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  1. First Order Star Destroyer and Heavy Assault Walker, each 80 Euro
  2. I bricklinked EKAE`s Tantive togeher with 4 other projects. I paid for the Tantive parts about 160 € (+ shipping costs/ new and used parts and 15% of the parts I had at home).
  3. Hi Matt, you can use light gray instead of light bluish gray. Fuchs
  4. Yesterday I finished my Tantive, new pictures will folow in the next days. I would like to print a 8x16 tile with the ucs sticker. Does anyone has a .jpg of the ucs sticker?
  5. [MOC] BB-9E

    Fantastic job - After building the BB-8 a few weeks ago I thought a BB-9E would be great - Can´t wait for Instructions or part list.
  6. I use ecmos LDD and started with the engine, it works really good. My problem is that I simultaneously build Kylo Ren´s shuttle with my 5 year old kid (and he says what I have to do:-))
  7. Congratulation Azrielsc, I hope I can finish my Tantive in a few days, started yesterday.
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    it seems like in germany we will get 3x VIP points, two polybags (scarif trooper 30 Euro/ First Order Heavy Assault Walker 55 Euro) and 20% to 50% discount for some sets - Infos found on promobricks
  9. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    He has also on bricklink a store, just without the instructions.
  10. look at bricklink in the MOC section, it is build by QuiGon
  11. @EKae Awesome @mortesv some hints about your second project???? I feared my kids get no Christmas presents, too many bricklink Orders:-)
  12. It is a "Nacktmull", I have no english translation. It was our mascot when I played soccer but I will look for a better avatar.
  13. Fantastic work Scott, now we need updated pictures with your fleet!
  14. update: my kids fliped out:-) my 5 year old son build yesterday his first lego set (75150) but he want only an ISD - he wil get a star wars nerd
  15. I can´t believe what I see! AWESOME Fantastic work. The details everywhere - without words - just enjoy! My boys will flip out, they both big fans of the ISD