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  1. Put me down for a set, this really is fantastic.
  2. [MOC] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    Amazing work! This looks brilliant. Are you planning to make the LDD available?
  3. Bricklinked UCS Millennium Falcon - MODded heavily

    Dave, that's very generous of you, thanks for the tips on the L shaped brackets, I'm sure I have some in a bag somewhere in a huge pile of other bags of lego parts. I'm not in any huge hurry for the LXF as this has already taken a year and counting. Kudos once again on your great work!
  4. Bricklinked UCS Millennium Falcon - MODded heavily

    Your Falcon is incredible ScottishDave. I have stolen your much improved engine mod for my brick linked MF and have been working on my own version of the top rear panels and engine flaps so far. Its been an expensive project with lots of trial and error. The LXF files you posted have shown me the way, so thanks very much for those. I also attempted an homage to your mandible mod, but got very stuck with integrating the top and bottom surfaces into the original technic arms. Is there any chance that you're working on LXF files for the mandibles?