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Found 15 results

  1. Hinckley

    Photographing LEGO

    I was asked in another thread about my photography setup, so I thought I'd start a new topic and share my techniques and give others an opportunity to comment and share theirs. Admins and Mods, if I've strayed into the wrong forum with this please move it to the correct one with my most sincere apologies. Anyway, here is what my setup looks like. I use a technique called three point lighting which you can read more about here. I've numbered where I placed my lights and where I place three more when I use my softeners in red or blue... My red and blue bulbs. Looks like there's been another walrus whacking in hinckleytown... I set up the shadowbox itself with three sheets of foamcore. I took a regular cardboard box that LEGO was shipped to me in and cut off two of the sides. Then I taped the back of the foam core inside what was left of the box and glued it down with some wood glue: So, that's it. I sharpen all my photos in Photoshop and switch the sharpen mode to screen to brighten them up and do basic color correction with the color balance tool (Ctrl + B for PC, Apple + B for MAC). Foamcore and cliplights are relatively inexpensive. I probably got my whole setup for about $30. The camera was through the roof and so is the Adobe Photoshop software...but the shadow box and light setup are easier to obtain than you think. I'm no photography expert so feel free to tell me where I may be going wrong if you know and impart more knowledge upon me and the rest of us!!! X-D better LEGO pics on! UPDATE 09.18.2007-Just wanted to update this thread with some more tips and tricks: 1. I've noticed a lot of people post pictures at 300 dpi or higher. This uses a lot of memory and bandwidth. To post a picture online, it only needs to be 72 dpi. You can't tell the difference on screen between a picture at 72 dpi and a picture at 5,000,000 dpi, trust me. If you have photo-editing software you should be able to change the dpi. Your camera settings should allow you to take pics at 72 dpi, although you want to keep your camera at 300 dpi if you like to print your pictures...Reducing the dpi will reduce the file size by a great amount! 2. When foucsing your three point lighting, focusing should be done one light at a time. So when you are focusing one lamp, make sure the others are off and that the light you are focusing is either spotlighting or filling the area you need it to... 3. If you don't have the lights or the rig to use this setup (mine is clipped on to the plumbing and gasline in my basement) you can reflect natural light from two points using posterboard or reflect light from lamps using posterboard. White poster board reflecting light from one lamp or window can be just as effective as using mutliple lamps. 4. Color correction-if you don't have photo-editing software and you need to color correct your photos, say they are coming out too yellow, you can use poster board for this as well. Using blue posterboard to reflect light into your shadowbox can reduce yellow, red balances cyan (lighter blues), and magenta balances greens...If you have access to gels which you may find in a theater or photography studio or the theater or photography dept at your school. You can balance color in your shadowbox with colored gels that cover the lights.
  2. Hello I'd like to know if I can export brickstock list with pictures of parts/sets to excel? I know there is possible to export xml file, but without the pictures. Thanks in advance Eli
  3. Hi there, Please see my Formula One equiped with a PullBack motor. The full sized pictures on the following page : Presentation movie : Enjoy !
  4. Rooneypower

