 sets of wires included. And then, here's the motor. Don't ask me why TLG did not put the most recent version of Power Functions. To me, as long as this baby runs fine, I'm okay whatever motor function version comes with it. Build The first small build is the Vestas van. If my sources are correct, it is supposed to be modelled after Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter Van. The build is a decent representation of the actual vehicle. I like its simplicity. Moving on, the main build starts with the construction of the small cottage house using the 32x32 green base plate. Nothing fancy so far. Move along, move along... Once you start working at the back of the house, where you use the BURPs, you will realise that the fixture holding the turbine tower is only 4 technic pins held by 4 brackets on the base plate! At this stage, you cannot judge how strong the build is, but you'll be surprised later. The set 4999 has something similar but this improved build reduces the wobbles in my experiment. It does not make the build indestructible though. The build becomes more interesting once you build the actual tower. Even if the process here is repetitive, you make a very substantial progress because the parts are quite big. Now, with the tower erected and with the power source ready, it only takes a few more steps to complete the build. Power test. The lights are on! Constructing the nacelle (house of the turbine) is like building a technic set that you'll forget for a moment you're building a Creator set. Obviously, this section is the most mechanical part of the build so it's not surprising to see mostly technic parts. The housing is also using technic bricks to form a SNOT technique where you use the large 6 x 12 modified tile with studs on the edge, printed with big "Vestas" logo to complete the enclosure of the motor. To avoid the nacelle from spinning out of control and twisting the wire running inside the tower, there is a tan (sand) coloured technic pin that prevents the housing from turning 360 degrees. Probably the most satisfying part of the build for me is when I plugged the motor function connectors to the small motor -- this marks the completion of the actual turbine motor and we're getting closure to spinning the turbine! Building the rotor hub is quite straight forward. Using a 3-rotor blade technic plate in light bluish grey colour, 3 sections are created for each turbine blade. As for the turbine blades, all of them are exactly built the same. Here's a view of the turbine blades in different angles: You'll notice that there are 2 technic pin holes available in one of the technic bricks at the end. This make it possible to attach the blades in two configuration: flat or angular position. I think the blades look best in angular position because they resembles real-life turbine blades more when attached that way. To give you an idea how really big the turbine is, here's a picture with the minifigures next to it. It's huge! Once the rotor hub and 3 blades are connected, it's a matter of pushing the protruding black technic pin inside the housing to complete the top. All wire cleanly tuck inside and ready to be covered. Alas, we're done! There are so many anti-studs at the back of the tower but that one is fine. Oh wait, what about the exposed back? Zooming in, perhaps, the only ugly part of the set is the back of the hill where all the colourful bricks and pieces are exposed. It's quite easy to cover and I don't understand why this re-released version did not put those extra bricks to make the model more presentable when viewed at the back. The good news is that it's fairly straight forward to replace the colourful bricks at the back to cover the exposed area if you wish to make the set more pleasing to the eye when viewed at this angle. This is not an issue to me but someone has to mention it. Here is the complete set in its full glory! Minifigures There is nothing much to write about the minifigures included. In the original set 4999, there are also 3 minifigures. However, there is one notable aspect in the minifigures that makes this re-release special. Front view with head gears / hair piece Unlike the original minifigures that came with set 4999, the Vestas employee minifigures in set 10269 comes with printed "V" torso, not stickers! This is a very big improvement over the older version of the minifigures. Back view No dual face print or back printing for the guys. There's only 1 back printing, which is the torso for the girl minifigure -- Halter Top with Green Apples and Lime Spots Pattern, found in 3 other sets at the time of this review. Green energy is the best! Right, doggy? I'll be back! Conclusion So, is it worth the re-issue? I think it is. Set # 4999 is madly expensive in eBay or Bricklink so this makes set # 10268 fairly "cheap". I know that is a very subjective statement depending on how financially gifted you are, but you get the point. Could this set be any cheaper? Probably yes. The original set 4999 has motor function included so it is not a proper re-issue if the motor functions are removed just to cut cost, but it could been one of the option. For the volume of the build and overall size of the structure, the big parts compensate for the poor price per piece ratio so I think the price is fair. If you look at the price per piece ratio alone then you're going to miss out on a lot of good sets. I mentioned about the fixture of the base and how fairly strong it is. I think it is sturdier than the older version but as I mentioned earlier, it is not indestructible. I was able to lift the wind turbine by holding the