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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all! Today I would like to share my Bigfoot! Functions: Four wheel steering via HOG at the rear of the cab. Suspension. There is not a great deal to write about other than I'm pretty proud of the nice soft suspension. The only draw back is that the steering circle is HUGE..... The other big challenge for me was getting the yellow and red stripes to look good using only brick built solutions. I'm fairly happy with the outcome. And the real monster! Thanks for looking. Constructive criticism and comments always welcome.
  2. Good afternoon people. After several mini dark ages, I proudly present my latest creation. The Red Monster! This model came about after trying to get back into Lego via Creator Expert models. Specifically the Ford Mustang and the VW Beetle. I'm usually more into construction machinery, but my last project just couldn't get my creative juices flowing! Anyway, there's not a great deal to say about this model other than I wanted to use the big shocks and have hand of god steering. I'll let the amateur pictures and video do the talking. As always constructive criticism welcome. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hello, I want to share with you my first creation after 20 years in dark ages without lego Inspired by official lego model 42005 Monster Truckgreat color designoptimized for playabilityenhanced functions:* better steering radius (only front axle steering) new functions:* reel with hook* tilting trunk* openable gull-wing dooras any other tracked vehicle on hard floors it lacks, better play with it on carpetor as an alternative use big wheels (41896 43.2 x 26 Technic Racing wheel + 45982 Tyre 81.6 x 38 R Balloon) Side by side comparission with 42005 (with wheels and tyres) 130 pages of generated instructions for intermediate level builder (A4 landscape orientation) full gallery + instructions sample: moc details + instructions on
  4. Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I made something big but it didn't turn out as the best I could do. I didn't want to release a MOC with half effort. Anyway, I started this Monster Truck Van a few weeks ago. I have the chassis basically done and the body is around 60%. It won't have too many functions (just drive and steering), but I want it to look cool and be detailed (roll cage, seats.) Here's what I have so far. NOTHING IS FINAL. The body will be black and will have red accents. I will put the Ferrari rim covers on all 4 wheels. Chassis: Tell me what you think!
  5. Here's my latest creation, built primarily to put the BuWizz unit to a serious test, and look cool while doing it :) Photos & reading:
  6. Yet another moc in small scale, but this time something off-road My goal while building this moc was to implement full suspension + steeringo on both axles, I reached it after just one day of building. Things got complicated when i started building the body for which I had totally no idea. finally i decided to build a blue pick-up truck with some yelow details. I also iplemented two other functions: winch and openable doors. for suspension model uses my own idea shock absorbers, these are really usefull as I believe... I really enjoied building this modeel and I'm happy how it turned out :) some miniatures: Thanks for your atention and I'm waiting for your comments :D
  7. Hello everybody and let me present my version of a modified 42005 Monster Truck. It was my second set after my "dark age", that I've bought many years ago, after 42029 as supplementary set with a lot of useful pieces and planned to use for a live axle suspension and some other features for 42029 model. However, I liked the set as a simple and functional model and re-assembled it several times. Here is the model and later I'll provide the all details: A month ago, when I tired of infinite attempts to turn 41999 into a Muscle Car (the chassis isn't rigid enough, but I already did a great progress and hopefully will share it once) I returned to this model and set the task to motorize it adding 4WD, but keeping 4 wheels steering and current suspension (keep the original construction as possible as I can). First, I've analyzed the all existing attempts that I could find over EB, Rebrickable and YouTube and it happens that there were several MODs by different authors: First of all, it's @Splat’s MOD with all steered and driven axles (see topic here). I see no reason to duplicate its description, so let me just note that he saved the necessary features with adding Servo + L-Motor mounted under the hood and trunk. The chassis configuration is 4x4/4 or 4WD-4WS. It’s the best motorized model, I think, because of amazing simplicity and performance, but unfortunately it has a kind of “articulated” steering that isn't real, so was trying to made a "real" 4WD-4WS version, using this model as reference. Another one is Jan Dvorak’s (is he on EB?) MOD with all original features supplemented by on-axle L-Motor that drives the rear wheels and Servo for the 4WS. He added an additional 5X7 frame with differential that provided a necessary rigidness. The chassis configuration is 4x2/4 or RWD-4WS. Personally I don't