    Image Uploading / Posting

    I uploaded my first picture to the forum the other day and within the reply field, there is the blue bar under the text box, It shows a paperclip and gives the option to upload a file. I don't even see an upload file option now, it disappeared. all I get is the insert other media tab, I click that and all I can do is upload from an url or current thumbnails. (How do I delete these too?) I attempted to set up a brickshelf account so I can upload pictures but for some reason, Brickshelf is not sending me the confirmation email to join, so I am stuck. Any help would be nice as to where my upload paperclip went within the reply field and how do I delete what is in "the existing attachment" tab? Thanks for your time.
  5. (Mods, please note I wasn't sure where to put this, as it's a train / western / comic starring a few licensed Disney characters. Please put it where you think it should go!) In this thrilling tale of 60 miles-per-hour high speed adventure, the outlaw Blackheart Gang) switches a weapons-laden military train onto the same track as a unscheduled special, with disastrous consequences! See each sequence of this horrifying tale in colorized photographs and you too will ride the midnight train to Adventure! 7:07 PM - Denver Colorado: The military train pulled by engine 1 is heading out of the yard and onto the main line towards San Francisco. It is crewed by a small group of soldiers, plus fireman Samuel McGee and engineer Joseph W. Jackson. 8:00PM - Carson City, Nevada In another rail yard, the crew of the unscheduled special charter train pulled by loco number 3 is making sure the engine is spotless and ready to pick up it's party of potential railroad investors. The train is supposed to pass trough Fort Legoredo at 9:30 that evening, where it will let the military train pass by on a side track. 8:40PM - Fort Legoredo While making his hourly rounds, the station master of the Fort's railway station is ambushed by three Blackheart Gang members, and he is relieved of his switch keys. While trying to escape, he trips on an exposed rock and falls, where upon he is then shot dead. 9:23PM The switches are set for the freight train to fall into the hands of the gang, when a different whistle is heard from the other end of the track causing the bandits to hurriedly switch the tracks back to allow the special to pass by. 9:30PM With both train approaching the same switch at the same time, the gang works quickly to allow the passenger train pass by, but still diverting the convoy train. 9:32PM The engineer and fireman of the military train see what is about to happen and jump to the ground with the iron steed still powering on towards the switched track! 9:40PM The train reaches the end of the side track and derails, with steam and steel flying everywhere. Horses and cannons are sent scattered across the tracks, and the sleeping soldiers on-board will never wake again. 10:20PM After stealing all they and their horses can carry, the Blackheart gang set the steam engine to explode, then set off into the darkness. A posse rides out later that night from the local village to check out what made the explosion and they discover the gristly wreck. Meanwhile, out in the desert, the Blackheart gang begin to plan their next move. THE END Any and all thoughts, comments, complaints, and questions are welcome. This non-moving picture was shot on three 6 x 3 foot tables with a cell phone camera and no special effects... just so you know. Thanks for reading!!
  6. Well,was playing around with my new SW Battlepacks.Left the Table for a few Minutes and was alarmed by the Sound of crashed Bricks....The Minifigs from both Packs can`t stand each other and the Rebels crashed their Speederbike in the newly build little Laser Tower of the First Order.They were so proud of the new Tower which is now reduced to a Pile of Bricks... After a little Debate they agreed each other to help repairing the Damage....and this is what happened: Boom...The Speederbike crashed right through the Lasertower Base.... Did someone wrote down the Licenseplate of this Hooligan? Bullseye!! "Okay,calm down Guys,just grab the Instructions and we will rebuild it" Ha,Rebels and FO working together!! Anyone knows where this Plate needs to go? Wait,i will look for it! We found a Brickseparator,just in case you need one. Okay,the Laser is almost done,let`s have a Look at the Bike....well,needs some fixing too.
  7. Greetings foolish humans! Hello!, Mecabricks is an online building tool for Lego Models. Because this tool uses its own part library all the parts must be modeled and decorations have to be traced in vector graphics. I'm contributing decorations from Lego's space themes, but for some parts it's hard to find usable pictures to trace. This is were I need help. My current needs are below, but more will assuredly come up in the future. The pictures need to be level,and looking straight at the decorated area. Current Needs Blacktron 2 Safe Door. Ice planet Snowplow. Female Insectoids Head Thanks in advance!
  8. halixon


    So I've got a Brickshelf account, uploaded some pictures to it, but when i paste the URL of a picture that i want to use for my profile pic, it say the file is too large, max 100kb. Is there any way to resize my pictures? I need help.
  9. Hello ya'll, Howp do you add pictures to your signature block?
  10. Blue_Bird

    Recommend a Camera

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good camera for taking pictures of LEGO. I've never had a digital camera before so I know nothing about them.
  11. Hey there a few weeks ago the 3. SteineWahn was startet in Berlin, germany. THE BRICK TIME Team and our moc´s , like the Colonial Outpost and our Dunholm Castle Projekt, were there. We met a lot of other builder´s and fans. It was a great event with many visitors and a very nice atmosphere. So, check up our photo´s and be sure to visit the 4. SteineWahn next year in Berlin. Lets have a look: Enjoy Learn more up THE BRICK TIME (was a big thread in german) and see all picture´s on FlickR. Best regards from germany BoB
  12. Hi everyone! Here's some nice pictures of the RC units I took, because I couldn't find many whilst looking, especially the controller. Some questions I have about RC stuff are. Why can you not use a new servo from the Auxiliary power supply on the receiver unit? In terms of electronics whats going on? Is it possible to control 2 or more receivers with one transmitter (I'm pretty sure it is, like Sariel's Endurance racer) Can you run 3 or more RC motors from 1 receiver unit. Also one of my new motors is making a very concerning sound, which to me suggests there is no grease in the gears inside. Has anyone successfully taken apart the gear housing without damaging it? The little clips are really tough to move. Thank in advance!
  13. Lego Batman T-Shirts by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is okay to post here, but here it goes. If you've been around this site (or the internet in general) in the past few years, you have probably seen some of my Lego funnies and photos. If you are a fan of them, then you're in luck because I have decided to make T-shirts out of my pictures! To start off, here are three Lego Batman themed shirts! If you like any of them and would like to own them, please visit TeePublic and fund my design. It's just $20 per shirt and I need 30 funders in the first month to make it a reality, so spread the word! And don't forget to follow me on there to be notified of any future projects! Let me know in the comments what you think of this idea and which of my pictures you would like to see turned into a T-Shirt! Here are the links to the individual shirts: Lego Batman Animated Series Lego Batman Beyond Lego Batman Arkham City
  14. Eurobricks member GRogall brings us exclusive pictures of the Summer 2013 LEGO Galaxy Squad sets! Head to the Sci-Fi forum to see the whole set of pictures and comment!
  15. I found this pictures over internet and they looks like new products : Castle: City: creator: