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  1. I'd like to go to Blender (Previous experience Cinema 4D - but priced out of tool!) and would like some examples of people using it for animation of Technic models. There are many people examples. If any one would share I'd be appreciative. You can send e-mail if you don't want general sharing. Thanx Ed Bardet aka Knotian
  2. knotian

    Working Hopper

    In the early lego idea book there was an operating hopper car. In the early 2000's there was one that was a side unloader. Has anyone come up with any new ideas? I need something to automatically unload either between the rails or on the side. Something on the side of the track should be the operating mechanism, preferably as the car is moving. I've looked at several rotary dumpers but that is not the way I want to go. The design can be prototypical since it will be operated in an industrial plant environment, not main line. Thanx, Ed
  3. knotian

    Working Hopper

    I actually used that original, side gear dumper, in a test automated layout. That has since been deleted. The side is ok but it really does not look too much like a real car. This looks a lot better. Ed
  4. Check out 4DBrix for , IMHO, a much better and cheaper alternative.
  5. knotian

    Help Needed Please

    3679 I'm guessing. Top of a turntable - never seen it used alone before.
  6. After a year- I think I'll bump this Still looking
  7. I have no trouble finding parts since I usually have a part number. HOWEVER I need to organize my parts and I would like to do it by item number rather than part number which includes color. The reason is that when I build a prototype I could care less if I have a certain color, I just need the element. Is there any downloadable list by design element ID? Thanx
  8. knotian

    Working Hopper

    That's great! Could you post a couple of pictures of the details? Or plans? I can't quite make out the gearing under the hopper. Thanks a lot. Ed
  9. knotian

    Lego sets inventory aggregator

    Basebrick will do this
  10. knotian

    Problems with Leibherr Control+ App

    TcmO Check out Control all your Powered Up & Power Function (SBrick) devices with a single software They have expanded it to the new system and sbrick
  11. Is anyone working on an app or program (+dongle) that would control both? Scratch would be nice - but anything. They are both bluetooth, so shouldn't this be possible?
  12. Loc24, Looks like what I need. Is there any documentation or instructions? I downloaded the zip file but could not find any. Thanks for your effort, Ed PS What about my question about a pc with bluetooth dongle - will it work?
  13. Newbee jumping in here I believe I scanned many of the posts but I'm not sure of one basic thing-- Can this app control both the sbrick and the control+ hubs? If so, this sounds like a wonderful tool to operate an entire diorama with one program. If so, one more question - can it work on a laptop with a bluetooth dongle? Thanx, Ed
  14. knotian

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    No Problem here.
  15. knotian

    [REVIEW] 42108 - Mobile Crane

    Thanks! I'm building a large industrial model (Blast furnace, Hewlett unloader, coke plant, etc., and wanted something yo place in the "under Construction " area. This will work perfectly.
  16. knotian

    (Proof of Concept Moc) Lowrider

    Thanks for the pictures. I have an industrial rail that is remotely controlled (in real world also) and this will be a nice addition. Mine has the battery vertical and this will chop a few bricks off the height.
  17. I'm not sure, but does this not happen every year?
  18. knotian

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Woodworker makes wooden toys and sells them to make money for his family. People like and buy them. Plastics come along. Family decides to try plastic. Make toys. People buy. Family incorporates and gets bigger. Someone recognizes that AFOLs and resale parts market is huge. Starts niche company. Family buys niche competitor. Gets rid of non family products. Family corporation grows. Where in that timeline / natural progression does it say that TLG has to cater to people who modify their parts for profit, or corner the market and jack up prices, or do anything else that does not help the Family Owned Business. Not a rant, but just the real world. I designed software and copy-write protected it. Filled a niche a major corporation had not addressed. They did and my product never sold. Such is Life. Ed
  19. I asked on the Blender forums and got no response - let me try here. I would like to take my Technic MOCs and other Lego sets into an environment where they can be animated and moved. There are several tutorials for graphic packages such as Blender, but they are mainly mini figs or non moving objects. Has anyone done anything in Blender with Technic Models? Any links to books, videos, on this subject? Thanks, Ed
  20. Mylenium, Great post! I've done my share of warning people of the effort required in other packages and you wording is excellent. My quandary is that I do large (1:35-40) industrial models and I really can't afford to keep them indefinitely. My boss (BFF,Wife) is wondering where they are going to go. My plan is to build them, make instructions, publish them with research photos and other background info, modify the model with things necessary for rigging and put them all in a animated movie, and recycle. I have plenty of time to make it a 'full time' effort, education, challenge, what ever. I worked with C4D a few years back and have been in programming and analysis since 1960. Can't quit now! ( 81 now and still like learning.) Ed
  21. It might be that your grid is not set right.
  22. The link is- Unloader Instructions.pdf?dl=0 Those were the ones I used as plans. Wanted to get up there, but never got the chance. I've made a couple of minor mods to the power supply by replacing the rechargeable battery with a 4DBrix power box and 9 volt adapter. The research and trying to get the right scale took several trials.This does not have the lolly car because I'd have to enlarge it and change the scale to have room for it. Enjoy. Ed
  23. Here goes nothing. I've been leery of posting unfinished projects but ........ Bulk carriers ply the Great Lakes carrying Iron Ore, Coal, Wheat and other bulk cargoes. They are now, for the most part, self unloading. Around 1900 a device was invented to unload these boats called a Hulett Ore Unloader. None are in use now, but there is hope to rebuild one from saved parts in Cleveland. I first built an operating ( most functions) prototype to see if it worked. It was based on the earliest steam powered ones. I obtained a copy of the design. I was able to enlarge it to about 1:40 Scale and have started on the build. The base is 6 x 2 Base-plates. As I progress I will post updates. I am using for drawing and building instructions and will put it all together ---I hopa hopa hopa! Ed
  24. I agree, unless you intend on producing instructions. In that case I have found it better to do in parallel since it makes determining steps easier.
  25. Is this site Kaput? I keep getting "Contact Support" message.