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  1. Excellent! assuming the clearance is available for the steering rods etc.. this would allow for a turning point much closer to the center of the wheel, and more realistic steering geometry, and will require less overside wheel arches to allow for wheel movement!
  2. Great review @Jim regarding the "defender wheels on other cars" topic, i understand the wheel is deeper, but by how much? If the wishbone arms could be lengthened by a full stud without seriously impacting the position of the wheel inside the arch, that could indeed make for much better and more realistic steering. I very much like the idea of integrating these wheels into 42096.
  3. vectormatic

    Limited Technic Reviews

    It is a sad thing to see happen, personally i value written/pictorial reviews over videos (not just in lego, the same goes for games, computer hardware etc..), and a well-written and researched review is worth a thousand of quick and shallow youtube vids. As others have said, i suspect lego providing the sets later and later is down to fighting leaks (we havent seen anything about the H1 2020 sets yet, which at least to me, feels unusual), this means deadlines get tighter, and at the same time any company is only paying more and more attention to marketing and social media, and in any industry, having the reviews out praising the product at or before launch is key. Sadly this has the effect of putting reviewers on a time-crunch, and pushing out those who cant deliver in minimal time, potentially to the detriment of quality. @Jim Ill join the others here who have expressed a large appreciation for your reviews, i dont tend to buy sets at launch anyway, as i prefer to shop 20% below MSRP these days, so to me, being there at launch isnt a big issue, and as nintendo has said "a late game is only late once, a bad game is bad forever", and as others have said, when researching a set, 9 out of ten times the first hit is a eurobricks review, which often covers all bases.
  4. vectormatic

    KV-1/KV-2 Tank

    Amazing work as always @Sariel! Do you plan on making an IS style turret as well? If memory serves, the IS1/2 simply put a new improved turret on the KV1/2 chassis (with some modifications perhaps)
  5. vectormatic

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    @nicjasno Ill agree with you that the layout of the lego set is wrong, but i also think expecting that level of accuracy is just plain wrong on a lego set. Lego gearboxes are much bigger then their real life counterpart, and yet we expect large amounts of gears and intricate shifting mechanisms. If Lego were to stick to the size of the real thing, we would get a 2-speed gearbox with the shift handle directly on top (courtesy of the blue clutch gear), and MAYBE a center diff, and then you've used up all the space there is. The alternative would be putting a more complex gearbox further forward, and we would end up with no interior, because there is no space for it. The two 1:8 scale cars get closer, the porsche has its gearbox sort of in the right place, but it still is waaaaaaaaaaaay too large to be anywhere near scale, and that is with only 4 speeds. Im not sure on the Chiron's layout, but i would suspect the gearbox to be placed further back in the real thing, as pretty much all mid-engine cars have the gearbox sitting behind the engine, merged with the diff on the rear axle, not below the engine. (putting a gearbox below the W16 would probably put the engine up too high as well)
  6. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    The porsche didnt include any new gearbox parts right? AFAIK the only new parts in the porsche were the wheel arches and wheels. Same goes for the Defender i think (which i wouldnt class as a UCS car)
  7. Well, i caved and bought the white porsche, enjoyable to build as always. I do have one problem with it though, there seem to be at least two different shades of white in my set, and it is quite distracting, one if decidedly off-white, the other nearly true white white, and given that parts of varying shades are right next to each other, my porsche looks like it was resprayed by a bunch of idiots with different cans of paint from the DIY shop or something.. Not quite the look you want on a prized 70s classic Does anyone else have these issues? Sadly i already put the stickers on, otherwise i could see if i can rebuild it in a less difference prone colour.
  8. vectormatic

    42056 - Porsche GT3 RS - Crash Test

    Cool test, that bugatti is ripped in half quite easily. Id like to see how the porsche stands up if the test is the other way around, the bugatti is heavier, so would carry more kinetic energy, and the porsche has less mass to absorb it with.
  9. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    And yet, i know ill buy it, like the sucker i am... (seriously though, if it has the technic features to match the pricetag, ill buy just about any car) That said, im not particularly convinced any of these rumors are worth much, i dont see Lego doing something so incredibly niche as a Lykan or riced-out eclipse, all their recent licensed technic sets have been of big names, and halo-products of those brands to boot, and all currently available. (depending on if you would consider 1M+ hypercars available that is). The red/wing-doors rumor leads to a very obvious Ferrari, but even that im not sure is credible at this stage. We are probably almost a year away from launch of the set anyway, which also means that the car in question might not be publicly known yet. From that point of view, i think concentrating on the H1 sets right now is more usefull, those are less then three months away from store shelves, or even two if they do the usual "launch stuff in december" thing
  10. vectormatic

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    One wave each year, and the themes switch around a bit, year one had supercars mostly, year two had muscle cars etc... If you can find them, id recommend last years porsche 911 twin-set over this years single 911. Last year's set has a very cool 911 RSR GTE race car, and the '74 turbo looks better in green then in white. Otherwise, just buy the cars you like the look off, its what i do (and then i mostly pick up the rest anyway because i enjoy building them..)
  11. vectormatic

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    LOL, going from the most hardcore roadcar porsche offers (at the time anyway), to the pinacle of cars that is the Chiron, and now a riced out FWD mistubishi from 25 years ago. I could see them doing a car like that for a succesor to the ZR1, but no way is that thing worth a 4000 part set. On the other hand, lego's infinite looping around shifting gearboxes would finally make sense
  12. @Cumulonimbus The top wishbone dont look attached to anything here, so i assume the body will contain mounts for them. I think id classify it as multilink by the way, the way i see it the bottom "wishbone" is half wishbone and half trailing-arm/wishbone, with the pivoting axle of the black arm not in line with that of the other half, so geometry-wise it will behave slightly different i suspect. The ARB does indeed look active somehow, maybe adjustable stiffness? i would assume that while for high performance on-road you want a stiff ARB, while off-road you want to dail it back or just decouple it alltogether.
  13. Call me crazy, but the picture on the defender configurator for the 3.0 Ingenium looks more like a V6 then an I6 to me, far too wide and short to be an I6, just compare it to the I4s. Off course there is no guarantee the picture on the configurator has anything to do with the actual engine, but this is getting more confusing by the minute. And i'd say that something crucial like a V6 or I6 is settled early on in the process, if indeed @twoofive is right and an I6 wouldnt fit in there, that would have been known for a long time already, and having an I6 in the lego model gets more and more confusing. If it is indeed a V6, this looks like a likely candidate: as it has already been used in a couple of landrovers since 2014, on the other hand, it isnt an ingenium engine, only does 380ps, and is supercharged, not turbocharged... I think the only reasonable response is to assume JLR will build a high performance Defender eventually, and just slap in a big V8 pre-emptively, just to be sure Either way, thanks again for the pics @twoofive, im happy to know that even if i cant succeed in putting a V8 in there, i can go for a V6 which will look awesome, and i wont be relegated to using an I4
  14. according to wikipedia, the P400 will use a 6-inline engine, all other options are I4s so far. Lego using an I6 mini-fake engine when the real thing was a V6 would be simply unbelievably bad design
  15. Yeah, u can tell from the pics that a V8 would require more work, should definitely be possible though, so ill give it a go once i get the set. Still, that V6 looks really good, its quite a shame land rover doesnt use a V6 in the real thing, because this would have made the original set so much better.