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  1. Yes, what a great way to build Jawa as well as Tusken Raider But it's even better that they included an astromech. I still have my old Cantina MOC... I will like make a big update to make it bigger next year.
  2. Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I am not even aware there will be a Jurassic Park movie again until I saw the catalog pictures. I never got interested on any of these dinosaurs but I may take a second look.
  3. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Someone must be very happy reading this statement. What about the sets listed at the first page of this thread? Aren't those confirmed already?
  4. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    If Harry Potter is coming back, are the sets entirely based on the original Harry Potter story or Fantastic Beasts?
  5. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Indeed it reminds me of Beyblade.... but I will likely ban this inside the house. Looks like it could bounce out of control when you land the spinner on the floor.
  6. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    The new spinjitzu set looks similar to the airjitzu set but it seems they don't fly because they don't create lift? They just spin??
  7. Yes, it seems that it is the most concrete info we have right now... but I have never seen TLG use the mould for the same release year. We've seen re-use of the mould after a year or 2... but on that same year of the release? Maybe they're making an experiment whether sales will be affected. Hope that they won't do something similar. I am totally fine with the Highway man approach.
  8. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Tree suit guy. In-tree-guing.
  9. Besides knowing these are costumed CMFs, do we have anything confirmed or close to getting confirmed? That carrot costume just confused many people.
  10. 你好!!Hello there ^^

    Hello there @chubbybots2 I will pretend that I don't know you so that you'll return the favour.
  11. REVIEW: 41001 Mia's Magic Tricks

    Can't believe this review is 4 years in the making. You had this drafted and graded since 2013, right? I also started my reviews here in EB with Friends. I like the elements included in this set and it has the The Prestige vibe... "are you watching closely?" I would certain get this one on sales. Unfortunately, I am 4 years too late. Great work and hope we see more of your reviews!
  12. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Black and green armies sounds more useful for armies? Could it be forest related?
  13. Ok, I see the same as Darkdragon. I tried other themes and the Pirates one seems to be not affected because the profile block is hidden and there is no white border (padding?) The default theme is still usuable but looks messy due to the profile block overlapping text and badges.
  14. The Greatest CMF 2: Revenge of the Ninjago

    in regular forums, such as Special LEGO themes, aren't moderators/regulars the only ones who can close/edit poll or topic that is not their own?
  15. The mobile version really looks bad... I can't even... Anyway, waiting patiently.
  16. Thank you and see you again! Frankly It's like a daily routine that will be hard to undo every time I log in here in EB.
  17. Review of City of Wonders Gift Sets in Malaysia.

    The Ketupat exterior is actually green and lime green. @kaelthas might have overlooked this detail.
  18. Oh that set was TRU exclusive? It was on sale for 50% on my local TRU and it felt almost rushed to be cleared from shelf because now I don't see it anymore.
  19. Well, if there is any take away from this poll is that you finally broke the spell -- because the one that you voted is winning!
  20. But you voted for Scarecrow, so not exactly the same result
  21. Review of City of Wonders Gift Sets in Malaysia.

