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  1. 42077 Mods Needed

    I think motorizing 42077 should be quite simple, from what ive seen there is a ton of empty space underneath the fake engine directly in front of the diff, bolting an L motor in there is probably quite easy. Intercepting the steering axle at some point and putting a servo on it (probably between the seats in the cabin) shouldnt be hard either, then it is just a matter of putting the receiver and battery box somewhere and routing some cables. In terms of mods, im much more interest to see if the space under the engine could hold a gearbox, even a simple 2 speed box with a sequential style shifter between the seats would improve the set greatly imho
  2. I received and built mine last night I really enjoyed building it, the build feels well spread out, and contrary to some other sets it is not a case of building the functions first, and then only cosmetics, so the process is interesting throughout. The parts selection is quite interesting, three frames, two dogbones, a diff, a shock, a decent selection of panels and some (in my book) relatively rare pins/connectors, many of which in red, a good amount of gears, some engine parts etc... So as a parts pack the set works quite well too. The truck itself is a nice and complete looking design, the engine bay is quite interesting, and the way the engine drops in feels much more authentic then how in most technic sets the engine is pretty much part of the chassis.
  3. Lets not get into baseless speculation again, Lego has licensing ties with Ferrari (which might extend to Fiat, Alfa and Maserati), Ford, GM (with at least chevrolet and corvette included), VAG (VW, Audi, Porsche, Bugatti and Lambo have models, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Ducati might be included), BMW (which could include Rolls Royce), Mercedes, Renault (no released product, but Ltd sets) and McLaren, and im not even sure that is all of them Even if we knew 100% sure 42083 is a "supercar" from an existing license, and we are assuming only models currently in production, that probably gives at least 50 options
  4. and this is all ineffective against copy cats anyway, the lepin sets might be delayed a week, but that means nothing to people who are okay with lepin, they arent going to pay three times the price for avoiding a short wait if lego wants to combat lepin, either up your own game (tackle shortages, improve product quality etc), or go to court the video game market has shown that more secrecy and better drm doesnt stop the pirates when shipping your product involves handing over the design/data
  5. what is the point of inviting press and not allowing them to talk about it? might as well just cancel the event alltogether
  6. thanks for the review! after feeling let down by 77, im actually most excited about this set this wave, it is small, but has a good amount of features, and looks quite good, with ample room for modding my set should tomorrow, i look forward to building it
  7. i love that! the pics look better then the a or b models!
  8. Lego still sell it on their own website though...
  9. That is quite quick, only 1 year
  10. some sets feel more like "wed like to make it interesting, but the accountant said im only allowed one diff"
  11. agreed, they wont actively sell unfinished sets, but keeping modability/expandability in mind for AFOLs should be part of every technic design it plays a big part in my buying decisions, and is part of the reason i am on the fence about 77, there are more then enough features that can be modded in, but if i would need to rebuild both axles, driveline and probably the entire chassis, what is the point of even starting with that set?
  12. agreed on 42075, just ordered one from, while im still very much on the fence about 77, even at a 25% discount, i just cant shake the feeling that set is a let down meanwhile 75 offers decent features out of the box, and plenty chances for improvement without corrupting the base of the model, i look forward to squeezing a flat four in, and modding the rear to a pickup bed, perhaps even RCing it
  13. personally i couldnt care less about the 911 as a car, im a big car fan, but the 911 just screams form over function to me, to the point where they stick with putting the damn engine in the wrong place for over 40 years for marketing purposes. As for the rumored new super car, nothing would make me happier then a proper ferrari, and i mean proper, as in as big as the GT3 RS, but with its features properly working, and realistic. Ive got the old Enzo on display in my living room, and it kind of annoys me that it doesnt have proper suspension on a gearbox, which is easily doable in a car that size.
  14. Ah man... Ive got a gift card for a local online retailer, but they dont even list it yet, and itll probably be MSRP for the first while... On the subject of the H1 sets, does anyone know why there are hardly any reviews out? This time last year, either Jim, Sariel or other had written reviews on this forum, and there were tons of youtube reviews out, this year, hardly a peep
  15. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There is no reason SC couldnt survive with a new lead designer, there is plenty design examples in the existing sets to draw from, and in the end these sets arent terribly complicated anyway, as long as SC keeps selling, i see no reason to worry