tower several times without any issue. It holds firm and it can lift the weight of the whole build just fine. The problem is when it oscillates and wobbles several times -- no matter how much stronger it is than the original set, the tower can still collapse on its own weight. Based on my first-hand experience, using my car, I transported this set simply by removing the turbine blades. I thought that the tower can hold firmly because the top is already much lighter without the blades. To my dismay, a few humps and gentle turn broke the tower from the base because the structure simply cannot handle the shakes and wobbles in its original configuration. So, if you're crazy like me and you wish to transport this set-- kindly ask someone to hold it so that the tower won't wobble or just transport the tower and the base separately. Frankly, this is not a problem if you will only display the wind turbine. I think the structure is strong enough that it won't collapse on its own weight in a very long period of time as long as you put it in a very stable cabinet. If you put it on display inside a shaky cabinet, overtime, the connection might loosen up at the base, increasing the risk of the set from breaking apart. You've been warned, so get a sturdy cabinet for your LEGO set displays. Having said that, it is a marvellous set. It is big and tall. It's even taller than my desk fan and dinning table. Besides, who doesn't like green energy inspired building set? I also think it is a very educational set and could inspire young builders about sustainability and renewable energy. This set, along with the campaign of using sugarcane based plastic that is sourced sustainably, gives TLG a very strong statement about their support for sustainability and renewable energy. I mean, how can you not like it? Review summary Playability: 7.5/10 - it's not as playable set as much as it is a great display set but it is clearly aimed at older kids and collectors. Design / Building Experience: 8/10 - The original design 10 years ago is still great, with some colour swaps and small alteration here and there. However, I think the base could be more reinforced. Minifigures: 7/10 - No more stickers, yey! Other than the unique torso, everything else looks generic hence the score. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - Goodbye scalpers, welcome true collectors! Overall: 8/10 - Wait no further. Get this set and forget about the older one that you cannot afford. There is always a case for making a set available once again. If it is truly in demand and there are willing buyers for the product, then it is always possible to produce the set once more. TLG keeps the BOM (bill of materials) and moulds so they can produce the sets if all the right parts are available. Reissuing is a common practice in other toy lines so I don't understand the hate TLG is receiving for "running out of ideas". I am one of the firm believer that LEGO sets, as toys, should be made available to everyone in any way, shape or form. Therefore, the re-release of this set is a big slap to hoarders and investors, who are capitalising on "limited release" sets. I truly commend TLG for re-issuing this set to a wider customer base, with or without the green agenda. Once again, thank you for reading. If you wish to view all the images used in this review and some extras, you can view my Flickr album for set 10268. Always enjoy building. Until next time! I wish you were here... P.S. Here's a video of the wind turbine spinning --
  7. Glad that the shown storyline is entrusted over to someone the Hageman brothers had chosen. Looking forward to the full potential of the new seasons.
  8. Hohoho. Year-end holidays are coming. Everyone is busy with Christmas shopping and whatnot so this will be a very quick review of the recent free gift-with-purchase that I got. Without wasting time, here's my 18th RA review, set # 5005251 - Penguin Winter Hut. Overview Name: 5005251 - Penguin Winter Hut Theme: Promotional Year: 2018 (December) Pieces: 6 pcs Minifigures: 1 Price: free with purchase Offers vary per country/region. I'll update this section as I get more information. Singapore: Free with purchase 80 SGD or more (Toys R Us exclusive) Malaysia: Free with purchase 249 MYR or more (Toys R Us exclusive) Note: TRU Asia, which operates TRU MY and TRU SG, is a completely different entity from TRU Canada and other spin-offs. Introduction The packaging for this small set is very similar to the Banana Juice Bar that was released earlier this year. It has a glossy paper sleeve that covers the pentagonal prism box shaped like a hut. Apart from the packaging material that is shaped like a hut and printed with a hut graphics around it, the set should be really called Penguin Girl because the content is really just the female version of Penguin Boy. You can't really play with the hut so I can't fathom what's the thought process on coming up with a misleading name. Will collectors display the set using the winter hut? I know I won't because it doesn't add any value to the minifigure. This is similar to buying a book and then displaying a blurb or its hardcover. You don't buy the minifigure so you can display the box. If anything, it encourages collectors to keep their toys inside the box, "MISB" - which I totally disagree with. Anyway, I digressed. All I am saying is that from here onwards, I'll call this set Penguin Girl. Front (sleeve removed) The front panel of the box has perforated line traced at the edge of the door. Once pushed, this serves as the door to open the package to get the minifigure out of the box. But before getting