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    Indoors---Anything in minature...Dioramas..40k...and the brick is king!!
    Outdoors---Living in the foothills of Montseny, we love cycling ...climbing...hiking...kites...conoeing...boletera(mushroom hunting)...geocacheing...
    and in general---Anything with more than 200BHP...


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  1. [MOC] Bandersnatch systems Mk II Hammerhead.

    I'm sure she could give any of the GARC speedsters a run for their money but due to a three season ban on account of a couple of pan galactic gargle-blasters over the limit and the singed whiskers of Grand-commisioner Guff......We'll have to wait and see..... (Where would one get one's hands on all those funky sponsorship logos?) Oh & cheers!!
  2. i'd like to present the Mk II Hammerhead. A bit of a handfull but in the right hands, capable of winning the low-orbit 24hr grand prix.........twice! 2017-08-12_06-52-49 by sleasytiger, en Flickr 2017-08-12_06-48-00 by sleasytiger, en Flickr 2017-08-12_06-44-47 by sleasytiger, en Flickr 2017-08-12_06-44-34 by sleasytiger, en Flickr 2017-08-12_06-47-14 by sleasytiger, en Flickr 2017-08-12_06-47-25 by sleasytiger, en Flickr 2017-08-12_06-47-47 by sleasytiger, en Flickr The plan is to go on to make a diorama so I can add some figures and such but could't resist a quick preview. Any feedback would be most welcome........
  3. Greetings from Buumjole, a little known planet in the outer reaches. Here at 'The Rocket' bar & Trading post, the locals can take it easy after a hard day's dodging Star Destroyers and scurrilous dealings. Nothing is ever exactly as is seems in this watering hole and there would be many a tale to tell, if anyone could remember what had happened. Remember...What happens at the Rocket, stays at the Rocket...... DSCN7983 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7979 by sleasytiger, en Flickr Note...It usually has to be re-built every morning, due to being laid to waste during play-time, the night before.
  4. [MOC] Rebel U-Wing

    It seems to be contrary to popular belief but I reckon that the U-Wing is about the best step on from the X-Wing to date....A daring, elegant. potent design which would look great in flight and accompanied by a hand-full of Yavin interceptors, would really push my buttons.... Sound job on the MOC which captures the very essence of late 70's style...Thumbs up!!
  5. [MOC] Jakku speeder

    Love it..... 'OK let's see what this baby can do....!'
  6. Photographing LEGO

    Another crucial point I've found is setting your camera on self timer when using a tri-pod (not that I follow my own advice!!)
  7. Steam Powered Mech

    Splendid job, especially the shot with the trailer (like the WWI tanks which i've always found curious ) really sets it off to a tee. Is this what to have expected had Skynet gained consciousness during the industrial revolution...? & is the going to be a T-800...?
  8. [MOC] MkII Tomahawk racing Skiff....

    Just a couple of tweaks...but I reckon they make all the difference....brings it all together nicely..... DSCN7493 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7490 by sleasytiger, en Flickr
  9. [MOC] Jakku speeder

    Just thought that something was lost in the first batch of pics ....hope you'll indulge me..... DSCN7472 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7477 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7487 by sleasytiger, en Flickr
  10. [MOC] Jakku speeder

    Being rather keen on Rey's speeder, I was pondering about what the others might look like on Jakku.... Came up with this.... DSCN7435 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7439 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7446 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7444 by sleasytiger, en Flickr Hope it grooves your truffles.....!
  11. [MOC] MkII Tomahawk racing Skiff....

    Cheers for all your kind comments!! All much appreciated & I'm honoured to have anyone think of Dan Simon (I'd had a glimpse way back but didn't recognize the name....) when viewing the little roadrunner......Thanks again!!!
  12. The bricks...just....know.

  13. As the stakes grew higher and every race more brutal, the salt flats racing Skiffs evolved into these tough, agile and well armed sprinters. DSCN7394 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7400 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7405 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7416 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN7388 by sleasytiger, en Flickr & shown here with it's predecessor.... DSCN7414 by sleasytiger, en Flickr
  14. MOC. SCATT

    An all terrain scout & attack (scatt) 'bike' (well two wheeled vehicle anyway). Tough as nails & unstoppable at low speeds, swift & agile at high.... DSCN6555 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN6557 by sleasytiger, en Flickr DSCN6559 by sleasytiger, en Flickr & with her lil-bro...! DSCN6561 by sleasytiger, en Flickr
  15. [MOC] SHIPtember 2015: ANF "Trident" Class Corvette

    WOW that's just superb!!!