like such a long axle sub-frame. However I've found a good idea of vertical gears inside the central shaft. The third one is @codefox421's MOD, inspired by Splat’s version, with the original front axle and non-steered custom rear axle with on-axle L-Motor. His custom rear axle, based on two portal hubs, is a quite compact and simple, but has no steering. The chassis configuration is 4x2/2 or RWD-FWS. It looks trial-ready with the portal hubs, but it's nearly impossible to add the steering here, so I got nothing from this model. An unusual @Tommy Styrvoky's MOD with an interesting feature: he modified the front axle, not the rear one, by adding a solid drivetrain with worm gear and on-axle M-Motor, so result is a front-wheels driven Monster Truck with oversized fake engine. The chassis configuration is 4x2/4 or FWD-4WS. Very aggressive! WRRRRR Daniel Wirasantosa’s (is he on EB?) MOD that differs from the previous ones by using of chassis-mounted L-Motor that drives the rear axle (that has a bit low ground clearance due to the 5x7 frame) and, moreover, he used a custom steering shaft that comes directly to the steering rack. The chassis configuration is 4x2/2 or RWD-FWS. Starting this version, I got a more or less defined plan: 4WD with off-axle (chassis-mounted) L-Motor that drives the both axles through the existing “drivetrain” (former steering shaft) and the off-axle Servo that steers the both axles through the custom steering shaft above the driveshaft. There were two more versions: Michael M’s stretched one and LEGOTechnic360’s solid-chassis version with no suspension, but they didn't help me with any new ideas. Nothing personal, guys, if you're reading it, I just had a full and consistent vision of my further MOD: Hull - the original with no changes. Axles geometry - original. I tried to save the all things like the wheels location, suspension mounting points, ground clearance, steering angles (that are even bigger a bit now)… And I still can't believe that made it, after a thousand tries! Suspension - original, with no changes. However I put the hard shock absorbers in the rear end, as the default ones were too weak to keep the BuWizz battery. Wheels - original. I decided to keep the original wheels and tires with no giant crawler ones or even Claas, that are too big even for a Monster Truck. Frame - mostly original, but possibly modified since it will have an L-Motor and Servo mounted above the axles (right under the cargo platform and hood). Drivetrain - it must be the ex-steering shaft that comes through the cardans inside the "big" ball joints to the both axles, connected to the L-Motor via the set of normal and clutch gears. Steering - for the all wheels, like in the original model, but the steering shaft comes above the drive shaft, in parallel with it and can slide a bit while the suspension moves. Enough the words...The most interesting part starts here. Following my plan, the bigger challenge was to modify the original axles - I tried several options, even trial-like with solid axles, but 4WS provides an amazing maneuverability due to big steering angles, so axle diffs are likely vital for such model (solid axles were making a permanent clicking noise in the transmission even with motor stalling sometimes) and I decided to make a fast Monster truck, not a slow crawler with a high torque. The drive train. There you can see how I did it: L-Motor rotates a set of 8T and 16T normal and clutch (required for the steering shaft) gears and then the main horizontal shaft, that were used for steering in the original model. After that the shaft rotates the 12T double bevel gears (ex-pinon gears from the original model), than 20T gears below, single-bevel 20T and the differentials. As result, the gearing ratio is 1:1.667 X 1:1.4 = 1.2334, and provides about ~100 RPM with 15.12 torque. The wheels connected by a wheel hubs, since I wasn't able to use the universal and CV joints with affordable steering angles, wheels position (I kept exactly the same position as in 42005) and rigidness. The steering. Here you can see the servo (mounted upside down in order to provide more space for the battery block above, steering shaft that goes above the driveshaft, 12T gears (pinions) and 13L racks joined to the wheel hubs. In order to allow the suspension travel, the gears has 1/2L offset from the racks and slides together with the shafts along the mounting points when the suspension compresses. It's a fully legal, but still allowed in LDD and works like a charm! The only mistake that the hubs must be from Claas, but they aren't presented in LDD unfortunately: Just to explain why I used the clutch gears (but with no gearbox actually, ha-ha ), the drive and steering systems intersects so hard, so followed TLG way and used the same solution that they did in the official models (42029, for example) - passed the one through the other. Green is a drive subsystem, blue - steering. The Axles. Here you can see how the steering shaft slides by 0.5L (notice the gap between the 12T black gear and LBG liftarm) - it provides about 1L suspension travel for the both axles. Other images, the story of a modified hull (by Phil), LDD file and instruction in PDF are coming soon...
