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  1. I wouldnt hold my breath, 2 speed gearboxes (3 doesnt make sense given current parts) could have been easily slid into just about every car recently released (42077, 96, 111, 125), but havent. Especially now that we have the blue 20z clutch gear, a two speed is incredibly simple, requiring only the input and output axles, but lego still doesnt bother.
  2. vectormatic

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Ill take a blue one, thanks! That said, stock orange is good for parts availability
  3. vectormatic

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Looking at the size of some parts, im going to guess this thing wont be packed with features for that price, my money would be engine, AWD and independent suspension as usual, no gearbox or the likes. Ill probably skip it because i simply dont have the space, but if its anything like the 488, it should be a very nice set for people who like pickup trucks
  4. Lol, flip it upside down and shake it a bit :P My GFs 600 is actually spanish built, so really a SEAT, but those were sold as Fiats in our country. We nearly ended up with a Zastava instead, as someone in her extended family promised her one, turned out his wasnt his car, but his sons, and he already sold it (they own a junkyard and also deal in fixer uppers) On topic of the new sets, promobricks has pics up, and the tow truck looks magnificent, i dont plan on buying it as it isnt my thing, but for all AFOLs here, i really hope it all works well, we could use a well executed beauty like that!
  5. @I_Igor LOL, i wouldnt mind a technic Fiat 126 to be honest, the styling might not be be everyones cup of tea, but as your friend says, these things are so simple you might even be able to get pretty much all the real cars features in a technic set. My GF has a Fiat 600, and that thing is about as simple as it gets
  6. Well, fingers crossed for 126, as the rest dont really interest me.
  7. vectormatic

    [42125 Alternate] Dune Buggy

    That looks way too good considering it came from a ferrari, great job!
  8. vectormatic

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Dragster, probably yes, im pretty sure very few dutch kids will now what a challenger is. I personally cant keep the challenger and charger apart. I know today one is a four dour, the other a two, but in the seventies, both were two door... Agreed, i am into collecting brick tanks, and mostly stick to Cobi (polish product), which is excellent in terms of quality, although a while back i bought a model from Quan-guan, which Cobi EOLed years ago. The chinese bricks smelled funny to a point where im not entirely comfortable handling them myself... No way would i give stuff without proper quality assurance to a kid to play with, and that is before we get into moral stuff around supporting china etc.. I like your R5/kadjar example by the way, although i very much doubt anyone is going to get excited at the idea of a lego kadjar :P
  9. vectormatic

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    For clarity, i do know what those cars are because i watch some american car shows on discovery, and keep fairly up to date with car new in general, but the average lego aged kid is probably going to call that C8 a Ferrari.. Either way, as i said none of those cars are actually even sold over here, nor were the old bronco or C3, and drag-racing? LOL... And stuff like the jesko and elva are niche as megabluck, the jesko is limited to 125 cars made, and no-one outside die-hard car nuts will even know of koenigsegg to begin with, never mind some super limited halo model. Sorry if my post comes off a bit strong, im just very disappointed seeing these final results, after last years rather tasty line-up of R35 GT-R, F8 and the Quattro, getting two super niche cars and the one of the uglier things to come out of japan is just very disappointing
  10. vectormatic

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Well, lego finally managed to get me completely uninterested in new speed champions sets, despite collecting them since the start... The 2-packs are all american to the point that most europeans dont have a clue WTF those cars are (none of them are sold here), The Jesko and Elva again are niche to the point where i hadnt heard of them prior to this thread, and the Supra is straight up ugly (as in, the real car is ugly to begin with, and lego isnt doing it any favours). Quite a shame, after last years F8 and Audi, i was mightily impressed with what 8-wide brings to the theme, but this year i simply dont see anything worth buying.
  11. If you think this is bad, try following the yearly speed champions threads over in the town section, not only is it "any pics yet?", but prior to sets being announced ~70% of posts is pointless pie-in-the-sky wishlisting "oh, i'd really like it if they went all out JDM this year, and got me an R32 skyline, B22 subaru and maybe a comboset with a 260z" ad nauseam...
  12. vectormatic

    [MOC] 1:12 Aston Martin Vulcan V2

    That is an extremely impressive build, very recognizable, and kudos for including the engine and gearbox!
  13. Cool, T-34s are neat too :) And if you want to, you can develop the three different turrets as well, like you did with the KV-1 and 2 model. I only got into tanks about ~2 years ago, so i didnt know you had all those older videos on youtube as well, ill be giving them all a watch soon!
  14. That is a really cool mechanism, love the authenticity to real tank controls. Are you planning on building a proper T-55 Sariel? I'd love to see that.
  15. vectormatic

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I dont see the confidential stamp on this particular pic. Then again, i dont see anything even borderline useful in this pic, if it werent for the leaked setnames, the only thing you could actually determin would be the corvette....