    I hope LEGO will continue doing CoW and that this is not just a one-off exercise. Featuring the local flavour of LEGO builds even without the typical set number is a welcome addition to some collectors. Of course, very thorough review as always. Great job!
  22. Well, the winner could have been the Elf ...Even though Scarecrow is not bad, I'm still sticking to Faun just because I'm not feeling that Scarecrow is really the best out there.
  23. Is this an intermission round before the actual finals? Well... this is just a game so bring it on the finals!
  24. I agree! This should be standard guidelines to all voting polls/games/contests here in EB. Where are you @Itaria No Shintaku ?
  25. I feel between a rock and a hard place selecting this set because it is my first Nexo Knights to review. Could this be the last? Let's find out in my 7th RA review, set number 70349 - Ruina's Lock & Roller. Overview Name: 70349 - Ruina's Lock and Roller Theme: LEGO System / NEXO Knights / Season 3 Year: 2017 (1H) Pieces: 208 Minifigures: 3 Price: USD 19.99 / EUR 19.99 / GBP 14.99 / SGD 34.99 / MYR 89.90 Resources: Brickset and Bricklink Introduction We are on a rocky start because I have to admit I am more of a Ninjago and Star Wars fan. However, I do appreciate the villains in Nexo Knights. Now before anyone cries foul, there were only 2 things I expected from this set when I bought it - (1) the minifigs must be great and (2) the parts should be serviceable for MOCs in order to give it a decent rating. Now join me as I pick this set apart starting from the packaging. The front panel of the box shows Ruina riding a rock creature pulling a carriage, prison carriage or tumbrel. Whatever you want to call it, that's how the set got it's name "Lock & Roller" if that wasn't obvious enough. Btw, the rock creature is called GargoBike but I will just call it the rock creature because it does not look like a gargoyle enough to me. At the back of the box, we see Ruina fighting against Aaron and it shows the play feature of the prison carriage. At the side panel, we see the minifigures included -- Ruina, Queen Halbert and Aaron. At the side flaps of the box, you'll see the name of the forbidden power as "Wrecking Wrath" and the power up as "Gorilla Roar". Inside, we get 3 clear plastic bags without numbers, 2 dark bluish grey wheels and a stapled instruction booklet. I'm very glad to report there is no sticker in this set. Build As there is no numbered bags in this set, all I needed to do was arrange all these parts in one go before I built the entire set. In order to judge this set fair and square, I watched a couple of NEXO Knights episodes to appreciate the character of Ruina Stoneheart more, as well as understand how her Lock & Roller prison carriage was used in the series. The first thing I immediately noticed while watching the TV show was the absence of pole holding the forbidden power shield. It is not on the carriage at all; there is no "target" per se. It's possible that the designer added this play feature for the sake of adding play feature because it is not integral in the episode's story. Unless you watch the TV show you will not care about the difference. Depending on how you appreciate or dislike NEXO Knights, not caring about the TV show could be a good thing or a bad thing. Pick your poison. Moving on, I like to add that I am not a fan of medium blue as contrasting colour or highlight for the build, especially the one on top of the roof of the carriage. In the show, the carriage has a roof with spiky rocks that look like fangs or stalagmites rising at each corner of the roof. It did not translate well on the set or perhaps the designer was trying to achieve a different design altogether. Those medium blue cheese slopes just look like meaningless greebles. Best-angle-view The use of trans-light blue looks good on the wheels and on the claws of the rock creature pulling the carriage, representing the flowing current of electricity. However, I have to nitpick on the use of trans-light blue rock panel in front of the carriage. It is supposed to be a current of electric field serving as the windshield of the carriage. The problem is -- I associate this colour of rock panel with ice or glacier. It does not help that I also own Elsa's Castle so it is just hard to imagine it an electric field covering the carriage. Frankly, I prefer if it is just a panel, not a rock panel. Maybe it was a mistake watching the TV show after all because this makes me compare the version of the rock creature in the TV show. The beak of the rock monster should have been just dark bluish grey and not this fancy medium blue. I think that the use of medium blue colour is unnecessary when the animated version looks fine (arguable better) without a different coloured beak. Back view (ugly view) If you think it is narrow, it's because it is. This is comparable to the several old-school Castle carriage that I own since they are also 4-studs wide inside. I guess the standard accommodation inside LEGO carriages has not changed since then. Not the best place to be in As shown at the box front panel, the carriage has a mechanism to open the floor when you hit the shield holder. I will discuss more about this play feature in great detail later. Side view The carriage has a slight tilt and you can see the shadow of the 3rd wheel in front of the carriage to keep it from tipping over. When you detach the stone creature, the carriage will still keep its balance. Front view The front view is decent. I'm still not a fan of the medium blue colour but I do like the use of purple cylinder as bike wheels because even without the carriage, the stone creature can balance on two wheels and it can be played independently of the carriage. The creature's head can also tilt up and down apart from swivelling sideways. Hit me baby one more time! I want to address the most frustrating thing about this set: the play feature that won't work most of the time! Hear me out. This