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  1. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Yeah after posting, I dug up some of my picture books and indeed they are Mystake as @Aanchir mention. Good eyes. The contrast is quite bad in the picture but it makes sense to use this mould now that I have seen it.
  2. LOL. Yes, and it will be the blind bag to be the hardest to feel because the parts are just very much similar.
  3. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    It looks like a new mould... but at first glance I thought his hand is amputated or something. I also noticed the spelling of Mistaké is Mystake instead. Is that a mistake??
  4. REVIEW: 75933 T.Rex Transport

    Great review and I agree with you on the truck design. It looks really nice and perhaps the best part is the use of the corrugated panel in grey. It will come in handy in MOCs. The greatest disappointment (nit-picking) for me is the colour scheme makes this T-Rex appear to have an overcooked top with an undercooked underside -- which reminds me of the fried chicken that I cooked the other day. Not very good.
  5. Thank you for the review @WhiteFang. I think the Cactus Girl reference is indeed referring to one of the staple enemy in Final Fantasy which is cactuar - I remember seeing this far back in Final Fantasy 6 with the signature pose that Cactus Girl can do as well. I like the series for the accessories and Cactus Girl is definitely my favourite. Btw, "glued together"? Cheeky you.
  6. Let's play a little game. You have been given US $800 to spend on any LEGO sets ever produced. Here's the condition: You cannot buy any version of UCS Millennium Falcon but you have to spend US $800 or it will be forfeited. What will you buy? You cannot go beyond USD 800. No discounts. The closer to 800 USD the better. Please use retail price as reference. Don't talk about inflation. I'm interested what people will buy in their dream list. Personally, I see myself buying these sets since I don't collect modulars and it's a great way to bootstrap a collection. Something like this: 10243: Parisian Restaurant - $159.99 10232: Palace Cinema - $149.99 10224: Town Hall - $199.99 10185: Green Grocer - $149.99 10182:Cafe Corner - $139.99 Total: US $799.95 Now, your turn!
  7. I accidentally published this review earlier with a placeholder because that's the kind of accident to be expected when you write while babysitting. One moment I was on the text editor drafting; A split second after, a toddler clicks the "Submit Topic" button. Let's cut to the chase so that I can present to you my 15th RA review, set 70629 - Piranha Chase. Overview Name: 70629 - Piranha Chase Theme: The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Year: 2017 (2H) Pieces: 217 pcs Minifigures: 4 Price: 19.99 USD / 19.99 EUR / 99.90 MYR Resources: Brickset no official description available at the time of this review. Introduction So this set is supposed to be released in December 2017 based on the catalogues that I had seen previously. However, from where I live the second wave of The LEGO NINJAGO Movie sets were already released on 27 October 2017. As there was still an on-going promotion for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, I took a chance to buy one of the set earlier than I normally do. Of all the TLNM wave 2 sets, I am most interested in this set because it's the cheapest way to get Lady Iron Dragon and it also has a civilian with the new conical hat. Front view The front box panel shows the Piranha mech chasing after the rickshaw puller while Lady Iron Dragon and Kai tries to stop it from harassing the poor guy. As with most LEGO boxes, the missile aim is off-target so the rickshaw puller will live another day to pull his two-wheel cart. No spoiler here as this is not even in the movie. Even though the Piranha mech attacked the NINJAGO City, there was no collaboration between Lady Iron Dragon and Kai or any ninja at all. This is just an excuse to include Lady Iron Dragon in a small set which a very good excuse to put great minifigures in a more consumer-friendly price range. Back view The back of the box shows the role-playing element of the set as well its play features. The rickshaw puller is seen as picking his conical hat from the ground -- which reminds me that this piece is tremendously hard to pick up specially when you put it down as seen on the box, especially when you don't have long nails. Try it! Side view The sides display 4 the 4 minifigures included in the set namely, Shark army thug, Misako, Kai and Ray. If the name Ray sounds familiar, that's because he is Kai's father in the NINJAGO TV series. I don't recall Kai having any backstory in TLNM related to his family so this could be just a small easter egg for die-hard NINJAGO fans? Could this Ray be Kai's father in the movie or am I just thinking too much? Let me know what you think it. Build Let's start building but first, let's see what's inside the box. Unboxing We get 2 numbered plastics, 1 instruction manual and 1 sticker sheet. I am not going to apply the stickers in this review because I don't find it necessary to apply. Instruction manual preview The first bag makes the rickshaw and the second bag makes the little piranha mech. Bag #1 There are 2 red curved front car parts that make up the curved roof of the rickshaw. I think it is an unusual but excellent use of the part. There are 2 giant wheel wagon parts as well and it is exciting to see this once again because it has not appeared since 2013. It came back in a new nougat colour in 2017. You can see how much taller the wheels are compared to Ray, the rickshaw puller. Is this historically accurate though? When I look at history books to check how big those rickshaw wheels are, I cannot find any rickshaw wheels bigger than an average-height human. If the regular-size wheel wagon is used in this rickshaw I think it could work just fine but I like the how comically disproportionate the wheels are compared to the puller. The boarding ladder can be folded up and down. Normally it should be folded down. This job ain't easy Back view of the rickshaw There is a couple of anti-studs exposed at the back of the rickshaw. It looks okay but I think it could have been better if the designers just added a red rounded bottom plate instead of the trans-clear one seen in the picture. Bag #2 There are 2 big airplane parts here that appeared in sand blue colour for the first time: Part 87616 - fuselage curved aft section 6x10 bottom and part 87615 - fuselage curved aft section 6x10 top. Once fully built, you can fully close the mouth of the piranha mech as seen below. There are quite a number of things that can swivel in this build. The left and right missile holders can swivel. The sand blue fins can swivel. The pair of rockets can swivel. You can turn the overhanging flood light 360 degrees. You can also rotate the legs around 360 degrees but it cannot bend forward or backwards because there are no joints. You can position the legs wide apart or as narrow as possible as long as the piranha is stable. Nom nom nom!! You