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  1. vectormatic

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Powered Up

    That looks really good, how fast is it with that final drive?
  2. Very cool @pleegwat, i hadnt considered that the belt wheel would work with 1.5 studs per cyl, i was expecting to need 2, but this is really nice!
  3. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Holy eucalyptus leaves batman, (errr @Superkoala ), a Lambo as the new supercar would be amazing, the only thing id be more hyped about would be a ferrari. Personally i would expect either the Sian (which is rather limited, at 63 to be made), or a yet to be introduced successor to the Aventador (which at 9 years old could do with replacement), although some special version of the Huracan wouldnt be bad either, Looking at some pics i really want the Aventador SV/J though, that green would look excellent next to the Chiron and GT3RS Either way, HYPE!!!!!!
  4. Yeah, i was expecting the teeth to be a problem, even a straight edge would give problems i suspect. Props for trying it out though! Personally ill pobably mod in a regular fake-engine V8, not entirely sure which camshaft style LR usually uses, but at least a flat-plane crank can be accurately done in lego.
  5. vectormatic


    @EVILMONKEY The razzle dazzle camo/skibox combo is a trademark of Jon Olsson, some athlete who has had Koenigseggs, Lambos and Audi in this style
  6. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @kbalage 42096 is also a good bit larger and has more parts, the part/$ ratio isnt much different from 42077, even if the feature/$ ratio sucks (but that already goes for 42077) @mpj Damn i hope he's wrong, i love the big licensed cars, but spending 400 euros on a riced out supra.... (or whatever..) it would really screw up the "theme" theyve got going with the GT3RS and Chiron. I could appreciate a stock supra, or even a slightly tuned supra which is at least convertable to stock/factory look, but if we get printed panels with street racing graphics, im out.
  7. I thought about that connector, but not about extending it with the axle and pin, that would indeed give a proper 120 degree spacing, but the "pushes" would be relatively short relatively to the full revolution, making the behaviour even more camshaft like. You'd also need a lot more space in the "crank case" Using this pieces:;idColor=9#T=C&amp;C=9 combined with the half length tooth bushes would allow a 1 stud distance from the axle along with custom angles. I havent done the math to see if that allows for the proper 120 degree angles though, and i think the sharp edges of the connector wont work with the pushrods.
  8. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @Jundis AFAIK, there is no solid proof 42107 is a motorcycle, other then people interpreting "2w" as "2 wheels", it could be anything from "2 wings" to whatever 42111 could be 42077 sized, although licensing would make that hard i guess if it is indeed a F&F set.
  9. @Pattspatt Good work! Ive noticed the same problem with the V8 mini-engine in the corvette, and there the fix is absolutely trivial, as the 90 degree axles lend itself well to a proper crossplane V8 crank. It absolutely puzzles me that even when the parts allow for the proper configuration, lego will design a car with the wrong crank configuration (see also, 42037, and anything with a V8, a crossplane crank isnt doable there, but a proper flat plane would be) Im trying to think of ways to do a proper 120 degree offset, but all those would need more then 1 stud width per axle, things like this part: would allow for proper spacing, but would need more width
  10. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @AVCampos Drat, totally missed that one, surely that will look just right next to 42007, my modded 42036 and 42063 :P @I_Igor Oh totally missed that its only 8 days away. As for the BMW, id rather have a non-licensed set myself, but who knows if we are even getting a motorcycle at all?
  11. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Hi, please check out your browser, you are auto-translating everything, and while you probably read all this in dutch, this is an english forum, translating quotes and posting in dutch makes it really difficult for others to read your stuff. As for speculation, id rather not take it further, i have my preferences, but just going off wild guesses and commenting on those doesnt add much, and mostly just pollutes this thread, id rather wait for real news to show up
  12. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Ah got it, i figured that as a native dutchy my translation might be a bit better then whatever google does. Either way, i wouldnt mind a cool racing bike, we're overdue for a new motorcycle, but given that this is a post from a completely new account with 0 backing evidence, ill go ahead and apply the customary pinch of salt. Same goes for the McLaren Senna (and honestly, while i'll 100% buy it anyway, i dont really like the Senna, ive got 0 affinity with the brand and i think the Senna takes the mclaren styling from plain generic supercar well into offensively ugly... and i dont think the dark grey/orange scheme will work well for a display model, it wont pop as much as the orange porsche and the azure on the chiron)
  13. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    that is 100% a wish, not sure why it is in a quote by me either. translated from dutch the first sentence is "i would love it if in this new year under 42107 a cool flashy racing bike is brought out in azure/black/purple", the reference to 42050 is the colour scheme, not anything form wise
  14. vectormatic

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Half of the sets arent really racing cars though, and most of the GT ones tend to be modifiable to road-spec, so id say it isnt that bad. Ill probably mod the Nissan to look like a regular white roadcar rather then the Nismo spec. Printed headlights though.. given that at this scale the headlights are one of the main clues on whether we are dealing with an F8 or a 488GTB etc.. there is 0 re-use potential, unless they plan on re-releasing the F8 as the GT3 and GTE models (and the liveries dont interfere with those pieces), so that is 8 bespoke, non-reusable prints each set... (and at that point, why not say the same for the bad on the hood?). And as a counterpoint, the clearback stickers offer fans the option of building a re-colour. Ive got the 911 Turbo sitting in front of me, and i could have easily built it in another colour using the same stickers, which wouldnt work with prints
  15. vectormatic

    42075 Terminal Tractor

    That is a really amazing C-model!