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  1. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    thats a cool track! i wish i had the space to set one up
  2. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Right, some more info I have an ikea kallax 4x4 shelving unit, the entire top row is dedicated to speed champions, currently i have thing organised by brand, so the 1st box is all ferrari, 2nd is porsche, 3rd is McLaren, Bugatti, Audi and Merc (basically all euro which arent porsche/ferrari), box 4 is american stuff, so ford, chevrolet and corvette. This means my R18 and 919H dont sit next to each other, so that is one factor. Second, the current 919 is a LOT better then the old one, and the R18 as well, more details and accuracy etc.. They are still relatively close in terms of shape/colours, but as a fan of le-mans stuff, they are easily distinguishable to me, so id be fine putting them next to each other (I had them arranged by theme previously, so all le-mans cars grouped, my only gripe there is that the current 919H never raced that particular R18) As for the 488s, i already have the standalone GT3, the blue/red one in the large set is a GTE, and ill be skipping it. Not because i dont want doubles, but because a) i think the set is just a tad too expensive, im not OK with spending €110 for just three cars and b) I have issues with all three cars in the set, the 488GTE specifically looks like a mess in terms of coloured bricks, while the standalone 488GT3 looks amazing. As for the other two cars, i dont like the 312T4, i would have loved a 312T2, but i dont see an easy way to mod the T4 to a T2, and the 250GTO has some construction gaps around the rear. And the 488s bring me to re-releases, in the real world the 488 is very close to the 458GT2 which was in wave 1, but the building technique lego uses has evolved so much, that the 458GT2 and the 488GT3 are still very different cars, much in the same way the year 2 919H and current 919H are miles apart, so i have no problem with getting updated versions of relatively similar real world cars. One thing i want to mention to further clarify my position, if Lego were to put extra stickers in some of the race car sets (the current 919H has a #2 car number, i would love to also have #1), i would be perfectly fine with buying several of the same sets to complete a racing team. I also debated getting a second AMG GT3 to make a road version, but got sidetracked. I do have a second Bugatti Chiron (got it as a gift), which i swapped to red/black instead of blue/black, and i dont mind it at all. As long as there is some difference between cars in my collection, ill happily buy more of them (provided the price is right, and the model has no glaring issues)
  3. Well i should add i was so disappointed by the A model that i was planning on skipping it, until i saw your C-model! Lego should thank you for getting me to buy one of those ;) In all seriousness, the A-model to me lacks features, given the size/price and its predecessors (42000 and 42039), I was hoping we would get at least AWD or a simple gearbox, as it is i find the model too simple, and i dont see how i would fix the hodgepodge styling. Your C-model really hits the spot for me in terms of styling, as i love old school racecars.
  4. in theory that is a good concept, and something lego should try with pf 2.0 imho, and the set could last much longer then regular sets but in practice, 42065 has two M motors, which arent very useful for powering anything medium to large sized, or for proper steering, for powering the porsche, both motors would need to be on drive duty and geared down, hardly ideal
  5. Well there are a good deal of sets with full PF in the box, stuff like the tracked racer and 42070 for instance, and price is indeed a consideration, both of those two sets got slated for their high price for few parts. Personally i just swallowed my pride and bought a remote/receiver, servo, L-motor and battery box setup from S@H rather then buying a €100+ set and just getting one motor and battery box
  6. I figured i should drop by and mention i just bought the instructions, they look awesome, and a lot of work must have gone into making them! Dont actually have the set yet, but i figured i should have the instructions ready to go for when my resolve finally breaks!
  7. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I dont have a race track, i dont even have a city setup (just some of the smaller city race cars and some cool planes), but i have most of the SC cars, i have them on display with some technic race cars and the expert creator F-40 But onto your situation, on an 8 baseplate oval, im thinking any more then 6-8 cars on display at any one time would feel cramped, but that shouldnt be a limit. Personally, if i had a track i would put together a race (either in progress or lined up on the grid) of cars which all fit together in one class, say a bunch of GT3s (the 2015 911 GT3 Hybrid, the 2016 R8 GTLM, the 2017 AMG and the 2018 488GT3 for instance) or a WEC/Le-mans race, and just put the other cars somewhere else. The american muscle stuff would lend itself very well to setting up a drag race, either with a strip, or just an illegal street drag race somewhere in your city. The expensive hypercars (LaFerrari, the McLarens, Porsche 918 and the Bugatti) would make very good inventory for a car showroom/dealer type building The american muscle stuff and the classic cars, like this years 911 Turbo also work just fine as regular traffic in your city, only the actual race cars need to be confined to the track
  8. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Cool videos! I put together the 919 and 488 a few days ago, and i really like them. There are some minor nigles (the 488's nose looks a bit too long, the wheelbase is actually a stud shorter then the 458, and they've taken the length out of the rear, the 919s nose is a bit weak structurally), but still among my favorites of the theme
  9. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I found the 911 set at intertoys in utrecht, but that was all they had from the theme, in an XL shop! Maybe it is intertoys who are the problem, distribution wise... Its rather annoying that they are the only option when it comes to physical shops. Either way, ive got the 919 and 488GT3 underway from Bol, could have had them yesterday, but another item in the same order is delaying things, not a big deal.