is the single feature that was unnecessarily added in the carriage so that you can target something and yet it does not function well enough. I'm not a Physicist but I found out that the shield piece works so well in deflecting the towball "bullet/arrow" so much that the force is greatly reduced when it hits the target. This renders the stud shooter useless. A simple solution to make this play feature work more effectively -- just remove the freaking shield. The shield holder will catch the towball easier because the recessed area is exposed without the shield. This will force the shield holder to push the mechanism so much easier. To be fair with this set, the official description mentioned that you have to "push" the Forbidden Power shield holder to open the cage doors, not hit with the stud shooter. Wait... what? Open the cage doors? Even the official description is wrong! Pushing the forbidden power shield does not open the cage doors. It opens the cage floor. The cage door can swing open but it does not open when you hit the shield holder. It's a poor description to a poor play feature that is poorly executed. I honestly wish that I was posing a horse, not a stone creature, when I took this picture above. To wrap things up in this section, here are the extra parts not used on the build after following the instruction booklet thoroughly. Parts This set contains some new parts (new moulds) as well as new colours of existing LEGO elements. Unlike the previous sets that I reviewed, I am not really excited with the new parts selection here. I still like the new parts included but there is nothing fancy about any of these, in my humble opinion. Just to highlight what I like the most -- I already mentioned the excellent purple cylinder piece. You get 2 of these in the set. The rock claw/fingers piece was also introduced in NEXO Knights in this set along with Jestro's Headquarters so this is also a new part. Getting this set is the cheapest way to get them at the time of my purchase. You get 3 of these. The blunt spear head, which looks cool as an ornament but looks ridiculous as a weapon, was also introduced in Season 3 wave of NEXO Knights sets. You get 3 of these and they are used as limbs in Aaron's bow (1 spare). If you don't believe it's ridiculous as a weapon, just look up an image of 70366 Battle Suit Lance. Minifigures I am very glad to share that I enjoy the minifigures in this set. It is odd that when I bought this set, I was looking forward to Ruina the most. However, when I already opened the set and had a chance to stare and take pictures of the minifigures for a couple of days, I now like Queen Halbert minifigure the most. Many people raved about Ruina's hairpiece and it is one of the reasons why I was looking forward to getting Ruina. In a lot of ways, getting Ruina from this set had paid off my excitement, but with diminishing return. Apart from the hairpiece, there is nothing to be excited about the minifigure. Her appeal to me is shortlived and that's why I appreciate the Queen Halbert minifigure more lately. Queen Halbert's torso is printed with metallic gold and silver patterns which match the design of King Halbert armour from set 70327 - The King's Mech. All the minifigures have excellent printing on torso and legs. All have dual face printing. How I wish that all LEGO minifigures always come with dual face printing. If they can do it in NEXO Knights they can certainly do this in other themes. In comparison to the Season 1 armour, the new armour looks sharper and it covers less area of the torso. It is supposed to be an upgrade to the season 1 suit because but I guess more is less? The trans-neon orange parts are good but I think it's a little overdone. I prefer the non-transparent visor though I won't mind using the trans-neon orange visor to upgrade my Ice Planet minifigures. Conclusion I am glad that my opinion about this set did not hit rock bottom. It has some good things that I can appreciate even if the non-functioning play feature had frustrated me. I normally don't allow my son to use stud's shooter because it's hard to look for missing round plates or towballs so imaginary arrows will. I also observed that even if he does not like NEXO Knights villains in general, he played the GargoBike. I detached the bike so that Ruina can rock and roll really well without the weight of the carriage. The thing about NEXO Knights -- the story and character development is so poor in the TV show that even if I take the time to learn more about the characters, I don't get the same level of empathy or interest at all when compared to Ninjago and Friends. Most of the villains in NEXO Knights are disposable. Perhaps it was meant to be that way. Don't you know it's rude to stare? Somehow, removing the medium blue piece at the tip makes this stone creature look more fierce. Let me make up to you dear If I will weigh the reason to buy this set, the biggest factor is getting the minifigures only. If you have King Halbert, Queen Halbert in her gold armour matches very well with King's Halbert armour. IMHO, the royal Halbert family is probably the best thing in NEXO Knights because the family dynamics is funny and quite different than what LEGO has done before. Queen Halbert can win her own battles and Macy is one of the more interesting characters LEGO had developed in recent years. Enough of the Halbert family. Let me reveal the final verdict. Review summary Playability: 6/10 - The poorly executed play feature ruined it. Yeah right. Ruined Lock & Roller. Design / Building Experience: 7/10 - Design follows typical carriage design. Rock creature looks good. Use of medium blue pieces in this set is questionable. Minifigures: 9/10 - Awesome looking minifigures and probably the best reason to get this set. Price / Value for money: 8/10 - An average value for am average set. Parts selection is okay. Overall: 7.5/10 - An okay set if you're getting the minifigures; however, it leaves a lot to be desired.