  8. A few years ago I created a modification to the 42005 Monster Truck set, where I motorized it and made it RC (IR), but tried to keep the geometry as close to the original set as possible (see topic here). I always liked the design and size of the body of this truck, so I have used it again, but this time I have completely removed the chassis and the drivetrain, and inserted a new one. This truck uses: the Lego Power Functions Rechargeable Battery (8878) to power an SBrick which controls a 9V Buggy Motor (5292) for drive and a Power Functions Servo Motor (88004) for steering. The truck is controlled remotely using Bluetooth via the SBrick and SBrick Android App on my mobile phone. This truck features: large suspension travel Ackermann Steering and positive caster steering geometry. The tires (56908c03) are the tires that were first seen in the Batman Tumbler set (76023). Even though the wheels are so far apart the truck has a short wheelbase, and thanks to the Ackermann steering geometry and differential in the rear it has a fairly tight turning circle. The front suspension uses a single shock absorber (731c05) with a setup similar to the 8081 Extreme Cruiser set from 2011. The rear independent suspension uses two hard shock absorbers (731c04), one each side. Here's a video to see it in action: Although the Monster truck uses a Buggy Motor, I couldn't give it full power without the battery and/or SBrick cutting power to it. I could only go at about 70% of max speed. I didn't have much space for gear reduction (apart from a 20-tooth gear to 28-tooth differential), so the output doesn't have much torque when using such large tires. Because of this, the truck takes a while to get to full speed, and slows down when hitting an incline or going off-road, which kind of makes the large suspension travel a bit pointless. I might see if I can gear it down some time in the future. I still continue to have a lot of trouble with the SBrick too. I finally have a version of the SBrick Android App that seems to work ok, but despite being only a few feet away and with nothing else around to interfere with it, it would still lose connection with my SBrick regularly. Hopefully BuWizz will be better, and be able to power the Buggy Motor better too. My BrickShelf Gallery with larger images (once moderated) Any constructive feedback/comments/questions are welcome.
  9. It's a monster truck with a 4x4 trasmission and 2 speed gearbox powered by a SBrick. This MOC is very powerful because the first gear generates a great gear ratio. The chassis is simply and very strong and the suspensions are attacked to him. I couldn't use the "large hard shock absorbers" because i haven't them, so i used the "small soft shock absorbers". I added a V6 working motor, a rear openig hatch, and lights too! These pictures above are of the old version, in fact the axles and the position of the SBrick in the images are different from the current ones (below). The differential is removable to ensure more traction. The gearbox is very compact and strong (on that I worked a lot of time). The green axle is the input, while the red one is the output: the yellow gears are interested for the first gear and the blue ones for the second gear. The first gear has a gear ratio of 5:1 (very powerful), while the second gear has a gear ratio of 3.3:1 (balanced). The gear ratios were calculated by adding the gear ratio of the all transmission system, ie 3.3. And this is the outdoor video! I hope you enjoy my MOC! Leave a comment and a Like! ;)
  10. Today I present to you my latest build: a motorized monster truck, still unfinished. Now Finished! Background: It was started last weekend after reading Sariel's book, "Incredible Lego Technic," which featured Crowkiller's monster truck MOC. I looked it up on his website where he had a photo of the chassis and the words "This model could easily be modified to be motorized and driven..." Now you all know what happens next... The Original: Crowkiller's excellent model is a manual 4x4x4 monster truck, with 5 link live axle suspension with diffs, a central differential, all-wheel HoG steering, a fake V8 connected to the drivetrain, and a detachable, and therefore, interchangeable, body. The Motorized Truck: The chassis length was increased by two studs in order to accommodate the two L-motors used for driving. The suspension geometry remains the same, though I will probably have to use the hard shocks... A Servo motor was added to control steering, as well as a standard AA battery box and a V2 receiver. I wanted to keep the central differential, but it would have required the body to be too wide. I also tried to incorporate the V8 engine, but the Servo motor and the steering shaft restrict the placement of gears to connect the fake V8 currently. What Is Planned: 1. A body (or two, or three, or four). 2. Reinforcement of the steering. At the moment, if I crash into anything at speed, (which happens frequently ) the front portion of the axle will bend to the side where the impact occurred. Which is not good. 3. Changing to the hard shocks, as the additional weight is already causing the suspension to depress most of the way... What Is Finished: See below what has been done. Also, LDD file instructions are available here. Photos: Wip MT side Wip MT front Wip MT under The Model Is Now Finished! Free Instructions Are Now Available! Click Here! More photos and information is on Page 2! Monster Truck Thanks for looking, feel free to give your honest opinion (anything from "I love it!" to "Why the &%#@ are you copying other people's work?!" is acceptable ) and any advice you want to. - Leonardo da Bricki
  11. Hello Finally I can show my biggest MOC ever:) Building instructions are LDD files and can be found in video description. Flickr gallery: Freightliner FLD Classic Day Cab: - driving- XL motor, - steering- M motor, -PF switch (You can play with or without RC), - soft suspension (front axle), - pendular suspension (rear axle), - simple cabin interior (openable doors), - fake engine . Lowboy Gooseneck Trailer: - gooseneck operated with PF, - locking mechanism work together with first axle brakes, - pendular suspension on all axles. Monster Truck: - driving XL motor, - steering 2 SERVO motors, - suspension just like in 9398 set, - simple cabin interior with openable doors.
