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  1. ZimTD

    [MOC] A Pair of Blue Speeders

    Thank you guys for the kind replies!
  2. ZimTD

    Hello Eurobricks

    Thanks for the welcome, this is a great community I'm from Quebec, you?
  3. Thanks a lot for the help! this is a great community
  4. ZimTD

    MOC: Explorer

    I am absolutely in love with those front treads!
  5. ZimTD

    [MOC] AT-RT

    I really like the way you made the shield at the front. I have never managed to make a good at-rt, I always try to use panels, but the cheese slopes work so perfectly on yours, bravo!
  6. These are first the MOCs I am posting online since a hideous contest submission from years ago, so please critique both the MOCs and my photography (I'd like to improve at both). I made the dark blue speeder a couple of months ago, but i found it too bulky, so the other day i tried to make a slimmer, sleeker one and the sand blue speeder is the result. A Pair of Blue Speeders by ZimTD, on Flickr Dark Blue Speeder by ZimTD, on Flickr Sand Blue Speeder by ZimTD, on Flickr Thank you all!
  7. ZimTD

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    I'm pretty sure we've never seen sand blue in CCBS, but apparently there's a Jango Fett constraction figure coming out this fall who will hopefully contain sand blue.
  8. ZimTD

    Hello Eurobricks

    Hello! I am ZimTD! I make mostly Star Wars MOCs and I have decided to share them with all of you!
  9. <iframe src=" width="495" height="279" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe> sorry about that ZimTD by ZimTD, on Flickr how do you post spoilers?
  10. ZimTD

    [MOC] Old Republic - Crimson Pilgrim

    This is probably the most beautiful star wars moc i have ever seen. The shaping is fantastic and I am just jealous of how great that interior is. Bravo!