into the minifigure, let's explore what's printed on the packaging because there are some interesting items printed on it. Back view (sleeve removed) At the back, there are medium azure skis, trees and a bench in front of a fire bon and a warm coffee . Bottom Below, that's where we can find the 7-digit code for the set. Noticed that just like any ordinary box, the box has a flap that you can open if you don't want to use the 'front door'. You can find the other pictures such as the side panels in my Flickr album. Minifigures This is how it looks like when you unbox the minifigure without using the front perforated door. Inside, you get a pair of skis and Penguin Girl minifigure. If you read my previous review about the Vestas Wind Turbine, the entire set is a pitch about sustainability. Then here we are, looking at the same black plastic material used in previous advent calendars. It should have been the same white recycled paper material used in the newer advent calendars to be consistent with the aspirations for sustainability. Maybe TLG is reading this so please take note. Anyway, let's focus on the minifigures, shall we? Front view Penguin Girl is using the same black flippers used in Penguin Boy minifigure. The printing of the short black legs are also identical. The torso is based on similar white penguin belly but with the scarf printing on top. Perhaps in the penguin world, scarf sets apart the girls from the boys? 🤷 Back view The scarf printing continues at the back. It is simple but I have no complaints about it. Unfortunately, there is no side printing so we're not getting more printed parts apart from the back of the minifigure torso. Front view the penguin headgear removed I am not sure if the face print is new as it looks like an opened mouth version of this face. Sadly there is no dual face print in this minifigure. Skis Of course we need to talk a little bit about the skis as it is the only accessory that comes with Penguin Girl. It is magenta in colour & comes with white snowflakes print. It is not necessary to add the additional print on the skis but the designers decided to go for the extra mile add the lovely snowflake patterns. Conclusion I like couples in CMF. We've got Forestman & Forest Maiden, Caveman & Cave Woman, Weightlifter & Fitness Instructor, Disco Dude & Disco Diva, Lifeguard & Lifeguard (S12), Skier & Downhill Skier, Surfer & Surfer Girl, Tennis Player & Tennis Ace, Tribal Hunter & Tomahawk, Punk Rocker & Rocker Girl, Clockwork Robot & Lady Robot, Cowboy & Cowgirl, Computer Programmer & Librarian, Cyclops & Lady Cyclops, Grandpa & Grandma, Lederhosen Guy & Pretzel Girl, Spooky Girl & Spooky Boy, Spider Lady, LEGO Brick Suit Girl & LEGO Brick Suit Boy. I know there are more and if I miss, do let me know below what's your favourite pair or couple. As for the animal costumed CMF, there is Unicorn Girl and Unicorn Guy. Then now, there is Penguin Boy and Penguin Girl. Isn't that cute? So, having said that, here's the verdict. Drum roll please: Review summary Playability: 6/10 - Having only accessories limit the playability but this is definitely aimed at CMF collectors so the omission of any build is not an issue. Design / Building Experience: N/A - Not applicable / not scored. Minifigures: 8/10 - Makes the Penguin Boy happier now that he has a partner. It's also a good addition to animal costume collectors. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - You should get this free of charge but if you can't, the price should be quite fair for a limited release minifigure. Overall: 8/10 - Cute and satisfactory. Don't buy this for the winter hut, ok? Buy it for the Penguin Girl. Once again, thank you and enjoy the year-end holidays. Until next time!
  9. The case with Banana Juice Bar guy is that we got no printing on the yellow banana costume and much more detail on the actual minifigure, which is really awesome. I don't think the same approach will apply to Penguin Girl because it doesn't have a removal costume except the headgear. As suggested earlier, it would have been better if the headgear has a slight variation to give Penguin Girl a girly look apart from the scarf. Spaceman and Intergalactic Girl looks like a couple, but Intergalactic Girl said to Spaceman, "I want space" and so I don't know their status now. Go think about it Fangy. I rarely find something that is instantly available in this side of the world and not available elsewhere. Personally, I think the flippers look great as it is. I rarely swap arms lately because I don't want to loosen up the torso arm holes. However, do mix and match them as you wish if that appeals to you more. Thanks, and I agree -- the skis look sassy!
  10. I was making fun of the scarf because Penguin Girl could have something added on the mask instead of the torso. Maybe longer eyelashes? I guess the girl face print served that purpose.
  11. Thank you. I don't know where else can you find it ... but as more stores get this over the holidays, I do hope that the price will come down if you are going to buy from secondary market place.
  12. Maybe you would need a conversion cable if you replace a part of the Power Function to Powered Up version. I am not aware if there's any conversion cable yet. If you replace entirely of Powered Up version, then no issue. Well, it's possible but -- it will be so top heavy, you risk the tower to topple easier. I think it should be out in most regions now. Yes, space is definitely a big factor to consider. Right now my copy is in the highest place my kids can't reach. Not the best place, but it's in the safest place at the moment.
  13. makoy

