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  1. That yellow car looks stunning, very good colour for a ferrari. After reading some experiences with the CADA set i dont think i will be getting it though, apparently the part quality isnt quite up there yet. If a parts list is ever available i might see about bricklinking it, although i suppose the price will be astronomical if one goes that way.
  2. @someRANDguy That looks really good, the white isnt a 1:1 colour match, but then again, lego themselves dont manage to keep their colours matched either, and the design of the added pieces looks really spot on, kudos! @Neil_Dalby If you are gonna quote a long post like that, please delete the pics in the quote, saves everyone a lot of needless scrolling.
  3. vectormatic

    [MOD] A lockdown project - Odyssey No.918

    Amazing work, kudos, and what a way to stay busy in these times Makes me remember doing a darth vader style eta-2, maybe i should do another recolour of a cool spaceship
  4. The download link is right there in the page you linked - Porsche 911 GT3 RS.pdf
  5. Looks amazing! kind of a shame that there doesnt seem to be space for a 12 cylinder under the hood, but that is what you get at this scale. Really reminds me of the old 599GTB. I could probably buy a dozen of the 42125 at this rate and build all the awesome B-models for a full-sized technic ferrari collection :P
  6. vectormatic

    [REVIEW] 42120 Technic Rescue Hovercraft

    I totally dig the orange and black bits, but the extremely poor skirt and the rotating prop-guards put this one in below average for me. 8824 was one of my favorite sets as a kid, and this thing just looks poor and overdesigned by comparison.
  7. vectormatic

    [REVIEW] 42121 Technic Heavy Duty Excavator

    Im incredibly torn on this set, i have 0 interest in construction equipment usually, but for the price it just seems like a very nice little thing, and it might be quite easy to convert into a crawler crane
  8. vectormatic

    [MOC] Neo Classic Space Police - Interceptor

    Awesome design, this gen of SP always will have a special place in my heart, and this MOC does the theme justice
  9. vectormatic

    latest lego quality standards

    Yeah, im not selling my stuff either, i might consider getting rid of one or two sets which im never gonna put back on display, but sets like 42056 and 42083 are gonna stay with me for a looooong time. That said, selling stuff second hand is always a massive pain in the backside, i posted the creator F40 for sale on a forum which has plenty of lego enthusiasts, zero interest... and no way im delving into the cesspit that are general public selling sites... True, ive broken my share of those old toothed half thickness axle rings, or the connectors which couple with them.
  10. @Husky Your version looks excellent, almost good enough to convince me to go buy the set :P As it is im waiting on a bigger price drop at the very least though, if i managed to snag the porsche at €110, the ferrari should drop to €125-130 at least.
  11. vectormatic

    latest lego quality standards

    @syclone wow, those thin 3x3s i can understand, but the twisted 1x2 connector breaking like that? I dont even understand how that would happen, never mind how Lego QC is bad enough to make this happen this much. Personally i havent had part breakages since the flags and mini robot arms from the early 90s, im really curious if perhaps this has something to do with different factories etc.. Honestly, if i had had this happen in that amount, i wouldve noped out of lego years ago
  12. vectormatic

    [MOC] Ferrari 365GT4 BB

    Excellent! Will the 308 be the GTB/GTS variant, or the GT4? (im hoping GTB, which is pretty much the daddy of all modern ferraris as far as im concerned) Also, will you be making instructions available for this, or the 308/Dino? Assuming the list of added parts doesnt contain some rare/expensive stuff, i'd be willing to pay for instructions for a model like this
  13. vectormatic

    latest lego quality standards

    The parts breaking around axle holes is new to me, even the pushrod suspension on my 42000, which puts a LOT of stress on some axle holes is still tip-top But yeah, the colour variations are utterly dissapointing, and lego's stance on it even more so, if you charge premium prices, you need to back that up with premium quality. And while it is possible to make some mistakes and ship a batch of sub-standard product, the real test is how you as a company then handle that. And by acknowledging this as an accepted issue, not remedying it, and shipping off customers with some minor pinhole/w/axle thingy is just not on par. Im happy i havent bought the Sian, and while i absolutely loved the Ducati, the Sian's issues, along with others, have seriously pushed me away from lego. At a time when legitimate competition like CADA is improving by leaps and bounds, lego seem to be losing their magic touch, yet still spiral further down the high partcount, higher price vortex. Barring perhaps a magic rabbit pulled from the H2 hat (which i doubt), i think this is the first year since 2014 where i havent felt like buying anything from the new lineup.
  14. @amorti Thanks, i do know that these prices are ridiculous, and there is no way i would pay €290, hence my question if the static version is good too, but given your comment, it is just the RC version with the RC bits ripped out, no additional HOGs etc... Ill keep an eye out for ways to get the RC version for a decent price.
  15. vectormatic

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    True, and i dont think the TS050 would look bad, i just think lining the three up together would look a bit awkward