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  1. firefox

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Has anybody allready to link two solo conveyex trains to make a longer one? Anybody have a picture?
  2. it is nearly identical. A bit of changes here and there to superficial stuff like color and the top shooterposition. Not neccesarily bad as the 2013 AT-AP was one of the best walkers ever made in my opinion, with alot of interior space and looks even better with the 3rd leg retracted. The only real problem will be the enourmous pricerise. Same goes for the gunship
  3. Great price. Not the best set, but it can be used for cool customs. I got 3 x 75218 X-wings and one 75211 TIE fighter last week.
  4. That is true. But no one can deny the massive price increases in the official prices that lego states in the last couple of years. There is alwasy inflation, but my salary, which is nor maly ajusted to inflation does not grow by the numbers lego does it's prices. As a result alter 1 or 2 months it's easy to find most sets at -20% of -30% I allready bought the still new han solo movie sets at -40% in a sale.
  5. Picked up: - Solo Millenium falcon - Han's speeder - Moloch speeder - 3 x Imperial patrol packs - 2 x jawa pack Solo is the best star wars movie in 30 years, no matter what they write about it. It's not your tipical go blow up some artificial moon movie.
  6. yesterday i build both Han Solo and the Range Trooper. They both impressed me. Both are excellent. The only thing i did was change their guns a little so they are more practical. I need 2 more range troopers :)
  7. firefox

    What to do with stud shooters

    recycle wasted plastic?
  8. Indeed, all the rest is mostly rehatch. To bad some people can't evolve beyond their limitations.
  9. firefox

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Castle 2013 was not a failure, it had the bad luck of comming after kingdoms, one of the best castle themes ever. Fans had very high expectations and Lego just made basicly the same sets in blue instead of red, just as they did with pirates 2015. It was a filler set, never intended to grow. As an aftermarket theme it's a success, you should look at the prices for 2013's , they are quite high. As for nexo knights, the problems were always too much techo too little castle and the best designers were on ninjago. Nexo knights was always marketed towards a younger audiance then ninjago i had the feeling and the sets were to lego technic and rushed. Season 2 did kill it with bad sets.
  10. I like the new Falcon, hope the interior is well designed. Sets look good at first glanse if the speeders have some functionality like storage space, etc. same negativesfor the battlepack: - only contains 2 troopers, lego should make this 4 and delete those studshooters from then or add conventional blasters so we have a choice. - still no new blaster design...
  11. The new star wars sets are up on lego site in europe. They are asking 50€, i have to repeat this: 50€ !!! (that's almost 60$ for our US friends here) for the sandspeeder. This deserves the title "rippoff set of the year"!
  12. Can't agree more. I have not seen the movie yet, but the line-up is not near as good as Ep 7 or Rouge one. Most sets are either too small (FO heavy walker, shuttle pod, luke's island hut, cantina) or too big (kylo ren's starfighter, crait skimmer) or too lazy (AT ST, scout walker) Best set for me is the sandspeeder and that's not even from this movie. As for the good, movie sets are remade every 4-5 years, so we'll get better versions in this lifetime :)
  13. Didn't know these type of sets were now also being made in micro scale
  14. It one of the most underestimated sets. It's not perfect, but with a little modding it's fantastic.
  15. Nothing of real interest except the buildable figures and the battle packs