can still tilt the upper jaw of the piranha 1 more click so that it is 90-degrees to the lower jaw. Even if it is open so wide, the piranha is still stable thanks to its flat long feet and lanky legs. Baby shark doo doo doo I like what the designers have done with the aircraft fuselage bottom because it is unusual for a normal set to show the anti-studs front and centre. This kind of thing is what you might see from MOCers so it is good to see more of these unusual design. Minifigures Front view with accessories and headgears/hairpieces As mentioned previously we get 4 minifigures in the set. Lady Iron Dragon, Kai, Ray and a lonesome Shark army thug. Let's take a moment to appreciate the line up of the minifigures. First, we get Lady Iron Dragon. If you have not watched The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, I won't spoil it for you. She's one of the inspiration for Nya because she has a reputation for being a fierce female warrior (and frankly, there is no one else). The torso print has shiny silver detail in the middle though it appears light greyish in the picture. Her quiver piece is new. The old quiver part only has 2 arrows but this one has 3. The new quiver part also incorporates a shoulder armour or pauldron for the left minifigure shoulder. More about that in the parts section. Let's jump to Kai. Kai has a katana holder in pearl dark grey colour so this minifigure is the same variant from the Master Falls set. Nothing much to say about this minifigure. Then we have Ray, which I mentioned to be the same name as Kai's father in the TV series. The torso and legs assembly print is new and appears to be both exclusive to this set. Finally, we have a Shark army thug... Ok. This one has the large knee pads which also appears in Lightning Jet and Ninjago City Chase. I already have 5 of these generic Shark army thug so I wish this set included a less generic army thug. Back view with accessories and headgears/hairpieces The back view reveal the scaled texture of the quiver as well as the hair details of Lady Iron Dragon viewed from the back. The cloth pattern at the back is the same pattern in front. Front view without accessories and headgears/hairpieces Now viewing the minifigures without hair pieces and head gears, it is a bit disturbing to see how thin the paint on Lady Iron Dragon face. There is print under the legs of Lady Iron Dragon is I didn't bother to take it off. it's just all black. Back view without accessories and headgears/hairpieces The back view of the minifigures without the accessories show the back print of Lady Iron Dragon and Kai. Only Kai has dual face print in this set which is quite sad. Lady Iron Dragon Did I say that the face print on Lady Iron Dragon is hideous? Just one more look. I will even say I got a defective print because when compared to the photo on the box, the paint on the face is just too thin. On the flip side, if you ignore the face, the dual moulded hair/headpiece of Lady Iron Dragon is really awesome. I hope that TLG makes more of this kind. Parts I already mentioned that Part 87616 - fuselage curved aft section 6x10 bottom and part 87615 - fuselage curved aft section 6x10 top are the two stand out parts for this set because they appear in this sand blue colour for the first time. The large wagon wheels is also a good part to have in new nougat colour and it's good to see it once again after 4 years of absence in any set. Apart from those 3, we get a new quiver with dragon face on the pauldron/should armour. It's very cool. I wish to see this part used in more sets. A dragon castle faction, anyone? The cloth part included is the first of its kind because it is the first cloth piece in this shape. The remaining extra parts are not very generous. Only these few parts remained after completing the build: Below is the complete listing of the parts in set # 70629. Conclusion This set is a great addition to the sea-based mech creatures that we got from The LEGO NINJAGO Movie. I am okay with this set having 4 minifigures only because there are big parts included. Those fuselage parts are much bigger than your average brick and plate pieces. What's truly disappointing is the line up of minifigures included in the set. It still a great set to buy if you don't mind having multiple Kai minifigures but at this point, I think this set should have come with other characters. Granted that Kai is available in the cheapest set from the previous wave, I don't see the point of adding him again in the cheapest set of the 2nd wave. If the designers included the same Kai variant available from the NINJAGO City modular, then we're talking great value -- but instead, we get the ubiquitous variant of Kai which is not even great for army building. I think I know why I feel very disappointed with the minifigure lineup even if I know what I am getting upfront -- this is a crushing realisation that all other minifigures are subpar except the civilian minifigure Ray. My expectation with Lady Iron Dragon is so high that when it didn't meet my expectation, everything else looks bad. The good news is that with excellent builds included --- the inclusion of the pulled rickshaw and piranha mech is good enough to make this a great set for playing. Kids will like it and they won't mind the ugly face print of Lady Iron Dragon. The Piranha Mech eats Nexo Knights for Breakfast A family reunion* *Lloyd and Lord Garmadon minifigures not included in the set Review summary Playability: 9/10 - The rickshaw and piranha mech can give kids plenty of role-playing scenarios to play with. There's a bad guy, a civilian and 2 good guys to add characters to the story. Design / Building Experience: 9/10 - The build for the rickshaw and piranha mech is simple but the use of some uncommon technique is refreshing to see. Minifigures: 6/10 - Lady Iron Dragon is quite disappointing. Kai... again. Generic Shark army thug again. I'm glad an exclusive civilian is included but a single great minifigure for a set like this is subpar. Price / Value for money: 8/10 - I got a freebie with this set due to promotions but the real value is on new parts in new colours Overall: 8/10 - This is a great small set to get 4 minifigures, 2 of which are unique. The great small builds save this set from being mediocre. The defective or lacklustre printing on Lady Iron Dragon is really a shame.
  8. I have not seen someone showing off a full set of the TLBM CMF series 2... and our dear @WhiteFang is not showing any signs there will be a review soon. I got a couple of dolphins, mostly the beach related minifigs, Clock King and Dr. Hugo. That's all.
  9. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Don't want to be rude but you don't go looking for #legoleaks here and expect everything given. There. That's your clue. Btw, I really like the the dieselpunk inspiration the next wave is going. From what I can tell, Ninjago story writers and set designers are drawing more mature subject as the theme matures.
  10. Aha! Missed the previous round somehow. Glad to see classic alien winning!
  11. [MOC] [WIP] Maz Kanata's Castle