  12. I've been lurking here for a while but have never been satisfied with any of my MOCs enough to post them here. The nearest I came was an MLRS that worked well but looked rubbish :P Anyway, I'm in the process of designing a Grave Digger monster truck replica (approx 1:15 ish scale). Features: - 4 wheel drive - 4 wheel steering - Steering modes: 2-wheel, 4-wheel, crab - 4-link, very long travel suspension - Suspension travel is also to scale. Almost. - All motors contained in the chassis (no servo-on-axle affairs) - SBrick control - Tyres from a Tamiya Lunchbox I'm designing this in Sketchup and rendering with the Twilight Render (free) plugin. Note that I've drawn all the pieces myself, and they're all drawn to have a low polygon count so that my machine doesn't croak to a halt. Some of the pieces aren't very accurate atm (e.g. the XL motors). So far, I think I've got the chassis designed: And here's a couple of closeups: Issues I can foresee so far: - Friction from so many knob wheels - Bump steer (but I don't want to sacrifice suspension travel by putting the servo on the axle) - Not sure whether having the steering upside down like that will have any negative effects. - Not sure if I can get all of the parts in green that I want Can anyone see any other potential issues with this design (before I start putting in BL orders)? Thanks
  13. I would like to present my motorized and remote controlled (IR) version of this year's Monster Truck set (42005). My first goal was to keep the overall look and dimensions the same as the official model: The wheels, chassis and body are in the same positions, Only the axles, inner workings, and battery box have changed. My second goal was to somehow get the vehicle to have both steering and 4WD: As you can see above, I achieved the steering by making the entire front and rear axles turn via the use of gear racks and 6L links, while the drive goes through the ball joints, differentials, and portal hubs. Steering is handled by a PF Servo Motor, while drive is handled by a PF L motor. It is powered by a PF Rechargeable Battery, and a PF IR Receiver V2. My third goal was to increase the vehicles clearance as much as possible: And my last goal was to maintain a good amount of articulation: I had to modify the suspension attachment to allow an extra degree of movement to allow the suspension to operate smoothly. It runs quite well over small obstacles, however it is very top-heavy, so it does roll over quite easily. This isn't helped by the fact that as it turns, it leans outwards (opposite to how a skateboard works). Here are the parts (guts) that I had to remove from the original model: All pictures can be clicked on for larger versions at Brickshelf (once moderated). Here are some more pics: And last but not least, here is a link to the LDraw file: 42005_motorized_monster_truck.mpd Overall I am pleased that I was able to get this motorized given that there was only a small space to work with, and the model is very sturdy. I hope you like my motorized and RC 42005 Monster Truck. Any and all feedback/constructive criticism welcome. Edit: I have submitted this MOC to Rebrickable. Edit: I have created a quick video: Sorry about the audio quality - it was a very windy day!
  14. Yeap this is happening! So I'm very impressed with this rough draft chassis, capable of driving over and off a 4Litre tray of Lego. But I don't know what the car is if it is a "REAL" car. Does anyone know what make it is? Thought I would also show my homemade lipo that cost me.....$5 TOTAL! Of course I already have a RC charger to charge the batteries. Any questions please feel free to ask!
  15. Hello! This is an idea that I haven´t seen before, and wanted to share. It is the 81.6 x 38 balloon tires stretched on the unimog rim. They are 10 studs in diameter and 5 studs wide. The tires will stretch and become unusable on the normal rim after some time!
  16. I present my Monster truck made out of sets 42026: Black Champion Racer and 42005: Monster Truck. Features are pull & go motor, shocks, reclining seat, and a flag. by Dapper-D2, on Flickr by Dapper-D2, on Flickr by Dapper-D2, on Flickr by Dapper-D2, on Flickr Video: Left over parts. by Dapper-D2, on Flickr Enjoy! Note: Technic is totally outside my comfort zone.
