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  2. dmitryq

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Hi folks, I need your advice. On one of the local web-markets I have come across this offer: Price for the entire collection is ~75$. I have calculated the sum I'd have to pay if those were new and it makes around 290-300$, but are these sets worth buying?
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  4. dmitryq

    Liebherr L 580

    Det ser ut j├Ąttebra! But in my opinion the first variant of wheels (with small yellow rims inside the main rims) looks more realistic and appropriate cause the grey unimog ones may look a little badass (which is not necessary on construction vehicles).
  5. dmitryq

    Red monster truck

    Thanks everybody! Yes, I know, the bodywork is far from best, but it's the best look I've managed to achieve. I wish I had those flat red panels from the 42029 set. Unfortunately I don't possess any PF motors. If I had ones, I'd definitely use them. Yes, I'm aware of this, let's say, feature of the chassis, that's all because I don't have those spherical joints. But in fact this parasite swinging adds a little of extra flexibility, which is nice :)
  6. Hello there! Here's my little creation - red monster truck. In fact, when I was biulding it, I didn't keep in mind the original red truck by Lego so it was not my intention to make them look alike (plus I don't have any other colours besides red so...). All the controls are manual. Features: - full independent suspension - manually openable doors and trunk - HOG steering - poorly designed interrior with one seat - manually openable hood (via linear actuator) - fake V6 (driven by rear wheels through the differential) The whole photoset is here while here I think it would be more convenient to post only some of them. Thanks.
  7. dmitryq

    [MINI] Hubless Bike

    Thanks everyone! It drives indeed although not very smooth. Wheels may slide on a slippery floor (because of lack of weight) but it goes pretty well on "stickier" surfaces (like blanket of any other material).
  8. Hello everyone, here's my entry for the mini contest. Meet my Hubless bike! (looks like a mixture of tron bikes and ducati for me) 145 pieces in total Features: 1) hubless wheels! 2) double rear suspension 3) steering 4) rolling (not so smooth as I wanted) 5) adjustable seat I don't really hope for winning as I can see other miniprojects which are definitely outstanding, so let's say I've built this bike just for myself. I thought that building a truck or a jet is cool but typical, so I decided to construct something not very efficient but special (at least for me) and original instead. Also I know that I have a plenty of pieces left, but I admire the bike in the current state and don't want to change anything. But pieces of advice are totally acceptable :) Here's a demo of suspension More photos here
  9. 36. Hubless Bike Model name: Hubless Bike Part count: 145 Functions: 1) hubless wheels! 2) double rear suspension 3) steering 4) rolling (not so smooth as I wanted) 5) adjustable seat Promo image Parts: Topic with the entry: