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  1. Same here, Rebels is great and way too underestimated. It suffers because the movies follow in too fast succession and those get all the investment.
  2. i had hope that the outrider design would make it in Rebels to lego..
  3. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    You'll live, and (hopefully) realise there is more in life then missing out on a few plastic bricks. All i read here for pages are little FOMO boys screeming about their little Falcon, it's getting annoying. Can we please make a seperate topic for them ?
  4. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I just hope for some static buildinglike sets. I'm tired of vehicules. We only get like 2 static castle like sets (vulcano lai and the new nighton castle), make a jestro prison or cave or something.
  5. LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    Exclusive set in europe, maybe also in the rets of the world.
  6. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Anything so rare and yet so easy to make will be faked. It's your money to spend, spend it ...wisely
  7. AMEN! Now how about some new blaster mods lego??? FO blaster??? Just some ideas to bridge that HUGE 3% abyss
  8. I bought the resistance transport pod, for 35€, still way too expensive, but allready better then the ludicrous official price of 45€ they ask in Europe (nobody should buy it at that ripp off price). Also bought the pratorian guard buildable figure
  9. As Lego had a HUGE "get rid of old SW stuff" sale in Europe -50% to -70%, i had to make a decision, buy 1 new milenium falcon in oktober or everyting on the list below....I went on a shopping madness spree and bought a small army: Normal sets: 1 x Battle of Takodana 33,95€ 1 x Battle on Scariff 34,95€ 1 x Kylo's Shuttle 45,48€ 1 x Rebel combat frigate 68€ 1 x Star Scavenger 33,95€ /piece 3 x Clone Turbo Tank 59,95€ /piece 1 x Krennic's Shuttle 39,48€ 1 x Rey's Speeder 12,47€ 3 x Tie Striker 23,98€ /piece 4 x AT-ST 24,95€ /piece 2 x Imperial Hovertank 17,98€ /piece 1 x Eclipse Fighter 22,5€ 1 x Poe's X-wing 32,97€ 1 x normal X Wing 34,98€ 1 x U-wing 37,48€ 3 x FO-TIE 37,95€ /piece 1 x The Phantom 25€ 1 x Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 8,95€ 4 x Imperial trooper Battle Pack 8,95€ /piece Buildable figures: 2 x Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike 17,95€ /piece 3 x FO stormtrooper 5,98€ /piece 3 x Stormtrooper commander 8,98€ /piece 1 x Kylo Ren 7,95€ 1 x K-2SO 7,95€ 1 x Jyn Erso 3,95€ 1 x Finn 7,95€ 2 x Death trooper 8,98€ /piece 1 x Baze malbus 8,98€ 1x Chirrut Imwe 8,98€
  10. I bought alot of stuff in that dutch sale, will post full list later, it's very, very long .
  11. an extra 75158 rebel combat frigate on sale for just 64€ an extra 75175 A wing
  12. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    I love more Nexo knights sets, BUT... i'd love better designs, year 2 sets were underwelming, now we have a nice new castle, but the rest of the sets are mediocre at best. Also i'm stuck with 10 times the same hero, that is getting rediculous. It seems ninjago got the best lego designers this year... those movie sets are awsome! Do i really need to wait for a Nexo knights movie to get some thing equaly awsome????
  13. TIE Savager

    Great design, better then most tie fighters so far created
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I like the AT-AT, it is funny that it's heads look like kylo Ren. I don't like that the back legs are like the origional At-At, they should have made them like the front legs. Don't like the bomber, looks old, like a WWII B17 gone on a date with a V wing. Like the star destroyer, hope it has indeed a good interior. Wouldn't mind a new resistance tank like weapon for some awsome ground combat. The sets do come too close to the current line, can't buy everything.
  15. Modified 75175 A-Wing

    The 75175 A wing is a real letdown compared to the 75150. It's quiet simply inferior. The only thing it does better is more modern looking canons compared to the big round thinks on the 75150 version. So yes i welcome your mods (except for the wider guns), they look really nice :), sadly i will never try them myself as the set is rediculously overpriced to justify a second one.