    Thanks for the appreciation guys. You pictured this destroyed and wrecked?? That is likely the end-state of this MOC once I decided to dismantle it.
  12. This MOC is my entry to a local contest organised for Star Wars 40th Anniversary. I began organising the parts needed around January 2017. It took 2-3 weeks of planning because I don't stock many parts. I did a MOC on Mos Eisley Cantina so this seems like the natural progression to me. The main challenge here is finding good material for the model reference and the scale that I will use. For economical reasons, I followed the same scale used in 75139 Battle on Takodana. I used 3 sets to build the basic "U" structure then everything else is procured from Bricklink. It took about 5-6 weeks to design because with my goal is to make it faithful to the actual model used in the movie. I did a lot of revisions especially on the angled corners of the building. The actual build took less than 1 week initially but it gathered dust until March 2017 when I went back to redo the whole build to add interior design from the ground up. Finally it took another 1 week to do furnishing and adding the customised flags. There are 2-3 more building modules not completed which I will complete in 2-3 months as I expand this MOC.
  13. makoybricks_full

    Thank you very much those who follow me in Instagram! 

  14. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    The look and feel of Season 9 is far more interesting in my opinion. Dragons ✅ Diesel Punk vibe ✅ More playsets ✅ Golden minifigure ✅ Villains in black ✅
  15. The design was slightly altered but in a good way. I like the cork stopper on the leaked picture. I think it captured the essence of the original fan design and it looks amazing. The Ship in a Bottle is one of those sets that I will just build once and then display because it looks great on display anyway!
  16. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Yeah I saw that golden minifigure and it looks impressive even though the image is very blurry.
  17. I practically voted for all the losers... so far.
  18. 2 animal suits in this round... of course I voted both
  19. I see why we have not seen an official image of 75201 FO AT-ST.. Because it is SPOILER. I will not even talk about it.
  20. Not much love for space minifigs? I'm the first one who voted Retro Spaceman and Intergalactic Girl
  21. I have exact opposite of your reaction. I was very excited because we are finally getting an official Wuher minifigure and the speeder is not just random speeder that you didn't see. You see it lazy and dumbed down maybe because you already owned something similar and spending more on this set does not serve any purpose to you -- this is okay, but do not dismiss that there are people who does not buy every single Star Wars set and pick only the kind that fits their taste. This set fits my taste and I will buy it. I built my own Cantina MOC and I still look forward to this set. Cheers!
  22. Star Wars

    I enjoyed it a lot also. I feel exhausted from the movie, but in a good way. Need to watch again.
  23. I love to get these advent calendars!
  24. @turk187 it is in my Flickr album but I realised that I posted it in 2018 forum, not in my review: If there's any take away from this --- is that there is a consensus among LEGO set reviewers that LID's head is horrendous. I hope that TLG take this feedback sincerely so they will not overlook the issue again. @Oederland Ok, I get what you mean now. There's definitely going to be some variation in colour shading. I think it is just more pronounced on darker shade of plastic when lighter ink is applied on them (e.g. LID's minifig head case). The issue can be controlled because there are many cases that it could have been worse, but the final result is actually acceptable. The issue with the Sushi chef is that the yellow ink for bald head is brighter in my copy... at least the yellow ink is consistent with the yellow ink on the torso "skin" colour. For economical reason, it is cheaper to use ink so I understand why it looks that way. I don't believe the production use colorimeter to measure the variation of the colour shades so, at least in my standards, this kind of colour variation is fine.