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  1. I can not delete my email adres from your database, so either you do it, or you are in violation of the GDPR Your policy is invalid as it violate the law, period.
  2. No, you are required by international law (GDPR, european privacy regulation) to delete my personal information upon my request. As my account mainly consists of my email adress and password (and EB also explicitly operates in the EU, of which im a resident) , you are absolutely required to comply. Forum rules/guidelines are nice and all, but they do not supercede the law. So to re-iterate (and paging an admin @Jim), i hereby request the deletion of my account, and any of my personal information currently on EB servers
  3. I hereby formally request the deletion of my account, as i cant seem to do so myself. If we cant discus the marketting surrounding this set, and illustrate that with other examples of how TLG handles this, you stiffle discussion, and i no longer see the point of this community. This place is overpoliced and the mods cant seem to deal with any criticism of lego as a company, and cowtows to lego trying to surpress leaks in a way directly against the people in the community. im done