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  1. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not this year obviously, and Formula E isnt big enough media wise i think, and while porsche/audi are in there, its still mostly a spec class, so the cars arent really that much actual porsche/audi And besides, given how hamstrung FE is by battery tech right now, i dont think "speed champions" is apt for that kind of car.
  2. Yeah,. i found a reddit post from about a month ago, nothing new, i just hadnt seen them yet
  3. Just found some leaked pics (which i will noty post here) The yacht looks visually appealing, no idea how interesting itll be technic wise though The first responder is well... a bland looking pseudo military jeep/truck thing, unless it has some good parts, that's a skip for me The hovercraft, meh.. another multi-vehicle set with a small $10 sized set to fill out the part count and make up for lacking features probably The rally-car, now this is what i like, big car, flashy colours, and if its predecessors are anything to go by (42000, 42039), independent suspension. Im hoping for a transverse 4 inline and an AWD driveline with a 4 speed, but that might be too much to ask...
  4. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thats a decent idea, my line of thought with the 250, 288 and 599 GTO combo would be that it shows all the relatively special GTO models (although the 599 is a bit debatable), and would offer some nice period variety Im not a huge fan of the Enzo/360/430 period of Ferraris, but it would be awesome to see them show up in SC, although i'd hope for an F40 and 288/208/328 first Existing themes are expressly banned from Ideas, so that set has exactly 0 chance, considering how long Ferrari and Lego have been teaming up That's not to say we wont see those cars in the SC lineup though
  5. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Agreed, the only way i see 4 Ferraris working without older models is if the 3 car set is another 2 F1 + truck set or something, and after the wave 1 F1 truck, Wave 3 merc set and seperate Ferrari F1, i dont think that would be very likely. Just imagine the 3 car set being a 250 GTO, 288GTO and 599 GTO in a museum setting or something...
  6. I had the same idea a while back, just never pursued it because i figured i wouldnt be able to find the parts at reasonable prices The tires look a bit small to me though, maybe go one size up?
  7. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Cool, some minor notes on the v2 though, i dont think it still has side pipes, since the turbos just have dump pipes straight up/backwards, and i think it should be possible to make some small turbo like shapes in the slots in the hood
  8. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah, ive got a second GT40 in the collection because lego said they werent going to make it, then lo and behold, we get a ford GT set... I dont mind though, and if i were you id just bricklink the hoonicorn, you can always recycle most of the speed champion specific bits into a different car, or just mod it into a stock(ish) old mustang. EDIT: just found out Ken Block has a Hoonicorn V2, complete with twin turbo 1400hp v8, you can always mod the bricklinked version into that if lego do come out with the original hoonicorn in a set
  9. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    The death trooper buildable fig, and Krennic's microfighter, both on clearance Currently debating Krennic's shuttle, its on clearance and i have giftcard, but that only covers part of the price, and my budget is kind of gone.
  10. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Agreed, i have the bigger one, and it is absolutely awesome, having it in SC scale would be very cool Hell, id love a legendary ferrari lineup in SC style, 288GTO, F40, F50 and Enzo EDIT: prediction time! Big set: Ferrari F1, consisting of two cars, a big spectator stand (with green-white-red kerbs, monza style), and a marshal post and a small fast food stand. Medium set: Ford, The hoonicorn, a Fiesta WRC car, and good old Kenny from the Block, some minor props (oil drums etc..) to set up a small gymkhana course Small cars: Porsche 911 GT2RS, Ford GT (road version), Ferrari 812 superfast and the 2017 Porsche 911 RSR GTE car.
  11. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So, 2x ford, 2x ferrari and 2x porsche.. Im mildly dissapointed, considering those are the three brands which already got the most coverage, ford has 5 cars over two years, ferrari 6 and porsche 5 Ford wise, a road going GT would be easy, but rather lame, considering we already have the new GT, the Hoonicorn would be awesome though, otherwise i think there might be a historical model involved, considering something like the 2017 fiesta in ST guise probably wouldnt look right in SC form. Ferrari, im guessing a 488 and 812, or maybe the new porto-fino, the FXX-K is covered, and doing an updated F1 car doesnt make much sense. I do wonder how likely a 488 GT3/GTE is though, considering there is the 458 GT2 set from wave 1, so maybe a road version? We did get the LaFerrari and FXX-K after all Porsche, 911 GT2RS seems a shoe in, otherwise the 718 is the only new thing not yet covered. If lego could get the OK for a dual license set (hasnt happened right?) they could do a 959 vs F40 set? If they are going to stick with a select few brands, they will be bound to delve into historical cars, considering there arent enough new significant models coming out of Ferrari/Porsche each year to fill out a new wave of sets. Either way, ill end up getting the four small sets, and the medium set as well, provided it contains at least two good cars and not too much overhead
  12. @barman How is the driveline/suspension for the 42070 B-model, is it better off-road then the A model? (im seeing at least one diff and a whole bunch of cogs in the spare parts) quite disappointing to see it uses only so few parts
  13. Excellent review Jim, and i really appreciate the pictures with all different tire options I think the unimog tires work best, and thankfully they arent that expensive either.
  14. Thanks for the review Sariel! Im a bit torn on this set, it looks nice, represents its subject matter about as good as you can expect, and has all the functions i could think of for something like this. On the other hand, im not a firetruck guy, and the features/parts are still a bit tame and nothing terribly innovative or exciting.
  15. Agreed, im not sure if those are the perfect wheels for it, but Jim's review will soon enough show us all If i can find it cheap enough, i might get it and a set of decent wheels