  10. [MOC] Bumblebee Camaro in the Speed Champions style

    That looks a whole lot better then the Camaro in the 2016 speed champions set, very nice!
  11. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    1) is Lepin doing originals? From what i know they just either rip off lego designs, or MOCs found on the internet. Either way, I think clone brand discussion is banned here 2) Im no fan of the mustang, but lets not overreact here people, especially with the stickers it is not exactly a pinacle of design, but there have been far worse SC sets before (The mustang GT, 1st year McLaren and the new Fiesta spring to mind, the Audi R8 wasnt great either, and the 720S i only bought to complete the line), and even those i would rate as worth the money. For now it looks like ill be giving both Fords a miss, but if at some point i want my lego car fix and have 20 bucks to spare ill just pick up the mustang, mod the white from the sides and put it next to the mustang GT. I just wish lego would get their distribution here in the netherlands under control, SC sets have been available in neighbouring countries for about a week, but i cant find them anywhere over here, and probably wont for another week, the big news is that the technic sets from january are finally showing up in shops consistently...
  12. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It looks to be just as wide and high as the 458GT2 from wave 1, but the nose is a bit longer. The side and rear also have much more intricate detailing then earlier cars It looks really good, these kind of sets always make me wish lego included extra stickers in the box to make different numbered cars, i would have no problems picking up two of these (same goes for things like the wave 2 R18, or the 919H) and displaying them as a team
  13. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    After seeing Jangs review im quite sticker shocked, 841 parts, and i get to pay 110 euros for it.. that is some star wars level price gouging.. And given the fact i have major issues with every model in the set, ill be skipping it. I might end up bricklinking the parts/stickers for the 250 GTO though. Im kinda bummed about that, since i was really hoping to add a good deal of ferraris to my garage (skipped the Y1 F1 set, and the Y3 FXX K), but right now my to-buy list is the 488 GT3, 919H and the two 911s. Im slightly tempted to see if i can bricklink the parts/stickers for the FXX-K cheaply for my ferrari fix, but given that it has some unique parts, im not expecting a win there. On the subject of Bricklink, im somewhat surprised that no sellers are splitting up the larger SC sets, lego seems to cluster the sticker sheets nicely, and i would imagine that for instance in the Ford GT set, there would be people interested in buying just the GT40, or just the new GT
  14. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Agreed, it is far too busy, but trying to emulate the flowing lines of those blue waves on the sides by brick-building them is just a poor choice on lego's part. There are far better liveries for the 488GTE for them to pick, but im guessing those would come too close to the 488 GT3 look this year, meaning they would have to change from going GTE+GT3 (or combine them in a single set like both 911 sets so far) All in all im quite torn on the big set, i simply dont know how i would fix the problems with the 488, and i dont think turning the 312T4 into a T2 is an option, stickerwise. I think another selection of cars/versions would have been better, but what can you do?
  15. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    as much as i love ferrari, im really having trouble convincing myself to get that set the 488 is a mess colour wise, using coloured bricks ruins the flowing lines of the colours on the real car, and the blue is just one colour too many, the stickers then take away any chance of doing a decent recolour, i hope the gt3 looks better the 250 gto has a nice nose, but the windscreen/roof really look wrong to me, all i can see is the year 2 z28 camaro there, the rear isnt exactly elegant either The 312t4 meanwhile, just isnt my car, i wouldve loved laudas t2, but the t4 is just ugly to me, the build looks good though, for what it is supposed to be im totally weirded out by the fact im looking forward to the porsches the most from this lineup, i dont even like 911s :p