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    With the existence of Overwatch and new LEGO Movie 2 sets. I think space and sci-fi is very alive even without the banner theme "Classic Space". I'm very excited for 2019. :)
  14. Everyone is awesome when you Michael Bay the sets. As for the parachute, I did this to my action figures and LEGO minifigures when I was a child... and I can't believe TLG took more than a decade to catch up.
  15. I will surely buy several of those Benny, Jenny, Kenny and Lenny.
  16. makoy

    EB Members Title Archive

    No, I think you forgot. Look at my user rank colour.
  17. Let's not get carried away in discussing the pros and cons of different energy sources. I am sure there are appropriate places and forum sto discuss that. Let's focus on the Creator Expert model instead. That fan blade is not going to bode well with toddlers.... so make sure it's out of reach of little kids. That's a very nice layout with all the wind turbines. You can recreate it with the new model ;) Well, not everyone will be a fan of this model, as it is literally just a fan. I understand where you're coming from and there's no denying that it's build design is not very intricate. I'm also not a stranger in building tall models. I have created tall structures that's why my little gripe about the set is the sturdiness of the base only. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this model. Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed, the cottage house model is very old-school. In fact is almost identical to set 4999 and they did not bother to change the design at all. The weight of this set is likely around 2.2kg as well similar to set 4999. As I have mentioned earlier, one should not look at price per part alone in judging the set. Looking at the weight, it is slightly more expensive compared to similar priced licensed set like Star Wars. So in comparison, Star Wars UCS sets are priced cheaper than this model. (yes, I said Star Wars UCS is cheaper!!) ... But the reality is that people will buy this set anyway because set 4999 is freaking more expensive, and it is more justifiable to buy this new model instead of the old one.
  18. makoy

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I agree. The Overlord looks fantastic. Four arms, ghost legs, black and dark purple combo with gold prints and a very angry face. Looking forward to see more!
  19. makoy

    Smugmug acquires Flickr

    I kinda see the writing on the wall when Smugmug bought Flickr. True, they told everyone that there will always be a free plan, but it's very sly to reduce it to almost completely useless to long time users. I know that to make the business sustainable, the cash flow needs to be positive... but why make the user base suffer for the incompetence of the leadership that ran it previously? I have been on the fence in getting a pro account and with all the content that I have accumulated in there, I think that I have to bite the bullet at least for a year. Even if I shop around for other service, It's very difficult to match what Flick is already offering. Maybe people who has experience in other service can recommend and suggest alternatives?
  20. Thanks a lot for the comment. Don't forget to vote in the poll as well.
  21. I am glad as well. I think I will put mine in the most remote place where my kids won't topple it. It's definitely a win for collectors. Can't argue about that. Cheers!
  22. Yes, thanks for emphasizing the low speeds. I don't know the RPM but the video added in first post should give folks the idea how slow it is.
  23. I know it's weird... plastic, being plastic... I don't know what to comment. I have updated the post with a video from my Instagram. Not the best quality, but that's what I have right now. LOL. Not possible. Just check how slow it turns. Thanks Holodoc. Printed tiles are the best!! Sounds great! You're able to sell the old one and buy another. Happy building. Yeah. I am a big fan of this set now, too! No worries.
  24. makoy

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    I almost fell down from my seat when I saw the prelims-- the Monastery is fantastic!
  25. Now you should put a disclaimer when you speak about anything since you have a good track record of hinting what CMFs are coming out.