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  1. Karlota

    [MOC] Best Friends on Vacation

    Awesome, great build. Wonderful colors and details
  2. Karlota

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    New sets are very interesting, especially the Goblin Village. There are a lot of wonderful pieces. Aira's Airship is so detailed, I like it.
  3. Karlota

    Our Ninjago Diorama 2

    Wow, it's amazing!! Great!
  4. It's amazing. Very well done, I love it. I like the details... interesting building techniques on the towers and on the roofs.
  5. Karlota

    [MOC] Sunset Surfer

    Cool! I like very much, she's great! I really like the background.
  6. Karlota

    MOC: Submarine Explorer

    Great! It's very well done. It reminds me of the Triton Submersible.
  7. Karlota

    Modular butcher shop

    Good work, I like it, nice bathroom :)
  8. Karlota

    (MOC) Outdoor Hockey Stadium

    Wow, It's amazing, with many details. Great Stadium!!
  9. Karlota

    MOC: Aquarium (Friends)

    Thanks for the comments ^____^ Yes, the aquarium would be better with more fish, but only I have these two. I need more Flounders, he he... XD Greetings to all.
  10. Karlota

    MOC - Apartment life

    They are great, I especially like the kitchen and the laundry.
  11. Karlota

    MOC: Aquarium (Friends)

    Today I have built an aquarium for my LEGO Friends. There are... a souvenir shop, benches, a terrarium with a turtle and aquarium (inside there are two Flounder fish and a turtle). Flounder XD Thanks for watching
  12. Karlota

    a small hotel

    It's very nice, I like the arches
  13. Karlota

    [MOC] Eastern monastery

    It's great, I really like the windows with pictures of dragons.
  14. Karlota


    Thanks for the comments. I would like to buy a second playmat, sure they fit well together.