  17. Hello there! Here's my little creation - red monster truck. In fact, when I was biulding it, I didn't keep in mind the original red truck by Lego so it was not my intention to make them look alike (plus I don't have any other colours besides red so...). All the controls are manual. Features: - full independent suspension - manually openable doors and trunk - HOG steering - poorly designed interrior with one seat - manually openable hood (via linear actuator) - fake V6 (driven by rear wheels through the differential) The whole photoset is here while here I think it would be more convenient to post only some of them. Thanks.
  18. I really liked the look of 42005 Monster Truck, but wanted to motorize it. I found Splat's motorized version, which helped kick me into gear and order the necessary parts. Once all the parts arrived from several BrickLink orders, I started thinking: why not try motorizing the model without following Splat's build? Later, I'll tear my design apart and try his build. So here is the result of my tinkering. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr I've been able to retain much of the look (and build) of the official LEGO model. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr The battery box is easily removable and slips into the empty space at the back of the truck for use. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr It is possible to charge the battery without removing it from the vehicle. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr A BricksTer Open Source Bluetooth receiver prototype is mounted to the frame using technic pin/axles and half bushings. I found I needed the bushings because the holes are sized for studs, which have an ever so slightly larger diameter than technic axles. Motorized LEGO 42005 by niaconis, on Flickr A servo motor mounted in the front steers the front wheels while an L motor mounted at the back drives the rear wheels. I wish I could have geared down the drivetrain more, but I found I currently have no 48-tooth gears. Motorized LEGO 42005 Steering Demo by niaconis, on Flickr In the animated gif, you can roughly see how it is steered with an Android phone. And finally, I present a short video showing the monster truck driving around in a local park, controlled by the new proof of concept accelerometer input for the BricksTer Android app (which you can also see in the gif). Thanks for reading this far! I appreciate critique, comments, and suggestions!
  19. Yellow Monster Yellow Monster Truck Features: Working lights Removable body mounted on shock absorbers Opening boot and doors Foldable wing mirrors V6 Engine (with its own motor) RC steering RC movement Movable steering wheel Movable gear stick Tow cable 4 wheel drive It uses mainly pieces from 8110 Unimog and 8043 Excavator It has 3 M-motors and lights, and one battery box in the boot, and IR reciever Here are some photos: Shows front wheel suspension and steering ^ Shows tow cable and IR reciever ^ Shows rear wheel suspension ^ Front view ^ Shows boot opening and doors opening ^ Side view ^ Shows lights working ^ Rear view ^ Underside view ^ Top view ^ Shows body detachment ^
  20. mifody

    MOC - Bigfoot VS Crawler

    Hi, everybody! I bring to your attention the new work under the name Monster Truck - Bigfoot VS Crawler. In this work, apparently from the name two models are presented at once. At first we will consider model under the name Bigfoot. It is model alteration from a set of 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape: After reorganization such Bigfoot turned out here: General views of model: Functional features: - the door of a body opens as standard doors - cabin doors open But to get a minifig, it is necessary to remove a roof all the same: Cabin furniture quite simple - a wheel, the check point lever, a seat sofa: The driver of this car in comparison with the model: Now we pass to the second model - Crawler. I bore idea of this car long, looked through other works and at last decided to construct! On mine the model turned out successful! In order that to construct it it was necessary to sort and start up on a detail one of sets the technician of 9392 Quad Bike. General views: Functional features of model: - leaning-back back door - opening doors of a cabin One of the main functional features of model is the working suspender! Suspender structure the quite simple: Suspender work: - the car in an initial condition - use of both suspender - only forward suspender - only back suspender To get a minifig too it is necessary to remove a roof: Cabin equipment in this model is richer, than at Bigfoot! On by wheel and the check point lever, you can see the dashboard and the TV! I think when you go on such car it is possible not to look at the road! The driver in comparison with a car: Now comparative photo of both models: Further I suggest to compare data of model with the standard Lego models! And now we will compare our giants to my MOCs! Result: - Bigfoot is good on many sites on off road terrain, but in the city it far won't leave! - Crawler - perfectly feels both on off road terrain, and in the city! I wait for your comments and... excuse me for my bad English!
  21. my entry for the mini contest is the little big monster. it features two pendular axles and allwheel steering by hand of god the part count will follow when i have made the ldd file edit: 177 parts
  22. Hello! As I have recently moved to Vancouver, most of my Lego has been, and still is, packed in boxes. On my move, I purchased set 42005 Monster Truck (admittedly for the tires, ball joints and frames!). I have really enjoyed this small set, but the more I play with/look at 42005 I feel like TLG didn't do a very good job on the bodywork. I have tried to remedy this! Have a look... Mod: 42005 Mod Oringinal: 42005